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All or nothing


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Everyone in my country wants a better country

When we talk about all, I mean a complete number; we use the word every.

Dependending on which word every is joined with, it can mean something different.

Every -

  • Everything = objects
  • Everyone / Everybody = people
  • Everywhere = place or location
  • Everyday

Everyone / Everybody needs a home.


When we’re talking about the absence of something or something that it isnt there, we use the word no, and often is connected with other word:

No -

  • No one
  • Nowhere
  • Nothing
  • None
  • Nobody

No one likes to suffer

When we use no, the structure sentence must be possitive, that is to say the verb must be in possitive form. For example:

I see nothing ✔

I don't see nothing ❌

We dont need to have two negatives.


In my country everybody likes Baleadas, it’s a tipical food here in Honduras, we eat them almost everyday.

Everywhere here is very green, we have a lot of nature, but nowhere in the country snows.

Everyone in my country loves tacos! Or not?

  • Everyone in this course wants to learn English.

  • No one in Platzi stops learning.

Everyone in my country hate traffic

Everyone in my country wishes a better goverment. But some of people don´t trust in the politicians.

Everyone in my country likes to go to the countryside on their vacations. Most of them travel with their families, and they actually like to visit or gather with their relatives there, you know, the ones who they never saw during the year. I think just a few of the people would love to stay in the city on their vacations. The city can be more stressful than the natural and calm vibes and sights in the farms. Unfortunately, the transportation around my country can be a little expensive, whereas a lot of people can’t afford an own car, so there are some of the population that can hardly ever travel, neither go out to a nearby town.

Everyone in my Country loves Justin Bieber’s song… that’s not true but i do 🙃

Everyone in my country likes El Mole.

  1. Everybody in Colombia loves to try the most delicious regional dishes.
  2. Everybody in Colombians knows that we have the most diversity cultural, folkloric music, food, fauna and landscapes.

Everyone in my country drink alcohol and love party but a few read a book with a cup of coffee on Friday.

everyone in my country love “los diamantes” band

Everybody in my country love tacos.

No one like the traffic of the city.

Everyone in muy countrie loves Lio Messi!

Everyone in the country want to have more opportunities for to win more money.

Everyone in my country is crazy about soccer!

Everyone in my country loves Empanada

Everyone in my country wants a go to the party on Saturday
Everyone in my country really hate traffic, it’s annoying

Nowhere in my country have icy weather.
Every day our president says a lot of weird things.
Everyone likes tacos.

Noone in my country creates an aerospatial company.

Everyone in my country knows how to eat spicy food without getting irritated xd

Everyone in my country like to spend money in parties and shopping.

In my country, we are afraid of a robbery everyday.

Everyone in my country likes the party time. no one from my country has been in the moon

Everyday in my country it rains

Everyone in my country likes get drunk 😄

Everyone in my country can complete this verse: "Yo se bien que estoy afuera, pero el día en que yo me muera… "

Everybody wants to rule the world

Everybody in my country are love dance Salsa and love the party, We are friendly.

Everyone from my country likes the holiday San Juan, more commonly called “San Juan Ára” (ára is day in Guarani), which is June 26th, Everyone in this day has some typical dishes, such as Mbeju, Chicharo trenzado, Payaguá Mascada, and more.

For example That radiohead’s song “anyone can play guitar” I share the link of the song with english lyrics, with you below, enjoy, well at least those who like me love 90’s rock alternative indie and grunge

Whoever or anyone (cualquier persona) could be used as synonyms of everyone and all

everyone in my country wants there to be no more corruption.

  1. Everyone in my country has eaten tacos. I like tacos al pastor.

Everybody in my country stops to watch the soccer national team matches.
No one in my country likes playing cricket.

  • Everyone in my country needs vacations.
  • No one in my country should be happy with the goverment.
    Can you guess the country? Let’s give you a clue, it’s Latin American 😄

Everyone in my country says they know a taqueria that is the best

Everyone in my country are friendlier, the most of the Colombia at least.
Everywhere in Cali is unique, and each one has your own magic.
Most of the people every day comes out to work in the morning.
If you do nothing to make your goals, it’s up to you responsible.

Everybody thinks in Colombia all people like to dance, but it is not true. 😝

no body is free of afraid for the violence in my city everyone loves the food of here

Everyone in my country likes to go to parties

Everyone in my country loves beans and cream

In mi country every mexican is worried about the security, because in the last years the organized crime have been increasing.

No one can be calm in almost nowhere 😦

Everyone in colombia love the atlantic sea, and san andres

Everyone in my country fight for a better place to live
No one in my country likes the current president

Everyone in my country likes to eat guacamole.

Everyone in my country loves arepas, it is a typical food, and it has many presentations

What are some generalizations about your country?
Everybody in my country likes to earn a lot of money and nobody in my country likes to lose it.

Everyone in my neighborhood likes to go to eat at the Shucos festival.

Everyone in my country has a dog as a pet.

everyone in my country drink coffe

Everybody in my country is resourceful and persistent

Everyone in my country knows the meaning of a cup of coffee in the morning, but nobody into the country understand how the global coffee business works

Everyone in my country wants a personal house or personal aparment.

What are some generalizations about your country?

  • In my country you can find llajua (Bolivian sauce) everywhere, every houses and restaurants.
  • In my country you will not see Mc Donalds nowhere, but you will see other franchises like burger king or starbucks.
  • Everywhere in the Amazon provinces of Ecuador, you can appreciate the life of nature.
  • You can enjoy yourself with the sun every day in Quito, Ecuador.

Everywhere you go in Mexico you have to take care of thiefs.
Everyday In Mexico you have to go out 30 minutes earlier because of traffic

Everyone in my country likes to eat tacos

I always used to say “I don’t see nothing” and now I know I was wrong.

in my conuntry, everything si the ponder for the money. Every one the people think what the money si vital for survive. Everybody live the illusions, fooling themselves. The Saturday, everyone people visit the disco, and dancing all night.

thank you

Everyone in my country loves tequila or mezcal. Some of them, both (for example, me).

everyone in my country wants to win too much money.

  • Everyone in mi country put the pans inside of the stove.
  • No one in my city want to stop watching TV
Everyone in my country loves drinking "mate", it's not my case, I'd rather drink coffee or tea
Everyone in my country is paraco.

-Everyone in my country wants employed and a peaceful life.
-Everyone in my land wants buy cheap.

Everyone in the world wants these things

All or nothing:

  • Everyone

  • Everywhere

  • Everything

  • Everybody

  • Everyday


  • No one

  • Nowhere

  • Nothing

  • Nobody

everyone in my country love music.

Everyone in my country loves to eat pupusas.

everybody in my country complains about all

When we want to talk about “all” (all) or a whole number of something, we use the word “all”. Depending on the word with which we join “every”, we could have a completely different meaning. For example, we have “all things” (everything), “everyone” (everyone), “everywhere” (everywhere), “every day” (everyday).
What words would you use if you want to refer to a location or a place? “Everywhere”?
remember that when we use the word “no” or “no one”, “nowhere”, “nothing”, we do it within a sentence with a positive structure.

If you are talking about people, which of the latter words would you use? “No one” or “nobody” (“nobody” both). And if we are talking about an absent object, we would say “nothing” (nothing).

Everybody in my country love to eat eggs at breakfast.

everybody in my country love to eat arepas …

every single person in this country likes the cheese

everybody in town used to practice an sport, now most of them have a health issue

everyone in my contry know dancing

Everyone y muy country likes soccer

We should put nothing, no one, nowhere nobody in a phrase with a verb in a positive way. This tip is very useful to me, for example, “I have nothing to do” sounds weird in Spanish but this is something that reminds us we cant translate every word from Spanish to English.

Everybody in my country likes to eat rice

Everybody in my country keeps believing in politicians.

Everyone likes to eat taquitos but nobody likes to be fat

Everyone in this course is learning.
Nothing is better than Platzi and a good coffee.

Every child is a creative genius!

Everyone in my country deserves a better country ( if you are reading this, try your best)

Everyone in my country loves “Pollo a la brasa” and “Inka Kola”, I prefer “Lomo Saltado” 😃
I study in Platzi every single day

Everybody in Colombia loves cycling 🚴🏻‍♀️

Everyone around the world we have sinned in something, so we need to know who can help us.
Most people didn’t know JESUS CHRIST, but common, don’t think like another one. Try to know Jesus yourself with the Bible!

Everyone in MX likes tamalitos

everyone in my country wishes for a better country

everyone wants to have money, noone wants to be a poor

Everyone in my country are taco lovers.

everywhere in my country there are traditions and cultures.

all people of my country, no want violence, unemployment, proverty. everyboby wants opportunities, justice and peace.

Everyone in my country likes to eat tamales and atol de elote for dinner, and nobody likes our accent to be compared with the Mexican accent.

Everone in my country likes mediterranean food. Everywhere you can find dishes with fish, vegetables, rice…etc. No one uses butter to cook, we use always olive oil.

  • Everyday in Mexico there is at least one shooting in some place.

  • There are tacos in everywhere.

  • Everyone needs to know that’s the world is complex so it’s hard to do generalizations.

Everyone in my country likes listening to music

  • Everyone in colombia has a number identification.
  • Nobody in colombia is older than 130 years

Everyone in my country has a cup of coffee in the morning in order to start the day.