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hardworking - /ˈhɑrdˈwɜr·kɪŋ/
adjective - always putting a lot of effort and care into your work.

arrange - /əˈreɪndʒ/
verb - to plan, prepare for, or organize something.

be good to go
idiom - to be prepared and ready to do something.

emotional roller coaster - /ɪˈməʊ.ʃən.əl ˈroʊ·lər ˌkoʊ·stər/
noun - a situation in which prices, rates, etc. keep going up and down by large amounts very

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One of the best feelings in the world is when you get a loan approved.
PD: I’m practicing by writing this kind of comments.

I think it´s core to understand real situations in english, I mean, all of us could face the same kind of dialogs or almost the same sometimes. So, this is a nice approach for me. Thank you Platzi.

Amazing news indeed 😄 Everything is finally falling in place. Congratulations Juan! 😛

Congratulations Juan! 👏🎉
Oh I wish I had a boss like Samantha, so supportive and easy to talk to… Does anyone has her email? I’d like to send my CV 😂😂
Really cool course!


En el web site vas a encontrar gente nativa que quiere aprender español y te pueden ayudar con tu ingles

It should be great if you guys could remove the spoilers of the story from the video titles.

New words:
New sentence: Is’t all taken care of --> Está todo arrglado

I’m afraid for Juan, when everything goes according to your plans, most probably everything will fall apart later

Congrats Juan 🎉😄
I love this format, more courses like this one please!

I love this conversation

When all your requirements are ready it is a sign that you did everything with order and dedication.

Let’s go to chigaco!!

Good for Juan, never stopping learning and luckily working in a good job, where good employees are apprecited.

I really like Samantha’s voice and accent

I am happy for Juan 😁

All approved

  • Hardworking: Trabajo duro
  • be good to go: ser Bueno para ir
  • emotional roller coaster: montaña rusa emocional