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Comparatives with longer adjectives


Cuando encontramos adjetivos largos debemos usar una regla distinta para formar comparativos y superlativos. Si el adjetivo tiene tres s铆labas o m谩s, es considerado como adjetivo largo. Estos tambi茅n se pueden utilizar con adverbios, pero por ahora solo nos vamos a concentrar en los adjetivos.


Para formar oraciones usamos la siguiente composici贸n:

  • more + adjective + than

Ejemplos de oraciones comparativas con adjetivos largos

  • Math is more difficult than English. / Las matem谩ticas son m谩s dif铆ciles que el ingl茅s.
  • iPhones are more expensive than Xiaomi. / Los iPhones son m谩s caros que los Xiaomi.
  • The green dress is more beautiful than the black one. / El vestido verde es m谩s bonito que el negro.
  • Snakes are more dangerous than sheep. / Las serpientes son m谩s peligrosas que las ovejas.

Reglas generales para formar comparativos y superlativos

Adjetivo Comparativo Superlativo
Una s铆laba strong stronger strongest
Consonante + vocal corta + consonante big bigger biggest
Terminados en -e large larger largest
Terminados en -y happy happier happiest
Dos s铆labas gentle gentler or more gentle gentlest or most gentle
Tres o m谩s s铆labas expensive more expensive most expensive
Irregulares good better best

Ejercicio usando comparativos con adjetivos largos:

Ahora intenta escribir 5 oraciones empleando adjetivos largos. Aqu铆 tienes una lista de adjetivos con los que puedes trabajar. Comparte tu trabajo en la secci贸n de aportes. 隆Manos a la obra!

  • Handsome
  • Exhausted
  • Generous
  • Different
  • Delicate
  • Natural
  • Necessary
  • Opposite
  • Parallel
  • Private
  • Strange
  • Violent

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o inicia sesi贸n.

Telegram is more interesting than WhatsApp 馃榿

My examples:
Pizza is more delicious than hamburger.
Books are more interesting than movies.
Cars are more expensive than motorcycles.
Dogs are more friendly than cats.

  • Platzi is more effective than University
  • Skullcandy is more expensive than Sony
  • Suggar desserts are more delicious than salad desserts
  • Pizza with pineapple is more interesting than Peperoni Pizza
  • You鈥檙e more important to me than everything

. Platzi english academy is more interesting than Open English.
. Revit is more difficult than Auto Cad.

鈥淏atman is better than Spider-Man鈥
-The kid
(I don鈥檛 know, I like both 馃槂 )

My Examples:

1.- My dog is more intelligent than my cat
2.- Iphone is more expensive than Realme
3.- Burgers are more delicious than Pizza
4.- A salad is more healthy than a hamburger
5.- The Japanese is more difficult than The English

11. Comparative with longer adjectives

Comparison between two or a group of things, adjectives and adverbs.

  1. comfortable.
  2. expensive.
  3. beautiful.
  4. sarcastic
  5. intelligent


  • Math is more difficult than English.
  • iPhones are more expensive than Xiaomis.


  1. The gree dress is more beautiful than the black one.
  2. Snakes are more dangerous than sheep.


  1. My bed is more comfortable than yours.
  2. The Xioami is not as expensive as the iPhone.
  3. Classic paintings are more beautiful than abstract ones.
  4. She鈥檚 even more sarcastic than you.
  5. If you compare those students, you鈥檒l realize none of them is more intelligent than the average, but they are smart enough to know what they want to do in the future.
I most grateful with this English course!

Adjetives: effective, dramatic, confident, beautiful, aggressive

  • This method is more effective than the previous one
  • Kdramas are more dramatic than soap operas
  • JinJin is more confident than MJ
  • The stone in my ring is more beautiful than yours.
  • Some people said that pitbuls are more aggressive than others dogs

Movies are more interesting than books.
College signatures are more expensive than online courses.
Washing hands with soap is more effective than using alcohol.

The grren dress is more beautiful. Snakes are more dangerous than sheep


  • Draw is more creative than watching movies.
  • In Atacama Chile, the sky at the night is more impressive than in Mexico City.
  • Chichen Itza is the most wonderful pyramid in Mexico.
  • Learning some language is more amazing than playing video games
forests are more beautiful landscapes than beaches tacos are more delicious than hamburgers Iztapalapa is more dangerous than Polanco spiders are more frightening than tigers math is more difficult than history
  1. My girlfriend is more beautiful than yours
  2. Studying at Platzi is more important than playing video games in the afternoon
  3. Videos are more useful than texts
  4. Win a game is more satisfactory than losing the same
  5. Mi father is more friendly than my brother

This building is more beutiful than your house
Star wars is more interesting than harry potter
Play soccer in the park is more difficult than play in the computer
Study in at university is more expensive than platzi
Walk at the night is more dangerous than the afternoon

Valeria is more sweet than her sister.
My dad read every day, but it鈥檚 difficult to know which book is more interesting than the other one.
Seafood is more expensive than hamburger.
I think that is better to wear pants because they鈥檙e more comfortable than skirts.
The black coffee is more delicious than tea

Pasta is more delicious than rice.

I鈥檓 more delighted than Cinderella.
My mother is more beautiful than your mother.
This mouse is more dangerous than that cat.
His room is more spectacular than mine.
My car is more precious than the neighbor鈥檚.

Physics is more complicated than some degrees.
My boyfrend is more handsome than mostly men.
My friend is more intelligent than me because he has an average university more hight than me, his average is 4.3 and mine is 3.8
You should to eat more healtly than your sister if you want to win muscular mass.

How to form comparative adjectives


Comparative Adjectives

One and two syllables

General rule: add -er (comparative)
Adjective Comparative
tall taller
long longer

Sarah is taller than Josy.
Titanic is longer than Shrek.
If the adjective ends in e, add -r
Adjective Comparative
nice nicer
large larger

Martha is nicer than Jake.
Brazil is larger than Argentina.
If the adjective ends in CVC (consonant + single vowel + consonant), we double the final consonant and add -er
Adjective Comparative
big bigger
sad sadder

Which animal is bigger than an elephant?
The song 鈥淭ears in Heaven鈥 is sadder than the song 鈥淗appy鈥.
If the adjective ends in consonant + y, change the y to an i and add -er
Adjective Comparative
happy happier
busy busier

My wedding day was happier than this party.
Johnny is busier than me.
Two and three or more syllables

Put more in front of the adjective.
Adjective Comparative
beautiful more beautiful
perfect more perfect
expensive more expensive

My daughter is more beautiful than his.
That artwork is more perfect than the one we saw yesterday.
We can鈥檛 fly first class. Those tickets are more expensive than the others.
List of two-syllable adjectives you can either add -er or put more in front


This one is more simple than the other exercise.
This one is simpler than the other exercise.
Let鈥檚 ask Martin to speak to the principal. He is more polite than me.
Let鈥檚 ask Martin to speak to the principal. He is politer than me.
Irregular comparatives

Adjective Comparative
bad worse
far farther / further
good better
little less
much more

My grandma bakes better cookies than my mom.
Nothing works! This system is worse than the

  • Motorbikes are more expnsive than bicicles.
  • Run is more difficult than walk
  • Dogs are more beautiful than cats
  • Js is more interesting than PHP
  • delphins are more intelligents than apes
  1. Sunsets are more beautiful than mornings.
  2. iOs is more useful than android.
  3. I am more handsome than my brother.
  4. My brother is more intelligent than me.
  5. My angry mom is more dangerous than everything.
  1. The bedroom is more relaxing than the livingroom.
  2. Instrumental music is more sophisticated than rock music.
  3. Maths are more difficult than Spanish.
  4. English to me is more interesting than Italian.
  5. The newspaper is more important than gossip
1 Adventure time is more interesting than other cartoons. 2 There are other electric type-pokemon that are more powerful than Pikachu. 3 Drink water is more healthy than drink soda or juices. 4 I've got a lot of mystery books, 'cause are more addictive than other genres literary, specially Agatha Christie books. 5 Every day before go to sleep i listen to some jazz, because the jazz music is more relaxing and helps me go to sleep better.

My examples:
鈥 Metrology is more boring than chemistry
鈥 Traveling is more interesting than shopping
鈥 Health is more important than money
鈥 Surfing is more exciting than watch a match
鈥 Wine is more sophisticated than vodka

The mountainous landscape offered a surprisingly majestic view at sunset.
The secret garden was an incredibly tranquil place for reflection and relaxation.
The architecture of the ancient cathedral was extraordinarily splendid, with impressive details.
The leader鈥檚 speech was deeply moving, leaving the audience in complete silence.
The tapestry鈥檚 design was highly intricate, with patterns telling detailed stories.

* The boy in the class next door seems handsome to me * the people who take care of the dogs are Generous * Korean girls wear more natural makeup
My colleague is more polite than my boss Amsterdam is more beautiful than Paris Your laptop is more expensive than mine Mike is more generous than him This gift is more special than yours
  • The film actor is more handsome than other type of actors.
  • The red car is more exhausted than the blue car.
  • My meal is more natural than junk food.
  • Small toys are fragile completely opposite to big toys
  • The chocolate cake is more delicate than coconut bread.
1. Fruits are more healthy than candies 2. Dogs are more intelligents than cats 3. Ride a motorclycle is more dangerous than drive a car 4. The red dress is more elegant than the blue one 5. Write letters is more romantic than make a call
The utterfly is more beautiful that cockroach The elefant is more enormous that ant The circus is more interesting that鈥 I don鈥檛 know because all can be interesting. The game-cock is more aggressive that normal rooster Pepito is more ashamed for break the cup that Maria
ford anglia is more dangerous than hogwarts express harry potter is more famous than neville longbottom pansy is more fashionist than hermione parrots are more talkative than owls more beatiful
1. You look more handsome than this morning 2. Today I ended up more exhausted than yesterday 3. My expenses are more necessary than yours 4. You are more generous than others 5. My cat is more delicate than my dog
A house is more expensive than a farm
  • Glass is more delicate than wood.
  • Food is more necessary than electrecity.
  • Waspsare more aggressive than bees.
  • I鈥檓 more tall than my brother.
  • She鈥檚 more exhausted than me.
The gym is more complete exercise than just run. Las Vegas city is more fun than Phoenix city. The airplane is more secure form trip than car trip accord to statistics.
Snakes are more dangerous than sheep.
The green dress is more beautiful than the black one.
Morelia is more beautiful than Tlaxcala Android is easier to use than ios

Tulips are more colorful than the jasmine
My bed is more comfortable than the grass
I am more optimistic than yesterday
The Math teacher is more disciplined than the sports teacher.
That cat is more delightful than de other cat

* Ducks are more prettier than fish * Maria is more beautiful than Carmen * The arts are more interesting than the sciences. * My dad is stronger than me. * The jug is bigger than the glass * The kitchen is bigger than the dining room.
* My brother is more short than me * The pizza is mora expensive than hamburgers. * My nephew in more intelligent than his sister (my niece) *
Estoy teniendo problemas para acceder a los recuersos de las clases, no solo en estas sino en anteriores, ademas, la plataforma luce distinta a como empezo no se si son cambios pero estan afectando algunas herramientas que venia usando. Por favor se necesita que solucione este problema con la plataforma.

The green dress is more dangerous than the black one.

For me, drama movies are more bring than war movies.
Chanel is more expensive than Louis Vuitton.
Einstein was more intelligent than the average person.
Listening to music at a concert is more exciting than playing a record.

diferents adjetives than have more than two syllabes.
鈥 cute
鈥 Brillant
鈥 Precious
鈥 Horrible
鈥 mighty

My sister is more cute than her.
At school, I have a classmate more brillant than her.
That diamont is more precious than other.
This vegetable is more horrible than carrots.
Princes Ali is more mighty than wizard Yafar.

diferents adjetives than have more than two syllabes.
鈥 Handsome
鈥 Brillant
鈥 Precious
鈥 Horrible
鈥 mighty
My brother is more handsome than him.
At school, I have a classmate more brillant than her.
That diamont is more precious than other.
This vegetable is more horrible than carrots.
Princes Ali is more mighty than wizard Yafar.

Butterflies are more beautiful than bats.
The history is more interesting than chemistry.
Ferrari is more expensive than Chevy.
Electracy is more dangerous than radiation.
Einstein is more intelligent than Stephen Hopkins.
Swim is more difficult than run.

Juan is more handsome than Peter
Sofia are more exhausted than Laura after the soccer game
Cristiano is more generous than Messi with you partners
Big horses are more different than little ones

  • Sleep on the bed is more comfortable than on a sofa.
  • The blackberry juice is more delicious than mango juice.
  • Spring is more colorful than winter.
  • The abandoned places are more mysterious than a cemetery.
  • The roses are more beautiful than sunflowers.
    • You are more necessary than Petter.
    • You鈥檙e more handsome than they
    • Your dog is more violent than mine
    • That is the party more private than last weekend.
    • The stuff more Stranger than I have seen in my life.

Sof铆a is more intelligent than Mar铆a.
Take a taxi is more expensive than take a public bus.
Birds are more beautiful than the rats.
English is more difficult than Portuguese.
Carlos is more interesting than Manuel.

  1. This country is more beautiful than Qatar.
  2. Antarctica is more inaccessible than desert.
  3. ChatGPT is more interesting than Google.
  4. Sushi is more sophisticated than pizza.
  5. Platzi is more important than others online schools.

Bmw e92 is more fastest than seat leon FR

  • Dragon ball is more interesting than one pice
  • Hamburguesas are more delicious than hot dog
  • Dogs are more beautifull than cats
  • Football is more fun than golf
  • Travel ir more interesting than go to party


Ska music is more different than pop music
Seda is more delicate than cotton
He man is more emaciated than that other man
Lift weights is more exhausted than run
Buy rice is more necessary than buy chips

The green dress is more beautiful than the black one.

TransMilenio is more cheap than taxi.

English is more interesting than Portuguese.

  1. Harry Potter鈥檚 books are more interesting than Pride and Prejudice.
  2. Apple Stores are more expensive than HP Stores.
  3. Bananas are more delicious than peaches.
  4. Cesar is more polite than Karen.
  5. Windows system is more popular than Linux system.

Latam is more interesting than Europe.

My contribution

  • Handsome
    • My wife is more handsome than other women.
  • Exhausted
    • Be construction worker is more exhausted than being a Developer.
  • Generous
    • There are people who are more generous than others.
  • Different
    • Being a freelance developer is more different than being a worker.
  • Delicate
    • A glass cup is more delicate than a plastic cup
  • Natural
    • Orange juice is more natural than processed juice.
  • Necessary
    • Learn English is more necessary than watching T.V.
  • Opposite
    • The river flows naturally, and its current is more gentle that the nearby waterfall.
  • Parallel
    • The two lines are parallel, and the distance between them is more consistent than expected.
  • Private
    • The house has a private garden that is more peaceful than any public park
  • Strange
    • Exploring a new culture can be strange at first, but it鈥檚 more enriching than staying in your comfort zone.
  • Violent
    • The situation turned violent, and the impact was more intense than we anticipated.

Adjective List

  1. Delicious
    1. Homemade food is more delicious than Buffet food.
  2. Intelligent
    1. Dolphins are more intelligent than sharks.
  3. Beautiful
    1. Latin women are more beautiful than any other part of the world.
  4. Expensive
    1. Some food is more expensive than other countries.
  5. Incredible
    1. The IPhone is more incredible than Samsung.
  6. Pleasant.
    1. Learn English in Platzi is more pleasant than other platforms.

-This is more interesting thah waste your time
-Is more difficult thah your way

  • More dangerous thah my feelings

cat ears are more different than dogs.

Lions are more violent than horses.

Flowers are more delicate than trees.

Black color is more elegant than white.

Tigers are more different than cats.

wechat is more interesting than whatsapp


  • the wonder woman is more handsome than gatubela.
  • the pitbull is more violent than the shitzu.
  • the northe pole is opposite than the sahara.
  • in our life, the fruits and vegetables are more necessary than the soda.
  • run 10k is more exhausted than walking.

comparative adjectives:
more + adjective+than

examples of adjectives: beatiful, interesting, expensive, difficult, dangerous, intelligent and difficult

  • iphones are more expensive than samsungs.
  • snakes are more dangerous than sheep.
  • the green dress is more beautiful than the black one.
  • el chompiras dress more handsome than el botija.

  • the video game 鈥渙utlast鈥 is more violent than 鈥渃andy crush鈥.

  • play soccer is more exhausteder than play chees.

  • Jupiter is a planet more stranger than Marte.

  • El se帽or Barriga is more Generous than do帽a florinda

**Complete the sentences **

  • The green dress is more beautiful than the black one.

  • Snakes are more dangerous than sheep.

Jin of BTS is more Handsome than everyone.
Using firewood is more Natural than propane gas.
Fruits is more Necessary than sweets.
My cat is more intelligent than my dog.

  • Your sister was more generus than your cousin.
  • Roses are more delicate than sunflowers.
  • Tornadoes are more violent than rain.
  • Caviar is more expensive than psalm.

shakira is more terrific than pique
i am more handsome than my brother
she is more beautiful than paola
marta is more friendly than cristina
play football is more fantastic than play basketball

Japanese cars are more sophisticated than Italian cars.
The price of properties is more expensive in New York City than in Buenos Aires.
Women are more sensible than men.
Studying is more beneficial than watching Netflix.
Dogs and cats are more easily domesticated than panthers or tigers.

the comics are more interesting that books
the water is more healthy that soda
the weekend are more greats days that other days of week
the glasses contact are more expensive that glasses

I鈥檓 more handsome than you, sorry my ugly friend.

1- Cookies and cream ice cream is more delicious than vanilla ice cream.
2- A rice grain is bigger than a sand grain
3- The Tungsteno is stronger than Titanium

1.-The ice cream is more delicious than cookies
2.-This car is more better than that pickup truck.
3.- The tv led is more bigger than the old tv.
4.-This drees is more expensive than this pant
5.-Dr. Carlos is more gentle than Dr. Luis

the beach is more relaxing than the pool

Dogs are more friendly than cats.

  1. He is more handsome than my friend.
  2. Today was I feel more exhausted than yesterday.
  3. The poor people are more generous than the rich people.
  4. My phone is more different than the other one.
  5. The boys are more delicate than the girls. haha
  6. This view is more natural than other site.
  7. Cleaning my clothes are more necessary than playing video games.
  8. This person behaviors are more opposite than the other person over there.
  9. The movie have a scene more parallel than I was thinking.
  10. She is stranger than the others.
  11. I鈥檓 afraid, this person is more violent than I expected.

鈥 Violent: Jose is more violent than Jose in the box
鈥 Different: maria is more different in person
鈥 Exhausted: the dog is more exhausted than yesterday

mexican food is more spicy than italian food
green is more deep color than pink
caviar is more expensive than beef
cake is more sweet than rice
dogs are more playful than cats

Water is more necessary tahn oil
Juice is more batural than soda
Cats are more delicate than dogs
My father was more generous than my mother
Men are more violent than women

This game is more difficul than the other one
This car is more expensive than my old car
This phone is more inteligent than my first computer
My soccer team got more rewards than yours
This place got more people than before

-My phone is more delicate than my brother鈥檚 phone.
-My friend is more violent than the other guys.
-Drive a car in cartagena is more complicated than Barranquilla.
-That car is more different than the other car.
-It is necessary to eat vegetable than the other food.
The people in my congregation are more generous than the other people.

  • Ana is more talkative than Lucy
  • Lemons are more citrous than oranges
  • Positive people are more successful than others
  • Being on the beach is more relaxing than being in the city
  • In the jungle, there is more humidity than in the mountains

Platzi english academy is more interesting than school

  • Carlos is more handsome than Julio
  • After work, Carolina is more exausted than me
  • Pizza is more delicius than hotdog
  • Christopher is more generous than Luciana

pizza is more irresistible than salad
my mon is more available than my dad
sunny day is more wonderful than rainy day


My brother is more handsome than me lol
I鈥檓 more exhausted than him.
The PS5 is more expensive than Xbox serie X.
Colombia is a more violent than Italy.
My TV is more different than yours.

-My new car is bigger than my old car
-Is the largest salad in the town
-I am more exhausted than my son
-Today i am more happier than my ex girlfriend
-Money is more necessary than a girlfriend

  1. Joel is more handsome than Diego.
  2. After running a marathon, I felt even more exhausted than I had ever been before.
  3. The World War II was more Violent than World War I, in World War II died between 40 and 50 million people.
  4. The food in Bolivia is more natural than the food in The United States.
  5. The rich people have more private investments than the media class.

1.- My car is more amazing than yours.
2.- I am more powerful than you.
3.- English is more interestind than spanish.
4.- My hunsband is more fabulouse than yours.
5.- The US post office responds more immediately than the Venezuelan post office.

  • The breakfast is more important than the dinner.
  • BMW is more expensive than Chevrolet.
  • That computer is more powerfaul than this one.
  • Social Networks are more addictive than education platforms.
  • Sleep upside is more beneful for health than sleep downside.

Dogs is more different than cats
glass cup is more delicate than plastic cup
Juice orange is more delicious than soda
food is more necessary than video games
"the office" is more interesting than 鈥渓a rosa de guadalupe鈥

鈥y cousin is more delicate than my neighbor
鈥ave cash is more necessary than a debit card
鈥hese ones are more diferrent than the those ones

Studying inline is mor accessible than going to university, it鈥檚 more better too