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Taller de Oratoria

Taller de Oratoria

Ana Karina Gonz√°lez

Ana Karina Gonz√°lez

Overview of module 1


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I very excited because I feel how my can communicate more ideas after the module’s project.

Excellent summary about the first module

Nice summary and very interesting to practices my listening.

Public speaking is essentially rhetoric. Rhetoric is effective communication and public speaking is the talent of communicating effectively.

remember to use these five essential rhetorical tools: alliteration Anadiplosis; Antithesis; Metaphor; Simile

Four basic elements of public speaking: the communicator, the message, the medium and the audience

Public speaking is an essential life skill in the modern world full of meetings, conferences and networking events. Speaking in public allows us to demonstrate knowledge and confidence. The true value of the knowledge you possess can only be realized when it can be shown to others and applied.

Thank you

Completely happy to learn more about how to convey my ideas in a better way in English.

Speaking in public is a skill. And you can learn any skill. While some people may have more natural speaking ability than others, anyone can learn to be a better public speaker. It just takes some know-how and some effort. ūüėĀ

#EnglishChallenge - day 8