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Sports as a political tool


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Woooooow this is the best class of the whole course. I really liked it because it has to do with human rights and politics. My specialty in law is human rights and I will always protect the human rights of people: 鈥業 disagree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it to the death鈥 is one of the most famous quotes that are pronounced when someone wants to convey their disagreement with what their interlocutor says or thinks but that they respect her for the fundamental right to freedom that we all have to express our opinions.

It is common for this quote to be accompanied by the tagline 鈥淎s Voltaire said 鈥︹, wrongly attributing it to the famous French philosopher and writer Fran莽ois-Marie Arouet, better known by the pseudonym 鈥淰oltaire鈥.

He never actually uttered that phrase (or at least there is no written record that he was) and we really owe the authorship of it to the British writer Evelyn Beatrice Hall, who was a great student of the life and work of Voltaire and author. from an important biography entitled 鈥楲os amigos de Voltaire鈥 (The Friends of Voltaire) published in 1906.

That politic issue is really controversial that can ruin sport spirit, however when game starts and adversaries beggin to play, crowd forget about it and focus on the play. That鈥檚 why is said sports are used to entertain population with social troubles, this tactic has been used B.C. with gladiators

A book that I recommend to understand the relation beetween sports and politics is 鈥淔ootball against the enemy鈥 by Simon Kuper.
Football Against the Enemy

En esta nueva era el deporte debe adaptarse a las nuevas igualdades y derecho de defender sus ideales.

Aun hay que trabajar en estas cuestiones: la comunidad LGBTI ha llegado al deporte y lo tienen que aceptar, que los deportistas tienen derecho a defender sus ideales, ya el racismo, homofobia, xenofobia y odio a los migrantes en deporte debe terminar. Es hora de defender y ser parte de la solucion y no del problema.




El deporte tiene el poder de transformar el mundo. tiene el poder de inspirar, de unir a la gente como pocas otras cosas. tiene la capacidad que los gobiernos de derribar las barreras sociales-Nelson Mandela

It's incredible the power that has Sport, it can make relationships among people of a neighborhood or prevent wars amongst countries, however, both parts must be available to lost, I heard a new a Colombian young was dead for winning a match with foreigners, we know where they come, but I don't like discriminate. I only want to claim, that we need to learn to lost.

it looks like the teacher was forced to agree with 80 percent of what he taught in this lesson. He knows well enough why women cant get paid the same.

The phrase from Caetano doesn鈥檛 seem to me as absolute truth, most of the time Sports and Politics have been mixed it doesn鈥檛 end well. It is just in specific cases that it really works for a noble reason. Mostly it only ends in people smearing sports for their particular agendas. Also, we should discuss the dirty and political world cup of Qatar 2022 as a modern example of how to don鈥檛 use sports as a political tool.

The best ally for the social struggle is sport.Why? Remember:

鈥淪ports teache us how to handle failure, to get up and try again when we lose. Thats the most valuable lesson. Since we lose more than we win in the life鈥.



creo que deber铆a investigar mas sobre el equipo de f煤tbol y la de la primera corredora, primero por que el equipo femenino de f煤tbol, si recibe un sueldo y unas garant铆as de salud, por que a la federaci贸n se le hizo la oferta de ganar como los barones o un sueldo fijo y ellas aceptaron un sueldo fijo.
en la corredora se ve el arbitro como quiere quitarla de la competici贸n pero fueron sus compa帽eros de carrera quienes empujaron y apoyaron, all铆 no fue que los hombres la empujaron fue el arbitro, respecto al resto del tema con el deporte siempre se debe cuales son los intereses.

Sports are the perfect place to show the injustice and fight against it