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Supporting Sentences


After creating your topic sentence (with a clear topic and the main idea), start brainstorming what your supporting sentences are going to be about. It is necessary to think about the main idea to do that. The sentences you use to support your statement can be examples, reasons why you think that, descriptions of your topic, arguments, causes, effects, and so on.

It is essential to do this before starting writing. Like that, you can have a clear idea of what you consider fundamental to express in your paragraph. Write down as many support topics as you can.
What you have to do next is to choose at least three support topics and develop your ideas. You should write at least one or two sentences for each supporting topic chosen.

Remember to use different connectors when writing your supporting sentences. It is crucial to link your ideas when you put all the sentences together.

Example of supporting sentences (one for each supporting topic):

Convenient: First, they are easy to eat. I can peel the banana, eat it, and throw the peel in the garbage.
Delicious: Additionally, I can eat bananas with cereal, other fruits, and ice cream. I can also eat it fried, and it tastes great every time.
Nutritious: Finally, they contain fiber, potassium, and vitamins, so they are very healthy.

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Supporting Sentences:

  • Examples
  • Reasons
  • Descriptions
  • Arguments
  • Causes & Effects
  • Details

Before start writing:

  • Freewriting: All the ideas of the main topic.
  • Write one or two sentences for each topic
  • Use connectors



  1. Topic: Why practice calisthenics?
  2. Support Sentences
    • Benefits:
      • Conditioning.
      • Muscle gain.
      • Strenght gain.
      • Improve balance.
      • Improve agility.
      • Improve coordination.
    • Free and easy:
      • All is by working with your body weight you don鈥檛 need to pay to a GYM.
      • You don鈥檛 need any equipment
    • Healthy:
      • It includes all the benefits of exercising.

I love to travel because it is an incredible experience, I can learn a lot about culture, religion, local food and geography.

I believe first It is a great stimulate for the brain, everyday has a new experiencies and new people, additionally I can choose anywhere, I can go to other continent or just will go place near to my city. Finally I can do new friends and practice my speaking english and why not teach my mother tongue to native people.

驴Who is God? , 驴Have you asked yourself this question? Because God is love, grace, patient, godness, faith, power, wisdom and I love Him. Off course I can tell you thous things because one day I decided leave my own ideas and go to know what about God, Jesus and more, today it has been the best decision of my live, sometimes it麓s difficult but His victory I can feel every single moment. Have you try to do it? I want to invite you to do it. Never stop to learn and God is the way too, the best one!.

Every single thing has been made from the things that there wasn鈥檛 seen. 鈥 Powerful
The man could have the capacity to convert many things (Minerals, liquids, chemicals, etc) in one special gadget or thing, like your cellphone, But the capacity to create some thing where there is nothing, It鈥檚 only for God and all you can see was made from God to you. 鈥Love

You can鈥檛 wathc Him, but you can fell, as the wind, if you want to feel the wind, you need to go to the street鈥 You want to feel God, go get it! 鈥 Faith

I love studying different subjects because it improves my brain, I could get better jobs and talk about everything in a conversation.

Studying for me is the best way to keep your mind occupied and increase your ability to retain information. It also allows me to have more and better skills for future job applications; and finally I always love to know something new for I can express it to my friends in any conversation about any topic.

Hey Platzinaut. 馃懇鈥嶐煉烩湪
Here are my notes of the lesson. 馃憞

Supporting Sentences

Can be examples of your topic. Can be a reason why you think like that; a description; some arguments; an they can be cause and effects, and so on. Remember, when you are going to start writing, you have to go through some stages.

The first one is the prewriting. In this stage, you should gather all the ideas about your main topic, and put them down on paper.

  • Examples
  • Reasons
  • Descriptions
  • Arguments
  • Causes & Effects
  • Details

Bananas are convenient, delicious, and nutritious.

I love to practice pole fitness because it鈥檚 exciting, healthy and fun.

Easy to prepare, delicious and not healthy.

Supporting Topics

  • Easy to prepare: convenient, basic ingredients.

  • Delicious: mixed flavors, grilled meat.

  • Not healthy: high cholesterol, getting fat.

Support Sentence

  • You can buy basic ingredients in a several supermarkets, exists many recipes for preparation in a little time.

  • The recipes has different mix flavors that produced many senses.

  • The additions many times produced high cholesterol and getting fat.

Topic: Live in a campervan
To start, live under a campervan could give you a lot of freedom. Geographic freedom because you can move around the world. Also, finance freedom as you will need less money, so you could find an alternative income way.
Finally, emotional freedom because if you have more time, less pressure, you could find what you really want to do in your life.

I love cats, they are independent, and same to way they need us. First they are use sand for this point we dont need take them out. Additionally, you never are alone, they always look out.
Finally the cats know went you need love, went you are sad or angree and they come with you and start purr and pamper you

I like listen chill out music because help me to focus in my job.
The chill out music is instrumental when your listen you feel tranquillity, peace and quiet.
This music uses smooth and repetitive rhythms.
You can you can concentrate in your tasks

Changing of profession.
The idea of 鈥嬧媎oing something different in our lives is maybe a dream or a reality because besides finding a better opportunity, we can develop new abilities and competencies. It is true that it can be complicated but although we have negative thoughts about this change, perseverance and discipline will lead to a breakthrough. Is easy to start when we make the decision accompanied by actions directed towards an objective, for this reason we can investigate the new profession and know which knowledge we have or which we can get, like study another language, take curses of updates or do practices.

I do crossfit becase is an excellent trainning. Crossfit help me to lose weight, gain strength and be more agile in my workouts.

I like to practice soccer because is funny, I can play with friends or alone, you don鈥檛 need special equipment only a ball and you can better your skills body

When writing a paragraph, organize your ideas and sentences logically. Use words and phrases to indicate to the reader the relative importance of the ideas. Write the ideas in order of importance, starting with the most important. Notice the commas.

First, in order of importance, Most importantly, To begin with,
Secondly, / Thirdly, etc. Following that, After that,
Finally, Last but not least, Least importantly, As a 铿乶al point,

These exercises are really blown minds. 馃く

Topic Sentence

I love Chemistry because is a basic science that bring thogheter many parts of other sciences, it麓s very visual and practical.

Main idea

Chemistry is a basic science that bring thogheter many parts of other sciences, it麓s very visual and practical.

Supporting Sentences

Fist, it麓s a science that bring together knowledge of Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Engineering or Nanotechnology
Additionaly, you can see the reactions that happen in real time; such as color or temperature changes
Finally, the applications of all this knowledge are very common in everyday life, for example: the cleaning products or medicines we use

I love to learn crypto, because its a new way to exchange digital money,. It鈥檚 fast and is desentralized.
Supporting topic:
exchange digital money: The blockchain is the best tecnology created, the number one is the internet.
Fast: You send large amount of money to someone place of world, that trasaction takes a few minutes to send it.
Desentralized. Don鈥檛 need a bank, and you are the owner of your money.

Easy to prepare, delicious and not healthy.

Supporting Topics

Easy to prepare: convenient, basic ingredients.

Delicious: mixed flavors, grilled meat.

Not healthy: high cholesterol, getting fat.

Support Sentence

You can buy basic ingredients in a several supermarkets, exists many recipes for preparation in a little time.

The recipes has different mix flavors that produced many senses.

The additions many times produced high cholesterol and getting fat.

I don鈥檛 understand why people think that the K-pop industry is for children鈥檚 entertainment. The K-pop industry is the toughest music industry, its artists may be training around 5 or even 10 years before their debut, still, most of them don鈥檛 even make their debut as they are expelled or they just give up. Additionally, their music and music videos has an incredibly high budget and production and yet, they can sing and dance during performances without even losing their breath control while dancing complex choreographies.

Dogs are so cute, they have cute paws, and stay with you all the time.

First turns the special moments and differents than others.
Finally that moments are unforgettable with the People present.

Playing volleyball you can create good frienships, because you share with your teammates at least 3 days per week, also is a good sport for your health because of you need to movement during the game with this you help your heart, and also you help your brain due to the need to be concentrated. 馃ぞ馃徎鈥嶁檧锔

I had have one experience incredible when I was seeing to Manchester United in Old Trafford, First I never thought travel to England the last year, because, I thought that travel to England were too expensive, but, the opportunity arrive and one of dream was seeing one soccer match, additionaly known all possible stadiums in England. So, Started to search tickets for the game and the tours for the different stadiums. I achived buy only one ticket for the game Man.U vs Aston Villa, was incredible, were more 70.000 people in that game, finally with cried of happies, I can see the best game in the history of my life.
Dance salsa music is healthy and funny, because the body does exercises during one hour or more. Additionally, It allows to have fun with a group of people.
**Interview context:** \- What are your main strengths? I am a curious, adaptable, and reliable worker. First, I love to really understand user needs, using different tools to approach users, according to the situations. Additionally, I look for crafting easy-to-use user-centered interfaces that facilitate and optimize user tasks, to impact as much as possible with our product. Finally, I am always aligned with workflow expectations about effort and time defined to solve each problem.
I love to do crochet, because it's too easy, is good for alive the stress, and make beautiful things. In crochet technique you use a needle and make loops for the kittig. I can make kitting so fast with practice, and have a good product in a little time. When you distract your mind in another things, the tension is relieve because we dont think in this at the moment. We sometimes need the lose some of this tension, and pass a few hours busy in other activities. Whit make crohet by one or two hours, we optain a lot of things. Some of examples who you can made are: Scarf, Beannies, Sweaters, Gloves and others.
I love to do crochet, because it's too easy, is good for alive the stress, and make beautiful things. In crochet technique you use a needle and make loops for the kittig. I can make kitting so fast with practice, have a good product in a little time. When you distract your mind in another things, the tension is alived because we dont think in this at the moment. We sometimes need the lose some of this tension, and pass a few hours busy in other activities. Whit make crohet by one or 2 hours, we optain a lot of things. Some of examples who you can made are: Scarf, Beannies, Sweaters, Gloves.
Im live in my house, I eat at te table with my husband, we going to the theatre, we celebrate with my family at christmas because it is important for me and my husband, I cake cookies on his birthday, I love do that because it is gratifying.
* Supporting sentences are topics to support your main idea. * Bananas are easy to peel. * Bananas are easy to clean. * I can eat bananas with other fruits. * I can eat bananas for breakfast. * I can eat bananas for lunch. * Bananas contain fiber, potassium, and they're very healthy. * I can peel the banana and eat it. * I can throw the peel in the garbage. * I can eat bananas with cereal, other fruits, and ice cream. * I can also eat it fried, and it tastes great every time.
When you run, you can go as far as you want. It's a great sport to improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen your muscles and your breathing. In addition, it improves your concentration, turns off your mental noise and allows you to be in the present, to live in the now.
1.- Through the lens, photography allows us to appreciate natural landscapes, capturing fleeting moments that connect us with the timeless beauty of nature. 2.- Additionally, photography provides us with the opportunity to explore the diversity of animal life on our planet, from the great felines in the jungle to the tenderness of domestic animals in our homes. 3.-Likewise, documentary and portrait photography invite us to immerse ourselves in the various cultures and human experiences around the world, capturing intimate moments and expressions that reveal the complexity and beauty of the human condition, from festive celebrations to moments of solemn reflection.
I like drink Monster, It's easy to dink, first open the can and after you can to drink. You can drink Monster with lunch, in the work or in any moment of the day. This drink is very good stimulant because have caffeine and taurine.
The exercise is good, as a result we have a muscular and healthy body. Firt you have got strength for to lift objects. moreover, you can improve your quality of life.
I like to do exercise because it is good for your health, and you are fit and active. Some of the benefits of exercise are; \- It helps you prevent or manage many health problems, such as stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, cancer, and arthritis, so on \- It improves your brain health, cognitive function, mood, and sleep quality. For these reasons is good to exercise.
I really like to watch anime because it鈥檚 a nice chance to know about Japanese culture, to stimulate the creativity and to create an own world. First, in an anime we can see different places, traditions, foods, and specific topics about Japan. Also, we can recognize multiples histories that are of different genres and bring us other perspective about a topic. Finally, we can link all this information in a personal space that is possible expand.
Why should you go to the GYM? Self love mental health Discipline Improve muscle gain Improve strenght gain you will improve your muscle and strenght gain additionally, you will get more self love and commitment with yourself going to the gym you learning to wait and training hard to get good results
Topic: Black Mirror is a disruptive and futuristic series This series, which was released in 2011, explores the dark side of technology and its impact on society.
Topic: smoke is bad for health smoking has been scientifically found to damage the lungs and it has also been found that people who do not smoke but are near a person who smokes may be affected as well. and finally it is already known that smoking creates dependence and can escalate to other stronger drugs to destroy your life, this also applies to vaping.
1. Topic: Programmers 2. Support sentences * First, they fix problems and errors. They are needed in many large technology companies and startups. * you can work from anywhere in the world * They also tend to earn a good salary, as they bring excellent value to the world.

鈥淚t鈥檚 an exciting art to freeze time in a special and surprising way.鈥

Drinking coffee is good for staying energized, active, and focused.

  • Staying Energized: Provides caffeine to your nervous system.

  • Active: Helps you wake up.

  • Focused: Improve your concentration in your activities.

Lift weights are healthy, better quality life and get strong condition. Support Sentences: **Benefits:** * Improve your muscle mass. * Improve your mineral bone density. * Gain strength and power. * Better brain cognition. * Better coordination. * **<u>Quality life:</u>** * Improve your sugar blood levels. * Insulin sensitive is better. * Heart condition and strength are better. * **<u>A bar and disks are enough to start.</u>** * You'll get those benefits with a few material. * Isn't necessary a fancy machines.
Topic: Relaxing morning routing Supporting sentences: 1- Easy 2-Daily 3-Relaxing
Why to have pets? They are fun, pretty and help you in your emotional status. First, They are very actives and you can play with them a lot of games to pass the time. In the same way you can bathe them for that they don't have problems in their body, and they can be happy. To conclude, the pets can help you in your emotional life bacause they can be like a family member.
Learning something related to your profession every day helps you to improve your skills and it helps to achieve your goals. First, find the topic or topics that you need to improve. You can ask your coworkers or your boss if you don鈥檛 know where to start. After, search for the information that you need and dedicate a few minutes to studying every day; if you can study for more time, be better. Finally, try to do something with the information, like use it in your daily job. It helps you to improve your skills and people notice it.
I like rode my bike. The bikes are great, good for health and very funny. We have all ridden a bicycle at some point, it is easy to use and if you have a tire puncture you can change the tire easily. Another thing is that at least 30 minutes riding a bike might prevent heart attacks or diabetes, moreover it is good for your mental health. Finally, You can go to the park, visit new places or even you can travel around the city. In other words, a bike is just more than a conveyance is a life style.
Learning English is crucial in today's globalized world because it not only opens up a world of opportunities but also enhances our ability to communicate effectively. English is not just a language; it's a bridge that connects cultures, people, and ideas. By mastering English, one can explore diverse cultures, access a plethora of information, and gain a competitive edge in the job market. Moreover, learning English is not only about acquiring a new skill but also about fostering global understanding and building connections. In short, learning English is not just a choice; it's a necessity for personal growth and global integration.
Actually, it looks very cool: Bananas are convenient, delicious, and nutritious. First, they are easy to eat. I can peel the banana, eat it, and throw the peel in the garbage. Additionally, I can eat bananas with cereal, other fruits, and ice cream. I can also eat it fries, and it tastes great every time. Finally, they contain fiber, potassium, and vitamins, so they are very healthy. ![](![](

Cinnamon powder
First, the main ingredient has a pleasant smell, a brown color, and a flavor reminiscent of an autmn season.

Brown sugar
Additionally, It gives the cinnamon rolls a very sweet and moist flavor. Besides, I can combine with cinnamon powder to enjoys boths flavors.

Finally, the cinnamon rolls have a good texture because they contain butter and it makes them so smooth.

My practice:
I love fencing because it is a very elegant sport that reduces stress, increases mental agility, and enhances coordination and balance.


  • Reduces stress.
    Physical exertion / mental focus / release tension
  • Increases mental agility.
    Logic / quick thinking / strategy
  • Enhances coordination and balance.
    Adjust position constantly / arms and legs work together


  • First, it is a combat sport. The physical exertion and mental focus required can help clear your mind and release tension.
  • Furthermore, it is a mentally demanding sport. The movements require logic, quick thinking, and strategy tactics. It enhances your analytical capabilities and decision-making skills.
  • Finally, it is an offensive and defensive sport. You must constantly adjust your position and anticipate your opponent鈥檚 movements. This way you force your arms and legs to work together in harmony as they attack, defend and counter attack.
I like swimming because it is a complete sport, it also helps muscle and joint injuries, improves circulation and blood oxygenation

My Fridays are generally spent like this:

  • First, I wait for my husband in my apartment, he usually gets around 7 p.m, while I鈥檓 getting an order online throught Whatsaap.
  • Then I must wait a few minutes the order and my husband, when they鈥檙e ready we鈥檙e going to get ready to watch a our favorite serie and have dinner in our bed.
  • Something that he and I have in common is that we hate tempura sushi so that we never have that kind of food.

I like nature travel because is relaxing, spiritualist, and amazing; first, is a moment of calm i can breathe and take a break with the air; additionally, I can link with the nature, you can feel the peace and to reflect a little bit; finally, the view is the other world, you can find very animals, plants, and thingg you couldn鈥檛 believe

First, coffee is a seed specially prepared with hot water, and the drink could have an intense flavor.

On the other hand, people usually drink a cup of coffee at breakfast time. Likewise, it is a flavor for desserts and ice creams.

To conclude, the coffee usually comes from Colombia or other countries around Latino America. Also, in New York City it is particular to see people with a cup of coffee before work.

  • I like running, because is a excellent way to release stress, stay in form and have a good time with my selft.
  • I want to learn english, currently is indispensable for get a good job, actually, in the different jobs is requerid this lenguage.
  • I like share time with my family, save pretty remembers with them, laugh, eat, it is one of my better moments.

Minecraft is an open-world game that empowers players to build, explore, and survive in a procedurally-generated 3D world.

Supporting Details:

  1. Creative Freedom: In Minecraft, you can create buildings and structures using different kinds of blocks. It鈥檚 like building with virtual Lego bricks.

  2. Diverse Landscapes: You can explore many different places in the game, like forests, caves, and even strange dimensions. But be careful, because there are dangers you need to watch out for.

  3. Intense Survival: Minecraft provides an intense survival experience, with moments that can get players鈥 hearts racing. You鈥檒l need to be smart and gather resources to stay safe.

One of the best ways to learn English is through Platzi:

Almost all the courses have a rich grammar, which allow you to get more vocabulary and speaking like a native.

The majority of the courses have a purpose which means that if you want to study a specific topic you can find in some of the courses.

You can learn English with IA ( Artificial intelligence): there are courses that give you tips for speaking with artificial intelligence like chat Gpt, as if were a personal tutor!

You could shoot a movie about people lost in an island or the story of pharaohs living in Villa de Leyva, Colombia. These are different types of projects, wich might involve working with different crews and visiting new places.

I love my Husky鈥檚 character. It鈥檚 lovely. All it wants to do is play with people and run around the yard. It鈥檚 stubborn, it learns new commands very easily, but It decides when to apply them. It鈥檚 an independent dog that quickly learns the rules and doesn鈥檛 need much supervision.

I love to create and produce electronic music because is very relaxing and it motivates me to open my mind to new topics, cultures and people as part of the creativity process.

Maybe many of you don鈥檛 know, but the process of how to create music starts at books, TV shows, meet new people, traveling around the world or listening to another music. This is because music is a reflection of what you live in your life, so the source of your ideas is comming of your actions. So, the next time when you read a book, maybe you can feel inspired to create some music.

to work: tourism, costumer attention, It jobs.

It is neccesary in may jobs like tourism to communicate with many of over the world; custumer attention jobs have many oportunities if you speak English and IT jobs is the international language to communicate in this area.

Topic: Learn a new language

  • Support sentences:
  1. Convenient.

Learning a new language can bring new labor opportunities and more advantages in the walk.

  1. Healthy.

Learning a new language can help the brain to prevent dementia and creativity and memory improves.

  1. Interesting.

Learning a new language can be awesome because you can understand its culture, expressions, and form to view life through its expressions.

i really like pets and animals in general
i can feel the love and peace thath they can give me
i love my life with animals around me
they are honestly funny and they can be a realy my friends

you have to go through some stages = tienes que pasar por algunas etapas

you should gather all the ideas about your main topic = debes reunir todas las ideas sobre tu tema principal

and throw the peel in the garbage = y tirar la cascara en la basura

I like studying English because it is spoken worldwide, similar to Spanish, and serves as the global business language. First, the majority of people around the world have some knowledge of English. International schools often consider English proficiency as a selection criterion for students, and remote jobs commonly require English as the primary language. Moreover, English and Spanish share the same alphabet, and some words are very similar. Finally. English is the language used for international business transactions. You would be able to purchase goods in China, for example, solely using English to complete the transaction, and this applies to other countries as well

I love to sleep a lot. Sleep helps me to be well all day.

I love learning the English language, because I can speak with different people from different countries, it is also spoken all over the world even
if you travel to a non-native country like Paris. I could communicate in English, it is also very important to learn English to get a job.

Football is the most popular sport in Mexico because it is fun, cheap to play and has very simple rules.

Football is very popular in Mexico in all sectors of Mexican society, women and men of all ages and from all walks of life are football fans, some practice it, others watch it on TV or listen to it on the radio, others follow football news in the press or digital media.

To play amateur football you need almost nothing, not even a ball, you can use a plastic bottle or something like that instead of a ball, you don鈥檛 even need a pitch, you can play almost anywhere you can imagine and you don鈥檛 need any special equipment to practice.

The rules are very simple at amateur level, you have to try to get the ball into your opponent鈥檚 goal and try not to let your opponent get the ball into your goal at the same time.

Feel free to love because it鈥檚 energizing, fun, and good for your soul.

  • Initial, stimulates the release of various neurotransmitters and hormones, such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin.
  • Also can inspire a sense of adventure and spontaneity.
  • Finally, often challenges us to grow and become better versions of ourselves
  1. Topic: Run is the best exercise
  2. Support Sentences
    • Affordable
    • Healthy
    • Refreshing
  3. Run is the best exercise for me because it is affordable, I have not spent a lot of money on classes, I can run every day, and I don鈥檛 need a specific place. Also, it鈥檚 healthy because I can improve my cardiovascular resistance and agility. I think one more thing: when I run into nature is refreshing, I can breathe clean oxygen, which is good too.

I love dogs, they are the best friend of man.
Additionally they are smart and take care the home.
Finally, they are a important member in almost all families in the world.

I study English because I need to prove to myself that it is possible for me to have a conversation with a stranger. I even want to sound like a native speaker and use their phrases

  1. Topic: Why I study English
  2. Support sentence
  • To prove myself
  • To have a conversation
  • Use theri phrases

I love u class!!!

Sport helps us treat depression and anxiety; reduces stress level, helps sleep better, and that you feel happy.

. Depression and anxiety:
First, increases endorphin levels, and improves self esteem
. Reduces stress level:
Adicionally, increase self confidence, and improve your mood.
.That you feel happy:
Finally, Endorphins are also called happiness hormones, since they increase the feeling of well-being and help to relax the body and mind.

I love to read because it is another way to travel, to learn about people and the world. By reading you can connect in a unique way with the characters, the story and the places where it happens. This interest can lead you to want to know more about their culture and customs, it is also a way to broaden your mind and ideas by having a deeper understanding of other ways of seeing the world.

To be a trader is known as a work so hard that some sources say that it is the job more difficult.
The main reason is that you shouldn鈥檛 be overconfident, but neither should you be afraid. You have to be confident and relaxed.

For example:
Mathematics is very important for data science and artificial intelligence. Supporting sentences for this statement might include information about the mathematical areas that are important for these fields, such as linear algebra, comprehension of vector spaces, and the importance of statistics and probability.

Good lecture

I love the music, especially the salsa, it talk of a culture, and i can dance it with many people or one person, it takes you out of the common, because the salsa it show you parts of history how in the song the Rebellion of Joe Arroyo, or leaves you good messages listen this song Decisiones of Ruben Blades, furthermore I can dancing when I organize the house and in a party with differernt couples, not only makes you feel in armony with the other people and with you himself, too you can see the important that is share and learn other culture.

I need to do exercise because it鈥檚 a good activity for health. First, it鈥檚 easy to do. I can do it everywhere. Additionally improve your live quality. Finally it鈥檚 very funny when you do with somebody.

Traveling around South America is exciting, picturesque, and enchanting because the people are extremely friendly. It鈥檚 easy to make new friends for life. However, it can also be more expensive than traveling around Europe, and there are fewer flight frequencies, although I鈥檓 not sure why. Despite this, South America boasts some of the most spectacular views, fauna, and flora, making it a true paradise on Earth.

Climate change is going to change our society: how we eat, how we transport ourselfs, how we build our cities.

Tecnology will change our daily lives: how we make our task, how we get in contact with others, how we sell and buy.

We could facing those challenges, if we used right our skills and our tools

  • I can鈥檛 do it
  • They are better than me
  • I鈥檓 frustrated
I love Engineering because is聽 challenging, diverse and prestigious. First, It's a career very difficult where the student should be resilient. Additionally, you will learn diferents parts of the science, chemistry, physics, maths and more. Finally, the Engineer is a person with a integrated vision about a solution for a problem.

鈥 Supporting Sentences

I enjoy watching baseball games, every play it麓s amazing and unpredictable. Doesn麓t matter the score, one play can change the way of the game, especially at the last inning when everything could happens!

I love orchids, because they have different colors, textures, measurements, and look like aliens.

First Colombia has many different types of orchids for example, Odontoglossum, Miltoniopsis, Masdevallia, Anguloa, Lycaste and Oncidium, among others

Its variety of colors is from green, orange, white, purple, yellow, among other species

There are measures from 60cm to 10cm, we can find it in a tropical climate, in tall and dense trees

I love learning English since it is the most spoken language worldwide, the learned easiest language, and the majority of cutting-edge science research is done in English.
In fact if you travel to a non-native English countries for instance India, China, and Indonesia. You could communicate in English, certainly basic communication, however useful for tourism. At the same time, if your purpose is to do business for sure you should improve your language skills.
Furthermore, if you compare English with other languages such as Japanese, you could realize English writing is much more easier. In the same way Spanish and German have more grammatical rules and conjugations. Nonetheless, for foreigners writing in English is a huge challenge.
Finally, the state-of-the-art laboratories and best universities are in most of English native-country-spoken such as the US, the UK, and Australia. Additionally, all these countries invest lots of money in development and scientific investigation.

I love pets. They are nice, funny and loving. First. they are hairy. I like to give them hugs, because they are warm. I can play with them and they wag it tail. They always receive me very excited.

The lima major was magnificent, this event has been held for the first time in South America, specifically in Lima, Peru. First the event had as a guest a John Patrick, the voice of dota 2. Additionally, the event featured many activities such as a kiss cam, a cosplay contest and more. Finally the event had an importance for the culture of dota in Peru and South america.

I think travel is interesting because I know new people and cultures. I can practice other languages and I can also eat tasty food.

Supporting Sentences:

Causes & Effects

I like the gym because Its so healthy. You can to improve your force and sculpt your body, and obviusly you force yourself to eat very healthy.

When drawing, both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated, both the left and the right, first it involves the rational logical side and at the same time our creativity and emotions are explored

Dogs are great pets for children. They are kind, emotionally supportive, and a way to teach responsibility.
All, dogs are one of the most appreciative animals, when you raise a dog, he will thank you all the time. In addition, having a dog is also having a friend, so it helps people鈥檚 mental health. Finally, caring for an animal is a very big responsibility, since you have to be aware of its diet, its health, and the main health care that is so important for any animal.

I love running because it is fun, healthy and challeging
First, It is fun. You can run with friends and you know new people who love running too. Moreover, when you run your breathing increases and that makes your blood reach all areas of your body. This is a way of you feel live. To conclude, running demands you to effort yourself to achieve a goal That is success .

Topic sentence

  • I love music, it鈥檚 the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to travel.

The easiest
You can do it wherever you are, plus if you want, you can even dance too.

The fastest
You only have to have something to listen to it and then you just have to close your eyes and let yourself fly.

The cheapest
And if that wasn鈥檛 enough it鈥檚 free, because you don鈥檛 need money to do it, you just have to use a little imagination and that鈥檚 it.

I like play the guitar, because it鈥檚 funny, i learn a lot about music and it鈥檚 really relaxing.

I love listening to music becuse it鈥檚 healthy for my mind, full me within joyful and even I can explore new genres and cultures.
first of all it touches areas of the brain as nothing else, thus your mind experiments with new sensations and feelings every time you heard a new song or piece of music.
Additionally it tends to change our mood, depends the song鈥檚 feeling, if is a happy one, instantly will be draw a side to side smile in your face and the opposite with a sad one.
Finally, Music is known as the universal languague, so unknown or foreigner people through music can share emotions and knowledge.

I love cooking because I prepare homemade and healthy food so that my family can eat healthily and I am happy when I see them eat and show their faces with emotion.