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Nouns without articles


Un sustantivo (noun) es todo aquello a lo que podemos agregar una descripci贸n.
Consideramos contable a lo que S脥 podemos contar con los n煤meros. Por ejemplo:


Consideramos incontable a aquello que NO podemos contar con n煤meros. Por ejemplo:


Los uncountable nouns no llevan art铆culo

En el ingl茅s, hay veces en las que no necesitamos usar art铆culos (the, a, an) para acompa帽ar a los sustantivos. Especialmente, cuando los sustantivos son incontables. No decimos I need a love, sino I need love, ya que el amor no se puede medir en cantidad.

Ejemplos de oraciones con uncountable nouns

F铆jate en la ausencia del art铆culo.

  • I鈥檇 like to drink iced tea. / Me gustar铆a beber t茅 helado.
  • The girl likes to eat ice cream. / A la chica le gusta comer helado.

Repaso: Crea tus propias oraciones con tea e ice cream, sin utilizar art铆culos.

Las generalizaciones no llevan art铆culo

Cuando hablamos de personas, cosas o situaciones de manera general, es decir, sin referirnos a algo en espec铆fico, tampoco empleamos art铆culos.

Ejemplos de generalizaciones

Mira que en ninguna de estas oraciones se emplea the, a o an; es decir, no llevan art铆culo.

  • Life is beautiful. / La vida es hermosa.
  • I don鈥檛 like homework. / No me gustan las tareas.
  • People are kind. / La gente es amable.
  • Sunny likes apples, but not oranges. / A Sunny le gustan las manzanas, pero no las naranjas.
  • She likes dogs. / A ella le gustan los perros.
  • Water is good for your health. / El agua es buena para tu salud.

OJO: como podemos observar, en el espa帽ol, las oraciones s铆 llevan art铆culo. Sin embargo, en el ingl茅s no se deben usar, ya que se est谩 generalizando. En el primer ejemplo, la vida es hermosa, nos referimos a la vida en general, no a la vida de alguien en espec铆fico.

Ejercicio de oraciones sin art铆culos

Crea 5 ejemplos de oraciones con sustantivos que no requieran utilizar art铆culos. Te dejo mis 5 ejemplos si te pueden servir de alguna gu铆a.

  • Some apples are green.
  • He needs to drink water.
  • Andrea eats eggs for breakfast.
  • I love pizza.
  • Life is strange.

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o inicia sesi贸n.

Iced tea is a refreshing drink

Ice cream is the most delicious in the world.

I need soil for the plants.

Woo! I have a common mistake in this type of exercises because I always want to add the

This class breake my mind!

Siempre me pregunte por qu茅 en ingles no usan el articulo 鈥渢he鈥 para todo (como lo hacemos en el espa帽ol) y ahora entiendo que solo se ocupan los art铆culos para definir cosas especificas 0-0.

My example for this class

Coffee is delicious

We don鈥檛 need the article the because we are talking about in general!


The coffee from Colombia is delicious

6. Nouns without articles

Noun: Something that you can describe.

Countable: Things you can count:

Uncountable nouns:

I鈥檇 like to drink iced tea.

The girl likes to eat icre cream.


  1. Life is beautiful.
  2. I don鈥檛 like homework.
  3. People are kind
  4. Sunny likes apples, but not oranges.

She likes dogs.

Water is good for your health.

Five examples:

  1. Life is hard.
  2. I need some chocolate.
  3. I love to watch anime.
  4. My children love pizza.
  5. I鈥檇 like to be rich, so I can buy a lot of stuff.

Coffee is the best!
I need money!
There are chairs in the living room.
Down with homework!
Maria loves cats.

  • The people needs love
  • All the nuclear things are dangerus
  • I don麓t like bread
  • All the news are fake
  • The money is the most important thing in the wolrd

Ejemplos de oraciones con sustantivos que no requieren utilizar art铆culos.

  • Cars need gas to move
  • Parents must take care of their children
  • Animals must be free in their natural habitat
  • Latino Americans are happy people
  • Water is necessary for human beings

My sentences:
-I鈥檇 like some ice tea.
-It鈥檚 hot today, do you want an ice cream ?
-Dogs are really cute.
-Water has no color

  • Phones are utilitarian.

  • Susan believes that books change your life.

  • Computers are really necessary to work in this millennium

  • He loves to eat pizza

  • Mariano runs every day. He needs to buy new shoes

I drink ice tea in the park.
This table has good wood.
My sister need new work.
We heard advices, every day.
There are interesting information.

Dogs are good pets. people are very busy. I hate Mondays. Love is all around. I went to bed very early.
  • There is no sugar.

  • Babies are cute.

  • Anna loves dogs.

  • French fries are delicious.

  • Watermelons have seeds.

Sometimes I like to see rain.
My boyfriend doesn鈥檛 like making homework.
Can you give me that cheese, please?
I fancy fast food tonight.
Love is amazing but others is terrible.

Exercise: Five sentences without articles

  • books are interesting

  • Dogs loves food

  • Weather is cold

  • He drives cars

  • Beds are soft

  • Money is reason for work.
  • All you need is love.
  • My t-shirt is made of cotton.
  • My favourite drink is coffee.
  • I need honey for add it to my tea.
  • Music is great to join different cultures
  • Technology is getting advanced every day.
  • I hate pollution.
  • I like prevention instead of remediation.
  • Vinyl music format sounds better than CD music format.

Who can be denied love.
Water essential to live.
Reading changes the perspective of opinion.
I like to eat pizza.
An ice cream to counteract this heat.

1. trees are necessary for the environment/ 2. the woman loves flowers/ 3. the company need computers 4. I love guitars 5. everyone need book to learn


  1. Fruit is very healthy.
  2. My cousin drinks soda.
  3. My dad bought wood, yesterday.
  4. My dress is wool.
  5. Time is very short.

Hamburger is delicious
There are boys in this room
Play guitar is the best of the world
My baby is intelligent and cute
The leon is the most dangerous

鈼廕hon loves birds.
鈼廔 am relaxed at home.
鈼廔 work all day.
鈼廠he wants to play outside.
鈼廔 should go out more.

  • Education enables people to be better
  • Love is Wonderful
  • Feelings are complex
  • Cats are very kind
  • Squirrels are beautiful

Ejemplos de generalizaciones

Life is beautiful.
I don鈥檛 like homework.
People are kind.
Sunny likes apples, but not oranges.
She likes dogs.
Water is good for your health.

  • I don鈥檛 like cats.
  • I can鈥檛 eat candies at night.
  • Life is sad sometimes.
  • Homework is difficult
  • People need love.

Let鈥檚 practice!

  • I really like animals.
  • Don鈥檛 use drugs, they are bad for your health.
  • Do you like soda?
  • Planets are amazing.
  • I can鈥檛 eat junk food

Life is interesting.
Learn to live with love.
Love is life鈥檚 part.
English is my challenge at this moment.
Comprehension is love鈥檚 part.

Spanish makes life difficult for us because we want to put 鈥渢he鈥 to everything


thank you

  • She is relaxing with her dog outside
  • Water shouldn鈥檛 have any weird taste
  • Some fruit it鈥檚 starting to rot
  • I don鈥檛 like beans
  • I want to eat hot chips

I love bread
Computers are essential today
Gold has more market capitalization than Bitcoin today
Phones are faster than ten years ago
Knowledge is the most valuable asset we can have

  • My grandmom hates cats
  • My brother loves beer
  • water runs the risk of running out in the world
  • Natural juices is better than bottled juices
  • World don鈥檛 need war

Life is interesting.
Learn to live with love.
Love is life鈥檚 part.
English is my challenge at this moment.
Comprehension is love鈥檚 part.

Rain is cold
Viviana loves candies, but not vegetables
Youtube is an interisting tool to learn

Rain is very sad

I like cheese with wine

I don鈥檛 like homework

Love is necessary

Oil is necessary for cars

thank you

cats sleep too much
Sunday is the best day
honey is sticky
salt and sugar are bad in excess
do not bite wool, because it is very unpleasant.

My exercise.

Bread at morning is really good for a breakfast
I like coffee when i am studying
I like the hot weather so wood is really good for the nights
Plastic is really bad for the ocean
I don鈥檛 like people that unrespect time
I am really happiness because i鈥檓 stuying english now
The job is really good to us because put on practice our knowledge

I love videogames
Learn languages is awesome
Pineapples is delicious
Love is dangerous
Birds are very fast

Cellphones are exceptional tools today.
It麓s a wonderful day, Weather is perfect.
Ecuadorians are kind people.

He wants ice tea
I bougth ice cream

Dogs love play with their owners
Water is very clear

Cats are so lazy
Mites are everywhere
Videogames are interesting

People go to the gym at evening
Electric cars make little noise
Water is essential for life
Foods with nuts are good for memory
Milk is a common ingredients in many recipes
she needs some light
Information is for everyone

Love conquers all.
Patience is a virtue.
Time heals all wounds.
Money talks.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

* all bananas are yellow * the cat needs to drink milk * Mark has coffee for breakfast * I love ice cream * Life is beautiful
* I like rock music * Diamonds are shine * She drinks coffee * He loves blue sky * Cats are very cute

wow this is new for me, I think due that we talk in Spanish, we try to put 鈥渢he鈥 to everything :p

Computers are the most useful invention in the world
i'm thristy i'll drink water he likes movies juna don't like bananas she hasn't money i think rain today
The ice cream is delicious I want water please She loves dog Today is very warn, I prepare ice tea for us I like a slide of cake
brother you are very lazy go to work my chair is not very new my mouse is funny my bottle of water needs more waster my bed is calling me :(
Life is wonderful Friends are family Food are deliciuous Money is necessary I like cool water
The marshmallow is delicious
  • I鈥檓 watching this course on my monitor.
  • When I play videogames I use my gaming mouse.
  • Yesterday I wore that black shirt.
  • When ir鈥檚 cold I use my blankets.
  • My phone says the time is the six thirty.


  • The life of Julia is really hard
  • Fred don鈥檛 like to do the homework that his teacher gove him
  • That people is terrible, they are destroy my house
  • Sunny like apples but this one, the apple that you gove her don`t like

Versiones corregidas

S铆, hay errores en estas oraciones. Aqu铆 est谩n las correcciones:

  1. The life of Julia is really hard.
    (Esta oraci贸n est谩 correcta).
  2. Fred don鈥檛 like to do the homework that his teacher gave him.
    (Correcci贸n: Fred no le gusta hacer la tarea que su profesor le dio. Se cambi贸 鈥渄on鈥檛鈥 por 鈥渄on鈥檛鈥 para que sea gramaticalmente correcto).
  3. That people is terrible, they are destroying my house.
    (Correcci贸n: Esas personas son terribles, est谩n destruyendo mi casa. Se cambi贸 鈥渋s鈥 a 鈥渁re鈥 y 鈥渄estroy鈥 a 鈥渄estroying鈥 para que sea gramaticalmente correcto).
  4. Sunny likes apples, but this one, the apple that you gave her, she doesn鈥檛 like.
    (Correcci贸n: A Sunny le gustan las manzanas, pero esta, la manzana que le diste, no le gusta. Se realizaron varias correcciones para que sea gramaticalmente correcto).

Espero que estas correcciones te sean 煤tiles. Si tienes alguna otra pregunta, no dudes en hacerla.

  • She likes apples and bananas.
  • People are very courious.
  • My brother loves his shoes.
  • Moms are superheroes.
  • She loves cats.
  • Milk is delicious.
  • Cats are friendly.
  • Juan loves dogs
  • Ronaldo is the best soccer player in the world
  • My brother is the tallest in my family
  • Juan loves dogs, but not cats.

  • Colombian coffee is the best

  • American women are tall

  • Breakfast is the most important food of the day

  • Avocado is excellent source of nutrients

I take a coffe cup right now.
Kiss is the most famous band of the rock glam.
She left in the subway.

  1. My phone is big and new.
  2. I have my money in the bank.
  3. Apple is delicious.
  4. beach has a lot of sand.
  5. I鈥檓 going to buy vegetables in the supermarket.

I hate weather hot.
I don鈥檛 like black dogs.
She loves rainbows.
Donald likes water.
Diego watches anime.

elephants are big animals
Sea is very large
I want to eat cheese today
I need love of my wife
I drink water every morning

I would love to drink tea with you.
I love to eat ice cream every saturday

  • I love pasta. It is even better if we accompany it with wine.

  • In this cold season, nothing is better than hot chocolate.

  • Life is short; be happy.

  • Most of the information is free.

  • Sugar is not good for health.

1. Play is funny
2. Study is important in the life
3. Smiling is great
4. The sun is hot
5. The trees are important in the world

All the world need money
He love cats
The plants need rain

I鈥檓 hot. I would like iced tea.
Today is my birthday. It鈥檚 a special day for eating ice cream.

i麓m thirsty. Actually i would like ice tea

I麓d like to eat bread.
they drank wine yersteday.
bed sheets are made of silk.
I need this information.
the children don麓t like news.
Children don麓t like to do homework.

  • Scissors are sharp
  • Watch is decorative
  • People is good
  • Books are very important for the humanity
  • Ocean is dangerous for the kids

Sentences without articles:

  1. Dogs can save your life.
  2. Coconut lemonade with ice is the most refreshing drink.
  3. I鈥檇 like to taste ramen.
  4. Heights are dangerous for me!
  5. In a complicated situation, faith is the last thing to lose.

Weather is crazy here.

I hate ice tea.

She enjoys fruit with her ice cream.

I don鈥檛 have patience with puzzles, always lose one piece.

Love is in the air!

We have a kind of dog. I don鈥檛 know its breed

My five examples:

  • She is sleeping.
  • She loves sushi.
  • I love my parents.
  • Sky is blue.
  • Cucumbers are green.
  • Trees are green.

I don鈥檛 fish.
Not all people are friendly.
Mam likes apples but not cologne apples.
Your tree has worms

  • Television is an old school way to show news
  • Computers help us to get information
  • Chais are very useful in a room

uncountable nouns: Water, orange juice, rice, feelings, money, Sunny, winter, rain, health, Alcohol books, trees, children

  • I like to drink much water, water is good for health
  • She wants orange juice
  • I going to buy a pound of rice in the supermarket
  • I have feelings that i can鈥檛 explain
  • They prefer money
  • It鈥檚 a sunny day
  • He loves winter
  • Rain is heard very strong
  • Alcohol is not good for health
  • Those books are very interesting
  • Trees give us oxygen
  • Children are learning to read

Countable nouns: Boys, Pineapples, Mouse, Television, cellphone

  • The boys are very handsome
  • The pineapples are sweet
  • That house has a mouse inside
  • My father has a big TV in the living room
  • I want to buy a new cellphone

We drink iced tea in house.
Little girl is eat ice cream.
She鈥檚 with Tobby.
Water is clean.
Cheese is delicious.

Phone is expensive.
Tree is very big.
cats is cute.
I鈥檇 like some limonade.
i was born in the 80鈥檚

  1. Plants are beatiful
  2. Water is very healty
  3. Rain i鈥檛s too cold
  4. Clouds are grey today
  5. Music sound good

I like the weather cold
my grandma cook very well
my mother prefer all food sweet
i like cats

i am thirsty and i would like a iced tea asap, there is no iced tea

the little girl is eating vegetables, and she wants ice cream

  • Love is blind
  • Water is life
  • My sister loves cats
  • I love is pizza
  • My daughter like chees

Sentences without article:

  • Classes like that are very matter
  • C茅sar Cordero shows us that education is a vocation. He does it very well!
  • They 're so good that I hope C茅sar鈥檚 courses don麓t finish
  • Thanks to Platzi I can enhance knowledge in language
  • Please, thank you to anyone who can help me to correct mistakes.
  1. I need to drink milk
  2. My mom eats eggs for breakfast
  3. My family loves pizza
  4. Life is beautiful
  5. My motorcycle needs gas

Water is good for people
People lives in houses
Beer contains alcohol

1.The glass of her is of ice tea.
2. my neighbor likes to give ice cream to my neighborhood麓s children.
3.Dogs are the smartest pets of the world.
4.Water is one of the four element of the nature.
5.Hands feels water like as air.
6.Apples were in the supermarket yesterday.
7.Walls are white.
8.Pillow is on the bed.
9.Sharpener is like a knife more small.
10.Rachel gave me some of pieces of advice

  • I love Cofee
  • Brian Computer鈥檚 doesn鈥檛 work.
  • Apple iPhone divice is cool.
  • My shoes is so comfortable

1.-I lot of money
2.-I love hamburger
3.-I have many homework
4.-I like sandwich with cheese
5.-I love make snowmen

-Carts are independents
-I need money
-My mother loves dogs
-I don鈥檛 like mayonnaise
-I don鈥檛 like alcohol

Muy buena clase. Por lo general, quiero agregar el "the" a todo. Adem谩s, acabo de a帽adir nuevas palabras o expresiones a mi vocabulario.

How much is iced tea?
Let麓s to the park, I want eat ice cream
I have many dogs, my sister likes dogs
He likes water

My mom makes the breackfast with cheese
Rain is good for the plants
I need money for my class
She loves cats
I don麓t like vegetable

Social media is fantastic

She told me that her favorite animal are birds

I need to buy groceries

I like to look for laptos and cellphones on online markets

  1. Eggs are a good breakfast
  2. Cats love boxes
  3. Money isn鈥檛 Happiness
  4. Love can change anything
  5. Rain is goof for plants and animals

my hands are full of water and my heart full of love

She loves dogs because her mom always said life is good if you have dogs

Colombian coffee is the best.
Workouts are good for many people.
Race cars are dangerous.
It鈥檚 hot outside i need water.
Fly car can be good idea for transportation.

*Dogs are kind
*People likes money
*My son loves Spiderman
*Sun give us life

the kid cry because there homework of math
the people love songs of rihana
i love it the cats
all oranges are good

My phone is red