All you will learn about time and requests


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Topics in this course:

  • Basic conectors

  • Articles

  • Weather conditions

  • Frequency

  • How to express presence or absence

  • How to make offers, suggestions and invitations

  • How to tell the time

sounds very useful things to learn, here we go!

Hey guys, I just want to say, this teacher is the best.

Good Luck !!!

As DaBaby would say “Let’s gooooo”

Yay finally!! I have a Cesar’s course (✿◡‿◡)

Qué hermoso ver a Cesar, después de venir del curso anterior que no me gusto para nada.

I’m excited, let’s do this.

Looks engaging!

Excellent I am very excited to take this course.

Oh yeah, a new course, let’s go! 💪🏾

Go for it! 💪🤓💚

Excellent, Oh yeah, a new course, let’s go! 💪

Let´s start! 💪



I think that Cesar’s teaching is one of the better of the Platzi English courses

Great ! Here we go to never stop learning ! 😉

I like cesar as teacher

I here go with a new course.

I want to learn so much 😄

I am very excited to have gotten here

I am looking forward to studying in this new A2 course. I hope I will continue improving my English communication skills. G´day, teacher and virtual mates!

1. All you will learn about time and requests

In this course we are going to learn:

  • Basic connectors
  • Articles
  • Weather conditions
  • Frequency
  • Presence or absence
  • How to make offer suggestions and invitation
  • How to tell the time in English

hello i m sol galarza

  • basic English connectors,
  • articles,
  • weather conditions,
  • frequency,
  • express presence or absence in English,
  • offers,
  • suggestions and invitations,
  • tell the time in English. …

This course will be as fantastic as Cr7

Let’s go!

Here we go teacher! 🚀

Let’s go !!

Let’s go

ok, here we go.
The Best wishes for everybody.

Let´s go


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