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Informal Email


As the name says, we write an informal email in informal situations. You write an informal email to a friend or a relative, but you can also do it at work if it is to a person you are close to, and the message does not require any formal writing.
It is common to use contractions in this situation since it is a friendly message.

The informal email has a simple structure:

  • Beginning: the greeting and your opening statement.

  • Middle: here you can tell your news and talk about your plans.

  • End: the closing message and your first name.

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To: [email protected]
Good morning, Teacher.
My name is Iris, I send you my homework number 4 of the cohort.
Thank you so much, See you at University.

Informal email structure:

  • Beginning: the greeting and your opening statement.
  • Middle: here you can tell your news and talk about your plans.
  • End: the closing message and your first name.

To: [email protected]
Subject: Just to say hi
Hi team!,
How are you? I hope you鈥檙e doing well.
I wanted to say they are a great team and I鈥檓 really happy to work together, but we need to finish our project before the 11 of April, we can connect in a call voice at 6-8 pm or 8-10 pm

To: [email protected]
Subject: Best decision ever!

Hey Sean, how are things? Have you ever heard of Platzi before?
Let me tell you that I found a tremendous online school: Platzi. At first, I was unsure of enrolling in it, but after watching some videos and reading some testimonials, I decided to apply for a free trial, and oh my gosh! The community there, the teachers, the forums, all the stuff one can learn on that site is awesome! I already purchased a subscription and I鈥檒l study data science, for the future is about discovering stories through numbers.
What do u think? I鈥檓 not crazy, just excited! Hope to see you soon and talk about this amazing school.
All the best,

To: [email protected]
Anouncement that the final project is for tomorrow.
Hi, Davey. How is it going?
Do you remember that the teacher says the project is for next Tuesday?

Well, you will laugh鈥 or not. It results that is for tomorrow (Tuesday). I must remember you that we barelyhave the 50% of the project done. So鈥 what we gonna do?
I have an idea: We can take all this afternoon and night to finsh this work, or at least the 90%. What do you think?

I hope not to die. Goodbye.

To: 脳脳脳脳

Hi Amanda,

I hope you and yours are fine.

I want to invite you to my child鈥檚 birthday, it will be on 24th March at 4 p.m. in my home. If you can come with your family would be excellent.

Best wishes,


To: [email protected]
Subject: I need the result of the study

Recenlty we can see a planet to flip around star, well, we have to say that we are not sure, because the previos study, It鈥檚 tell us that need more informations before to anounce to University, the star鈥檚 brightness sometimes it goes down, that has us confused all team.

We are waiting with your colaboration!
Best Regards: Astrophysic Team.

To: [email protected]

Subject: Back to the old version

Message: Hello team platzi.

Well i would like to back to the old version because i feel this version is a little bit strange for me and i dont feel confortable with his comment section.
Thanks a lot for your time.

to: [email protected]
Working on a new project

Hi universityfriend,

I hope you鈥檙e ok.

In 2020 I started studying a whole new career at Platzi. The courses are very complete in addition to being able to take them online. Now I鈥檓 taking English and development classes, so I鈥檓 very excited!

Best wishes.

To: Todoroki@uwu,com

My experince in Platzi

Hi Todoroki
I wanna talk how is my experince in platzi

I have experinces good and a little mad , because Normally in the course of Platzi the community is good, but I now is learn the course of c# for videogames but that community is a little bad because I ask things of the course and the people don麓t answer me, maybe is because the course is old (of the 2019 I think)

I hope you have a nice day
Best wishes

To: [email protected]
Thinking about my future
Hi World.
How are you? did I tell you about my classes at Platzi?

Five months ago I started studying in Platzi, and it鈥檚 great because I can watch the classes at the time I want, and I don鈥檛 need a specific schedule, personally, I love it. I want to complete all the English courses this year. I鈥檓 very excited!

I hope I can see you soon.
Best wishes.

To:[email protected]
good afternoon, teacher
my experience with platzi has been very interesting since these are not conventional classes that is a change to the way of giving classes

thanks for this experience,
Sergio Barrera

To: <[email protected]> Hi Daniel, How are you today ? I want to talk about my platzi classes. I started studying in Platzi on December 29, the experience was very funny, but it was a little difficult to study on my own. Today I am very proud for me, because I can continue studying and not give up. I hope I can see you tomorrow. Hugs! Mauricio.


To: [email protected]

I hope all of you are fine and studiying hard.

It麓s nice to share English practice with all of you. The subjects are very interesting and helpful.

I wish that you enjoy the class like I do!



To:[email protected]
SUBJECT: My experience at Platzi.
Greeting: Hi Brother.
Opening: What麓s new? You remember I did tell about my classes at Platzi.
Giving news: 3 moths ago, I started studing at Platzi. Right now, I have been 2 months, and i very happy, I learning so much, for this reason, I study every dar fot 4 hours and I鈥檓 going to finish the module beginer.

Cosing: I lover brother.

To: [email protected]

Real time classes on Platzi

Hi Dear teacher, as always wish you the best

Nowadays and due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are far away from our physical classrooms classes, however I was thinking a solution, please inform our mates our idea, but you are wondering what idea?

Let me explain you鈥 The idea is to use a digital meeting tool to schedule group classes at a concrete time for a specific topic, like at the University, with Platzi we have the possibility to build our own schedule, but we can construct a social schedule for people who are interested to review the same class with you, so is the same class for all in the meeting in a 鈥渞eal time鈥 but with the advantage to socialize the topic meanwhile we use a pomodoro.

I will get in touch to review the details of the plan
See you in class!

Nicolas Morales

To: [email protected]
Subject: New Experiences

Dear Mary,
How have you been? I hope everything is going well in the university.

It鈥檚 been a while since we don鈥檛 talk. And yes, it has happened a lot in my life. To begin with, you might be wondering how my English has improved that much in so little time. Let me tell that I found a platform wherein I can study English online, and as you can see, it has worked for me, AND NOW I HAVE A BETTER GRASP OF ENGLISH!
So, if you鈥檇 like to give it a try, open this link Even though you already speak English, you can also learn many other things here like programming, digital marketing, data science, and much more, while you improve your Spanish. If you鈥檇 like, I could buy a subscription just for you.

I wish we could talk more often.
Bye for now,

[email protected]

Hi team!

I hope y鈥檃ll are doing well. We need to seal the deal ASAP!

Best wishes.

to : [email protected]

my experience studying at plazi

hi dear platzi comunity
how are you? did i tell you about my experience learning english at platzi?
Two monts ago i started studying at platzi, in the first days was something difficult adapt me to a new lenguage but after to listen the classes in english and watch content in english I have gotten used to it.
too, i was very shy in the voice chat and i didn鈥檛 want to participate but i was loosing the fear slowly and now i like participate every classes.
my obect is finish the english academy and be bilingual.
i鈥檓 very excited.
i hope to you achieve your goal and remenber鈥

para ser honesto en realidad con el g-mail es necesario eso, aunque sea formal y/O informal es necesario que tenga esa estructura ya que asi es como se hace un correo de todas formas

Hi Platzi
How are you ? in this email I want to talk about my experience in platzi

Platzi is a great plataform, I think what their course are very good for someone would like to learn about a new technology or want to have a change in your live with a better job and I think platzi can help to change lives of many people.

I hope this email will be util.
Best wishes

to: <[email protected]> Hi teacher, I hope you are well I'm grateful for your classes, I'm learning much that I think, I am really like your classes Best wishes Miranda
To: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Subject: Friendly reminder Hi, strange I've been growing soooooo much this month! I realize that my Platzi subscription is going to end, so I structured my schedule in such a way that I can make the most of this last month, redesigning my career paths to achieve as much as I can, it's awesome how I've change my habits, taking seriously this deadline has been a game changer! I hope that if you're in the same position, do the same. Hermes
To: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Subject: Friendly reminder Hi, strange I've been growing soooooo much this month! I realize that my Platzi subscription is going to end, so I structured my schedule in such a way that I can make the most of this last month, redesigning my career paths to achieve as much as I can, it's awesome how I've change my habits, taking seriously this deadline has been a game changer! I hope that if you're in the same position, do the same. Hermes
Hi, strange I've been growing soooooo much this month! I realize that my Platzi subscription is going to end, so I structured my schedule in such a way that I can make the most of this last month, redesigning my career paths to achieve as much as I can, it's awesome how I've change my habits, taking seriously this deadline has been a game changer! I hope that if you're in the same position, do the same. Hermes
Hi, strange I've been growing soooooo much this month! I realize that my Platzi subscription Is going to end, so I structured my schedule in such a way that I can make the most of this last month, redesigning my career paths to achieve as much as I can, It's awesome how I change my habits, taking seriously this deadline it's a game changer! I hope that if you're in the same position, do the same. Hermes :')
To: <[email protected]> subject: Gossip of the week Hi Maria. How's things with your family? I'll tell you about the event of the week. Are u readdy? This month is the Emma's party, because she finished the university after ten years. His carrer is too expensive, and his parents not payed more of this. She has a complicated student. I want to say you this face to face, but the time and the gossip not is for stay quiet HAHA. I hope I can see you soon, I miss you. I love u. Alejo.

[email protected]


**Hi. Peter.** **How are you? Did I tell you about my classes at Platzi?** **Last month I started studying at Platzi, and it's great, because I can watch all the classes online,** **and I don't need to take the bus to go to school.** **I want to complete all the English courses this year. I'm very excited.** **I hope I can see you soon.** **Best wishes.** **Judy.**
Subject: My Amazing Learning Journey at Platzi! Hey Aldo. Hope this email finds you well! I just had to share the incredible journey I've embarked on with Platzi. It's been nothing short of amazing, and I can't help but gush about it. First off, their English courses have been a game-changer for me. The interactive lessons and practical exercises have really sharpened my language skills. I'm not just learning the grammar and vocab; I'm genuinely starting to think in English now. It feels like a superpower! Then there are the personal finance courses. Wow, just wow. I've learned so much about managing money, investing, and saving for the future. It's like I've been given the keys to financial freedom, and I'm already seeing a positive impact on my finances. But wait, there's more! The computing courses have truly blown my mind. From coding basics to advanced programming, I've gained a wealth of knowledge that I'm already applying in personal projects. It's incredible how much hands-on experience I'm getting. I'm just so excited about all the progress I'm making and the new skills I'm acquiring. Platzi has been an invaluable resource, and I can't recommend it enough. You should totally check it out if you're looking to learn something new or upgrade your skills. Let's catch up soon and chat more about it. I'd love to hear what you've been up to as well! Take care and talk soon, Guillermo Belman
**Hi, teacher Fernanda!** **What's going on?** **After of all, I really want to tell you that your sticker of a cat lover is nice. I love cats, too.** **I gratefully to have Platzi, this year I propose me that I'll improve my English.** **I want to tell you thank you for you class and time.** **See you later, I hope You Have a Wonderful Day** **Bye**
To: [email protected] Subject: Invitation Hi Emma What's new? I would like invite you for going to travel to Argentina. I"ll pay for you. it's my birthday gift for you. Do you want to go with me? Love, your BFF, Lorena.
*To:* [*[email protected]*](mailto:[email protected]) *Thinking about my future* *Hi teacher, how are you? Did I tell you about my studies in* *Platzi?* *In December 2023 I started studying at Platzi and it is a wonderful experience, because I can see each class digitally,* *and I don't need to leave my house to learn English.* *I am committed to finishing all English modules in 2024.* *I'm super excited!* *I hope to see you soon.* *Best wishes,* *Alfonso*
To: <[email protected]> Good afternoon mother, i am writing to tell you that i am feel better now, that i love you so much and i would like to se each other soon. your son, leon. see ya!
To: My experience in Platzi. Hi Platzi team, How are you? I will talk about my experience in Platzi English Academy First off, at the start I was a bit iffy about the course, but after seeing the quality of the lessons, I got quite excited. There are a few classes that are a tad boring, but on the whole, the course is really good. It's also challenging to be disciplined and consistent in learning, but when you take it step by step - at least in my case, since I'm slow on the uptake - taking my time, you start to see the results and tap into other learning resources. My experience has been top-notch; I've become a huge fan of Platzi's classes. Cheers for all your hard work, and it's a start in my life to never stop learning. All the Best, yina
To: <[email protected]> Basic Writing Course Hi there! What's new? I want talking about my experience in this course. the platform of platzi I like very much because it's very comfortable and accessible. One of the things I like the most is that you manage your time to take class, although that has also hurt me since sometimes I don't manage my time well, but here I can also find courses to improve those aspects of myself such as the Course for create positive habits. focus on your goals, work hard to achieve them. never stop learning Susana
To: <[email protected]> From: Eduardo Subject: Celebration tonight Body: `Hi Friend, how is it going?` `First of all, I would like to say that I miss you, has been a long time until we see each other, fortunately I'm going to visit the city today, I'm going to arrive almost 7:00 PM, I was thinking to hang out with you tonight, first we can take a dinner on a nice place and continue in some bar of the city.` `Let me know if your will be free tonight, I am willing to see you again.` `Best wishes,` `Eduardo`
To: Tony Stark CC: Lex Luthor Cleansing of meteorite clash site completed Good morning gentleman: According to the schedule, the cleansing procedure contracted with our company last February has reached its successful end. For the time being, the debris of the entire site has been recollected in the neighbor plateau. We are expecting for an amelioration of weather conditions to proceed with the complete removal of the mineral. As soon as the ideal atmospheric conditions are present our company will proceed to the final stage of the procedure. Thank you for acknowledging the situation. Humberto Guardado The League of Just Cleansing
To: <[email protected]> From: <[email protected]> Subject: Feedback Platzi Hi Team Platzi The reason for my email is to complain that they have taken away the live sessions with the English teachers. I like the sessions, because I could have with them and practice my speaking. I hope that those sessions can return. Thanks, and regards. Student of Platzi.
To: <[email protected]> Hi Antonio, I hope you and yours are fine. I want to invite you to my wedding anniversary, it will be on 24th March at 8 p.m. in my home. If you can come with your family would be excellent. Happy day Tibisay
To: <[email protected]> Subject: Thinking about Platzi Dear Susana, What's new? I've been studying at Platzi since January. Platzi is amazing! You should register on Platzi. Here's my referral code. Bye for now. Sincerely, Eleanel
To: <[email protected]> Subject: My qualification for Platzi Greetings: Hello Team Platzi Opening: How are you Team Platzi? I want to tell you about my experience in Platzi Giving news last year I bought your expert duo plan, and I want to tell you that I am very happy to learn in Platzi, your courses are very good and wonderful, Plans: I want to finish the B1 level in English and learn more about AI I hope you have a great day Juan Andres鈿 Platzi student
To: <[email protected]> Subject: Studying English Hey Kayla, what鈥檚 up! I just want you to know that I started to study English online.聽 I chose the Platzi English Academy and I don鈥檛 regret it. The site looks great, the mobile app is easy to use, the teachers are awesome, all the experience is great! Next time we meet I want to show you my how my English has improved. See you soon, Alex
Hi Gabriela, How are you doing? I wanted to tell you something new I'm doing. In 2022 I started an English academy called Platzi, I have been learning a lot ever since, my goal here is to master the language, but let me share it's not that easy for I don't have people who can speak the language to practice with, so I have to be very persistent with my objective, when you come here I'm gonna tell you more about the overall experience. Just wanted to keep you posted. What about you? How's dental school going? Please keep me updated on that as well. See you in summer, Gerardo

[email protected]
Hi buddy, I hope you are well
I wanted to share that I am happy studying on Platzi. They offer many courses where I can learn, for example, English, data science, artificial intelligence, finance, and creativity. I invite you to study here
Sincerely, Ferney.

To: [email protected]

Howdy Elias,

What鈥檚 up? Did I tell you about my classes at Platzi?

Last year I started studying at Plazi, and It鈥檚 so awesome because I can watch the classes that I couldn鈥檛 understand, and I don鈥檛 need to go personally for I get to help. I want to complete all the English courses the next year because in a few days the year 2023 will be finished. I鈥檓 very excited!

Best Regards,

From: <[email protected]> !Hello Jtac! I hope everybody are ok and happy. This is a message for everybody. In relation, to performance in the last operation. Kudos to whole team! Next week we have a meeting and will plan the next future operations. Pedro.
To: <[email protected]> About my time in PLATZI Hi stranger. How are you? I have been practicing my English in Platzi and I believe that it was the best desicion on my life, it's too easy learn with platzi. I hope that can get a job when i finish these courses. See you in your hearth. With love me.
Good morning my friend. I want to tell you whats was my experience studying on platzi. I was sign up in that platform 3 years ago and that was a great decision for my future beacause y learned a lot of things. That麓s all, I always recomended that platform to my friends. I don麓t have more to say so... I hope you麓r right. See you soon! Isaac
To: <[email protected]> The meet with friends Hi Lady, how are you? I'm a little sick, but I'm recovering. Did you know that our friend Karime is graduating from college? I am happy for her, we should get together to celebrate. I continue studying English, sometime is difficult, the pronunciation, but I will achieve it. What do you think about the meeting? I hope, I can see you soon Best wishes Daniela

To: [email protected]
Subject: Want to know last gossip?

Hi there Rafael,
What鈥檚 up? Months have passed since we last talked, and you might think it鈥檚 my fault. Yes, I鈥檝e been really busy. I鈥檓 sorry, my friend, but I鈥檓 back!

I鈥檓 excited because I bought a subscription to an online education platform called Platzi. I like it a lot because I鈥檝e learned about various disciplines, including English, Digital Marketing, Programming, AI, business, and entrepreneurship, among others. Moreover, it keeps me up to date on technological innovations and has helped me in my personal growth. In fact, it has changed my perspective on how I see the world!"
I hope I can see you soon.


**To:** [**[email protected]**](mailto:[email protected]) **Good news!!!** Hey Pam, How are you? Do you remember about my english classes at Platzi? Well, I've been studying around one month and it's been amazing. The teachers are so good, they speak slow and that is great because you can understand everything. Also, you don麓t need to move from your house, you just need your pc and that's it. I'll finish the cousrses in one year, I believe. See you next month. Kisses, Cris

To: [email protected]
Your mom鈥檚 birthday party

Hey Luke,
I hope everything鈥檚 goin鈥 well, I really got some bad news to tell you.

Things have been really good at work, I made tons of sales, got a promotion, and was rewarded with a bonus because of that. But, something that caught me by surprise was an unexpected meeting in NY, tomorrow morning. I think I couldn鈥檛 make it to your mom鈥檚 party, but believe me I鈥檓 gonna try to be there. Really want to see you guys.

See you soon
Best wishes,

to: <[email protected]> getting this weekend Hi karla what's new? I'm will plans to get in my country? In this days i going to celebrete my birthday but i want go to my home city, in house's my grandparents and i'd loved that you would be go, is this weekend and we get the friday day. I want to do a big party about all with my friends than you, please make sure you come. . by for now, i look forward to your confirmation. to love.... xehva
Hi, friend I wanted to tell you that my experience at Platzi has been great. I never saw anything like it. The atmosphere is pleasant and the teachers have the best disposition. I just don't want to stop learning! See you later, alligator!

To: [email protected]
Don麓t lose this offers!

Hi Daniela,
I hope that you麓re fine! You know? Yesterday, I recieved an offer in my email about marketing courses. I think this could be good for you!

I麓ll share more information on the below section, but I want to tell you that I麓m interesting in the courses too.

Please, let me know if you decide to take the courses.
Best regards,

To: <[email protected]> greetings and congratulations Hi my dear friend! What a joy for your victory in Sunday's competition. I knew it was difficult but you achieved what you wanted so much, and you had prepared so much, the results are the reward for the hard effort.I hope to see you soon and be able to celebrate. A hug Carolina

To: [email protected]
Subject: My experience at Platzi
Greeting: Hi teacher Fernanda! How鈥檚 it going?
Opening: I want to tell you about my experience so far at Paltzi,
Giving news: Well, I would have liked to known about Platzi many time ago, maybe I have not wasted time, however Platzi has been better that I tought, I can manage my time every day and also I study a lot of courses of diffent kinds and they鈥檙e always updated.
Plans: My goal at the moment is finishes the English courses to strengthen another tecnolofy habilities.
Closing: I thank you for your excelent classes until next time!
Name: Adriana A.

To: [email protected]

Dear teacher
Goog afternoon, I need a little help with a class 馃樁鈥嶐煂笍

I did want to study the last class but I forget my notes in the classroom 馃槹, if you can help me to repeat this class I will be vey grateful with you. Thanks

Have a great day
Att: Cris

Hi Dilmiro,
Hope you are well. do I tell you about my progress at my courses at platzi?

Last month, was a little bit difficult, because there鈥檚 a lot of pending cases at work and I feel that I鈥檓 wasting energy in all that thinks. But I still positive, there鈥檚 always time and energy to learn more, and always making the best of me in everything.
Somedays, I tell you, I only want to see a TV series or a movie, like yesterday. So I didn鈥檛 force thinks and take a break in the day.

I want to know what鈥檚 your Job going on? I imagine that you have a lot of new experiences.

Thanks for your attention bro.
See you soon.

To: [email protected]
Subject: Currently plan for July
Hi honey!
Are you ok? We need to talk about our plans for this month.

Last month we didn麓t make any plans for us. Then, I was thinking that this month we could go to a romantic restaurant, and later we could visit a beach and drink wine under the stars.

Do you like my plan?


Hi Carlos,

Just to remember, we need to finish as soon as possible our project. The deadline is the next week.


Subject: Claim of letter.
Dear Professor McGonagall.
Thank you for the quick response.
My name is Mariangel and I鈥檓 sending you this email claiming for my Hogwarts letter to buy my materials soon. Please review the letters of this year and check if my owl is not lost in the middle of UK.
Thanks for your time
Best regards,
Mariangel Ram铆rez - 24/08/23

_Introducci贸n for the formal emails. _

To: [email protected]
Subject: My experience with Platzi

Hi guys,
How are you? How are you doing with the study?

My experience with Platzi is the best to me. Hence, I dedicated how many hours I could. I want to complete this course to improve my communications skill in English.

See you soon.
Kinds Regards,

To: David Rivera

Bro, your report sucks, quickly change this, before you submit.

As your friend I must tell you.


To: [email protected]
Alice, how are you? Everything all right?

Dear friend, I haven鈥檛 heard from you for a long time, how are you? I鈥檇 really like to hear from you.

Don鈥檛 be a stranger.

Lots of love!




To: [email protected]

Good morning teacher.
My name is Juan, I send you my final project completed.

Thank you, see you at the lab.

To: [email protected]
Just say Hello!

Hi, Peppita.
How are you? I wanted to know about you.

The last month you had surgery on your foot, I wanted to know How your recovery is. I go this weekend to visit I hope you are well.

A big hug.


To: [email protected]
Give me an advice
Hello Alonso,

I hope you are doing well.

I want to tell you something important. Likewise, I started studying English on Platzi because I鈥檓 preparing my professional profile. The idea with this new skill is get a better job and work remotely like you.

If you have some advices for me, let me know.

See you soon.

subject: Advice to improve

Hello Team!

I hope you are fine.

I鈥檓 working with the comments sections and it鈥檚 good, but I can think that could be better. There should be three filters, Really contributions, Activities in class, and the new comments display first.

Let me know if you want to know more of my proposal.


to: [email protected]
subject: My awesome experience at Platzi

Hey there!
How鈥檚 it going? I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about my experience studying at Platzi. I signed up for a suscription in November 2022, an I have to say, it been awesome!!!

I鈥檓 studying artificial intelligence , and I love that I can learn from the comfort of my own home. No having to commute of spend hours on the Metro has bee a huge bonus for me. Also, the courses are realy well designed and easy to follow.

Oveall, I鈥檓 really happy whit my experience at platzi, and I can鈥檛 wait more to go to Platziconf this May 13th!!! Well, thanks for your reading time.

take care and have a great day!!

Good lecture

Class practice

To: [email protected]
Subject: Job application

Hi Juan! How are you?

After our interview we decided to give you the job postion. Congrats! When you can send me your phone number to discuss the further steps.

I hope I can see you soon. Best,

To: [email protected]
My journey at Platzi

Hi Clari, how are you?

Did I tell you about my journey at Platzi?
I started in 2021, and it has been an incredible experience so far. I learned a lot of new things like Programming, Finance and English. It is a great place to learn at your own pace and choose what you like the most.
I definitely recommend you to try and learn a lot, you will not regret it!
Bye bye.

TO: [email protected]
SUBJECT: topics for the book
Hi Jim,
How are you?

I have some exciting news about of the topics for the book because I鈥檓 learning interesting things on Platzi. I really want us to schedule a meeting.
What day works for you?

I can鈥檛 wait to see you.

Maria Paz.


What鈥檚 new? I鈥檓 doing this spectacular course with teacher Fernanda. I鈥檒l finish this today.

By for now

Hi Everybody.
I hope eveything it麓s ok
I have been studying at Platzi for 3 months, and it麓s been great
because i can take the classes every time i want and repeat them over and over again. Besides, The teachers have been very clearly to explain a topic. I suggest let麓s continue learning English at Platzi.

Best wishes

To: [email protected]
Thinking about my future鈥
Hi my dear friend
How are you? Did I tell you about my classes at Platzi?

4 months ago I started my classes at Platzi, and the truth so far has been an enriching experience and a lot learning. I would really like you to start studying on the platform and acquire new- cutting edge professional tools that will surely open many doors for you.

I hope I can see you soon鈥
Best wishes,

My informal Email:

To: [email protected]
"With Platzi is possible"

Hi Dylan,
How are you? I want tell you my experience at Platzi.

Eight month ago, I started at Platzi, and it has been great. I鈥檝e learning about Programming and English thanks to this platform. The most incredible of Platzi is that you can create projects to put in practice the learned. Additionally, you can also learn at your own pace. So, I recommend you studying at Platzi, you鈥檒l not regret.

See you soon.

Hi guys, I hope you are well.

A year ago I started studying at platzi, I learned a lot and improved my job opportunities. Now I am concentrating on learning english.

Thanks you and luck in everything.

To: [email protected]
My experience in Platzi

Hello X,
What鈥檚 new?
Two months ago I started to study English in Platzi, and It鈥檚 very good because I can watch all the classes online, I don鈥檛 have a schedule, I can repeat the class many times, and I like the teachers a lot. I want to complete the A1-A2 courses this week. I鈥檓 very excited.

Bye for now,

The informal email has a simple structure:

  • Beginning: the greeting and your opening statement.

  • Middle: here you can tell your news and talk about your plans.

  • End: the closing message and your first name.

To : [email protected]
My experience in Platzi

Hi friend
How are you

I want to talk to you about what I鈥檝e done this month. I鈥檓 so excited because I start studying English in Platzi and I have learned many things in this time. I hope to improve my lavel this year.

See you soon
All the best

To: You
HI, Good morning
I want to tell you that I start to learn Englinsh in Platzi academi and hope that you are finished to learn English to, so please tell me about you , I want to know about you.
See you!

To: [email protected]
Yo! Good morning
How鈥檚 the life I built for us? Is it how I imagined?
with God driving my path, my family proud of me, traveling arround the globe, my girlfriend and making quality music for the world?
I hope even better, I鈥檒l wait your reply.

See you soon!
present I

To: [email protected]

Hello dear friend!

I wanted to tell you that I am studying English at Platzy and the teachers are very relaxed, their English is very fluent and easy to understand. I wrote to encourage you to study English at Platzi.

see you soon be well!

att, jaki

To: [email protected] Hi Sof铆a. How are You? I'll celebrate your birthday, please call me back. I have some ideas for your party on June 17th. I hope I can see You soon. Best wishes, your mom

To: [email protected]
++Hang out with friends. ++

Hi sergio.
How are you? What are you going to do next weekend?

Would you like to hang out with me and some other friends? You know that my birthday is coming, so I would like to meet some friends and have a good time with them.
If you have time, please answer this email, and I will give you the schedule, places and activities.
Hugs. I hope I can see you soon.
Best wishes.

Ana Lu.

Good morning people.
My name is Christian and i want to say that Platzi has been one of my best experiences in my life, also tell you that i鈥檝e studied a lot for almost 6 months, therefore, i want to know if someone help me to get a work in the future, it麓s really import to me overcome my limits and grow in my personal life.
Thanks for that person than readed my message, kiss you.

Good mornign teacher
My name is sindy

Hello Carlos,
How are you? As I told you, I have started a new course at Platzi last month.
The course is about writing in English and it鈥檚 great. The teacher is Fernanda and she is from Brazil and the students are from different places. I think it is amazing, it is an advantage of an online course, in addition to I can watch the classes wherever I can.
I hope you could take this course too.
Best wishes,

To: [email protected]
Subject: I`m learning new things.

Hi dear friend
How are you? I want to tell you about Platzi.

This year I starded to study courses english on Platzi, i am learning new words, new methods, new language and it is amazing
I want to finish these courses for I can to travel to another country.

See you soon.
Cheers, Yesid.

Hi Peter.
How are you?
D id all tell you about my classes at Platzi.
I got a scholarship tp study English at academy.
First it wasn鈥檛 motiving for me because I had a bad experience and I knew it was going to be the same.
The first class was with John and not knowin anything I was excited to hear it.
I also want to tell you that the methodology is functional and you have a wonderful team of beautiful people with leadership to teach.
I hope. I can see you soon.
Blessings for you.
Hogla de Leon

To: [email protected]

Subject: Grateful

Greetings! Team Platzi
I hope everything is going well.

This is Andres, I am student since 2020, and i send you this because i just want to tell that you are doing an amazing job everyday and all the courses that i took until now. Because of that i had the opportunity to learn from different topics, teachers and tecnologies.

That鈥檚 it!
Best wishes for this 2023

to: [email protected]
Good evering teacher
my name is nicoll

To: [email protected]
Hello, teacher, I hope you麓re well.
I am here because I want to learn more about English. I think that here I can fulfill my goal.
Thank you.