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Thank you so much for spending your time with me to explore new ways to stay healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally! It is a pleasure for me to share this time with you. I hope you enjoy the course and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to hit me up with your concerns and inquiries. Happy learning!

Muchisimas gracias por compartir tu tiempo conmigo y explorar nuevas alternativas para mantenerte saludable fisica, mental y emocionalmente! Es un verdadero placer para mi el poder compartir este tiempo contigo! Espero que disfrutes mucho del contenido del curso y no dudes en contactarme si tienes alguna pregunta. Feliz aprendizaje!

Hi there!
The most difficult part of this course for my is just the fact that I’m not good using English to express myself. I’ll try to do it as much as I can.
Obviously, I’ll enjoy the main goal of the course, too 😃

If I have mistakes, please, be kind and let me know, I really need to practice and I really want to learn and be better every day.


OMG! I feel very excited! #Platzicares mixed every courses! Thanks! 😄

I always wanted to have a healthier life and good habits, improving my mood and the way I feel about myself. I think this course will be a great tool in this journey of self-improvement.

Cheers, teacher. 😃

What inspires you to change?
The Challenge Platzi Cares hahaha, during the challenge I change so many behaviors about my mental and physical health and I’m so excited about this course and what I learning! 😄

This is the course that I was expecting! It so exciting!

Wow, I am glad Im doing the PlatziCares Challenge because it is leading me to take this courses and to take action in this exact moment when I need to evolve and change my behaviour and take care of myself and my health and wellbeing.

I want to change to improve my self-esteem and start to see myself as a priority

Acerca del curso

  • Entender los comportamientos humanos y los hábitos
  • Identificar los hábitos que dificultan tener una buena salud física y mental
  • Aprender a planear lo necesario para detectar nuestras fortalezas, habilidades y generar un cambio significativo en nuestro estilo de vida
  • Nota: significado de “hinder”: dificultar (a alguien) para que pueda realizar (algo).

Health coaching

  • Ayuda a hacer un cambio en el estilo de vida
  • Ayuda a establecer objetivos

Aproximación al curso

  • ¿Qué es lo que te inspira a cambiar?
  • Tener la mente abierta
  • Ser compasivo con uno mismo, sin juzgar
¿ Y para el resto que no deseamos aprender inglés? no tenemos subtítulos?
It's very important this topic to me so I'm glad Platzi has a course and interest for it. Had to learn about the importance of my health and change habits the hard way so: PREACH!✊ Share this course in every Platzi school
Really excited about this course. It combines two of my favorite schools at Platzi. Loving the topics 💚

This course it’ll be amazing! i did understand everything or almost all. while we best our life, we practice English!

I would like to change my habit of eating something sweet

I am ready

My motivation is divided in two parts: First one, I’d like to achieve a healthy life style, and second one, I really like Public Health, so I will study it in a professional way, so, I enjoy reading or listening to about it.

No se ingles, no habrá alguna forma de subtitulado en español