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Tips for innovating thinking


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Un comentario random: Hasta este punto estoy enamorado de este curso, paralelamente llevo las clases de English academy en nivel b谩sico, sin embargo empec茅 este curso con subt铆tulos pero en esta clase me di cuento que no los hab铆a activado y entend铆 la mayor铆a (creo xD) al punto que voy es, incre铆ble la capacidad de nuestro cerebro.
Saqu茅moslo de la rutina.

A small contribution 馃槂
Throughout our lives, our neurons are strongly linked the more we do routines or habits. That is why it is difficult to change the opinion of an older person. You need something called synaptic plasticity that happens very easily in children.

25.-Tips for innovating thinking

Habits and routine are the enemies of innovative thinking.

Habit: something we do automatically without reflection. When we repeat it over and over again. A shortcut. Be careful about always having the autopilot on because when it鈥檚 on you are not paying attention, you鈥檙e not creating new connections in your brain.

Tips to start paying attention:

  • Take a new route.
  • Try new food.
  • Listen music from countries and cultures that you don鈥檛 always listen to.
  • What can you do differently to make your work less repetitive?

鈥淚f you always do what you鈥檝e always done, you鈥檒l always get what you鈥檝e always got鈥

"If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got" Henry Ford. 鉁嶐煉

One new thing I can try next week is listening to a podcast from a topic I鈥檝e never heard of before.

This week I think I can do exercise on the morning rather than in the afternoon

Play paintball with friends.

Habits and routine are the enemies of innovative thinking!

鈥淚f you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got鈥

Henry ford

I鈥檓 going to try a new class at the gym called aquatone.

How often do you try something completely new? Mmmm, once a month 馃槮

But i think that habits and routine are important for push yourself forward and mantain your goals.

There are habits for be a creative as well

a) toma una nueva ruta; b) ve a restaurantes y revise la comida de lugares que realmente no conoce, culturas o paises que no conoce; c) escuchar musica de paises y culturas que no escuchas; d) trabaja de forma diferente para que no sea tan repetitivo?

Tips for for how to turn your brain on to start paying attention:

  1. Take a new routes or paths.
  2. Eat food from places or cultures that you don鈥檛 know.
  3. Listen music or go to concerts that you don鈥檛 listen to.
  4. What can you do different at work?

Tips for innovating thinking

  • How often do you try something completely new?
  • Habits and routines are enemies of innovative thinking.
  • Habits is autopilot.
  • Innovation is make valuable connections between objects or concepts.
  • Genius are the people that constantly are removing their autopilot, and make more aware for make new connections and relations between concepts or objects.
  • Multidisciplinary allows you to make more connections between subjects.

You might not see in the moment but the dots connected later in your life if you are exploring all these paths that you鈥檙e interested in or curious about.
Steve Jobs

My last year, I was focused on my job, establishing a routine day by day, It didn鈥檛 let me have time for other things different from my role.
Right now I鈥檓 retaking my studies, skilling myself in a new area and I reset my mindset in a new perspective:

  • All is new, I don鈥檛 know anything, let鈥檚 try it.


It is insane to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. I think Einstein said that

"Si siempre haces lo que siempre has hecho, siempre obtendr谩s lo que siempre obtuviste"

Consejos para empezar a prestar atenci贸n:
Toma una nueva ruta.
Prueba comida nueva.
Escuche m煤sica de pa铆ses y culturas que no siempre escucha.
驴Qu茅 puede hacer de manera diferente para que su trabajo sea menos repetitivo?

驴Con que frecuencia intentas algo completamente nuevo?
Los h谩bitos y la rutina son enemigos del pensamiento innovador.
H谩bito: algo que hacemos autom谩ticamente sin reflexionar. Cuando lo repetimos una y otra vez. Un atajo. Tenga cuidado de tener siempre el piloto autom谩tico encendido porque cuando est谩 encendido no est谩 prestando atenci贸n, no est谩 creando nuevas conexiones en su cerebro.

How often do you try something completely new? Make exercise all de days