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What time is it?
Me: It’s time to #neverStopLearning!

My contribution:

More exercises to practice the time 😃

11:45 It’s quarter to twelve in Cali - Colombia

It´s seven to twenty one in Victoria, caldas, Colombia .

it’s twentyone past three
3:20/it’s twenty past three
1:00/it’s one o’clock
11:55/it’s five to twelve

Just now, it’s half past nine PM in Mexico and here I am: learning with Platzi ❤️

10:47 It ́s thirteen to eleven

12: o’clock
15: quarter past
30: half past
45: quarter to

4:00 it’s four o’clock
4:05 it’s five past four
4:10 it’s ten past four
4:15 it’s quarter past four
4:20 it’s twenty past four
4:25 it’s twenty-five past four
4:30 it’s half past four
4:35 it’s twenty five to five
4:40 it’s twenty to five
4:50 it’s ten to five
4:55 it’s five to five

8:55= it’s five to nine
11:20= it’s twenty past elevent
1:00= it’s one o’clock
9:00 it’s nine o’clock
7:00= it’s sevent o’clock
8:00= it’s eigth o’clock
12:25= it’s twenty five past twelve
4:45= it’s quarter to five

It`s one o clock in my Country.

It’s five to eleven p. m. now.

I’m in Colombia the time it’s twenty-five to five 😃

It’s five to six in Mexico City.

Here in Colombia, It´s ten to seven.

In Guatemala it’s twenty nine past eight pm.

Hi, It´s ten to six in Mexico
A. It´s twenty past three
B. It´s one o´clock
C. It´s five to twelve

it's twenty three past seven a.m. at Zulia - Venezuela. is it at or in? i don't know 😓

8:49 — It’s eleven to nine in Mexico right now.

In Colombia it is eighteen to five pm

It´s eight to seven

It’s eight to eight

Only need practice, but here the people talk in espanish, hahahaha

Here in Colombia it’s twenty four to seven, is very early, i like study early, i don’t not why, but well, xd

I don’t know how to edit the dirve’s document, please help me

It’s half past to seven a.m

It’s five past six

In my country, it’s nineteen past twelve (12:19).

It’s twenty-five to twelve

It’s six past three.

Very helpful.

it’s three to four in Santa Marta Colombia

It’s two past twelve.

In my country is twnty five to ten p.m.

Q=*¿What time is it in your Country?
A= In my country it’s seven past four

What time is it?

20:24 it’s twenty-four past eight in Bogotá, Colombia

yellow - its twenty past three
green - its one o clock
red - its five to twelve

It’s half past ten now.

  • what time is it your country? / it´s 21 past ten in colombia.
  • What time is it?
    • Right now in Ecuador It’s fourteen past five. (5:14) ⌚
  • Here is my worksheet completed 👏

12:45. It’s quarter to one

what time is it?
here it the five minutes past eight

My excercises for telling the time in formal English
Number 1

And number 2

Actually it’s twenty two past twelve AM

2:00 It´s two o´clock.
2:05 It´s five past two.
2:10 It´s ten past two.
2:15 It´s quarter past two.
2:20 It´s twenty past two.
2:25 It´s twenty-five past two.
2:30 It´s half past two.
2:35 It´s twenty-five to three.
2:40 It´s twenty to three.
2:45 It´s quarter to three.
2:50 It´s ten to three.
2:55 It´s five to three.

9:45 It’s quarter to ten.
8:55 It´s five to nine.
11:20 It´s twenty past eleven.
1:00 It´s one o´clock.
9:00 It´s nine o´clock.
7:00 It´s seven o´clock.
8:00 It´s eight o´clock.
12:25 It´s twenty-five past twelve.
3:45 It´s quarter to four.

Its twelve oclock

My practice:
What time is it in my country?
It’s twenty four past eight in Bolivia

This can be useful 😄

7:38 It’s twenty-two to eight.

3:20 It’s twenty past three.
1:00 It’s one o’clock.
11:55 It’s five to twelve.

Hi everyone.
I hope everything is well
In my country is twenty-one o’clock or the nine pm

it´s fourty-seven past to ten.

It's Twenty Eight past twelve

Now: 9:15
It´s quarter past nine.

It’s 5 o’clock and I’m studying English with Platzi…

It’s five to ten here.
I go to sleep at ten, but I take an English class before going to sleep.

My answers are:

  • 8:55:

    it’s five to nine

  • 11:20:

    it’s twenty past eleven

  • 1:00

    it’s one o’clock

  • 9:00

    it’s nine o’clock

  • 7:00

    it’s seven o’clock

  • 8:00

    it’s eight o’clock

  • 1:25

    it’s twenty-five past one

  • 4:45

    it’s quarter to five

It’s twenty past seven

6:50 It’s ten to seven. I’m from Colombia 🇨🇴

What time is it?
It’s twenty seven past four. ⌚⏰

It's forty-six to nine in the Navarra Spain.

i’ts quarter to five

In my country it’s eighteen past twenty.

1:20 it´s twenty past one in Mexico

It´s thirty two past one.

It’s quarter past ten in Argentina. 😄

What time is it?

It’s twenty-five to thirteen (Time to learning).

it's twenty- five to nine in san gil santander

It´s twenty-eight to Eleven in Cúcuta, Colombia ✌

My Answers in the workbook.

it is five past eleven

now in morelos mexico it’s ten to one

My answers

It’s eleven past two right now.

My exercise …
It’s quarter to ten
It´s five to nine
It´s twenty past elven
It´s one o´clock
It´s nine o´clock
It´s seven o´clock
It´s eight o´clock
It´s twenty-five past one
It´s quarter to four

It is 25 to 9.

Fifteen Minutes After => Quarter Past
It’s Quarter Past Four 4:15

Thirteen Minutes After => Half Past
It’s Half Past Four 4:30

Fourty five After => Quarter to
It’s Fifteen for Five 4:45

Thank you

It’s twenty one past three 😀

Hello people!
In Mexico it’s twenty-seventh past two, it’s very late but I need to study.

here are my answers of my workbook :3

In Mexico, it’s quarter to three of the afternoon (2:45 PM)

It’s Twelve to Eleven in Venezuela 😄

What time is it? It’s five to five.

  1. It’s twenty past three.
  2. It’s one o’clock
  3. It’s five to twelve

What time is it?

2:52PM : It’s eight to three

It’s seven to 12 m 😄

In my country it’s 8:53 (seven to nine a.m)

It’s five past eleven