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Concluding Sentence


The last part of our paragraph structure is the conclusion. There are different types of conclusions: a summary, a final thought, a personal opinion, or a bridge between paragraphs.

Be careful!
Do not add more information to the conclusion. If you need to add more information, you should do it by adding another support sentence. This final part of the paragraph shows to your reader that the topic is over.


  • Clear topic sentence
  • Supporting sentences relate to the topic
  • Sentences connect
  • Concluding without new information

The complete paragraph:

I love bananas because they are convenient, delicious, and nutritious. First, they are easy to eat. I can peel the banana, eat it, and throw the peel in the garbage. Additionally, I can eat bananas with cereal, other fruits, and ice cream. I can also eat it fried, and it tastes great every time. Finally, they contain fiber, potassium, and vitamins, so they are very healthy. Overall, I believe you should eat bananas every day.

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  • Clear topic sentence
  • Supporting sentences relate to the topic
  • Sentences connect
  • Concluding without new information

I practice calisthenics because it has a lot of benefits, it is free and easy and it鈥檚 healthy. Some of the benefits are conditioning, muscle gain, strength gain, improve balance, improve agility, improve coordination, and many others.
Additionally, is free and easy, because all is by working with your bodyweight you don鈥檛 need to pay to a GYM and you don鈥檛 need any equipment.
Finally, is very healthy, it includes all the benefits of exercising.
Hence, I think every person should practice calisthenics and adopt it as a habit.

驴Who is God? , 驴Have you asked yourself this question? Because God is love, grace, patient, godness, faith, power, wisdom and I love Him. Off course I can tell you thous things because one day I decided leave my own ideas and go to know what about God, Jesus and more, today it has been the best decision of my live, sometimes it麓s difficult but His victory I can feel every single moment. Have you try to do it? I want to invite you to do it. Never stop to learn and God is the way too, the best one!.

Every single thing has been made from the things that there wasn鈥檛 seen. 鈥 Powerful
The man could have the capacity to convert many things (Minerals, liquids, chemicals, etc) in one special gadget or thing, like your cellphone, But the capacity to create some thing where there is nothing, It鈥檚 only for God and all you can see was made from God to you. 鈥Love

You can鈥檛 wathc Him, but you can fell, as the wind, if you want to feel the wind, you need to go to the street鈥 You want to feel God, go get it! 鈥 Faith

Is my way to live, it is not a crazy form, if you allow him, I鈥檓 sure that you can find Him, God wants to show more about himselves.

I love dogs because they are cute, furry, and faithful. First, they are like angels. I can leave my home ten minutes, and they are waiting for me. Additionally, My dog Lola, rescue me from depression and anxiety. I can鈥檛 see my life without Lola, she is my best friend. Finally, you can adopt dogs and give them all the love that they need, you will have a best friend for life.

My favorite game on pc is league of legends, I spend unless two hours every day to play it, this help me to be connected with my friends. However, I should not be focus on this game too much, I need to improve my skills on the university. Last but not least, my team won the last clash, which is a tournament of my game, it helped us to be more close to each other and we have now more confidence when we are playing, the team鈥檚 timing improved quite a bit.

In such a way, i can conclude about this, the look of a cake is not the most important, i think there are something beyond and its the people with you enjoy it鈥 xD

I like listen chill out music because help me to focus in my job.
The chill out music is instrumental when your listen you feel tranquillity, peace and quiet.
This music uses smooth and repetitive rhythms.
You can you can concentrate in your tasks
Then I can say that this music not interrupt the other things that yo can doing.

I love studying different subjects because it improves my brain, I could get better jobs and talk about everything in a conversation. Studying for me is the best way to keep your mind occupied and increase your ability to retain information. It also allows me to have more and better skills for future job applications; and finally I always love to know something new for I can express it to my friends in any conversation about any topic. To sum up, study is an activity that never ends and everyone shouldn鈥檛 miss it.

Traveling is fascinating, it is the best way to enjoy life. It helps us relax and feel happy. When I travel, I can forget my problems. I think you should travel frecuently.

My Paragraph

My favorite architecture of deep learning are recurrent neural networks. The Rnn is very powerful, useful and have many applications. A Rnn is potent beacuse can remind before states of the actuallly state, this quality is useful for problems sequentials for example: translation of texts, generations of texts for interactive chatbots and predict value of market. In conclusion the Rnns are the future of the IA.

Overall, I am sure, everyone SHOULD travel as much as they can

Campervan like lifestyle. To start, live under a campervan could give you a lot of freedom. Geographic freedom because you can move around the world. Also, financial freedom, as you will need less money, so you could find an alternative income way.
Finally, emotional freedom because if you have more time, less pressure, you could find what you really want to do in your life.
Overall I believe that life in a camper is a very attractive way to live and meet yourself

So after explain my favorite sport, I can conclude that the soccer is amazing, It鈥檚 good for your health and you can get friends.

The chess is a sport that you would shoud practicce and you are going to feel very good when you win a match

I love to do crochet, because it's too easy, is good for alive the stress, and make beautiful things. In crochet technique you use a needle and make loops for the kittig. I can make kitting so fast with practice, and have a good product in a little time. When you distract your mind in another things, the tension is relieve because we dont think in this at the moment. We sometimes need the lose some of this tension, and pass a few hours busy in other activities. Whit make crohet by one or two hours, we optain a lot of things. Some of examples who you can made are: Scarf, Beannies, Sweaters, Gloves and others. You should made crochet every day, I think that's so good. Thank you for read, see you soon.

My practice:
I love fencing because it is a very elegant sport that reduces stress, increases mental agility, and enhances coordination and balance. First, it is a combat sport. The physical exertion and mental focus required can help clear your mind and release tension. Furthermore, it is a mentally demanding sport. The movements require logic, quick thinking, and strategy tactics. It enhances your analytical capabilities and decision-making skills. Finally, it is an offensive and defensive sport. You must constantly adjust your position and anticipate your opponent鈥檚 movements. This way you force your arms and legs to work together in harmony as they attack, defend and counter attack. In conclusion, fencing is a very well-rounded sport that allows you to improve your general fitness.

The cinnamon rolls are my favorite dessert; they have cinnamon powder, brown sugar that makes them fluffy. First, the main ingredient has a pleasant smell, a brown color, and a flavor reminiscent of an autmn season. Additionally, It gives the cinnamon rolls a very sweet and moist flavor. Besides, I can combine with cinnamon powder to enjoys boths flavors. Finally, the cinnamon rolls have a good texture because they contain butter and it makes them so smooth. In conslusion, You should taste cinnamon rolls once and give them a chance.

In short, I believe that this change in the conventional parameters and paradigms around traditional employment since the industrial revolution, represent one of the best conditions for the exchange of knowledge for results, and not only for the time dedicated by employees, while important benefits are also achieved for employers, due to the decrease in salay costs, among other associated concepts and other fixed expenses that will no longer be necessary under these new employability and professional services contracting schemes.


I watch every FIFA WORLD CUP since South Africa 2010, its the sport event more important around the world, is famous, exiting and we can know more about the cultures of the world.

Approximately, 4 thousand million of people watch the World Cup during june and july, many people enjoy every match of his country like a war, and in the host country it makes people come from all countries to watch the championship.

In conclusion, I love the FIFA WORLD CUP

I enjoy watching baseball games, every play it麓s amazing and unpredictable.
Doesn麓t matter the score, one play can change the way of the game, especially at the last inning when everything could happens!
A lot of people think that is a long and boring game, but when you are in! you no want miss any play, specially for your favorite baseball team.

Negative thoughts

Can be our worst enemy, because it becomes a hard war with ourselves. Somo of them can be: I can鈥 do it, They are better than me, I never get better.
Put all of them on paper, so you can see the whole picture.
But this resolve the problem? No, in the next paragraph we going to talk about the next stage.

I need to do exercise because it鈥檚 a good activity for health. First, it鈥檚 easy to do. I can do it everywhere. Additionally improve your live quality. Finally it鈥檚 very funny when you do with somebody. Overall you sholud do exercise everyday!!

Traveling around South America is exciting, picturesque, and enchanting because the people are extremely friendly. It鈥檚 easy to make new friends for life. However, it can also be more expensive than traveling around Europe, and there are fewer flight frequencies, although I鈥檓 not sure why. Despite this, South America boasts some of the most spectacular views, fauna, and flora, making it a true paradise on Earth.

Finally, I think you should visit South America and have this experience by yourself. you will never regret to visit these countries .

I like to study artificial intelligence because it is very interesting, but it has many mathematical areas such as vector analysis, linear algebra, calculus, and statistics and probability. These areas are very difficult, but I try to improve day by day. In conclution, I belive that although this discipline is challengin , it鈥檚 crucial for technology development and personal growth.

I love the music, especially the salsa, it talk of a culture, and i can dance it with many people or one person, it takes you out of the common, because the salsa it show you parts of history how in the song the Rebellion of Joe Arroyo, or leaves you good messages listen this song Decisiones of Ruben Blades, furthermore I can dancing when I organize the house and in a party with differernt couples, not only makes you feel in armony with the other people and with you himself, too you can see the important that is share and learn other culture. evidently the salsa is the ADN of a latin.

To be a trader is known as a work so hard that some sources say that it is the job more difficult. The main reason is that you shouldn鈥檛 be overconfident, but neither should you be afraid. You have to be confident and relaxed. In my experience, I can say that it is important to be humble and know yourself. This will help you become a better trader.

Sport helps us treat depression and anxiety; reduces stress level, helps sleep better, and that you feel happy.

. Depression and anxiety:
First, increases endorphin levels, and improves self esteem
. Reduces stress level:
Adicionally, increase self confidence, and improve your mood.
.That you feel happy:
Finally, Endorphins are also called happiness hormones, since they increase the feeling of well-being and help to relax the body and mind.

In conclusion, If we increase endorphin levels in the body, we will not only have a better quality of life, but our approach to life will change in a positive way, in terms of project formation, goals and so on.
In addition, by providing our body with quality of life and security, it would improve our concentration efficiently since, by being happy, thinking and planning and doing new things, our hippocampus grows, giving rise to neurogenesis.(increase in neurons and increase in synapses) Incredible!!


You can buy basic ingredients in a several supermarkets, exists many recipes for preparation in a little time, this recipes has different mix flavors that produced many senses, but additions many times produced high cholesterol and getting fat. Finally you shouldn鈥檛 eat frequently.


You can buy basic ingredients in a several supermarkets, exists many recipes for preparation in a little time, this recipes has different mix flavors that produced many senses, but additions many times produced high cholesterol and getting fat. Finally you shouldn鈥檛 eat frequently.

When you are learning a new language, you are training your brain to be able to understand the world in a different way, for examples the association with the words and the things that you are looking at the moment.
Furthermore you are learning new concepts and a new culture, so that let yourself expand your knowledges

Therefore, I think that you should to learn at least a new language in your life, besides the one you already speak.

the sky, is relatively beatiful but almost all don't give the importance what should, the sky is magic and I think the it is the most importance, because the climatic change is affecting all that, in some years we don't give the blue sky as we know it

My paragraph

I love to learn in Platzi, For the latest six months I bought my membership and practice every day, on many occasions, it is very easy for to me learn online because during my career in Business Administration I do this in online method. Learned in Platzi or any other side is very important for your career because helps you to improve and raise your skills in the industry that you prefer.

Concluding Sentence.
Overall, I believe you have a good moments when your friends and values that relationship.

My contribution ![](


* Overall, I believe you should eat bananas every day.
I love Olivia Rodrigo because she's friendly with everybody, sings too well and the songs' lyrics aren't rude. She's funny and she loves speak with her fans. Also, voice's Olivia is beautiful, gentle and angelical. Finally, She writes sincere songs but that do not contain swear words like many other songs by other singers. I think than Olivia Rodrigo is one of the best singers in the world, I admire her a lot.
## In conclusion: the benefits of classical music are innumerable. Whether at work or in schools and study halls, it has a positive effect on everyone in the environment. It increases productivity, promotes better health, and increases concentration and learning. If you are looking to reduce stress, stimulate your creativity, or even help you fall asleep, classical music will be an excellent complement to do so. It is not necessary to listen exclusively to the works of the very talented Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Any melody of this musical genre, due to its characteristics, will help you to achieve the benefit you are looking for. Do not delay this healthy experience. Start today, improve your mood with classical music and notice the difference. ## <>
I love practicing soccer, as it is one of the most popular sports in the world and promotes teamwork. Firstly, soccer is a sport practiced in most countries around the world. It is one of the most watched sports on TV, and the FIFA World Cup is a highly significant event that fosters unity among nations. Finally, to practice it, it is necessary to play with 11 players, and each person has an important and indispensable role in the game. Everyone contributes to achieving the goal of winning, which fosters teamwork. Overall, I consider this sport to be very valuable

God is love and He gave his son as a sacrifice atonement for our sins, and through JesuChrist we can get closer to our Father in heaven as a son and clamour ABBA Father. first of all, The Word of God says that God is love and who loves everyone, that one loves God, because of his immeasurable love, He gave his only con for us, and this is why we can have fellowship with God as a Father. in conclusion we have a Father in heaven, that loves us and He is attentive to our needs.

I love photography because it shows us the beauty of nature, animals, people, and their cultures, I am drawn to photography as an art form that reveals the diversity and magnificence of our world.Through the lens, photography allows us to appreciate natural landscapes, capturing fleeting moments that connect us with the timeless beauty of nature. Additionally, photography provides us with the opportunity to explore the diversity of animal life on our planet, from the great felines in the jungle to the tenderness of domestic animals in our homes. Likewise, documentary and portrait photography invite us to immerse ourselves in the various cultures and human experiences around the world, capturing intimate moments and expressions that reveal the complexity and beauty of the human condition, from festive celebrations to moments of solemn reflection. In summary, photography represents to me one of the most beautiful forms of art, which goes beyond mere image capture to become a powerful means of communication and expression. From the magnificence of natural landscapes to the intimacy of human portraits, photography has the unique ability to move us, inspire us, and provoke deep reflections about our world and humanity. Its impact and significance cannot be underestimated, as it connects us with the beauty, diversity, and complexity that surrounds us, helping us to better understand our own existence and our place in the world.
I love completing many tasks because it makes me feel productive, utility and happy. First, I can use all my day time and develop different my life鈥檚 topics. So, I help people, in especial my family and I鈥檓 making great things. In the end, I鈥檓 feel very good every night before go to bed and I can have quality time with my close people. For my happiness, I鈥檓 very organized with my time and tasks.
The exercise is good, as a result we have a muscular and healthy body. Firt you have got strength for to lift objects. moreover, you can improve your quality of life. To sum up, the exercise is necesary life.
Teachers should learn the basics of machine learning. First, they can use it to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks. Second, it can be used to prepare lessons. Over time, teachers will develop the ability to use machine learning on specific problems. It is clear that machine learning is a powerful tool for teachers.
Why does the plane tree make you happy? Eating a banana promotes a good mood. It's even called the fruit of happiness. Contain high levels of tryptophan focusing on the fruit that produces the highest levels of well-being while also reducing fatigue. Finally I think that we can get better world if all going to the work eating bananas every days.
Topic: Black Mirror is a disruptive and futuristic series This series, which was released in 2011, explores the dark side of technology and its impact on society. In my opinion, it is a timeless and relevant series for humanity
I don't smoke because it's bad for my health my family and the people around me, also vaping is evil for my health like smoke, the people think that vaping is healthy but that is not real is just as bad as smoking. to conclude vaping and smoking are evil for the health and bad for everyone.

鈥淧hotography is my favorite hobby because I can capture unique moments. When I take photos, I lose track of time, and my mind becomes creative It鈥檚 an exciting art to freeze time in a special and surprising way. I will take photos forever.鈥

Drinking coffee is good for staying energized, active, and focused. Because it provides caffeine to your nervous system. Helps you wake up, and improve your concentration in your activities. In conclusion, I believe If you want to start a good day, you need to have a coffee.

I lift weights frequently, because I like to feel the endorphin鈥檚 sensation in my whole body, in addition you get benefits. Like, more muscle mass, improve coordination and cognition, your insulin and sugar levels are in check. In addition, reshape and improve your heart. Isn鈥檛 necessary a fancy machines to get the benefits overall your health. Sure, everyone who can be able lift weights, they do that.
Learning something related to your profession every day helps you improve your skills and it helps you to achieve your goals. First, find the topic or topics that you need to improve. You can ask your coworkers or your boss if you don鈥檛 know where to start. Afterward, search for the information that you need and dedicate a few minutes to studying every day; if you can study for more time, be better. Finally, try to do something with the information, like using it in your daily job. It helps you improve your skills and people notice it. In conclusion, you could improve your professional life if you learn something new every day; it will certainly help you achieve your goals.
I like rode my bike. The bikes are great, good for health and very funny. We have all ridden a bicycle at some point, it is easy to use and if you have a tire puncture you can change the tire easily. Another thing is that at least 30 minutes riding a bike per day might prevent heart attacks or diabetes, moreover it is good for your mental health.Finally, You can go to the park, visit new places or even you can travel around the city. In other words, a bike is just more than a conveyance is a life style. To conclude, I believe you should ride a bike every day, your body will thank you.
**Importance of learning English language** Learn English nowadays is important to get better jobs and increase family income in undeveloped countries. I love learning English since I was a kid, but I didn鈥檛 realize the importance of learning English until the Covid-19 pandemic caused me to lose my job. I faced a critical scenario in which I just could chose between to be a policeman or an English language teacher. After that I applied to an online teaching job, and I was accepted after some test where I took advantage of my educational degree. Being an English teacher online was the best experience for me, so I share my passion for English language to small groups. Then I practice my English Skills a lot to provide high-quality classes to my students, so I developed my pronunciation skills and I started to listen, read, write, and speak in English most of the time. In conclusion I took advantage of my situation and even though my salary wasn鈥檛 the best, working as a teacher let me prove myself that I can be better day after day. I consider English is a wonderful tool that let me be a better person so after my two-year online teaching experience I applied to Call Center getting a better salary and changing the way I see the world. Finally, I got a teaching job in a better high school, and I doing my best to be a great teacher and help other to achieve them goals and develop better life quality. Thank you for reading.
In conclusion, interest in reading should not be lost.

In conslusion, You should taste cinnamon rolls once and give them a chance.

I like swimming, first because it is a complete sport, it also helps muscle and joint injuries, improves circulation and blood oxygenation.

I really like to eat sushi on Friday nights, It鈥檚 my favorite plan to start the weekend. My Fridays are generally spent like this:
First, I wait for my husband in my apartment, he usually gets around 7 p.m, while I鈥檓 getting an order online throught Whatsaap.
Then I must wait a few minutes the order and my husband, when they鈥檙e ready we鈥檙e going to get ready to watch a our favorite serie and have dinner in our bed.
Something that he and I have in common is that we hate tempura sushi so that we never have that kind of food.
Finally I don鈥檛 understood because some people have no tried this type of food, will surely love it, it鈥檚 important that it鈥檚 not so often because it鈥檚 not the healthiest food but it鈥檚 good to get out of the routine.

I like trip by my country because to have a much variety of nature about forest, flat, desert, beach, tropics and more. Overall, i recommend trip for all country mexico is you have the chance, it's more beautiful experience.
* ````js ```**In conclusion:** Minecraft is a fun game where you can build, explore, and survive in a world made of blocks. It's all about using your creativity and wits to have a great time! ````

Platzi is a good platform to learn about technology. Platzi has many schools and learning routes that allow us to choose between many fields, and all of then is related to technology. Additionally, the community complements in a good way the content of each class. Finally, it offers some plans that reduce the payment. Overall, I think that we have to take advantage of Platzi.

First, coffee is a seed specially prepared with hot water, and the drink could have an intense flavor.

On the other hand, people usually drink a cup of coffee at breakfast time. Likewise, it is a flavor for desserts and ice creams.
Finally, the coffee usually comes from Colombia or other countries around Latino America. Also, in New York City, it鈥檚 usual to find people with cups of coffee before work.

To conclude, I think coffee is a typical drink you can find everywhere, and it helps to take more power in the morning because it has caffeine.

I know the importance of learning English, because it is a tool that allows me to travel to other countries and have a better job. I can communicate with people from different cultures without problem. Furthermore, the best companies need professionals with a high level of English. Overall, learning English is a great investment.

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Indeed, it can improve your brain health, results in, best social interactions and deep sleep. Moreover, it reduce the risk of diseases, such as, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, Infectious Diseases and some Cancers.
Notably, regular physical activity help manage weight and strengthen bones and muscles.
Finally, improve your ability to do everyday activities. People feel more productive and happiest with your lifes. In conclusion, I consider regular physical activity to be our partner in achieving a long and healthy life.

One of the best ways to learn English is through Platzi

Almost all the courses have a rich grammar, which allow you to get more vocabulary and speaking like a native.

The majority of the courses have a purpose which means that if you want to study a specific topic you can find in some of the courses.

You can learn English with IA ( Artificial intelligence): there are courses that give you tips for speaking with artificial intelligence like CHAT GPT as if were a personal tutor.

To sum up Platzi allow you to get your English to higher level through its courses, which have a lot of topics.

The compleate paragraph:

Shooting movies is a wonderful experience. For a specific time, you experience different stories and posibilities. Also, you get to meet new people and visit different places. You could shoot a movie about people lost in an island or the story of pharaohs living in Villa de Leyva, Colombia. These are different types of projects, wich might involve working with different crew and visiting new places. That鈥檚 why I belive it鈥檚 a great job.

I study at Platzi because is a place where you find people who wants to learn and improve it鈥檚 knowledge every day.

I hear many people complain about the current price, but I think the cost of the year in the academy is good if we talk about the number of courses, the cost/day relation and the community鈥檚 feedback. Hence, the academy actually has one the best English and soft skills courses, so your learning is complete no only in the professional side.

In conclusion, I highly recommend use Platzi.

In my conclusion. I think that all people should learn a new language.

I love working out because it is healthy, it gets you in shape and makes you feel stronger

Healthy: Many studies say that exercising at least once a week is very healthy because it can reduce your stress, give you more energy, more vitality, and make you happier.
To get in shape: This is one of the first reasons why people work out or join a gym also who doesn鈥檛 want to be in shape?
Stronger: Another reason to work out it is to become stronger, because the more you train, the more weight you鈥檒l be able to lift.

That鈥檚 why I always recommend that everyone to start working out because working out changed my life and maybe it can change yours.

I practice behavior modification to children with TEA, I see the results and the parents are filled with joy

I like studying English because it is spoken worldwide, similar to Spanish, and serves as the global business language. First the majority of people around the world have some knowledge of English. International schools often consider English proficiency as a selection criterion for students, and remote jobs commonly require English as the primary language. Moreover, English and Spanish share the same alphabet, and several words are vey similar. Finally, English is the language used for international business transactions, you would be able to purchase goods in China, for example, solely using English to complete the transaction, and this applies to other countries as well. To sum up everyone should learn to communicate in English, to take advantage of the universal information available in the world.

I love technology because is by definition the advance of humanity, Due to every tool we create in human history changes our life in some way, giving us time to think about how the world works, however, a part of that technology also creates wars and dead, but, Ultimately I think we have the power to built and develop technologies to create a better world for everyone.

I like sports because it helps my health and improves my physical appearance and my resistance

I like my job beacuse is well paid, actually i can save money, i can help people, drive catch criminals and close to my house. My job combine experience and skills, and i give my family a better future.

Clear topic sentence
Supporting sentences relate to the topic
Sentences connect
Concluding without new information
I like go to the gym, because is healthy and have more benefits, I know that sometimes no have time to practice some sports, but the gym is very good because help it and build muscle, strength, and endurance.
With the time you will see results, we need sport clothes for example: short, t-shirt, sneakers and a lot motimation .


  • I love the English language, because if I travel to a non-native country like Paris, I can communicate in English, I can even talk to different people from different countries and also English is spoken all over the world. It is also very important to learn English to get a job.

Football is the most popular sport in Mexico because it is fun, cheap to play and has very simple rules.

Football is very popular in Mexico in all sectors of Mexican society, women and men of all ages and from all walks of life are football fans, some practice it, others watch it on TV or listen to it on the radio, others follow football news in the press or digital media.

To play amateur football you need almost nothing, not even a ball, you can use a plastic bottle or something like that instead of a ball, you don鈥檛 even need a pitch, you can play almost anywhere you can imagine and you don鈥檛 need any special equipment to practice.

The rules are very simple at amateur level, you have to try to get the ball into your opponent鈥檚 goal and try not to let your opponent get the ball into your goal at the same time.

In conclusion, I think football is a great sport and you should try it at least once in your life, you won鈥檛 regret it.

Feel free to love because it鈥檚 energizing, fun, and good for your soul. Initial, stimulates the release of various neurotransmitters and hormones, such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. Also can inspire a sense of adventure and spontaneity. Finally, often challenges us to grow and become better versions of ourselves.
In conclusion, give love and receive love without stopping.

Running is the best exercise for me because it is affordable, I have not spent a lot of money on classes, I can run every day, and I don鈥檛 need a specific place. Also, it鈥檚 healthy because I can improve my cardiovascular resistance and agility. I think one more thing: when I run into nature is refreshing, I can breathe clean oxygen, which is good too.
That鈥檚 why I think running is the best exercise. Come on, you can do it. Run for your health, and your heart will be grateful to you.

Good lecture

I love orchids, because they have different colors, textures, measurements, and look like aliens.

First Colombia has many different types of orchids for example, Odontoglossum, Miltoniopsis, Masdevallia, Anguloa, Lycaste and Oncidium, among others

Its variety of colors is from green, orange, white, purple, yellow, among other species

There are measures from 60cm to 10cm, we can find it in a tropical climate, in tall and dense trees

Finally orchids are beautiful and attractive plants, which you can buy and that could be your table vase for up to 6 months or a year

I love learning English since it is the most spoken language worldwide, the learned easiest language, and the majority of cutting-edge science research is done in English.
In fact, if you travel to a non-native English countries for instance India, China, and Indonesia. You could communicate in English, certainly basic communication, however useful for tourism. At the same time, if your purpose is to do business for sure you should improve your language skills.
Furthermore, if you compare English with other languages such as Japanese, you could realize English writing is much more easier. In the same way Spanish and German have more grammatical rules and conjugations. Nonetheless, for foreigners writing in English is a huge challenge.
Finally, the state-of-the-art laboratories and best universities are in most of English native-country-spoken such as the US, the UK, and Australia. Additionally, all these countries invest lots of money in development and scientific investigation. Thus if you are a researcher make sure to search information in English in specially these countries.
To sum up, knowing English is such a great skill in your everyday life.

Changing of profession.
The idea of 鈥嬧媎oing something different in our lives is maybe a dream or a reality because besides finding a better opportunity, we can develop new abilities and competencies. It is true that it can be complicated but although we have negative thoughts about this change, perseverance and discipline will lead to breakthrough.
Is easy to start when we make the decision accompanied by actions directed towards/ hacia an objective, for this reason we can investigate the new profession and know which knowledge we have or which we can get, like study another language, take curses of updates or do practices.
Overall , I think that the time in our lives it鈥檚 like gold in our hands, we can try everything what will make us happy and grow in the experience.

My complete paragraph:

鈥淭he Last of Us鈥 is a series very inspiring, and creative. This is because it is a film that speaks very well about the love between father and son, and how creative the guidelines were to tell that story in a post-apocalyptic world. Evidently, I think it鈥檚 a series that everyone should see.

I鈥檒l talk about the 鈥淗UAYCO鈥, what鈥檚 mean that and Why does it cause so much troubles?
First I going to start to talk about what is this, It鈥檚 a natural disaster. It鈥檚 dangerous because if rains more on the rivers, the flows could overflow. These natural disaster begin to fall from the top of the mountain, dragging any object as wood, plastics, and many cars.
Finally, The government of Peru is doing everything possible so that the affected family can overcome this tragedy.

I think travel is interesting because I know new people and cultures. I can practice other languages and I can also eat tasty food. Finally, I believe you should travel abroad every year 馃槈


  • Clear topic sentence.

  • Supporting sentences relate to the topic.

  • Sentences connect.

  • Concluding without new information.

Well. I think I will talk about the gym; The gym is how a lifestyle, I love it because makes you focus every time and every moment about your goals. The gym for me and for many people is a personal growth. I think that when a person have a problem either of any kind as sentimental or depression, you can to improve your mind and become more strong. Both the brain and the body improve.

when drawing, both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated, both the left and the right. First it involves the rational logical side and at same time our creativity and emotions are explored. to sum up drawing is good for the development of the hemispheres.

I like dogs.

  • I love music, it鈥檚 the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to travel. You can do it wherever you are, plus if you want, you can even dance too. You only have to have something to listen to it and then you just have to close your eyes and let yourself fly.
    And if that wasn鈥檛 enough it鈥檚 free, because you don鈥檛 need money to do it, you just have to use a little imagination and that鈥檚 it.
    Overall, I can say that it鈥檚 a convenient and efficient way to exercise the mind and stir the heart.

I like meditation, It helps to focus on what is important in real life, also It is a great way to get compassion for other people and be empathic

I love listening to music becuse it鈥檚 healthy for my mind, full me within joyful and even I can explore new genres and cultures.
first of all it touches areas of the brain as nothing else, thus your mind experiments with new sensations and feelings every time you heard a new song or piece of music.
Additionally it tends to change our mood, depends the song鈥檚 feeling, if is a happy one, instantly will be draw a side to side smile in your face and the opposite with a sad one.
Finally, Music is known as the universal languague, so unknown or foreigner people through music can share feelings and knowledge.
Overall, every one should try listening to music every day, it鈥檚 like the indispensable cup of tea or coffee, it鈥檚 my medicine.

Cooking makes me happy also makes me creative.

Let yourself feel

As a human being, we are sensitive, empathetic, and designed to live in community. In which we expose ourselves to experience feelings and emotions that sometimes we do not know how to express. Today鈥檚 society teaches us to repress those emotions, but in this text I just want to remind you that if sometimes you don鈥檛 know how to say it, use Art. With Art, you can transform those feelings into something good and express it through music, dance, paintings, sculptures, etc. And at the same time, you can help or bless the people who have identified with your art.

When I feel anxious, I play the piano and that makes me feel peace. And how do you express your feelings?

I love dogs because they are loving, loyal and playfull. First, Dogs always demostrate true love, shaking their tails, being with you, licking your hand. Additionaly, they always are waiting for you, even when they are with other loving people. Finally, you can enjoy the time playing with them, they have a lot of energy and is easy to find activities that they like. Overall, Dogs are good pets and friends.

Concluding Sentence: Summary. Final Thoughts. Personal Opini贸n. Transition.
If we learn to love from the small to the great, everything will be satisfaction and trust in the actions we do every day.

I like motocicle.

Exercise - this topic
Crossfit -support sentence

CrossFit gyms, known as 鈥渂oxes,鈥 is a form of high-intensity power fitness because workout may include dynamic exercises like; jumping, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebells, and explosive bodyweight movements

In addition, CrossFit moves can be modified to fit nearly any fitness level, it鈥檚 said to be appropriate for just about everyone 鈥 young and old, fit and not so fit. But when starting with CrossFit, the best advice is to start slowly and work your way up.

To be a healthy person, you must practice Zumba.