The transtheoretical model of behavioral change


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The transtheoretical model of behavioral change.

There are five stages we face when we are adopting a change:
1.- Precontemplation (No)
2.- Contemplation (Maybe).
3.- Preparation ( Getting ready).
4.- Action (Do)
5.- Maintenance (Integrated behavior).

  • No intention to change.
  • Lack of awareness / avoidance.
  • Awareness but feeling powerless.
  • Other people’s concern.
  • Key: Recognizing behavior threatens your health.
  • Thinking about the possibility to change.
  • Not ready just yet.
  • Ambivalence.
  • Key: Consider roadblocks, strategies to overcome them.
  • Decision to make a change has been made.
  • Preparing to take action.
  • Recognizing to take action,
  • Recognizing the benefits of making the change.
  • Initial steps taken
  • Key: Efficient goal setting.
  • Incorporating the change in daily routine.
  • Normal to struggle sticking to new plan.
  • Key:
    1.- Confidence facing and overcoming barriers.
    2.- Sustained support.
    3.- New strategies to stick to the plan.
  • New behavior practiced for 6 consecutive months.
  • Integrated into the regular routine-
  • Strategies:
    1.- Plan ahead to avoid triggers.
    2.- Supports group.
    3.- Relax.

Hi! this is my homework:
Behavior to change: Go to the bed very late (12:30 or +)
Strategies: 1. Stopping looking at the smartphone 30 minutes before I sleep. When I achieve it, I will adition 30 minutes. The idea is go to the bed and sleep at 11:00 pm
2. Programming an alarm 30 minutes before to sleep (something like “Time to sleep!”)
3. Read a book or do something different to look at screens.

As they say in NLP, the map is not the territory, that is, each person is an observer of their world according to their: Education, Values, Family, Society, Religion. That is why we do not see the world as it is but as we perceive it to be

People can only change. IF the person wants to change. there must be a personal motivation, wanting to do it

Behavior to change: waking up late (8 am)
Stage: Preparation
Strategies: ⏰ set the alarm earlier, 🛌 going to bed earlier and📵 no phone before sleeping, so that I can sleep better and feel rested next morning.

thank you for thinking in this course. We all have things to change. thanks

My strategies:
The sere reflection and meditation of Minifundens
Make a calendar of activities and be diciplican with the activities
Do exercise 30 min from Monday to Friday and my weekly route from 50 to 60 km (on Sunday from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.)
Study 2 hours a day
Dedicate an hour to my personal project a day
Dedicate 30 minutes to reading
And continue to do my job effectively.

I want to increase my 3 times per week physical activity to 5.

  1. I’m in the contemplation phase.

  2. Strategies I’ve come up with:
    — Setting a schedule ahead.
    — Getting equipment ready (mat at hand, weights at hand, outfits)
    — Join an online program of workouts -or- elaborate a routine and divide it: 30 mins at mornings and 30 mins at evening.

  3. I’m worried about my time, I currently am involved in many projects, challenges, and courses. My schedule is my main problem, I believe, to solve this I must plan ahead and correctly divide my time between work, study, and hobbies. Hopefully, I can overcome this stage and make physical activities part of my routine. 😃

Thanks, Maria, for your class! It was very interesting.
The behaviour I’m just changing now, is returning to workout, so, this was my first week starting to run again, after a year and a half of low exersice.

My strategies are:

  1. I joined to a running club, of long-distance runners, so now I’m commited to wake up early to go training everyday (accountability and being inspired because if they can, I can)
  2. To have there an experience trainer helps me to improve and not only run by my way, but to know the technique to do it better every day.
  3. I set a goal, that is to be able to run 5k for december, in the mountain. And i will celebrate all the small wins of my every week little changes, to continue motivating me.


Here are my thoughts about the homework:

What behavior would you like to change to improve your health?


1. Identify what stage are you currently on.


2. Write down 3 strategies you can come up with to help you move to the next stage.

I put the activities on my calendar.

Download videos of yoga routines and exercise routines for an elliptical machine.

I bought a smart band to help me monitor this activity.

3. Write down your thoughts and please share your experience with this exercise on the Discussion Board.

It´s great to see written down these steps, it makes me feel I am on the right way.

Pensar en un comportamiento que quieras cambiar para mejorar tu salud

  1. Identificar la etapa en la que te encontrás
  2. Escribir 3 estrategias que puedas utilizar para moverte a la siguiente etapa
  3. Escribir tus pensamientos al respecto

El modelo transteórico del cambio
Es una teoría psicológica que divide en 5 etapas el estado en el que estamos con respecto a un cambio:

  1. Precontemplación (“No”)
  • No te interesa cambiar
  • Puede que no te des cuenta o que evadas la situación
  • Puede que lo sepas pero te sientas sin poder para hacerlo
  • Se vuelve un problema para otros
  • CLAVE: reconocer los comportamientos que atentan contra la salud y psicoeducarse


  1. Contemplación (“Quizás”)
  • Sabés que deberías cambiar un comportamiento
  • No te sentís justo
  • Sentimientos de ambivalencia (“si dejo de fumar, voy a engordar”)
  • CLAVE: reconocer las más grandes trabas y barreras para saber cómo sobrellevarlas; ser bueno y compasivo con uno mismo


  1. Preparación (“Me estoy preparando para hacerlo”)
  • Sabes que querés hacer el cambio
  • Te estás preparando para tomar acción
  • Reconocés los beneficios de hacer el cambio
  • Das los primeros pasos
  • CLAVE: establecer metas de manera eficiente
  1. Acción (“Lo hago”)
  • Incorporas el cambio a tu rutina
  • No hay suficiente tiempo de mantención (más de 1 a 5 meses)
  • Dificultades para mantener el nuevo plan
  • CLAVE: confianza en uno mismo, conseguir soporte sostenido, probar nuevas estrategias para mantener el plan, saber que es normal


  1. Mantenerlo (Comportamiento integrado)
  • El nuevo comportamiento duró mas de 6 meses
  • Completamente integrado a la nueva rutina
  • Estrategias: pensar de antemano para evitar disparadores, tener un grupo de soporte, relajarse

I want organizer my time, I want to make physical exercises and, study and have to time for my hobbies.

  1. phase, contemplation
  2. Ideas for realized
    • Make schedule
    • Comply the hours of work, no more time
    • Make the exercises after to work, 16:30 pm
    • Study of 19:30 to 22:00 pm, no more because a problem of back
  3. The problem is sometimes the work, the projects are prolonged or meetings, then I’m very tired, and I don’t do anything.
    Sometimes it happens very often, and I leave everything for later.

What behavior would you like to change to improve your health?

I want to do a workout every day.

  • What stage are you currently on?


  • Write 3 strategies you can come up with to help you move to the next stage.

Schedule my training activities.
Focus on all the benefits I would get if I workout daily.
Track my progress and reward myself.

I love this way to approach new habits that are good for our life.


  1. Preparation stage.
  2. I’ve already set up a space to workout while being at home, so I have to wake up earlier to workout, to embrace I want to change and set a measurable goal, I just have to do it.
  3. I’ve got the time, the equipment, the exercise plan and more, I’ve been lacking willingness to do it.

My homework.
Behavior to change: Go to sleep very late, I go to sleep 1-2 AM, I can meditate or reading a book 30 minutes before I go to bed and create a new habit 😃


What behavior would you like to change to improve your health?

Eat healthier; more fruits, vegetables, etc.

  1. Identify what stage are you currently on.

  2. Write down 3 strategies you can come up with to help you move to the next stage.

    1. Learn how to cook healthy food.
    2. Talk to my parents so they help me support my effort.
    3. Mindfulness while eating to enjoy every bite.
  3. Write down your thoughts and please share your experience with this exercise on the Discussion Board.

    I think this exercise really helped me to know were I’m standing and to identify the way I can keep my self in motion towards my goal of eating healthier.

I always felt like I was doing nothing with my life, I’ve been working just to survive but it didn’t have a meaning. Now I think I’m in the action stage, doing some changes, like doing exercise, four times a week and studying at platzi at least 1 hour a day.
3 strategies:

  1. Make a daily plan, if you can’t write it down, in the morning before you start your day, plan every activity and the time you are using for each of them.
  2. Sleep 6 or 7 hours, no more, no less.
  3. Don’t give up, even if you feel really tired or you feel pain, your body and your mind will get used to.

Thanks for reading. 💚

Well I have a lot of issues to improve in my life, but I want to share this one: Smoking.
I think that I’m actually in the stage of preparation.
My three strategies to help myself to move to the next stage is:

  1. Changing the behavior when i get trigger with new routines
  2. New goals and improving strategies of my actual goals, making more effort on those goals
  3. Sharing my feeling and my thoughts with people that I know I can trust

✔ Homework.

1. What behavior would you like to change to improve your health? Identify what stage are you currently on.

I want to change my morning routine, I always wake up late and run at work, now I want to wake up early, meditate for 10 minutes, have breakfast (including to drink water) and move at work. I am in contemplation stage.

2. Write down 3 strategies you can come up with to help you move to the next stage.

  • I need to prepare all things for to do my healthy mornings easier (like food, clothes, etc).
  • I will reading more about the benefits of medidation, take a good breakfast and wake up early.
  • I will do a schedule for organizing my morning time.

Write down your thoughts and please share your experience with this exercise on the Discussion Board
I know to get better habits would help me to achive my goals.

I would like to change the way I think the things, I worry too much I take everything very personal

I’m between contemplation and preparation. Sometimes it’s very difficult and that stresses me out.

3 strategies:

  • Talk with a professional in mental health
  • Be more focus in the things are really happening
  • Meditate

I really love this course.


  1. What behavior would you like to change to improve your health? Identify what stage are you currently on
    I want to change my morning habits. I’m in the action stage, I started last week to change my habits in the morning.
  2. Write down 3 strategies you can come up with to help you move to the next stage.
  • I have my bottle with water on my night table
  • I prepare my clothes at night
  • I research a healthy breakfast
  1. Write down your thoughts and please share your experience with this exercise on the Discussion Board
    I have to do four things in the morning:
  • Drink water when I wake up
  • Do yoga for 10 minutes
  • Do meditation for 6 minutes
  • Eat a healthy breakfast

I want to comment that I really feel better than last week, I continue and I feel so proud of myself! ❤️ Well, tell me about your experiences, I really want to know your process!

Behavior to change: Stop procrastinating and get more working out* (I didnt know how to use working out or exercise)

Stage: Action


  • Start with 15 minutes or 10 minutes of exercise.

  • Motivation to be a healthy person

  • Try easy routines daily.

Be ready to change, and do it step by step, gradually don’t hurry up

Behavior to change: I don’t do anything of exercise (I’m not a sportive person).
_Strategies: _
1.- Look for easy routines.
2.- Set a reminder to do exercise for at least 15 minutes every day.
3.- Wake up early to do exercise or look for a good time to do it.

About the homework.

  • I’m currently on stage: “Action-DO”

  • Behavior to change: Confortable with a regular level on English language.

  • Strategies:

  1. Avoid looking for new “knowledge” in Spanish language . The goal is start to compose notes for every single topic in English.
  2. Set a schedule for note’s quality auto-evaluation.
  3. Instead listen to music, watch music in lyrics video format.

At this moment, probably is starting my second month, also a better month.

At this moment I am in the Preparation stage, I want to be more conscious of the food I eat during the day to help my body to eat better. Reduce the intake of sugar, sweets, and sauces. I would also like to eliminate sodas from my diet.

I would like to meditated and do some exercise every day. I think I am at the preparation stage because I have made the decision. So I’m gonna try to get up earlier in order to have more privacy and do that. In case I fall sleep again I’m going to do it before I go to sleep. I also going to write a journal so I can check when I do these activiies because of the feeling of joy of achievement. And last I think I could prepare the activities like: search for a short routine of exercise or an audio to meditated.

Courage people I believe in you 💚


  1. At this moment I’m in the maintenance stage it’s difficult for me to maintain the habits because I become feeling anxious when I try to adapt different habits in my life at the same time and I think this is my error.

  2. My 3 strategies:

  • I think it’s important to understand why I’m doing the new habit, it’s necessary to recognize why I need change and what is the benefits

  • It’s necessary to make a plan and create measurable objectives to see what the progress and enjoy a lot the process, the process is important because we need to enjoy and live the moment and not focus on the goal.

  • And last, but not least for me is important to have a community and friends with whom we can share tastes and habits.

Habits that I have change so far: - Excercise and stay active are part of my life now. It took a whole year to stick with it but it was worthy. I feel stronger and more capable of things. I can face life now 👌 - Conscious nutrition for healthy feeding. I mean, you gotta feed your body, but also your mind and your soul; so small occasional treats are necessary sometimes. -Skincare routine (so bad I have a destructive skin routine as well and I've been trying to change it but it's hard C':) - Ease the thoughts machine, and be conscious of the way I talk to myself. I still need to work toward several more aspects of behaviors and habits but it takes time to change 'em 1 by 1. Take your time. This is a marathon, not a sprint.


  1. I’m on stage of Action
  • have goals, goals short, medium, long!
  • i’ll Study every days (this stage is to maintenance)
  • do to i like, don’t worry if it’s 20 minutes per day, but i do every day
  1. I believe that every one we want be better, grown up as person. Increasingly, and with this course we achieve! 💚