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Topic Sentence


The topic sentence is the most important part of your paragraph. It is often the very first sentence. It has to be clear and to express the main idea.

Be careful!
There are many common mistakes you can make when creating a topic sentence. You should avoid the use of:

  • Facts
    When you use facts, it is hard to develop the topic further since it is too specific.

  • Too general idea
    It is also hard to continue your idea if you have too many things to talk about in only one paragraph.

  • Announcing the topic
    Go straight to the topic. You do not need to announce everything you are going to write about.

An example of a TOPIC SENTENCE:
I love bananas because they are convenient, delicious, and nutritious.

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I love to travel because it is an incredible experience,I can learn a lot about culture, religion, local food and geography

Hey Platzinaut. 馃懇鈥嶐煉烩湪
Here are my notes of the lesson. 馃憞

Paragraph Structure

We can compare a paragraph to a sandwick. It has different layers, but in the paragraph, these layers are the sentences. In a basic paragraph, there are three different types of a sentences.

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting sentences
  • Concluding sentence

Clear topic + Main idea

I love bananas because they are convenient, delicious, and nutritious.

What to avoid

  • Facts: One out of ten people doesn鈥檛 eat fruits.
  • Too general idea: Fruits are good.
  • Announcing the topic: In this paragraph I am going to talk about fruits.

My favorite sport is the soccer. The soccer you can play with many person, friends, family or unknown. You can play It only with a ball you don鈥檛 need any more

I love the album of Blackpink, the songs are incredibles, pretty and yours videos are very exciting.

Doing exercise is very important for health, there are a lot of ways to do it.

Your digital information is the most valuable asset over the Internet.

This image helped me to better understand the subject.

My fovorite architecture of deep learning are the recurrent neural networks(RNN). The RNN is very powerful . You can use in traduction of texts, generation of texts for chatbots and predict value of market.

The town of Taganga, which is located near to Santa Marta, Colombia, is one of the most spectacular places to dive open water.

I love to travel because I like to meet new people and practicing english when I visit some countries. Also I enjoy to learn about others cultures and try their gastronomy.

I read one piece because it is funny, sad, and interesting.

Topic sentence
I love bananas because they are
convenient, delicious, and nutritious.

The cinnamon rolls are my favorite dessert; they have cinnamon powder, brown sugar that makes them fluffy.

I recently adopted a Husky dog, and I鈥檓 discovering that I love its character. They are lovely, stubborn, and independent dogs with endless energy. It has been a beautiful experience to care for it.

My activity of this class.
I like to learn languages because its so important when you want to get a job.

I like listening to BTS songs, each member has a magnificent voice, they prepare impressive choreographies and there are seven boys who fill us with joy when listening to their voices.

I enjoy studying about construction because I can learn about it in any part of the world.

Well, i like to drawing becasue i can express all feeelings. The drawing is a good therapy for let free the ideas. I prefer to drawing anatomy othan landscape, because its easier and i love the gesture, faces, poses and activities of the humans.

I love watching the series 鈥淔riends鈥 in the original language because there is ample vocabulary for everyday situations and common phrases.

In my free time, I like to draw. It鈥檚 a creative way to express whatever is on your mind. such as emotions, ideas or to clear your head. Because, drawing is not only to make art but also to distract yourselft from everithing that worries you.

My favorite music band is Linkin Park, I鈥檝e been their fan since I was eleven years old. I like their music, you can also learn vocabulary with their songs and improve your pronunciation when you sing them.

I practice volleyball and I like it! This is a sport to be healthy and share with many people.

People should have more leisure time, since this might allow them to spend more time with their families and with other important things in life like university, and personal projects.

I love a cats, because they are independents, but in the same time they need us, and then are so lovely

I love punk hardcore because it鈥檚 a very powerful music, it has lyrics of hard situations and positive messages in some ocassions allowing a constructive violence

Suffering from burnout is something I never thought could happen to me until two weeks ago.

Topic _ Cakes

There are a differents types of cakes, for their flavours, colors and size, but always they will convert in a magic moment, a birthday, wedding or simply a dessert.

I like to play soccer because is a great activity to keep healthy and is so fun.
my almost true love for the tecnology, its important in the life the love but my love is inusual because its an action or progress in a science, its love because i feel happy and glad to see the amzing future to come.
I love to play soccer, when I was younger, I went to the park every day and play soccer until that my parents called me for eat or for sleep.
**I like to make music.** Because it is the way I have to express my feelings and at the same time generate indescribable sensations in people.
I like eat apples because give me more energy in the morning.


* The topic sentence is the main idea. * I love bananas because they are convenient, delicious, and nutritious.
I like classical music because it reduces stress, boosts mood, improves creativity and enhances memory.
Running is a incredible way to be fit and take care of your mental health.
I like to聽 play soccer because it is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it helps generate work in the team.

God is love and He gave his son as a sacrifice atonement for our sins, and through JesuChrist we can get closer to our Father in heaven as a son and clamour ABBA Father. first of all, The Word of God says that God is love and who loves everyone, that one loves God, because of his immeasurable love, He gave his only con for us, and this is why we can have fellowship with God as a Father.

God is love and He gave his son as a sacrifice atonement for our sins, and through JesuChrist we can get closer to our Father in heaven as a son and clamour ABBA Father.

i love photograpy because it shows us the beauty of nature, animals, people, and their cultures, I am drawn to photography as an art form that reveals the diversity and magnificence of our world.
I love practicing boxing because it is a great sport that brings discipline, perseverance, and health.
The exercise is good, as a result we have a muscular and healthy body.
I like rice because it's cheap, goes with everything, and is delicious on its own.
I like to do exercise because is good for your health, you stay fit and active.
I really like to watch anime because it's a nice chance to know about Japanese culture.
My favorite series is Black Mirror because it is a disruptive and futuristic series. This series has 6 seasons.
I don't smoke because it's bad for my health and bad for my family.
Daily routine.

I love going to the stadium because it is an incredible experience, and full of emotions.

鈥淧hotography is my favorite hobby because I can capture unique moments. When I take photos, I lose track of time, and my mind becomes creative.鈥

I like to study because It is good for my mental health.

My favorite movies I love to see movies at nigth. I Prefer romantic, comedy and suspense. I can to see it all the nigth
I like to travel a lot, i would like visit Canada, London and Paris.
I like using my cellphone because it helps me do many things, and it's amazing how everything is so easy to accomplish.
Learning something every day helps you to improve your skills and it helps to achieve your goals.
I like road my bike, The bikes are great, good for health and very funny.

I like cats because they are so independent and clean

Jeans are my favorite because they are comfortable, easy to wear, and nice.

I like to read because it is entertaining, motivates the imagination and improves spelling

My practice:
I love fencing because it is a very elegant sport that reduces stress, increases mental agility, and enhances coordination and balance.

It is good for your health to do sports, my favorite is swimming

I really like to eat sushi on Friday nights, It鈥檚 my favorite plan to start the weekend.

the K-dramas are espectacular because have more drama, romanticism, and teh actors are the better


I like to design interfaces because I have experience creating web pages, mobile apps, wireframes and prototypes.

I enjoy playing the game Minecraft because it allows me to create a world where the only limit is my imagination, as well as the battery life of my phone." 鉀忦煣

English is very important, because it is the door to a world of better job opportunities.

One of the best ways to learn English is through Platzi

What to avoid

One out of ten people doesn鈥檛 eat fruit.

Too general ideas:
Fruits are good.

Announcing the topic:
In this paragraph I am going to talk about fruits.

Shooting movies is a wonderful experience. For a especific time, you experience different stories and possibilities. Also, you get to meet new people and visit different places.

My favorite Entertainment

My favorite kind of entertainment is to hang out with friends watching beautiful landscapes, it is a way to be relaxed and a way to enjoy nature.

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

I like practice the Parkour discipline because i'm feeling freedom, and this experience is how to going to back at the infance

English is one of the most important language in the world to study, work and travel.

I love working out because it is healthy, it gets you in shape and makes you feel more stronger

Theme: Regular exercise is beneficial to health.

Main idea: Regular exercise provides numerous physical and mental health benefits.

I think English is very important because English is the bisness language around the world, aditionally, Ensglis is the language used to write the mankind history in the last 70 years.

I love technology because is by definition the advance of humanity

I love learning English, it is a language spoken all over the world, even if you travel to a non-native English country like Paris. I could communicate in English. It is very important to learn the English language to get a job.

Feel free to love because it鈥檚 energizing, fun, and good for your soul.

I don鈥檛 like talk with people about politic because is a controversial topic, every one has a different opinion and this topic can generate unnecessary controversial

I love to go out with friends, because I can have fun, talk, laugh, play, and have a good time.

To be a trader is known as a work so hard that some sources say that it is the job more difficult.
The main reason is that you shouldn鈥檛 be overconfident, but neither should you be afraid. You have to be confident and relaxed.

To be a trader is known as a work so hard that some sources say that it is the job more difficult.

Platzi is the best online education platform because it offers various ways to learn different topics related to the most demanding themes in the technology industry.

Good lecture

I love the music, especially the salsa, it talk of a culture, and i can dance it with many people or one person, it takes you out of the common.

I like the strawberry because are very delicious and economic.

I need to do exeercise because it鈥檚 a good activity for health

I like to travel around South America because I can speak Spanish

As specie humans are facing two big problems: Climate Change and use (and abuse) of new tecnology. First, climate change is going to make a deeply change in how we live our lives, futhermore, our social and economic structure has to adapt to get ready for this changes. On the other hand, new tecnology, such as IA and Robots, will be a common in our jobs. The main question is: Are we able to face those challenges?

Clear topic: Negative thoughts
Main idea: Name your negative thoughts and resolve them.

鈥 Topic Sentence

I enjoy watching baseball games, every play it麓s amazing and unpredictable.

The ability to learn in the 21st century, new era for learning.

I love orchid, because of they have different colors, texture, measurement, and look like aliens

I like playing soccer because it is fun, stimulating, and good for health.

I like the pets because they are loving, funny and hairy

Artificial Intelligence is changing the whole education system.

I love my career, it鈥檚 engineering by the way but, I realized it鈥檚 tough looking for a new job at first.