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Buying new clothes


# Glossary:

deal - /diːl/
noun - a bargain or arrangement for mutual advantage.

stock - US /stɑːk/ - UK /stɒk/
noun - a supply of something for use or sale.

match - /mætʃ/
verb - If two colors, designs, or objects match, they are similar or look attractive together.

wool - /wʊl/
noun - the soft, curly hair from sheep, or thread or cloth made from this.

mitten - US /ˈmɪt̬.ən/ - UK /ˈmɪt.ən/
noun - a type of glove with a single part for all the fingers and a separate part for the thumb

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fitting room = probador de ropa.

💚 That feeling when you buy new clothes for yourself 💚

In the sentence “we ran out of gloves”, “ran out” means that something is out of stock.

Let me ring you up = Permítame anunciarle, o permítame llamarle:
La traducción literal no corresponde tan adecuadamente al sentido de la expresión. En la conversación lo utilizan cuando Harry va a decirle a Juan cuánto debe por el total de las compras. Deduzco que es una manera educada que utilizan en la cultura anglosajona para evitar sonar rudo en el momento de decir “bueno amigo, me debe tanto”. En español no identifico el uso de una expresión con una función similar. En español no pedimos permiso para cobrar simplemente decimos: Son 50 mil.

Si estoy en lo correcto por favor confirmen, si estoy equivocado por favor corrijan


En el web site vas a encontrar gente nativa que quiere aprender español y te pueden ayudar con tu ingles

Gloves = guantes

These are mittens, for those who didn’t know like me what are those…
Translation - Mitones o guantes de boxeo… Make completely sense 😃

An English shop assistant


  • Black Boots — Size 10
  • They like to gift socks for free… that doesn’t suck 🤙
  • He tries on the sweaters in the fitting’s room
  • The scars wasn’t on his list.
  • They shop rang ran out of gloves. They only have mittens.
  • $540 … >$10,000 MXN … mmm… That’s like three double subscription to Platzi Expert + … I would have preferred donate them as a scholarship for students who need it

Ring you up
To allow a retail customer to check out (complete their purchase) by recording the item or items they are purchasing and tally the amount of money they owe. A noun or pronoun can be used between “ring” and "up."
Example: I’m sorry, I’m closing this register. My colleague can ring you up at the next one.

Very nice, I feel as if I were there buying with Juan😅

If you pay attention, you could learn to give customer service and upgrade the amount of transaction, if not, just close your eyes and try to visualize the scene.

New words:
New sentence:
We ran out of gloves:Nos quedamos sin guantes

This part of the course teach me that I need to make preparations when I change to other place with a different weather.

Buying new clothes

  • deal: trato
  • stock: existencias
  • match: combinar
  • wool: lana
  • mitten: maopla


  • Wear -> vestir

  • Advise -> aconsejar

  • Customers -> clientes

  • Worn -> desgastado

  • Migth -> podría

  • Tight -> ajustado

tight (apretado)

adjective - fitting closely, hard to move