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Who and what else is out there?


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What The Status Quo means

13.-Who and what else is out there?

When you think about competition, try to think about:

  • Competition is a good sign: it means you are not crazy and that there is an opportunity there that someone else is also seeing.
  • Competition is always out there: do your research. We have to think about it more broadly and go beyond the obvious.


  • Substitutes: are products or services that have different forms but offer similar functionality. Like coke and Pepsi, Fanta and crush, etc. You might have competition this way, pay attention to it because the consumer considers them as your equal.
  • Alternatives: products or services that have different functions but can cater to a similar purpose. For example a couple that can choose to go to a restaurant or to the movies.
  • The Status Quo: whatever is being done by the customer right now before you come around with your product, that鈥檚 competition.

You can make comparison tables to compare you with your competition, as shown on the images.

Nice class, there鈥檚 always competition perhaps not direct competition for that reason we need to understand very well the user

Remember always find unexpected competitor for your ideas.

Awareness and Stand Up! The Work Break Timer

A competitor for my idea would be the applications that offer taxi service since it is also a means of public transport

Comparison tables - tool

un competidor inesperado de mi negocio son las piedras semipreciosas o las joya sinteticas

Competencia por empresas que usan empaques ecoamigables, con baja utilizaci贸n de combustible fosil, menos papel, menos pl谩stico y hacen publicidad de ello a sus clientes como aporte a favor del medio ambiente.

Sustitutos: son productos o servicios que tienen diferentes formas pero ofrecen una funcionalidad similar. Como Coca-Cola y Pepsi, Fanta y Crush, etc. Es posible que tenga competencia de esta manera, preste atenci贸n porque el consumidor los considera como su igual.
Alternativas: productos o servicios que tienen diferentes funciones pero que pueden tener un prop贸sito similar. Por ejemplo una pareja que puede optar por ir a un restaurante o al cine.
El status quo: lo que sea que est茅 haciendo el cliente ahora mismo antes de que venga con su producto, eso es competencia.
Puedes hacer tablas comparativas para compararte con tu competencia, como se muestra en las im谩genes.

Conocer la COMPETENCIA implica conocer: 1\. Sustitutos 鈫 Funci贸n Similar 2\. Alternativas 鈫 Producto Similar 3\. Status Quo 鈫 Desconocimiento de mi Soluci贸n

La verdad es que en uno de mis desafios no encontre competencia d pronto pueden haber robots de trading pero no los conozco e indague por trademagnet y no encontre documentacion de este software y en la otra idea d negocio la verdad es que no hay nada en el mercado al respecto

El competidor inesperado que seria competencia directa es la otras marcas iguales o integradas en el mercado.

There is tons of competition.

Realestate we pages

Considering the outside world
Who and what else is out there?

  • Competition is a good sign.
  • Competition is always out there. 莽
    Types of competition:
  • Substitutes
  • Alternatives
  • Challenging the status quo.

For me, my biggest competitor is the traditional health-attention, because health providers and patients are doing the same since many, many years ago

Unexpected competitors to my effective dating app: This pandemic, fear of people to be trully closeness to unknowns, fear of people to share sensible data more than other dating apps.

鈥楪reenhouse-like鈥 facilities that reduce and/or harvest the CO2 emissions of livestock for human consumption.

Cuando piense en la competencia, intente pensar en:
La competencia es una buena se帽al: significa que no est谩s loco y que hay una oportunidad all铆 que alguien m谩s tambi茅n est谩 viendo.
La competencia siempre est谩 ah铆: investiga. Tenemos que pensarlo de manera m谩s amplia e ir m谩s all谩 de lo obvio.

Spotify - Apple music.
Netflix - All the other streaming services.



SUBSTITUTES: Google (docs) Vs Microsoft (word)

I think one unexpected competitor could be books. Sounds crazy as a first thought but being honest, they provide stories as well. If I have to be more specific, I could say non-fiction books and, of course, their writers.

In my case, the status quo is the strongest competitor cause while I can be developing a game, others may be launching a game with the excat mechanics that I鈥檓 making.

In my case the status quo is the strongest competitor I could face. Even when the solution I would like to provide is an easier and more efficient way of doing certain things, the customers to whom my solution is addressed are very accostumed to doing them their own way. So, my unexpected competitors are the creative ways they are using to solve the issue that I still don`t know.

Considering the outside world

  • Imagine escenario
  • Think about the competition
    • Substitutes
    • Alternatives
    • The Status Quo

Interesting how The Status Quo is also a competition