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Miss Alita, the quiz has a mistake in the answers, there are 19 answers but 20 questions.

Great! Another English course to practice and learn ❤
I got 18 correct answers in the quiz but with time and thinking a little bit, ending up this course I guess I automatically know how to use them properly.

I’m very excited! Let’s do it!

Just got 19/20 … Didn’t know that “will” is used for “Spontaneous future plans”, I thought it should be used for “Confirmed future plans”.

So excited to start with this course, i’m good but not very good in english, this will help me a lot! Thanks Alita teacher for making this course possible 😃

Hi! i did the diagnostic exam and I have 10 correct and ten incorrect.
I will have to take notes of everything.

OMG I’m in love for those eyes!

Im ready for this course, lets do it.

I share my diagnostic exam, solved and corrected:


My result was: 19 corrects out of 20 answers.

sometimes I feel like in some Platzi classes there are too much information than you can processes, is someone had feeling like me?

I got 18 / 20

14/20= 7 jaja

I can listen the teacher her eyes are...

Let’s start with the course 😃

Excited to start to learn these modules> Thanks

I think the correct answer to question 19 should be must.:
19. Which is used to talk about a rule?

  • “Have to” is used in situations that you need to do something but it’s not strictly mandatory. Like:
    I have to do my homework
  • “Must” is used in situations strictly mandatories or describing a rule:
    You must wear your mask inside the store

I got 18 points in the exam, but mostly I was guided more for “I think it sounds good with…” than “I Know the correct is this one beacuse…”, definitely I need to take the whole course.

Thanks for teh quizz, I see a need study more and practice more.

I am excited with this course, I had 15 corrects to 20 and I really hope when finished the course to undestand much better the topic.

I get 18/20 and this makes me happy. But I noticed that I could not explain some of my answers, because I don’t know the grammar or the linguistics behind they. So, I hope to be able to explain those answers at the end of the course, hahaha.

I really like this kind of courses, when you start immediately with challenges and quizzes. It´ll be a great chance to learn.

1 C
2 E
3 E
4 A
5 C
6 A
7 D
8 A
9 C
10 D
11 B
12 E
13 B
14 C
15 E
16 A
17 A
18 B
19 A
20 A

I got 12 correct answers, I want to improve my English soon.

Yeah!! I’ll have a lot more for learn! 🚀
forever see the positive angle!

Teacher my quiz was 15/20

I did 18/20 on the test, I’m thrilled with my progress.
I have great expectations about this course.
Let’s learn guys!.

15/20 -> 7.5 :C

  1. C (an) - ok
  2. E (a little water) - x(a lot of)
  3. B (some) - ok
  4. A (most of) - ok
  5. C (everybody) - ok
  6. A (anywhere) - ok
  7. D (any) - ok
  8. A (none) - x (never)
  9. A (for) - ok
  10. D (still) - ok
  11. C (confirmed future plans) - x
  12. E (worse) - ok
  13. E (the happiest) - ok
  14. C (more dangerous) - ok
  15. E (all are correct) - ok
  16. C (having exercise) - x (Exercising)
  17. A (know how to) - ok
  18. B (do/need) - ok
  19. D (should) - x (have to)
  20. A (herself) - ok

Let’s do this!!!

15/20 Uff…

Long way to go!

Miss Alita, I feel happy because my result of the quiz was a 16/20. Before I can’t understand nothing on English and now, I growth more each day.

I’m so exited for start this course, this is a adventure

OMG 17 / 20. i need to work hard on this

Hi! You could use this page to edit the PDF’s files and then to answer the Quiz. 💬😁

My answers

  1. C an ✓
  2. C a lot of ✓
  3. E some ✓
  4. A most ✓
  5. C everybody ✓
  6. A anywhere ✓
  7. D any ✓
  8. B never ✓
  9. B during X
  10. D still ✓
  11. B spontaneus future plans ✓
  12. D worse ✓
  13. E the happiest than ✓
  14. C mosnt dangerous ✓
  15. E all are correct ✓
  16. A exercising ✓
  17. A know how to ✓
  18. B do/need ✓
  19. D should X
  20. A herself ✓

I admit that I had doubts in some exercises, so I think this course will be very useful.

I am ready

My results were 17/20
I’m been working to reach 20/20 😄

Alite is a native speaker? because she speaks perfect


I got 19 of 20 questions correct, the one I fail was: Which is used to talk about a rule?.
Still, I think that I need to learn more about why I know the correct answer, because some I got it right by discard, so I´m very happy to start this course!!

let's do it !! 😊


Let’s go!

“countable and uncountable”. help you use them properly.
time. future plans, about things we did in the past. We talk about our own work experience. how to talk about time with confidence and in a more appropriate way.
descriptions, because whether we are at work or simply with friends we usually compare between, for example, two different products, we compare ideas and describe activities, even work projects.

skills and expectations super important thing for your professional career. things you know how to do, about what is expected of others and also what you expect

everyone in my country have eaten our typical dish: Sancocho.
the trick is to think: if this a concept or maybe made from lots of little particles? if the answer is yes so is uncountable

I just finished another course with Alita and I’m so happy to be here in this course because the other course was for producers, I learn a lot but now with this, I’m pretty sure that I will learn even more. Here we go!!!


I had 14 Correct answers in the diagnostic.
My mistakes are:
2. much./ a lot of water
3.any./ Some
6. Nowhere./Everywhere
9.Since./ For
10. Been./ Still
11. All future Plans./ Spontaneous future plans.

Let’s begin!!

19/20 was my resoult, I failed on the “excercise is good for your health” question

11/20 in the quiz

Hi!. Let’s go with everything in the course!.

interested course

Here we go teacher!

I had 7 wrong answers