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Taller de Oratoria

Taller de Oratoria

Ana Karina Gonz谩lez

Ana Karina Gonz谩lez

Speech analysis


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o inicia sesi贸n.

I鈥檓 anxious to know the score my speech gets hehehe

Very good examples

  1. 猸愶笍 猸愶笍 猸愶笍 猸愶笍
    Jaime was talking with confidence, however, he was a little nervous moving his pencils, this movement distract the audience.
  2. 猸愶笍
    Jess was talking without confidence, talking sometimes too Fast, and forgetting to make eye contact with the audience.
  3. 猸愶笍 猸愶笍 猸愶笍 猸愶笍 猸愶笍
    Caro was comfortable with the pause being aware of your hand gestures. 鈥

Jaime: Fair body language, although the hands gestures demonstrated nervousness. Good eye contact. Fair speech (absent of organization, didn鈥檛 mention it). Good voice, lacks fluency.
Jess: Sorry teacher, but鈥 That鈥檚 not how you do it XD. Body language was unacceptable, very little eye contact with audience, no organization and monotone voice.
Caro: Now that鈥檚 how it must be done! Excellent posture and gestures. Direct and consistent eye contact. Excellent speech and voice. Clear organization.

About the rubric, I think there is an error in the last critera (voice), it seems the qualification UNACCEPTABLE is really the EXCELLENT one. do you think the same??

1st person: Body Language: 2 Eye Contact: 2 Speech: 1 Organization: 2 Voice: 1 This person seems to be a good public speaker, although he lacks the ability to inspire people to listen to his speech. He would need to practice his voice depth and tone to motivate. 2nd person: Body Language: 1 Eye Contact: 1 Speech: 1 Organization: 2 Voice: 2 This guy is very nervous throughout the speech. If he worked on it, his speech would improve a lot. 3rd person: Body Language: 3 Eye Contact: 3 Speech: 3 Organization: 2 Voice: 2 The girl has a tone of voice that is very compelling but she could use different tones of voice to be more persuasive and empashize the most important parts of the speech
La primer persona utilizo pausas, alteraci贸n, anadiplosis, utiliz贸 respaldo de cifras y un claro lenguaje corporal que coincide al 80% con lo solicitado (gestos de manos lenguaje pausado, vestimenta elegante, etc.)

thanks for the exercise
I liked the first one, it had good eye contact, good structure, however it moved its feathers too much and it distracted me a little.
The second one lacked a lot of eye contact and illustrated more with his hands. His anxiety was too much.
The third was everything they say in the course, good eye contact, good structure and good use of illustration of the body and hands to express what I was saying.

Caro, He had an excellent presentation, Jess looked insecure and Jaime It did not transmit security and attitude

Jess is a great actor in addition to a great professor, he showed a lot of nervous. Jaime was very well, but with a little of anxiety. Caro is the best!

Speech evaluation:


  • Jaime: It doesn鈥檛 was a good idea to hold that pencils if you didn鈥檛 use it at all. Because the constant movement of the pens showed a lack of confidence. Additional about the content is not properly delivered; the audio can be improved, and the rhythm is going back and forth between a good characterization and words without meaning. But I have to mention that these problems can be handled, and your eye contact is great.


  • Jess: Don鈥檛 say thank you, work in how figured your nervous out, keep a normal eye contact. And even if you are reading something, catch the meaning of your words and convey it properly, using the proper intonation and rhythm.


  • Caro: perfect, even trying to find weakness points the presence in front of the camera is completely accurate. The rhythm is clear, and the pauses are justified. Additionally, your work showing in your face empathy with the audience is wonderful.

(My apologies if in some point my evaluation can be interpreted as something more focused on the dark side. But I just wanted to mention the points that can be improved).

Jess got really nervous 馃槰

  • The first speaker was just distracting with his pencils in his hands and didn鈥檛 quite knew his principal message.(3 stars)

  • The second speaker was too nervous to speak, looking down on his paper continuously (1 star)

  • The third speaker was excellent: a combination of moving your hands only to the extent to show a fair intention to the words of her speech and smiling very soft in order to put emotion on her speech. (5 stars)

鉁 Speech Analysis

  1. 馃憤 Jaime Dur谩n
    • Score: 9
    • Feedback: Lack of strong body language that flows with the speech. Eye contact with the entire audience during the speech. Show the outlines in the introduction, more enthusiasm while speaking, intonation, pitch.
  2. 馃槓 Jess Harris
    • Score: 1
    • Feedback: start working on strong body language, power pose, expressions, postures, do not rush, slow down, give time to the audience to absorb the message.
  3. 馃弳 Carolina Boqu铆n
    • Score: 15
    • Feedback: Excellent presentation, strong body language, articulation, volume, tempo, evoke enthusiasm, and share the message efficiently.
  1. Good
  2. Fair (jess was very shy and the posture was terrible jajajaja, added to this the audience can see he was reading all the time
  3. Excellent

What a shame the speech of Jess!!, jajaja, just kidding鈥ess showed us what not to do鈥

Obviously, the example to follow must be the one of Teacher Carolina, a really good presence on camera!