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Time Expressions


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  1. I am going to learn English this year.
  2. César will answer this comment later
  3. I going to finish the challenge English Bootcamp next week
  4. He is going to does workout next month
  5. What do you doing right now?
  • Tomorrow, we go to the park.

  • They have a coffee on Monday

  • We are starting diet this year

  • This night, I’m watching a movie

  • She has a celebration today

In Mexico, children return to class this month.
Yesterday I began this course.
Yesterday I approved the Graphql basic course.
I’m going to finish this course today.
The draw for the Uefa Champions League group stage is going to be next week.

  • I tomorrow will learn English.
  • He yesterday doesn’t go to the park.
  • We are going to drink a beer this week.
  • She proposed to study English the next year.
  • They aren’t working today.

Time expressions. Words that we can use to refer to the past, present or future.

past, yesterday. the last day, last week, last weekend, last month, last year, last decade.

We also have time expressions for the future, such as tomorrow, later, or next. Next weekend, next month, next year.

And you can also use the days of the week, such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. We are going to focus a little on the word this and an expression time. You can use the word from this to refer to the present, but also to refer to the near future.

John has to finish his course this week. We mean the present
we are going shopping this weekend. This weekend is actually the future.

On monday i will go to work
I am making a delicious dessert
This week I’m going to cook chicken
Next month is december
I studied English yesterday
Next year I will look for another job
This weekend has been a lot of study
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Paneles laterales

  • I am going to finish this course tomorrow
  • Cesar left me this homework now
  • We visited my town this year
  • She has a work on next month
  • I would like to play video game this weekend

I finished my project last weekend
I will be an excellent english speaker later this year
Last year was not the best for everyone, this will be a different one

  • Yesterday, I ate a hamburger.
  • Tomorrow, I am going to watch my favorite football team.
  • We visited my family last weekend.
  • This month I’m going to invest to bitcoins.
  • Last year, I returned from Brazil.
  • Tomorrow, we go to the park.

  • They have a coffee on Monday

  • We are starting diet this year

  • This night, I’m watching a movie

  • She has a celebration today

I would like to finish this course today.

  • Beyker plays Valorant this night
  • I am going to the Venezuela next month
  • She gave cookies last monday
  • We are choose between pizza or pasta today
  • They danced last saturday

I am stuying the Platzi English Academy course this morning.

he going to the movie theater for watch Spiderman movie this weekend.

she is going to class at 10:00 pm

I finished engineering last year

  1. I´m going to quit to my work this month.
  2. Yesterday I got out with my college friend.
  3. She’s in a date today.
  4. They’ll travel in the next week.
  5. The Shop is close tomorrow.

These are my sentences:

  1. I ate a hamburguer yesterday
  2. Today I’m studying English.
  3. Tomorow I’m going to the supermarket to buy some food.
  4. I went to Cartagena last year for holidays.
  5. I love running at the weekends.

Tomorrow, I am going to go to the cinema
The last month, we recieved gifts
Now, I am doing my homework
The next week I have to fix my car
Yesterday, I went to visit my grandpa

Last Christmas I got a lot of presents.
I’m already planning my trips for the next year
I’ll see you next Sunday.
We’ll do the homework in the evening.
I’ll have some time off next month.

Five sentences with time expressions:

  1. Last year I started to study at Platzi.
  2. I want to complete this course today.
  3. This weekend we’re going to watch a movie.
  4. Next week I’ll be able to drive.
  5. Later I’m going to read a book.
  1. I have to visit my dentist this afternoon.
  2. This month i have to finish datacademy.
  3. Yesterday i was a date with my girlfriend.
  4. Tomorrow we going to do hamburguers to lunch.
  5. Next year i want to have a job in the tech industry.

Later weekend going that my homework
Now, going supermarket because more after is closed
Later yesterday is publish a post
The last weekend shoping beasteck

  • I’m going to travel this week.
  • would like to go shopping tomorrow ?
  • I’m going to learn English this Monday .
  • last week we meet my friend .
  • last Sunday we travel with my parents.
  • yesterday we go to visit my uncle .


My exercise:

  1. I traveled to the camp LAST WEEK.
  2. I study English in Platzi NOW.
  3. I want to learn English THIS YEAR.
  4. I 'm going to the movies THIS WEEKEND.
  5. YESTERDAY, I drank capuchino with my friend.

Thanks …

Never Stop Learning!

The last year I was in santamarta with my girlfriend
I’m goin to la vega this weekend
I finish this course today

  • Yesterday i ate a really bad hamburgers.
  • This year will be great.
  • I’m studying now.
  • They only have until this afternoon to finish the homework.
  • If you want to play tomorrow, you need to finish the work today.
  • I will finish course today
  • I ate rice , yesterday
  • My friend go to the supermarket this weekend
  • I went to the university on Monday
  • can you go to the cinema, this weekend?

-i will finish this course this afternoon
-My mother and me, went to the supermarket in the last week
-They were to the park at the morning (it’s 10 p.m)
-She is doing her homework this afternoon (it’s 5 p.m)
-Are you going to the supermarket this weekend?

Yesterdat I went to the supermarket.
Today I eating pizza.
This week I will finish 2 course at Platzi.
Next week I will go to the doctor.

  • i will only tree days
  • tomorrow i will continue studing englush
  • this week will very great
  • at night i will only
  • rith now i´m studing english


  • I get my headphones this week.
  • In the last week of this month I will go to the beach with my family.
  • Tomorrow I will go to university.
  • This morning I was with my family.
  • They arrive in my country this weekend.
  • Yesterday I forgot to buy the lunch.

  • Now I’m studying English with Platzi.

  • Today is a new day that bring new opportunity to your life.

  • We are going to the mountains this weekend.
  • My mother-in-law is coming to town tomorrow morning.
  • I’m going to learn English this year.
  • I only have until the end of this week to finish the English Basic course.
  • I will cook tofu next week.

I am going to learn English this year
Tomorrow, we go to the gym in the morning
In Mexico, the students return to class this month
I would like to eat a pizza right now
This night, I´m go to the cinema a watch spiderman

I will finish this course at night.

I’ve been eating vegetables this week.

Tomorrow I go to the supermarket.

Yesterday I ate a fish.

I will play video games later.

1- This weekend I am playing my last party.
2- Yesterday, I was drinking beer.
3- Tonight I am in the pool.
4- Lucas was working last week.
5- This month I play football.

  1. This Saturday I have an appointment with dentist.
  2. I will really busy this week.
  3. I changed of job last year.
  4. I woke up late yesterday.
  5. We’re going shopping next Saturday.

You can’t play any game this weekend.
Maria has to finish his homework this week.
This week we will be playing.
This month I need to do exercise.

I need to wake up at 7:00 o’clock tomorrow
She has an exam this Month
We watch the movie last night
You arrive this afternoon
They go to the museum this weekend

I am going to finish this course this night
I start classes next week
I start a draw this weekend
My dad come back for his vacation this weekend

I hope to learn English this year
Next month I plan to rest
Last weekend I visited my parent
Now I am studying English
I want to learn design later

Time expressions:
-This morning i woke up at 10 o’clock
-Last week i went to the National Museum
-Now the Shakira’s Hips don’t lie xd
-See you in the next class hahaha
-Next year i will be 19 years old :’)

I can to go to the cinema, tomorrow.
I can cook this now
I need to learn English this years
I would like to travel in Buenos Aires this week
I would like to go to the Stadium this day

I will live in Germany this year
I need to learn English this month
Today i go to the park
This weekend … I will go on a trip to another city
last year i adopted my dog groot

  1. I went to the cinema yesterday.
  2. Would you like to sing together the last weekend?
    Yes of course but I want to sing rock music.
  3. Today, we will talk about good practices of programming.
  4. This year was crazy, see you 2020!
  5. I have lunch at 1 o’clock.

I can´t complete my study hours of english this week.
I ´m going to plan a new schedule of activities today.
I would like to travel abroad the next month.
He arrives from his journey this night.
They are planning the wedding since the last week.

I’m going to study hard this week
we go to the park today
yesterday they went to the cinema
this morning we watched a movie
I’m going to travel this year

the last weekend I was in the montain
the las year I was in the beach with my family
the last week I was with my children
the last night I was eating pizza
the last month I was in the tungurahua montain

  • I am going to finish this course today.

  • I am going to watch another course this weekend.

  • I am going to learn English this year.

  • He can do this right now, but he can do it later.

  • She is going to run this week.

My practice:

  1. I’m going to watch a movie with my boyfriend this weekend.
  2. This Saturday it’s going to be New Year.
  3. Last Saturday it was Christmas.
  4. I’m going to keep studying at Platzi next year.
  5. My boyfriend and I watched the final episode of Hawkeye last Sunday.
Today is great day! I going to the supermarket tomorrow I finish my homework yesterday I learn English in next year The year finish in two days

this day i study english with my mom
tomorrow i will learn some english
the last month i buyed a platzi course
the next year i will turn years
i¨ll sleep at night

  • See you next weekend
  • I’m learn english on 2022
  • She will be travel to Colombia next year
  • See you at six pm.
  • Last mondaay was holly day

I want to finish this course TODAY.
I´m going to shopping clothes THIS WEEKEND.
Maria has to finish the Holidays shoppings THIS WEEK.
Terry want go on vacation to Italy THIS YEAR.

Next year I will improve my english.
There is a party this weekend.
My birthday was last month.
Tomorrow I wiil go with my friends to the park.
1.Yesterday was a special day.

  1. I’m going to college next year.
  2. I have to study this night for my exam.
  3. Yesterday, He was buying new clothes.
  4. We are going to celebrate New Year this month.
  5. You must pay your debts today.

Hello, this are my anwser:

  1. yesterday, was a wonderful day because I celebrity the christmas.
  2. Today is my day for rest.
  3. tomorrow, i will go to the park with my family.

Hello!! Here are my sentences:

  • Tonight we are going to celebrate Christimas with my sister-in-law.
  • Yesterday we went to the doctor because my daughter was sick.
  • Next week we are going to the beach.
  • This weekend I won’t see Better Call Saul on TV but I’ll watch the new Spiderman movie.
  • I’ll finish my master degree by 2023.
  • Today go to the hospital to recive the medicine for my grandmother.
  • last year i was 23 years old
  • we will adopt the cat next week
  • tomorrow i meet my boyfriend at 3pm.
  • she is very happy because this month arrive her family
  • I´m fliying to united states next year, now i am learning english
  • Last month I started studying at Platzi
  • This morning I drank a cup of tea.
  • At 8:00am I took a shower.
  • This year I learned a lot!
  • Next weekend is Christmas

Tomorrow i go to the park with my dog
today, I learn english in platzty
This afternon I study of bases de datos
we going rigth now

We will go to the beach this weekend.
She has to cook dinner at night.
I will have a party this afternoon.
I was sick last week.
My friends will go to the cinema next weekend

  1. Tomorrow to go vaccinate me Against the covid 19

  2. This weekend we are going to the beach

  3. Yesterday I ate pizza

  4. This year I learned to skate

  5. This week i’m going to travel

  • I bought some headphones yesterday.
  • I’m going to eat chicken next week.
  • I’ll watch a movie tomorrow.
  • My sister is going to wash her clothes this afternoon.
  • My dad is buying a Tv this weekend.
  • Today, I have to stay at home. I feel a little bit under the weather.
  • This weekend I am going to watch the new SpiderMan movie! I’m excited!
  • At 10 o’clock I would be studying for my English test.
  • 2020 was a year full of surprises
  • On Monday I will go to the doctor to discuss my last test results.
  • Last decade I was in the first semester of Engineering!
  • I am going to learn English in the next year

I go to travel this week
We go to a restaurant this weekend
This morning go to the work
This year buy a house
This monday start my healthy lifestyle

  1. Please Ana help me right now
  2. So? The later week we will speak to contamination in a class science
  3. Last day happened accident in front of the mine house.
  4. we have dinner at the night.
  5. Next month I have an important date at a quarter past two
  1. Today i’m going to swim in the pool of my house
  2. On Sunday we’ll going to the church
  3. The next week my family it’s coming to Neiva.
  4. On 7 years i would like to get marry
  5. at 18 o’clock we’ll going to the church
  1. Yesterday, I was at Isidro Ayora city
  2. She said that she will be here later
  3. This year have been complicated because I lost my job
  4. I have to go to the office tomorrow morning
  5. Today, I saw your daughter with her mom.

Tomorrow arrives "No Way Home"
This Morning I went running a lot
next year I will buy a new car
Today we eat many apples for the breakfast
This Month is Chrismas

  1. Today I have many things to do.
  2. On monday we have to go shopping.
  3. This weekend I have a trip to the north of Perú.
  4. This year I could learn new topics.
  5. This month is relaxed.
  1. in 2022 I will travel to UK.
    2.This night we are playing video game
  2. Tuesday i have class of bachata
  3. The saturday i will play basketaball
  4. Yesterday i was dancing in the party of my uncle

I will all basic courses this week

  1. Today we haver meeting at home
  2. We are going shopping tomorrow
  3. I will travel this weekend
  4. She will go home next year
  5. He will play the guitar tomorrow
  6. He played the guitar yesterday
  • Yesterday, I visited to my family

  • I’m going out with my best friend this week

  • Every year we paint the whole house

  • I cleaned my bedroom this morning

Time Expression:

  • Using LAST

  1. I went to last week to your home, and you aren’t there.
  2. Last month of 2021
  3. Last weekend was boring
  • Using This

  1. At This moment, I’m learning English
  2. This morning, I was playing Axie Infinity
  3. This year, I did improve my English.

  1. I would like to go eat pizza next week.
  2. Tomorrow, my grandmother is birthday
  3. Today is Saturday.

I started my new job last month.
We going to put the christmas tree this weekend.
My party is this evening.
My best friend get married the next week.
I received the mail this morning.

I have to finish the apartment remodel this month

My young brother starts swimming classes this weekend

This morning I need to go to the gym because yesterday I didn’t

At night I’m going to work
Yesterday I ate cookies
On friday I have a date

  • I am going to play basketball this afternoon.
  • My mom will visit to me next weekend.
  • My daughter has a Christimas course this Friday.
  • They will go to the Crossfit games next month.
  • Last week, I played chess with my brother.

This afternoon I am studying cryptocurrency.
We are going to eating this weekend.
I get a job the last week.
I start to learn artifial intelligence the next year.
The next week is my birthday

  • This morning i woke up too early.
  • This Friday i’m going to go to a party.
  • This night i’m going to sleep pretty well.
  • I’m gonna hang out with my friends this Saturday night.
  • I’m studying english at this moment.
  • Victor drive a car today
  • She ate apple yesterday
  • He woke up last night


  1. Last week I finished the university.
  2. This week is the English challenge.
  3. This month is Christmas.
  4. Yesterday I was in the forest.
  5. Tomorrow I will study English.

I did not slepp yesterday
I will have 18 the next year Im
I’m tired today
Tomorrow in the morning I will go to work
The last week was your birthday right?

  • This weekend we are going to see old friends, maybe we’re going to a restaurant or to buy some fast food but for sure we’re going for something to eat.

  • Last month I was tried to learn the terminal here at platzi. It’s hard because I new in this thins of computer dev but I imagine all the this I will going to do with this knowledge. Don’t give up too guys!

  • Last year, on December, I was on lockdown because the thing you know. I remember that moments because a I was with my family. I now, sounds a little nostalgic but It’s Christmas, let me be.


  • Today is my medical appointment.
  • Last weekend you were in the hospital, don’t you remember?
  • Yesterday was rainy and cloudy. I think I have a cold.
  • This was a great year for music. There’re a lot of good records.
  • He sang the past Monday at the evening.
  1. I am learning English
  2. I’m going to buy a computer game
  3. Last week I was running in the park
  4. This 2021 I have been happy
  5. Next year I want to go to California

I have this month to end the challenge “Propositos de año nuevo”.
A few days left before the next year begins.
Thursday is the Platzi Live.
I go to the cinema next weekend.
I’m studying, right now

i clean the house yesterday
i’m going to work this week
i was to the gym today
this afternoon i practice english
this month i finished five course

I have to get finish the english course this month.
I will go to travel the next month.
I start to work tomorrow .

Hello everyone

  • I will learn english the next year
  • I am returning to my job F2F this week
  • I will know the sea the next year
  • I do exercise since the last week

Thanks Platzi Team

I could finish my work tomorrow.
I went to John’s house yesterday.
She is cooking now.
The movie finishes al ten o’clock.
he runs in the park every day.

The netx year I going to start to study programing computer in my university
Next week I finish my university
Next yerar I have to work and stydy at the same time
Next month I’m going to study a lot english and other thinhs

  1. I ate some mushroom yesterday
  2. Today I feel very good
  3. I am going to visit my father this weekend
  4. I will travel to Mosquera next week
  5. I study English now

I only have until the friday to delivery the report.
This month pay the bonus! 😃
Juan travels this weekend.

  1. They have a meeting today with the CEO of the company
  2. You can check the results until tomorrow before midnight
  3. Does she have time to learn spanish now or before the next year?
  4. Rock music is dying, for me the best decade is the 90s.
  5. My english test its tomorrow, im so nervous.

This today go a the park
This monday eat with my girlfriend
This year grow my son

Today i will watch a movie at night with my family
Tomorrow i will go to the supermarket
Yesterday i went to the park
Today i will learn english
2020 was a bad year

22. Time Expressions

Here I share an image related to this lesson:

Time expressions are words that we can use to talk about the past, the present or the future.

Yesterday, Last, This, Next

Today, Tomorrow, Now, Later, Morning, night, 10 o’clock, 2020, Monday, Tuesday, etc.

Day, Week, Month, Year, Decade.


  • Jhon has to finish his course this week.
  • We are goint shopping this weekend.
  • This afternoon they are fixing it.
  • You only have until the end of this month to do it.