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My phrases:

  • I love traveling and try new foods
  • I have been in Argentina but not in Chile
  • Which one do you prefer, sleeping or eating?
  • I like learn English and Japanese.

  • I can read a bit little in English, but I can‚Äôt speak in English.

  • I study English one or two hours at day.

  • I am learning Javascript and MySQL.
  • I had the doubt if learn Javascript or Python.
  • I decided learn Javascript but after I‚Äôll learn Python.
  • I‚Äôm learning english and Swift.

  • I need to work but I‚Äôm so tired

  • Do you want ice cream or popcorn?

I like to read comics and mangas.
She plays guitar, but she doesn’t play piano.
I would like one thing. A pc gamer or a play station 5.

I want to learn programming and bioinformatcis.
I want to dedicate my all time to you, but I have to work.
Do I like you or not


  • I like to sing and dance
  • I like the music all a bit, but not the heavy rock
  • You could eat every weekend pozole or salads

I like the movies but not much the series;
I like spend time with my family and dislike spend much time alone.
Sometimes i like play baskeball or soccer


  • And -> Addition
  • But -> Contrast
  • Or -> Options


  • Will I study React or artificial intelligence?

  • I will work and study at the same time.

  • I will study and work but I will not be able to be with my family.

  • I finished a new feature today but I haven‚Äôt tested yet
  • I love Christopher Nolan‚Äôs and Quentin Tarantino‚Äôs movies
  • I have to choose a frontend framework with which I‚Äôm going to work: Svelte or React.

I like to listen hip hop and salsa music.
I would like to live in New York but it is expensive to travel.
Which one do you prefer a black color or white ?

My exercise teacher,
I love to drink coffee, but I don’t like tea
I have two daughters, Sofia and Sara
Sofia needs to choose one: medicine and bacteriology

I like desing and build
I¬īd like to invest in cryptocurrencies but, I haven¬īt money right now.
what do you like desing or build?

  • I‚Äôve been reading a book and it‚Äôs very interesting.
  • I have a lot of things to do but I prefer read my book.
  • Should I be reading this beautiful book or doing what I have to do?

Other examples about these connectors:

  • I adore going to beach and swimming there.
  • I went to Europe but I didn‚Äôt visit France ūüė¶
  • You would like to see: Hiding Memo or Toy Story?
  • Galiano can build Towers and houses.

  • They must pay more attention, but less concentration.

  • He doesn¬īt decide if that red t-shire or blue pants.

I have one brother and one sister
I like go to run but the weather doesn’t help
I don’t know if go to run or stay at home

i like play soccer and videogames
do you prefer pizza or hamburguer?
i like to wacht movie but not tv show

  • I‚Äôm learning typing and English
  • I‚Äôm tall but skinny
  • Which is better blue or red?
  1. Who is your favorite actor ,Keanu Reeve or Jonny Deed?
  2. I want to work and live alone.
  3. I like to buy a house but i not have many money.
  • I like sports and music
  • I like drive cars but I don‚Äôt like motorcycles
  • Do you prefer, run or wakl?

I like learn English AND French.
I speak spanish, but I don’t speak japanese.
I can eat pizza or hamburguese.

I like piratas and gringas
I will buy a smoking, buy I’ll not buy the shoes.
I want to learn Python or JAVA

  • I like listening to new music and go to the pub.
  • What would you like to eat, pizza or burger?
  • I like to exercise but I don‚Äôt like going to the gym.


  • I enjoy ride my bike and go to the gym


  • I like ‚Äúlomo saltado‚ÄĚ, but I don‚Äôt like cooking


  • would you like soda or coffee

She like eats rice and beans.
I woulld like speak whit your father or brother.
He washes movies, but prefer the reads books.

  • I like to run in the morning and do exercises at home.
  • I love coffee but only in the morning.
  • I try to study one or two hours every day.

I play the accordion and piano
I like milk but i don¬īt like water
I eat three or four meal a day

My phrases:

  • I play the guitar and the bass but i can‚Äôt play the piano.
  • I would like a nice tea or a nice coffee
  • She loves the cats but she hates the dogs
  • I am learning english and soft skills
  • I really like coffe but not tea
  • Would you l prefer play soccer o tennis?

My phrases:

  • I like reading and listen to music
  • I drink coffee but I don‚Äôt chocolate
  • I drink two or three coffee cups a day

I like this course.

  • I like coffe but I prefer tea chai.
  • Dog and cat play on the bed.
  • I can go to the doctor by taxi or bus

I want to eat hamburguer and french fries
I have been in venezuela but not in viena
Do you want take bus or train?

I love food and drinks
I love football, but hate basquet
I love music or movies

  • I like make excercise and study in platzi

  • In the morning I wake up to study but i forget make the breakfast

  • I want to travel, but only need choose one, Villa de leyva or San Andres

I like soccer and basketball
I love coffee but without sugar
I want to travel, I should choose between Brazil or Peru

  • I love playing the guitar and piano.
  • I want to sing, but I can‚Äôt.
  • I would like to travel to Russia or Indonesia.

I want to speak better and write to
I would like to make a PhD but I don¬īt know when
I don’t know if I prefer the PhD in two years or more years

Miguel likes to drink vodka and coffee
She bought a new t-shirt, but she didn’t buy a hat
The game is two options: save the queen or avoid the pump blow up

I love the videogames and the series.

I like to eat pizza and tacos.
I would like to travel but I have to work more. ūüė¶
I like to go to the park or play videogames

I write code in Python and Golang.
I like the pizza, but not with onios.
Do you have a desktop or a laptop?

I like the movies and videogames.
She likes Doritos but she doesn¬īt like ruflles.
I would like a pizza with boneless or spicy chiken hamburger.

i love play videgames and ride bicycle
i want to travel but i don’t like the hot places
do you want to drink coffee or tea?

  • I love playing videogames and draw on my freetimes.

  • I don¬īt like the Chinesse food, because, the food often have a bittersweet flavor, but I like to eat chinesse rice.

  • I always play videogames in the afternoons, sometimes, I play Minecraft or The Sims.

  • I study this course every day and do the exercises.
  • I like apples but not green apples.
  • She can have pancakes or waffles.

My Practice:
AND: use to refer to something and add to my expression or phrase.
+I like to drink coffee and tea.
+My sister watches series and movies
+Miranda bought a new swimsuit, sunglasses and hat.
BUT: the use of this connector is to make a contrast in the sentences.
+I like to drink coffee but not tea.
+My sister watches series, but I watch movies.
+Miranda bought a new swimsuit and sunglasses, but she didn¬īt but a hat.
OR: We use this connector to offer options or refer this on my dialogue
+You can drink coffee or tea.
+Does your sister watch series or movies?
+Miranda needs to choose one: a new swimsuit or a hat.

En ingles usamos los conectivos dependiendo de la idea que queramos interconectar:

And: es una conjunción y se traduce como y, se utiliza para conectar dos oraciones que tienen idea similares.
Or: se traduce como O, y es usado para presentar opciones entre dos ideas.
But: esta palabra se traduce al castellano como pero, y se emplea para unir dos oraciones donde la segunda oración modifica la información dada en la primera.


  • I have a computer and ipad


  • I like watch movies but not series


  • They can eat or drink

I don¬īt like chocolates but I like sweet.
In my free time I prefer to watch movie or read a book
Today I visit my family and my friend

Hello guys! I share you my phrases:

  • I like to play basball and football
  • I love running in the morning but I hate waking up early
  • Would you like to drink coffee or soda?

I like listening to music and watch tv.
I want to go to the movies but i cant leave.
Do you like juice or soft drink

  • I like to watch soccer and I like to play too.

  • My wife loves to walk with your dogs, but she doesn‚Äôt like to run with them.

  • Ricardo needs to do exercise or plays sports.

I want to learn English and Development.

I consider development essential in my career but if I mix it with my knowledge about journalism.

If I learn English which is the next step: learn Chinese or Korean.

I like drink and cofee
I speak spanish but not speak chinese
Sheyla has a new car that she chose

I have two sons Lio and Bastian
I like to drink coffee in the morning but not in the afternoon
Who are you going with, with melon or watermelon?

I love sleep and eat.
She likes sing but she dont like dance
Do you have iphone or samsung?

I like to drink water, coffe and bear
I want to have a better job, but i need to learn English
Do you prefer work at the office or at home?

  • I love drive my motorcycle and know new places

  • I have so much to learn so, I can learn english or programmation

  • I enjoy learning new things but not doing homeworks

I have a computer and a cellphone
My brother like to drink water but not soda
I want to study chemistry or engineer

  • Today is an excellent day and I‚Äôm going to study

  • I live in Venezuela, but soon I will live in Spain

  • My sister loves to sing or dance.

These are my examples:

  1. I am learning English and Marketing at Platzi.
  2. My mother speak spanish, but she doesn’t speak english.
  3. Do you like Friends or Seinfeld?

I like programming language R and Py
I write more code in R, but less in Py
Do you like programming language R or Py?

My favorite fruits are mango, watermelon and apple.

I like some fruits but not much vegetables.

What I prefer Vegetables or fruits?

  • I like to cook and eat cake.
    -I have a new book but I haven’t read it.
  • I would like to travel to Italy or France.

My examples:

  • I like to listening to music and read
  • I love archery but I don‚Äôt like soccer
  • In the morning I drink juice or milk


  • I‚Äôm learning Javascript and English
  • I studied mechatronic engineering but I‚Äôm working as frontend developer
  • I study English for one or two hours at day

My son’s dog is white AND black.
I would like to take a taxi BUT not a bus.
Would you like a red OR a blue car?

I have cats and dogs

I have dogs but only females

Which do you prefer, cats or dogs?

My phrases:

  • I want to develop my website and portfolio.
  • I want to doy many activities but I don‚Äôt have enough time.
  • I misunderstand if you ask for my sister or my brother.

I love studying and learn new things
I would like to go to Rusia but I don’t know the language
What do you preffer sunny days or rainy days ?


My sentences:

  • I like hot weather but don‚Äôt like cold weather.
  • She loves to sing and dance
  • What do you prefer, tortas or quesadillas?
  • I like studying English and development languages.
  • My internet is good all day but not at night.
  • Do you prefer learning English as your second language or another one?

i like study English and watch series in english.

i love a chenesse Food but not tailand food

you want tea or coffee


  • my niece is very shy and doesn‚Äôt like meet with people.
  • This restaurant had a good recommendation but my mother-in-low didn‚Äôt like it.
  • We would like meet either Germany or England.

My sentences:

  • I like to eat Italian food and Chinese food.
  • My brother like to travel by airplane but not by bus.
  • I need to choose one activity in the morning: run or sleep.


  • I live with my uncle and my sister

  • i want to eat a hamburguer but i am have a beans

  • I eat chicken or tomatoes.

  • I like javascript and python

  • which is better to learn English or Portuguese

I like eat eggs and fruits in my breakfast I can eat coffee or juice to to drink I will can eat breakfast but not lunch in that restaurant
  • I want to learn English and I hope to spoke very flow

  • Russia it‚Äôs beautiful, but it‚Äôs very far from my country

  • You are a CR7 Team or Messi team?

When I’m hungry after the lunch I use to eat the dessert or an apple but when I’m starving I always eat the dessert and an apple. :9

  • My brother likes milk and juice
  • The shirt is blue but not so dark
  • Are they talking or arguing?
  1. I enjoy cooking cakes and chocolate cookies.
  2. I like guacamole but I don’t like avocado.
  3. She can have one pet, a dog or a rabbit.
  • I like to study English and I practice with my friends.
  • My brother play soccer but he doesn‚Äôt play tennis.
  • My little brother eats pizza or chicken.

i want to buy a new car but i have not the many to buy that.
i like my dog and my car too.
i need a book or a e-book to study englsih

I love play soccer and lifting weight in the gym
I have been in Madrid but not in Barcelona
I can eat fish or chicken

  • I‚Äôm eating and watch the video
  • i like learn english but not japonese
  • do you like rap or pop ?

she has wached many series this week and movies
She has eaten salad but she likes meat

I like read books and playing the violin.
I have three brothers but I haven’t sister.
Do you prefer use Computers or a cellphone?

I need to improve my reading and writing skills.
I can get there by bus, but not by plane.
I can get there by bus or plane.

I adore mathematics and languages.
I would like to move to another country, but I know that I have to learn so much to do that.
Did you go to the movies yesterday? or did you prefer to go to the park?

I like mexican and italian food
I have been in France but i haven’t been in England
I like to eat mexican or italian food today

I am very busy and tired.
I eat a lot of bread but pasta, too.
which do you like Sunday or Saturday?

i love to watch youtube and try to learn
i had eat pizza but i had not eat spagetti
i just have to work or go to play

My phrases

  • I like to play and watch football.
  • I eat to much food but don¬īt like me sea food.
  • What do you want to do, walk or run?
  • I want to play soccer and bastketball
  • i eat meat and fish
  • I play videogames with my brothers and friends
  • A fish can swim, but it can‚Äôt climb
  • We live together, but we don‚Äôt sleep toguether
  • i like horses and cows but I don‚Äôt like frogs
  • Do you like pizza or hamburguer?
  • which animal is faster a turtle or a rabbit?
  • I want to speak English and French
  • She likes to travel around the world, but she doesn‚Äôt have money
  • What pants do you prefer, the red or the blue