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(NOT) Here / There


Para demostrar presencia en ingl茅s se utilizan los adverbios de lugar: 鈥here鈥 y 鈥there鈥.
Para demostrar ausencia se utilizan los adverbios en negativo: 鈥not here鈥 y 鈥not there鈥.

Here para demostrar presencia o ausencia

Here鈥 (aqu铆) se refiere a un lugar cercano al punto de vista del emisor.

  • The remote control is in here
    (presencia del control remoto en un lugar cercano al emisor)
  • There aren鈥檛 many apples here
    (ausencia de manzanas en un lugar cercano al emisor)
  • There is nobody here
    (ausencia de personas en un lugar cercano al emisor).

There para demostrar presencia o ausencia

There鈥 (all谩) se refiere a un lugar lejano al emisor.

  • The remote control is in there
    (presencia del control remoto en un lugar alejado del emisor)
  • There aren鈥檛 many apples there
    (ausencia de manzanas en un lugar alejado del emisor)
  • There is nobody there
    (ausencia de personas en un lugar alejado del emisor).

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these are my examples:

Hi! everyone
In this picture, my dog is there and I am here studying!

My wallet is here with me.

My glasses aren鈥檛 here.

I have the headphones here on the table.

My dog is here, over my legs.

In the building opposite, there is a dog.

I can鈥檛 see anybody there.

Is my mom there, with you?

I鈥檓 here learning English while the teacher is there, in another city. Thanks technology and Platzi.

There is a computer here
My cellphone is here in the desk
My notebook is here, next to the computer
There are books there
The TV is there
My car is there in the garage

Do you have a 鈥渄etermined distance鈥 when ** Here ** turns ** There **?
For example, if I can鈥檛 touch it with my hand (use: here) and if I point it with my finger (use: there).

My examples:

There is a glass of water here.
There is my notebook here.
There is my jacket in here.

There is a cat there.
There are plants there.
There is a TV there.

There is nobody here.
There isn鈥檛 food there.
There isn鈥檛 tourist there.

My ipad is here
My pet is there

  • My phone is here.
  • My cat isn麓t here.
  • The TV is here.
  • The sofa isn麓t here.
  • The table is there.
  • The stove isn麓t there.
  • My cat isn麓t there too.
  • The mirror is there.

-My cellphone is here
-My notebook is here
-My cat isn鈥檛 here
-My cat is there.

I鈥檓 here again ready to learn at Platzi
She isn鈥檛 here with me, we don鈥檛 talk in years.
My jacket is there with her, i miss my jacket so much.
But the love isn鈥檛 there, i鈥檓 better on my own

My wallet is here
My TV is not here
My table is there
My plates are not there

The laptop is in here
the cup of tea is in here
the fridge isn麓t here
the sofa is in there
there aren麓t many bananas there
the table is in there

My cellphone is here
My doll is there
The bed is here
The pencil is there
The windows are there
There aren`t many orange there

My phone is here.
My dog is there

I have many pens here.

I can see a soma there.

I can see nobody there.

my dog is here.
my computer is here.

my brother is there.
the blackboard is there.

  • My dogs are there.
  • I have a bottle of water here with me.
  • You don鈥檛 know if he was there last night.
  • Her pencil is here next to me.
  • There is the altar of the dead.

  • My sister isn鈥檛 there.

  • My mom is here.

  • My pillow isn鈥檛 here.

I am here, you are there

I鈥檓 here sitting
My pencil is there

My cellphone is here with me and my notebook is there.

I鈥檓 learning English here
My mom is making dinner there in the kitchen.

HERE: (1) There is a desk here. (2) There is a arm chair here in my room. (3) There is a dog here by my side. THERE: (1) There are 5 painting hanging in the wall there. (2) There is a hammock there, next to the couch. (3) There is dinning table there, in the middle of the room. NEGATIVE SENTENCES: (1) There aren't blackout curtains in here. (2) There isn't a rocking chair there next to the couch. (3) There aren't any dogs there.

My laptop is here.
The mouse is here on the table.
The picture is there.
Until there is the recorder


  • the computer is here
  • there is not any tv here
  • there aren麓t some food


  • the shoes is there
  • there is not some car there
    -there aren麓t any headphhones there

My notebook is in here.
There鈥檚 my cell phone, next to the computer
There aren鈥檛 any of my pencils

my phone is here

my tv is there

my dog 鈥嬧媔s there

my cat is not here

my computer is not here

-My computer is here and i鈥檓 studying English at platzi.
-The remote control is there at the bedroom.
-The television is not here, that is there at the living room.

  • Is anybody there? Nobody is there everybody are here.
    -Those apples are there.
    -This cellphone, Is it yours?

I understood everything very well. Thanks for the explanation and the course.

There is a computer here
My cellphone is here in the desk
My notebook is here, next to the computer
There are books there

My pen is here.
The computer is here.
My dog is there.
There aren麓t many grapes there.

My cats is here.
My pencil is there
The bird is there.
The chair is here
The door is there
The window are here.

There is a computer here
My cellphone is here in the desk
My notebook is here, next to the computer
There are books there
The TV is there
My car is there in the garage

There aren鈥檛 kids here.
There aren鈥檛 many pictures here.
The vase is in there.
The car is in there.

The football balon is here
There are many cats here
There aren麓t any cats here

There is a dog in there
Many people there are there
There is no sugar there

My phone is here
My dog is there
My friend isn鈥檛 here
My sister isn鈥檛 there

  • Turn here!
    -Why are you here?
    -There鈥檚 no blood here.
    -You think I鈥檓 here to invite you to my nephews bris?
    -I don鈥檛 find anyone around here.
    -What are you doing here?
    -Over here 鈥 rough, almost emotion.
    -Then over here not so much.
    -And then over here 鈥 clean.

-Head is over there, if you want to take a look.
-Laguerta鈥檚 looking for a witness, working on the motel porter back there.
-Is there something I can do?
-But I should get over there.
-Then get over there already.
-Son, there are people out there who do really bad things.

Hello my name is Yohana

My new sofa is here, I鈥檓 sitting on it but my Backpack is there, next to my study table. xD

I鈥檓 here learning English while the teacher is there, in another city. Thanks technology and Platzi


My books are here.
My computer is here
My clothes is there

My guitar is here but my piano is there next to the window

Here is my keyboard.
My wallet isn鈥檛 here.
There is your new car.
There aren鈥檛 my headphones.

The computer is here.
The TV is there.
Are you there?
Why are you not here?
I want to you are here in 5 minutes.

Hi everyone!

  • My dog is there.
  • My Laptop is here.
  • My pencil and notebook are here.
  • My bicycle is there.
  • My Tv is there.

9. (NOT) Here / There


Adverbs of place:

Here: Speaker鈥檚 point of view

There: Listener鈥檚 point of view.

Here: Refers to the place where the speaker is.

There: Refers to the place where the listener is.

  • My cellphone is here

  • I think that my keys are there

  • Your car is there

I am here, my laptop is here, and my mind is here.
my neighbor is there, the store is there, the pets are there and I am here.

My cellphone is here.
the kitchen is there.
my dog is not here.
my wife is not there

my book is here my phone is there
  1. My phone is here.
  2. My car is there.
  3. The TV is here in my living room.
  4. There is one shop there.
My son is there. My father is here with me. my mother is there with my sister.
here = aqu铆 there = all铆
* the pen is here but the notebook is there

She is here in my house.
My dog wasn鈥檛 here.
I think my book is there.
There aren鈥檛 cookies there

my coffee is here my watter bottle is here the kitchen is there the remote control is there
i have my cell phone charging here There aren't fruits here The car is there outside There aren't trees there There isn't mirror there
* my note book is here * The bathroom is there * I'm here studying English

1.There is the television.
2.Here is my notebook.
3.There are the rooms.
4.Here are the glasses.
5.There are the t-shirts

1.There isn鈥檛 much money here
2.The cell phone isn鈥檛 here.
3.I don鈥檛 want to be here

路 There is water tank in there. 路 There are board markets there. 路 My cellphone is here. 路 There isn鈥檛 backpack here.
  • My notebook is here
  • My tv is there
  • There aren鈥檛 three dogs in my house. There are 2 here.
my dog is here and his friend are there , when I am rest we going to play with their.
here i don't have strawberry I am the only materialist here there's a lot of idealist there There in the Great Hispanic Nation is the most richest resource, it is culture.
My notebook is here There is my laptop The Mexican restaurant is in there

Art铆culos definidos e indefinidos:

The book is on the table. (El libro est谩 en la mesa.)
I have a cat. A cat is on a chair. (Tengo un gato. Un gato est谩 en una silla.)
She is reading an interesting article. (Ella est谩 leyendo un art铆culo interesante.)
Verbos modales para expresar capacidad y posibilidad:

I can swim in the pool. (Puedo nadar en la piscina.)
They can鈥檛 play soccer here. (No pueden jugar al f煤tbol aqu铆.)
She might arrive there on time. (Ella podr铆a llegar a tiempo all铆.)
Verbos modales para expresar permiso y prohibici贸n:

You may enter the museum. (Puedes entrar al museo.)
Students must not use their phones here. (Los estudiantes no deben usar sus tel茅fonos aqu铆.)
Can I park my car there? (驴Puedo estacionar mi coche all铆?)
Verbos modales para expresar necesidad y obligaci贸n:

We need to buy groceries at the store. (Necesitamos comprar v铆veres en la tienda.)
He has to finish his homework here. (脡l tiene que terminar su tarea aqu铆.)
You should visit the doctor if you鈥檙e not feeling well. (Deber铆as visitar al m茅dico si no te sientes bien.)
Verbos modales para expresar capacidad de solicitud y habilidad de posibilidad:

Can you help me move the table over there? (驴Puedes ayudarme a mover la mesa all铆?)
May I borrow a pen, please? (驴Puedo tomar prestado un bol铆grafo, por favor?)
She could speak Spanish fluently when she lived in Spain. (Ella pod铆a hablar espa帽ol con fluidez cuando viv铆a en Espa帽a.)

my brother is ***there*** my dog isn`t ***there*** my computer is ***here*** my books aren`t ***here***
I have my cellphone here. I parked my car there

My cat is here with me.
The Lilo鈥檚 dog is here.
The computer is there
The boys is there

The computer is in here
The Israel鈥檚 computer is in there

There is people here

There aren鈥檛 many candies there

My notebook is here
My clothes are there
My son is there
My glasses aren鈥檛 here

My phone is here and my teacher is there
there are some examples here in my comment: there is a palm tree across the street here is a very taste dinner because I'm eating while I write this text there you have my examples. Now I have to improve my English to scape from here(Venezuela)
1. I'm here in my bedroom. 2. My tablet is here, learning English at Platzi. 3. My cat is here, next to me. 4. There is a smartphone here. 5. There aren't flowers pots here. 6. My computer is there. 7. The TV isn't here. 8. Nobody's here, only me.



  • My pen is here.
  • The table is here.
  • The keyboard is here.


  • The tree is there.
  • You are there.
  • There aren鈥檛 the book.
  • My laptop is here.
  • There is nobody here, only me.
  • My cat is there, on my bed.
  • My phones is here.
  • My shoes are there.
  • My bike is not here is there.
  • There aren鈥檛 many pencils here.
  • The dog is not here.
  • The dog is there.
  • There aren鈥檛 any cats.

The pencils are here
The laptop isn麓t here. The laptop is there
There is a pencil here
There aren麓t much flour there

My phone is here.
There is some furniture here.
My bed isn鈥檛 here, my bed is there in my bedroom.

My cat is here.
My bed isn鈥檛 here. :C

My brother is there.
My cellphone is there.

My laptop and my headphones are here.
My dog isn鈥檛 here.
The refrigerator is there.
The apples aren鈥檛 there.

I have here my computer.
My wather is here.
My forniture of the livingroom are there.
My nephew is there in him bedroom.
My mother no is here in our house.
I don鈥檛 have here a popcorn.
I don鈥檛 have there in the park a ball

My glass is here.
The book is there
That painting is there.
my backpack is there
My pencil is here.

my computer and my phone are here. instead my headphones are there.


  • the computer is here on the table.
  • The TV is here in my living room.
  • My drink is here in my fridge.
  • There is one shop there.
  • Those caps are over there on the wall.
  • My backpack is there on the couch.

my laptop is in here
My car is there

The table is here in front
The cat is here
There aren鈥檛 many cats here
The whiteboard is here
There aren鈥檛 many markets on the table

Here is my comment
And there are more comments 鈫

Here are my headphones
There is the bathroom
My tripode isn麓t there
The lamp is here

  • My Atomic Habits book isn鈥檛 here.

  • My tablet and my notebook are here.

  • My pillows are there behind me.

  • My Books are there in the shelf.

My laptop is here
the kitchen is there
Here is not my wife
there is not meal

my computer is in here
my car isn鈥檛 in here
My wallet is in there in my house
My book isn鈥檛 in there

my water is here



  • The pencils are in here.

  • The phone is in here.

  • There aren鈥檛 books here.


  • The paintings are in there.

  • The bed is in there.

  • The cap is in there.

My glass of water is here.
My father are there.
My father aren鈥檛 not here.
My dog isn鈥檛 here with me.

My examples:
I have my laptop here, on the desk; but my cellphone is there.
My sunglasses and cap are there.
There are nobody here next me.