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(NOT) Here / There


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these are my examples:

Hi! everyone
In this picture, my dog is there and I am here studying!

My wallet is here with me.

My glasses aren’t here.

I have the headphones here on the table.

My dog is here, over my legs.

In the building opposite, there is a dog.

I can’t see anybody there.

Is my mom there, with you?

I’m here learning English while the teacher is there, in another city. Thanks technology and Platzi.

My ipad is here
My pet is there

-My cellphone is here
-My notebook is here
-My cat isn’t here
-My cat is there.

There is a computer here
My cellphone is here in the desk
My notebook is here, next to the computer
There are books there
The TV is there
My car is there in the garage

My examples:

There is a glass of water here.
There is my notebook here.
There is my jacket in here.

There is a cat there.
There are plants there.
There is a TV there.

There is nobody here.
There isn’t food there.
There isn’t tourist there.

My books are here.
My computer is here
My clothes is there

My guitar is here but my piano is there next to the window

Here is my keyboard.
My wallet isn’t here.
There is your new car.
There aren’t my headphones.

My phone is here.
My dog is there

I am here, you are there

  • There is the altar of the dead.

  • My sister isn’t there.

  • My mom is here.

  • My pillow isn’t here.

  • My phone is here.
  • My cat isnÂŽt here.
  • The TV is here.
  • The sofa isnÂŽt here.
  • The table is there.
  • The stove isnÂŽt there.
  • My cat isnÂŽt there too.
  • The mirror is there.

The computer is here.
The TV is there.
Are you there?
Why are you not here?
I want to you are here in 5 minutes.

my dog is here.
my computer is here.

my brother is there.
the blackboard is there.

I have many pens here.

I can see a soma there.

I can see nobody there.

My wallet is here
My TV is not here
My table is there
My plates are not there

Hi everyone!

  • My dog is there.
  • My Laptop is here.
  • My pencil and notebook are here.
  • My bicycle is there.
  • My Tv is there.

The laptop is in here
the cup of tea is in here
the fridge isnÂŽt here
the sofa is in there
there arenÂŽt many bananas there
the table is in there

9. (NOT) Here / There


Adverbs of place:

Here: Speaker’s point of view

There: Listener’s point of view.

Here: Refers to the place where the speaker is.

There: Refers to the place where the listener is.

My cellphone is here
My doll is there
The bed is here
The pencil is there
The windows are there
There aren`t many orange there

  • My cellphone is here

  • I think that my keys are there

  • Your car is there

My new sofa is here, I’m sitting on it but my Backpack is there, next to my study table. xD

I am here, my laptop is here, and my mind is here.
my neighbor is there, the store is there, the pets are there and I am here.

  • My dogs are there.
  • I have a bottle of water here with me.
  • You don’t know if he was there last night.
  • Her pencil is here next to me.

I’m here again ready to learn at Platzi
She isn’t here with me, we don’t talk in years.
My jacket is there with her, i miss my jacket so much.
But the love isn’t there, i’m better on my own

My phone is here
My dog is there
My friend isn’t here
My sister isn’t there

Do you have a “determined distance” when ** Here ** turns ** There **?
For example, if I can’t touch it with my hand (use: here) and if I point it with my finger (use: there).

My kindle is on the table
My cat is not here
There are many cars there


  • my water bottle is here
  • My sister are there

My lamp is here
My bed is there
My phone isnt here There arent many people there

  • My tv is here in my room.
  • The smith’s cars are there
  • The kitchen is there.
  • Your pencil is here.

My phone is here
My book is there

  • My brother isn’t here with me

  • Is my dog there?

  • My cellphone is here with me

  • My laptop isn’t here with me because is there in my apartment

  • are my parents with you there?

  • the knowledge is here in Platzi

  • the leisure is there at the parties

  • Arre you there?


  • My cat Is here
  • My laptop Is here
  • The apples Isn’t here
  • The car Isn’t here
  • My cell phone Is there
  • My pillow Is there
  • My mom Isn’t there
  • Your dad Isn’t there
  • The teacher has a gaming chair in there. But I have a pc gaming here.

  • The teahcer has a frame there.

  • My son is here, studying with me.

my cellphone is here my closet is there there aren’t any toys there. my pencil is here. my notebook is there . there are many clothes next to me there is my bed near me.

My agenda is here.
My bed isn’t here.

My parrot is there in the tree.
There aren’t any flowers there.

The Watch is in here.
The cars are in there.

I have my smartphone here

There is nobody here with me, because all persons in y house are sleeping while I study in my computer.
There aren’t chocolates or cookies here.
There is no tomorrow, that sentence is very important to me, it reminds me about the movie :Rocky.

  • My coffee is here.
  • My phone is here.
  • My computer is here.
  • The window is there.
  • The door is there.
  • The cat is there.

My dog isn’t here
My notebook and the pencil are there

i have my pen here.
my bed is in there

The kitchen is in there
There aren’t any pears there
The sunglasses are in here
The banana isn’t here

The Tv is here.
The coffee is here.
My baby is there.
My wife is here.
The bananas are there.

Anna is here.
There isn’t a laptop here.
The smartphone is here.

My cellphone is in there
My computer is in here
My medicine is in there

  • My phone is here.
  • My wallet isn’t here.
  • The printer is there.
  • There aren’t many cars there.

Hello, I have a question:
Do you have a “determined distance” when Here turns There?
For example, if I can’t touch it with my hand (use: here) and if I point it with my finger (use: there).
I’m not sure if my question is clear 😅

Affirmation **
As I have been studying all my materials like my laptop, pencils, and notebook are ++here ++on my desk.
**Negation **
I hadn’t found my cell phone here on the nightstand when it rang.


When I want to go out with my boyfriend, I remenber that he is there in another city.
All of my skin products are not there in the bathroom because I don’t want my sister to use them carelessly.

My computer is here
the char is there
there are three books there
there are many notebooks there

my books of java is there, my bed is there, my cato is not here

My phone is here.
My dog is not here.
My dog is there.
My bed is not there.

I have my phone here!
There aren’t much food here!
There are many shoes there!

My phone is here
My dog is here
There arent people there
There are many photos of my family there
there is not a cat here in my bedroom

the napkin is there
the charger is here

My Practice:

  • My laptop is in here.
  • My desktop isn’t here.
  • The TV is in there.
  • My dog isn’t there.
  • There are many people there.

My coffee is here.
I don’t have my jacket here.
There is nobody there (in the armchairs).
There is a couple drink a coffee there.



  • My computer is here.
  • The cell phone is there.
  • The car isn’t here.
  • I am only here.
  • She is alone there.
  • They sleep there.
  • We aren’t there.

Never Stop Learning!

The TV is there.
Yes, my brother is here.
My mom isn’t here.
There is the kitchen.
No, there aren’t apples here.

Hello!!! Here are my sentences:

  • My laptop is in here.
  • My christmas tree is here next to me.
  • My husband isn’t here with me.
  • My husband is sleeping there.
  • My children are playing there.
  • We celebrated my kid’s birthday in my parents’ house and we ate cake there.

there are two cats here.
there is oranje juice there
my mom is here
the box is there
there arenÂŽt many bananas there
there isnÂŽt salad here
Are there pencils here?

My baby is here with me. My baby is watching tv there
There’s no one there There isn’t room here. There are many clothes there There aren’t many clothes there
1. my notebook is here 2. my pets are here 3. My glasses doesn't here 4. My sister is there 5. My gather doesn't there
* the cellphone is here in my hands * there is not enough light here * the result of exams is here

My phone is here with me.
The bus isn’t here right now.
The supermarket is there on the other street.

My glasses are here about me nose
My books are here near to the mouse
There aren’t many snacks here
The thermos of water is in there
There aren’t many potatoes there

these are my examples
I see my guitar there
my pencil is not there
my notebooks are here
my phone is not here

I’m here and you are there and reverse

My computer is here on the table.
My sister is there in the bedroom.
My notebook is not here on the desk.
My dog is not there in the bathroom.
There is not a pencil here.

  1. Her dog is not there.
  2. My phone is here.
  3. My book is there.
  4. Your pencils is not here.
  5. We don’t have your things here
  • There are many bananas there

  • The computer is in here

My cup is here, and my cellphone is there far for me. My window is there beside me, the Bluetooth speaker is here just next to me

my cellphone is there.
My computer is here.
my pencil are there.
my tv is there.
My book is here.

The mouse is here
There are two keybords here
There is hot remote control here

There are two chairs there
There are three remote control there
There are no four chair

The computer is here
My sister isnÂŽt here with me
My glasses arenÂŽt here, I canÂŽt see them

My dog is there, in the garden
The money is there, next to the tv
My shoes are there, in the box

  • My cellphone is here
  • My TV is there
  • My mouse is here
  • My dog is there

My laptop is in here.
The backpack is not here.
The desk is here.
There arenÂŽt many people here.
My phone is in there.
There arenÂŽt many people there.
My daughter is in there.

  • My laptop is here 
 My desk is here.

  • My fridge is there 
 His bed is there.

Mi phone is here.
Mi plant is there

Excuse me how much is there a dress
Is your brother here
Yes, I did
The phone is here table
There are many apples is there on the table

My phone isn’t here because I couldn’t study.

My glass of water is here
My dog is there

My cats are there.
My computer and cellphone are here next to me.
The T.V. is there, is far from me.
My water bottle is here, is near to me.

The best courses online are here . So you better sttudy and keep up .
Where is my cell phone ? 
 Oh your cell phone is over there .

Practice There and Here

  1. I have my computer here
  2. I have my pencil and notebook here
  3. I have a TV there
  4. There aren’t many books there
  5. There are many clothes there

Here and there

Here is my notebook
There is the blackboard

I’ll be there for you
I have lived here in Lima for a long time

My laptop is here.
My wallet isn’t here.
My room is there.
There aren’t many apples there.

my glass of water is here and my bed is there

Here is my chair
Here is the coffee
Here is the computer
Here is the notebook
There is the desk
There is the door
There is the table
There is the refrigerator

  • My laptop is here
  • The bathroom is there
  • My bicycle is there in another room