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Applying for a loan



a.ward - UK /əˈwɔːd/ - US /əˈwɔrd/
verb - to officially give someone something such as a prize or an amount of money.

en.roll - /ɛnˈroʊl/
verb - to put somebody’s name on a list to join a school, college, etc.

in.come - UK /ˈɪŋ·kʌm/ - US /ˈɪn·kʌm/
noun - the money that you regularly get, for example from your job. Money you earn.

ten.ure - UK:/ˈtɛnjər/, /ˈtɛnjʊər/ - US:/ˈtɛnjɚ/
noun - the length of time for holding something.

sal.a.ry slip or pay.slip - /ˈpeɪ.slɪp/
noun - a piece of paper given to someone who is employed to show how much money they have earned and how much tax has been taken off.

ITR (Income Tax Return)
Is a form in which the taxpayers file information about their income earned and tax applicable to the income tax department.

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I think I know this bank manager (Jess)

It’s good because you are able to listen to the differences between a native speaker and a Latin English speaker also the surrounding sounds that make it less clear is the reality when we have to speak English most of the times

I love the soundtracks of this course in sooo many ways

This course is amazing! I’ve trained my ear and learned new vocabulary:

  • Fitting: Add or get on.

  • Partially awarded: partially adjudicate

  • enroll: register

  • tenure: permanence

  • paperwork: routine work involving written documents such as forms, records, or letters.

  • proof of address:The term proof of address is pretty self-explanatory: refers to a document that verifies where you live.

  • ITR files:Income Tax Return (ITR) is a form which a person is supposed to submit to the Income Tax

  • salary slip: document issued by an employer to an employee. It contains a detailed description of the employee’s salary components like HRA, LTA, Bonus paid etc

  • stating: express something definitely or clearly in speech or writing


En el web site vas a encontrar gente nativa que quiere aprender español y te pueden ayudar con tu ingles

fill out- llenar
load- prestamo
stating - declarando

The process for aply to lone is described





I loved the detail of noise in the background as if we were in a real conversation.

My new Words:
**Fit in **- phrasal verb - to have enough time for.

I understand almost all.

I recognize the voice of Jezz 😂


New vocabulary:
Salary slip
ITR files

looks nice and interesting this course.


Juan does not seem thrilled

ooooh yea! 🤘🤣



I understand that they put ambient sound in the audio. Is good because becomes real the conversation. But, why the music?
it bothers me

Hi Mr Smith thank you very much for fitting me into your busy schedule
today, no problem Juan so tell me what brings you here, i will explain for the
beginning. Last year i applied for a master´s degree and at the beginning of
the year i received an email informing me that i got in, i also applied for a scholarship
but it was only partially awarded and as you know my salary is not the best,
i understand, i imagine you are here today to talk about a loan right, exactly
i need a student loan to enroll in the university but i don´t really know how the process
works or what the requirements are, of course i will walk through step by step, the first
requirement is that you must be over eighteen years old and sice you are currently
working we need to know your income, in addition we need to know the tenure of the loan
and when you are panning to take it, ok well, my anual salary is 45,000 dollars and i intend
to take the student loan from october and i would pay it back in approximately two years,
it is my first loan so i don´t have any other loans to pay during this time, good to know,
not having other existing loans helps a lot in the process, Mr. Smith and what documents
do i need to bring to apply, first you need to fill out this aplication form, you fill it out with
basic information about you and the type of loan you are applying for, at the bottom of
the page you can find the list of documents that you need to bring along with the form,o
cool, let me see, the university paperwork, proof of address, id, salary slip of the last
three months good and ITR files of the last three years, also a copy of my passport and
visa ok, well, i think i´m going to have a little problem with some documents, tell me
what´s wrong, well, i have lived in the united states since last year, i have no way
to bring my ITR files of three years, only one year, ahh it´s true, well bring what
you have, additionally bring a document of your company stating that you came
to the country for work last year, i believe we will not have any problems, well i´m
going to ask HR for this document and as soon as i have all the paperwork ready
i will bring it over to apply fot the student loan, thank you very much Mr Smith for
your time and attention, no problem Juan, it´s always a pleasure to talk to
you, i wil be waiting for your documents and the form, have a good one, you too

a less documents

So cute Cesar, you ara a good actor. Congratulation!
I loved the audios.

What does it mean (have a good one!) ?