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Space perception


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Percepci贸n del espacio
El espacio personal es una barrera psicol贸gica de gran valor para el individuo y no deber铆a ser cruzada. Mientras para algunas culturas puede ser se帽al de calidez y una actitud amistosa, para otras puede intepretarse como insistencia o agresividad.


De la misma forma, para un n贸rdico es inaceptable el contacto f铆sico entre extra帽os, mientras que para un espa帽ol o un italiano rechazar un beso o un abrazo ser铆a insultante.


Wow, I entered into this course because of the apparently super-marketing-title but it comes out to me that this course is so insightful in many ways!
Before of this course, I would never thought to study how people perceive the space according to whether you are a stranger or an intimate prior to a trip. Now I will definitely gonna DO it.
Besides, I鈥檓 from Argentina, and this is so funny! Plus, I work with Data Visualization and I found really insightful the vizes provided in this class. Thank you!

En Jap贸n la gente no se toca, el espacio personal incluso con la misma familia es algo de lo que son muy conscientes, muy distinta a nuestra cultura latinoamericana

The Swiss love their intimate personal space. Also silence. Latinos are more partying. The Chinese are super sociable and the Japanese are more reserved

Space perception

鈥淜eep in mind which distance and personal space is appropriate in the certain culture context鈥

Hahaha, here in Germany we don't even shake hands. We say "nice to meet you" while nodding briefly and smiling and that was it. If we meet again, we only smile and greet and maybe talk a lot, but not hand shakes, kisses or hugs... yewww... However, in Switzerland... my gosh... THREE kisses on the cheeks are expected from you. Once you are done with greeting everyone, it is time to go again.