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Nouns with countable and uncountable meanings


Ya sabes que hay sustantivos contables e incontables, pero qu茅 crees鈥 隆Hay sustantivos incontables que tienen forma plural! Vamos a ver c贸mo reconocerlos.

C贸mo identificar uncountable nouns que pueden estar en plural

La forma plural de uncountable nouns se usa cuando se habla de 鈥tipos de鈥 o 鈥variedades de鈥 algo. Es por esto que, para identificar si se puede emplear el sustantivo incontable en plural, debes tener en cuenta el contexto.

Por ejemplo, tanto el caf茅 como el queso existen en distintas variedades. Existe el caf茅 espresso, americano, as铆 como que queso cheddar, parmesano, etc.

Sabiendo esto, podemos formular preguntas para referirnos a uno o varios tipos, como:

  • 驴Which are the most popular chesses?
  • 驴Which are the best colombian coffees?

Ejemplos de sustantivos incontables en plural

En ingl茅s, entre los sustantivos que pueden ser countable y uncountable, encuentras:

  • Coffee / Coffees
  • Water / waters
  • Cheese / cheeses
  • Milk / milks
  • Bread / breads
  • Sugar / sugars
  • Oil/ oils

Oraciones usando uncountable nouns en plural

  • What are the top 10 cheeses? (types of cheese) / 驴Cu谩les son los 10 mejores quesos?
  • I鈥檇 like three coffees to go, please (cups of coffee). / Quiero tres caf茅s para llevar, por favor.
  • What are the most popular breads around the world? / 驴Cu谩les son los panes m谩s populares del mundo?
  • You should mix different oils for a better result. / Deber铆as mezclar diferentes aceites para obtener un mejor resultado.

Ejercicio usando sustantivos incontables en plural:

A continuaci贸n, piensa en 5 sustantivos que funcionan como contables e incontables y formula oraciones de cada una en las dos formas.

Ejemplo usando cheese y cheeses:

Uncountable noun: Cheese
Used in a sentence: Cheese is yellow.
Used as a plural noun: Semi-soft cheeses are the best ones.

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o inicia sesi贸n.


  • I lost my wine last night.
  • Please, recommend me three wines.


  • Gasoline it鈥檚 almost over.
  • I want to buy two gasolines.


  • She found jam in my fridge.
  • OMG, this aisle it鈥檚 full of jams
  • I love Mexican food.

  • Pozole is one of the most popular Mexican foods.

  • I want to drink some juice.

  • There are some juices in the fridge.

  • You should eat fruit.

  • My neighbor sells different kinds of fruits.

8. Nouns with countable and uncountable meanings

Different meanings (examples): Coffes, waters, chesses, milks, breads, sugars, oils.

I鈥檇 like three coffees to go, please. (cups of coffee)


  1. What are the most popular breads around the world?
  2. You should mix different oils for a better result.


  1. Don鈥檛 forget to buy water! / I鈥檇 like three waters to go, please.
  2. Would you like to drink wine? / This is one of the best wines in the world.
  3. If you want to lose weight, you should start avoiding sugar. / You also need to identify how many sugars you get from all the food you eat every day.
  4. I love this soup. / I think I鈥檓 gonna ask for two soups for us and two pizzas for the children.
  5. You need to buy more juice. / Is it enough to buy four juices for the trip?


Hello!!! Here are my answers:

  • breads
  • oils
  • What are the most popular breads around the world?
  • You should mix oils different for a better result


  • Flour was expensive because it has chocolate.
  • I need three flours for to make this cake.


  • Ham with some wine is so delicious.
  • I buy four hams for dinner.


  • This apple is sweet.
  • Wich apples do you prefer?


  • Would you like some tea?
  • Please tell me three teas, I鈥檓 very sick.

** salt**

  • Don鈥檛 use salt please. My father is healthy
  • What are the best salts for to make barbecue?

Pizza is delicious.
What kind of pizzas do you prefer?

I would like a lot of wine
What kind of wines would you like?.

I don鈥檛 drink beer
He鈥檚 drinking three beers.

nice class

Yesterday, I went to the mall with my friends and we ordered eight coffees.
You should try three strategies to watch the mind flies and wanders.

  • I would like buy three games for my console.
  • My girlfriend has a top 3 to her favorites Ice Creams.
  • Would you like some coffees to drink here?


  • I have a computer
  • At the store, there are 3 computers that I like
  • I buy an english book
  • She read 2 books in three weeks
  • My blue jacket is nice
  • There are 5 black jackets at the store


  • What kind of juices prepare in his restaurant?.
  • I鈥檇 like to drink some of juice.


  • She have three math homehorks.
  • I don鈥檛 like to make the homework.

I have two examples, but i don鈥檛 know if tha鈥檚 correct. I read you to know the opinion.

This tea is cold, give me two teas more, please.
I like eating this cheese, but what of all chesses of the cuppboard?
What of all oils do you prefer cooking? I prefer olive oil.
I like French bread but how many breads exist?

The US dollar is the most popular currency around the world.
There are many currencies all around South America.

Craft beer is really good. You should try it!
How many beers have you drunk already?

Can you bring me 2 orange and 3 mango juices, please . For the vale de need 2 milk and 1 oil. Two milkshakes to go, please.

My practice

  • For example:


  • I would like a cup of coffee, please.
  • I want to buy 3 coffees to go, please


  • I鈥檇 like some sugar in my coffee, please.

  • What kind of sugars do you have?


  • Sorry, I don鈥檛 like to drink beer
  • We want 4 beers and 4 hamburgers, please.

She found jam in my fridge.
OMG, this aisle it鈥檚 full of jams

Pizza is delicious.
What kind of pizzas do you prefer?

I would like a lot of wine
What kind of wines would you like?.

I don鈥檛 drink beer
He鈥檚 drinking three beers.

  • Juice
    I don鈥檛 like the juice, but when I saw in your fridge that a lot of juices I wanted drink one.

  • Beer
    I don鈥檛 like the beer, bot when I drink one I immediately want a lot of beers

  • Cheese
    My bread had cheese, because I chosed one of the cheeses table

  • I bought this wine of the supermarket, when I went there there was a lot of wines

  • My cat don鈥檛 like watch others cats

the toilet don鈥檛 have water.
this BBQ have different meats.
three juices, please.
do you want two beers!?
how much juices?

  • I like those chessees
  • He drinks soda
  • Would you like some coffe?
  • They are eating meat

I need two bottles of water for the hike.
Can you pass me three sheets of paper?
She bought two types of cheese for the party.
We need to buy two new chairs for the dining table.
We had three great times during our vacation.

* the Apple is red * there are not many apples * sugar is very white * There is not too much sugar * yellow pencil is my favorite * there are some pencils

I鈥檇 like to order 3 hamburgers.

1. What kind of beverages do you have? 2. I need to buy differents kinds of rice. 3. Please, three lemonades 4. This recipe needs three differents cheeses 5. Take all the courses you could
Uncountable nouns 鈥 Give me some water please 鈥 I make coffee for breakfast every morning 鈥 Drink lemonade on hot day is the best way to keep hydrated 鈥 We usually buy pop corn when we go to movie theater 鈥 I drink beer only in social meetings Countable nouns 鈥 I buy two bottle of water at the store because I was thirsty 鈥 Three coffees with milk to go, please 鈥 I made two jars of lemonade for the lunch 鈥 I have three pop corn bags ready to do for the movie night party 鈥 I like to order two beers please
My answers to the exercise: \- Can I have a beer, please? \- Would you like to drink some beers? \- I drank a lot of beers.
Wather I want one glass with wather In the sea have much wather Wine My friend order one cup of wine The vineyard is full of wine Fever I had some fever A high fever
> job * I lost my job last week. * I would need 2 jobs to pay my debts > ticket * I would like to have a ticket for the concert. * tickets for the concert are more expensive. > danger * I am afraid of danger * I am afraid of the dangers of life. > meats * meats is red * What are the best meats in the world? > storm * Last night there was a rain storm * There have been a lot of rain storms lately.
Burger I'd like three burgers please. Please, suggest to me two burgers. Beer The beers german is the best between top 10 in the world. Why lie, I need a beer. Vegetables My mom shop different kind of vegetables. Not all vegetables like me.
What are the most popular bread around the world? You should mix different oils for a better result.

Colombia has one gasolines more expensives of the region
my motorcycle consume three gallons of gasoline for week

are there some sugar?
we have several sugars for sale

what are the top ten wines in the world?
i麓d like wine please

i preffer semi-skimmed milk over other milks
I spilled my milk

this juice is make with several grapes
the grape grep up in cold weather

I like 3 milks cake
I like my coffee with 2 sugars

Juice - The juice is healthy / I麓d like four orange juices to go, please.

Beer - Some people like beer / How many beers are you going to bring?

Cheese - Some cheeses are delicious / What kind of cheese do you like?

Milk - Adults humans don麓t need to drink milk / You don麓t need to buy 11 milks

Oil - Do you know what type of oil is healthier? / I think so will take this avocado oil.


  • I can choose between those two milks
  • I give them milk every day
  • I bought 3 cheeses yesterday
  • I need some cheese for my breakfast
  • There are a lot of sugars in the market
  • I put some sugar on my tea

Uncountable noun: MILK
Used in a sentence: I can鈥檛 drink milk
Used as a plural noun: We can buy now some types of milks

Uncountable noun: BREAD
Used in a sentence: I love my coffee with bread at the morning
Used as a plural noun: Breads can be different ingredients

Uncountable noun: OIL
Used in a sentence: Canola oil is the cheapest
Used as a plural noun: In Colombia canola oils are the most popular

Uncountable noun: CHEESE
Used in a sentence: Parmetian cheese is my favorite
Used as a plural noun: We can buy different cheeses for the dinner

Uncountable noun: SUGAR
Used in a sentence: I prefer my coffee without sugar
Used as a plural noun: We need many sugars for the cake

  1. The water is cold.
    What kind waters do you buy? Mineral or Coke?
  2. I don鈥檛 like sugar in my tea.
    There are types sugars? Yes, there is brown sugar and white sugar.
  3. This milk is sour.
    Do you like soya milk and almond milk? Yes, I like those milks.
  4. Susan likes blue cheese.
    Susan buys delicious cheeses.
  5. Olive oil is the best of your health.
    Tony cooks with all oils.

I鈥檇 like her new music.
Can you recommend to me three new bands?
There are many kinds milks
I like milks low in fat.
It鈥檚 important manteince a balance diet whit fruits and vegetables.
Not all sugars are bad.

  • How much time did it take you to clean your room?
  • She has seen the video many times.
  • I had chicken for lunch.
  • We keep chickens in the backyard.
  • I鈥檇 like to eat beef meet for dinner.
  • I hate eating red meats like beef and lamb
  • Many animals are afraid of fire.
  • Firemen put out fires.
  • My dad has a very good visual memory.
  • He is trying to block out memories of the accident.
  • She ate a fruit that was too sour to eat.
  • We sell fruits because we want to save money for a trip to Spain.
  • Light: I need more light to read this book(uncountable).
    Light: There are three lights in the ceiling. (countable)
  • Hair: She has long black hair. (uncountable).
    Hair: I found a hair in my soup. (countable).
  • Room: Is there room for one more?(uncontable).
    Room: This is my room.(countable)
  • Glass: The window is made of glass.(uncountable)
    Glass: She collects glasses from different countries(countable)

Uncountable noun: Sugar
Used in a sentence: I need sugar in my coffe
Used as a pural noun: exist many brands suggars in the market!

Uncountable noun: Art
Used in a sentence: The gallery art is open today.
Used as a plural noun: Which are the museum with many arts?

Uncountable noun: rice
Used in a sentence: The rice is delicious
Used as a plural noun: Don鈥檛 use that rice. Exist many rices and that is not to prepare sushi

Uncountable noun: Knowledge
Used in a sentence: You have knowledge in Microsoft 365
Used as a plural noun: He has many knowledges in Microsoft technologies

Uncountable noun: Motivation
Used in a sentence: I need motivation all days
Used as a plural nouns: He has many motivations to learn english

Water is healthy
which are the most popular waters?

Cheese is rich in the pizza
which are the best cheeses for the pizzas?

milk is in fridge
Where the best milks are produced?

oil is very useful in the kitchen
which are the most quality oils?

Sugar is necessary for make dessert.
Which are the most popular sugars in Ecuador?

  • You have to add some olive oil into the salad.

  • There are different types of oils.

  • What are your three favorite cheeses?

  • Parmesan is the best cheese to use in pastas.

  • I love wholemeal bread.

  • In this bakery, there are many kinds of breads

  • Sugar is unhealthy for the teeth.

  • I鈥檇 like 2 sugars for my coffee please.

  • The clear waters of the lake are perfect for swimming

  • Water is fresh and transparent.

  • I need three milks to make this cake.
  • I heard that this restaurant is the best for soups I want to tastte three soups.
  • I would like thre ice creams, please.

In the supermarket sells three kinds of apples.

My mom have a lot of picture of my sisters and mine.


My neighbor has a cat in hers house.
I don麓t like cats.

I drink coffee everyday.
The president鈥檚 secretary buys two coffees in the mornings.

Oliva oil is better than oil current.
I want a massage with natural oils.

  • What is the better coffees?
  • Do you like Chesses?
  • I鈥檇 like three milks to go, please.
  • I like sugars
  • In this recipe what is the better oils?

I really like a good coffee with a good bread.
What are your top 5 breads?

  1. Milk
    I buy five milks.
    I drink milk hot.
  2. Wine
    I have twelve wines.
    I gift a wine for you.
  3. Egg
    The hen put three eggs.
    I cookin egg in my breakfast.
  4. Bread
    In the bakery there is variety breads.
    I eat bread French.
  5. Meat
    All the meats are delicious.
    What is your favorite meat?


  • I want to drink some tequila
  • There is a place that sells a lot of tequilas


  • She has a table of cheese
  • I want to eat three cheeses, please


  • I need to do four homework
  • She couldn麓t do her homework

Uncountables nouns in plural activity:

  1. What kinds of soups do you like?
  2. I鈥檇 like to order four cheeses, this tipe please.
  3. What kinds of sugars do you add in your cake?

My sentences:

  1. Lamps
    1. I like to sleep with my lamp on.
    2. I have 2 lamps in my room.
  2. Computers
    1. I have a work computer in my house.
    2. There are a lots of computers in the office.
  3. Burgers
    1. I would you like to order Hawaiian Burger, please.
    2. I love every type of burger.
  4. Pianos
    1. Classical pianos are very expensive.
    2. There are many types of pianos.
  5. Keyboards
    1. My mom gave me a RAZER keyboard.
    2. I have many keyboards to programming.

which kind of jam do you want?
I鈥檇 like two jams, please
I鈥檇 like buying a some oils.
you should mix different fruits.

1.Game - I really liked this game 鈥 The variety of games in the world is amazing
2.Exercise - That exercise is too hard 鈥 Those exercises can be most appropriate
3.Song - My favorite song is 鈥淚ndestructible鈥 by Disturbed 鈥 The list of songs that鈥檚 my favorite include this one
4.Work - You work is interesting, can you tell me more about it? 鈥 Types of works i麓ve had are too numerous to count
5. Color - That color isn鈥檛 like that, please check it. 鈥 The variety of colors can make the choice difficult.


  • When I feel thirsty, I drink some water.

  • I麓d like to test the waters of Chavo del 8.


  • M铆a Loves chessee.

  • Mia eats many types of cheeses.


  • I like have breakfast with coffee.

  • I 麓d like three coffees to go


  • I love all food.

  • when I travel, I like test many foods


  • I love drink juice in the morning.

  • I like the Juices of orange and carrot.

Let麓s practice

  • What are the most popular breads arounf the world?

  • You should mix different oils for a better result.

  • What a delious tea.
  • I麓d like two iced teas, please.
  • I whant the warm and chocolate milk.
  • There are several milks in the fridge.
  • I want a cold soda.
  • There are ten sodas in the cooler, take the one you want.

My favorite food is pasta, I love it!

I ate three pastas in my travel to Italia.

  • can you recommend me two movies please?
  • I need four packages of nails for build a bottle stand in my living.
  • What are cutest dog in the world?

1.-I want coffee
Please, I would like three coffees to go
2.-I need a new pant
I want some pants for this week
3.-I like to drink soda
Would I like buy six sodas please?
4.- I love this cake, is very delicious
Can I recommend buy some cakes?
5.- I love make tea in the morning
Can I serve two cup of teas?

-Add some salt to taste
-Do you know how many varieties of salt there are?

-I made an almond flour cake

  • Here they sell a variety of type of flours


  • I don鈥檛 eat rice
    -Sometimes I mix two or three different kinds of rices when cooking.
  1. I鈥檇 like two juices to drink here, please.
  2. I need moneys.
  3. How amount of sugars?
  4. How amount of salt?
  5. Can you help me to count the starts?
  1. Milk
    Milk is good for coffee
    Which milks do you prefer with your coffee?

  2. Bread
    Wholemeal bread is healthy
    There are lots of breads in Mexico

  3. Sugar
    I prefer drink tea whitout sugar
    Which sugars do you want?

  4. Beer
    I like dark beer
    Which beers are your favorite?

  5. Soup
    I鈥檇 like some chicken soup for lunch
    My wife knows many recipes of soups

She got 3 favorites kinds of ice creams, chocolate, strawberry and pistachio.

If you go to the frigde, your are going to see two types of milks, please bring me the Goat milk.

Hey babe, i am at the supermarket, you said me buy rice, but here are 2 diferent rices, what should i buy?

  • I drink different types of waters
  • I would like to try 10 top of cheeses in the world
  • I like all types of cheese
  • My moon recognizes all types of coffee
  • My brother asks for the best waters

I want four coffees to go, please
I want a coffee, please.

He would like five breads to go.

What are the most popular breads around the world?
You should mix different oils for a better result.

which are the most healty suggars in the word?
Himalaya salt is the healtiest of all salts

I am stoping eating bread.
I want three types of brads please.

I don鈥檛 drink sugar.
I鈥檇 recommended the top sugars for desserts

At home we use olive oil.
I want buy five types of oils

What kind milks do you rather?

-Rice isn鈥檛 enough
-China and india are the principal producers of rices
-Everyone need air to life
-Some industries genres dangerous airs for people
-What liquor do you prefer
-I don麓t like any type of liquors

鈥 Can you pass me the sugar please?
鈥 What are the healthiest sugars?
鈥 One of the most important natural resources of the world is water.
鈥 I鈥檇 like 5 waters to go please.
鈥 I have been to Italy three times.
鈥 Time flies quickly.

I don麓t like Pepsi.
He wants to try two diferents sodas.
My mother likes read that book.
My father reads four books a moth.
My cousin has a red car.
Donato has ten cars in the garage.
I don麓t like the onion.
That cook likes used a lot of onions.


  • some tomate are green.
  • Tomates red are delociuos
  • milk is delicious
  • almond milks is healthy
  • Book is big
  • Horror Books are fantastics
  • Paint is the most amaeazing
  • some paints are the worst
  • house is the biggest of country
    -These Houses are the best of cuty

5 Examples with countable and uncountable nouns

  • What type of Jams do you like?
  • What are the top 5 healthy butters in your country?
  • I want to buy two types of cheeses
  • I need to buy some soups at the restaurant.
  • What are the most popular brand of breads in Panama?
  • Coffees.
  • Waters.
  • Cheeses.
  • Milks.
  • Breads.
  • Sugars.
  • Oils.
  • What are the top 10 cheeses in the world?
  • I鈥檇 like three coffees to go, please.
  • What are the most popular breads around the world?
  • You should mix different oils for a better result.
  • This coffee is hot.
  • I鈥檇 like two coffees, please.
  1. Juice
    Orange juice is delicious.
    Excuse me, what flavors of juices does it have?

  2. pasta
    How much pasta do you want?
    What kind of pastas do you like?

  3. Chocolate
    I love drinking chocolate.
    The best chocolates I鈥檝e ever had are white chocolate,
    dark chocolate, and almond chocolate.

  4. plumage
    This bird has a beautiful plumage.
    The birds in the zoo have different plumages.

  5. soup
    This soup looks delicious.
    Can you bring us two vegetable soups please?

l want tree bag of sugars

You should mix different oils for a better result.

What are the most popular breads around the world ?

  • I drank a mix of juice
  • He bought a kilo of nails
  • Those are a lot of spoons in the kitchen
  • These are many soups on the menu

This is a Merlot wine.
I have three types of wines, what do you prefer?

Honey is delicious.
I have honeys with different tastes, you choose one for your pancakes.

I love whiskey.
This is one of the finest whiskeys in the world.

I鈥檇 like 3 breads please.
I want to buy 3 waters.
He prepares many cheeses
She wants to get 2 coffees
I see 2 sugars

I ate two slices of pizza for lunch.

鉁 I like drink water 鉁 There are a lot of waters 鉁 I'd like some cheese 鉁 What kind of cheeses you have?

My Practice:

USED IN A SENTENCE: Gold is mineral.
USED AS PLURAL NOUN: The human body has many minerals for its proper functioning.

USED IN A SENTENCE: Eucalyptus wood has multiple uses.
USED AS PLURAL NOUN: There are quality woods for the manufacture of furniture.

USED IN A SENTENCE: seawater is very healthy.
USED AS PLURAL NOUN: There are different types of mineral waters.

USED IN A SENTENCE: I love fruit.
USED AS A PLURAL NOUN: Fruits have a lot of sugar and they can make people fat

USED IN A SENTENCE: Grass is green.
USED AS A PLURAL NOUN: Grasses grow well depending on the type of soil where they are planted.

Water is life
The waters are mixed

Milk is controversial.
The best milks are cow麓s and goat麓s

I don鈥檛 eat oil.
There are many oils on the market.

I love cheese.
I haven鈥檛 eaten all the cheeses on the world

The sweets of these times contain a lot of sugar.
I am going to look for the top 10 most harmful sugars.

There are a lot of sodas in the fridge.
I鈥檇 like three cheeses for my breakfast.
Just get the milks to make smoothie.
Look at this, wines are expensive.
Which is your favorite colombian breads?

Bread :

  • I love to eat French bread
  • What other bread would you recommend?


  • I lost my champagne bottle last night.
  • Please, recommend me thrre champagnes.


  • My daugther found sausage in the fridge.
  • Let鈥檚 make a sausage sandwich


  • I鈥檇 like to eat some slice of cheese with some bread.
  • Whose cheeses are these?


  • I鈥檒l prepare cereal with a box of milk
  • Keep milks in the fridge


  • Add two cups of sugar
  • Mix the sugars to get a better taste.

-I need to buy some new clothes for the summer.
-There are too many dishes to wash after dinner.
-She always drinks two cups of coffee in the morning.
-The furniture in this room is quite old and worn out.
-He has a lot of experience working in customer service.


  1. What are the most popular breads around the world?
  2. You should mix different oils for a better result.


  1. My cousin recommended me three types of olive oils because He lives in Spain. Olive oil is very healthy.
  2. My mom is cooking apple pie and she is using four types of apples: green, yellow, red and orange.
  3. My father loves bread. He buys different kinds of bread all the mornings: sweet bread, chocolate bread and white bread.
  4. In the college there is a caf茅 and they have different coffee species of countries around the world.
  5. In my girlfriend鈥檚 house had six types of cheese, some cheeses they brought to Italy, those cheeses were delicious.
  1. Rice
    • There are some types of rices in the market
  2. Food
    • Mexico has a lots of foods
  3. Dance
    • We have some traditional dances here in Chile

Exercise using uncountable sustantives in plural form:

  1. Milk:
  • Milk is white.
  • There are different milks on the supermarket鈥檚 shelf.
  1. Sugar:
  • Sugar is good sweetener for your beverages.
  • There are different sugars in the market.
  1. Coffee:
  • Coffee is good for improve your mood.
  • We have different coffees here, premium, decaffeinated, soft, standard.
  1. Bread:
  • Bread is delicious with hot beverages.
  • Look that breads are in this aisle.
  1. Oil:
  • Olive oil is good for your salads and your health.
  • I need two Oils 5W30 for my car.