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How to capture value


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Licencia de datos o negocio de venta de datos.
SAAS (software como servicio)
Plataforma peer to peer (de igual a igual) la compa帽铆a es un intermediario: Airbnb
Crowdsourcing (Se facilita soluciones como ideas o tecnolog铆as o financiamiento mediante la participacion de las masas que interectuan con los clientes. Wikipedia o crowdfunding
M谩quina de Afeitar y la cuchilla. Un precio bajo de un producto mientras que otro art铆culo asociado se vende a un precio premium
Modelo de negocio social. Negocio uno por uno. En la venta de uno se dona otro.
Negocio de la empresa social. No solo es negocio sino que tambi茅n busca ayudar.

I didn鈥檛 realize that PlayStation have the same model of Razor and Blade .__.

How to capture value

  • Innovation is about: Creating & Capturing VALUE
  • Creating & Capturing VALUE is about: Your business model

Types of Business Model


  • Manufacturer: A manufacturer makes finished products from raw materials. It may sell directly to the customers or sell it to another business that sells it finally to the customer.
  • Distributor: A distributor buy products from manufacturers & resells them to retailers or the public.
  • Retailer: A retailer sells directly to the public after purchasing products from a distributor/wholesaler.
  • Franchise: A franchise can be a manufacturer, distributor or retailer. Instead of creating a new product, the franchisee uses the parent business鈥檚 model and brand while paying royalties to it.




  • Manufacturer:
    • Ford
    • 3M
    • General Electric
  • Distributor:
    • Auto Dealerships
  • Retailer:
    • Wallmart
    • Tesco
  • Franchise:
    • McDonald鈥檚, Pizza Hut
  • Subscription:
    • Netflix
  • Freemium:
    • Zoom
    • Dropbox
  • Advertisement:
    • Youtube, Forbes
  • Data Licencing / Data Selling:
    • Twitter sells/licences u sers data to third partie which use it for analysis, ads, etc.
  • SAAS:
    • Salesforce
  • Peer-to-peer Platform (P2P):
    • Airbnb allows transacions between hosts and guests
  • Online Marketplace:
    • Amazon
    • Alibaba
  • Crow Source Business Model:
    • Companies like Wikipedia
  • Razor and blade business model:
    • Xbox
    • Playstation
    • Nespresso Coffe machines
  • Social One-for-one business model:
    • TOMS Shoes
    • Warby Parker (donate eyeglasses)
  • Social enterprise business model:
    • Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian luxury brand that donates about 20% of its profits towards a social cause.

Razor and Blade Bussines model : One dollar shave club

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Types of business model:

  1. Manufacturer: makes a finished product from raw materials. Could sell to another Business (B2B) that then sells to the consumer.
  2. Distributor: Buy to manufacturer and re-sell.
  3. Retailers: Directing selling to the public after purchasing products from a distributor or wholesaler.
  4. Franchise: Can be a manufacturer, a distributor or retailer, and sells the entire business model or brand for generate royalties.
  5. Subscription: receive a service or access to a product paying an amount every certain time. The provider needs to give a lot of value to avoid the churn.
  6. Freemium: Freemium + Premium paid.
  7. Advertisement business model: these businesses are popular with media companies or anywhere where information is provided for free. But the information is accompanied with advertisements that a sponsor is paying. Could be digital or 鈥渢raditional鈥 business, like youtube, magazines, cinemas, and radio.
  8. Data licensing and data selling: Companies, that sells information, data, big data, statistics, etc. The product is your data, the data that you generates.
  9. SAAS (Software as a services): Webapps, apps: Photoshop, Salesforce, etc.
  10. Peer to peer Platform: The company acts as the middleman between two the provider and the consumer or two entities. the company creates value by putting them together. They take a fee for every transaction. Aribnb, UBER.
  11. Online marketplace: Different sellers, and different products onto one platform so the buyers, can buy and compare, etc: Amazon, mercadolibre, etc.
  12. Crowd source business model (wiki): Where companies are facilitating solutions like ideas or technologies for funding by masses.
  13. Razor and blade (consumables): One item (the razor) is sold at a low price and other item (the blade) is selling at a premium price. It create a recurring (LTV) associated cost: printers, ink, gasoline, food, Nespresso Coffee Machine, Xbox.
  14. Social: One for one business model: For every product/service that you sell, one product or service will be given for social impact.
  15. social enterprise business model: The company is looking for profit, but also paying attention to another bottom line which is the social impact, so the company optimizing all the business decisions for those two factors.

How to capture value:

  • Remember: innovations is for create and capture value.
    Creating and capturing value comes down to your business model.


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