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Taller de Oratoria

Taller de Oratoria

Ana Karina Gonz谩lez

Ana Karina Gonz谩lez

Revising, practicing and remembering your speech


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I think a good way to keep audiences engage is to propose and make an activity- game with the people

"The only thing to memorize in your speech is your outline"

One way that I found useful to keep my audience engaged is to tell a story. When you take your audience from a 鈥渞andom鈥 start point to the main idea, your audience doesn鈥檛 know how does the 鈥渞andom鈥 start point connects with what you鈥檙e about to present.

I鈥檝e found that intonation and rhythm are two useful tools to keep the audience engaged. Also, use images that are actually picturing the message you want to deliver. The images could get the audience鈥檚 attention, but not to a point of being distracting.

For me, a good way of keeping the audience engaged, is to get them to their emotional side, using rethoric in the speech, and focusing one on one from time to time.

Thank you

Another way to keep an audience麓s interest is to give small rewards after making some questions and receiving the right answers.
  • Develop good storytelling skills in order to share a good story.

  • If the topic is so complex and the audience can get out of focus, have a good joke or way to integrate the audience again into the topic.

  • Make your speech more facts than words.

  • Modulating the voice
  • Sharing interesting facts
  • Acting or with body expressions

Keep audience engaged

  • Be passionate about the topic
  • Have a worked presence and style
  • Use powerful argument

When you speak with your heart, put your emotions into your speech your audience will love to hear from your speech. I think also another powerful tool is to engage the public with your speech: invite them to the stage and tell them to give what they think about the topic you麓re speaking about.
Also, talk about your anecdotes and personal experiences from you or from someone else.
But the most powerful tool to engage people is to talk from your heart and mean it.

  • Tell a story.
  • Share a personal experience.
  • Relate to a recent event.

I think something really important to keep our audience engeged is our corporal language, and the intonation of our voice. Playing with our voice and our body in a way that the audience percibe we are feeling the message we are trying to transmit.

I think other way to keep the audience engaged is to try to make the presentation the most dynamic possible

I think a good game is make some true or false questions about the speech