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Paga en 4 cuotas sin intereses

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Possession and Attribution: Of


Seguro en alg煤n momento dijimos The house of my father (no tan com煤n), en lugar de My father鈥檚 house (correcto). No te preocupes, todos nos confundimos con esta palabra al principio.

Cu谩ndo empleamos of y cuando 's (ap贸strofe + s)

's: para objetos animados. Personas, animales, pa铆ses, etc. Todo aquello que se considere una entidad independiente.

Por ejemplo:

  • Gabriel鈥檚 shirt is clean. / La camisa de Gabriel est谩 limpia.
  • The dog鈥檚 ears are dirty. / Las orejas del perro est谩n sucias.
  • Ecuador鈥檚 elections will be held next year. / Las elecciones en Ecuador se celebrar谩n el pr贸ximo a帽o.

Of: para objetos inanimados. Muebles, piezas, cosas.

Por ejemplo:

  • The color of my hair is brown. / El color de mi pelo es casta帽o.
  • The start of the lesson was hard. / El comienzo de la lecci贸n fue duro.
  • This chair is the property of the school. / Esta silla es propiedad de la escuela.

Ejercicio usando of para expresar posesi贸n

隆A practicar! Busca a tu alrededor, cinco objetos y dales un due帽o con la palabra of. Te comparto otros ejemplos para que te gu铆es.

  • The color of her eyes is beautiful
  • What size of pants do you wear?
  • The departure of the train is delayed.
  • Which color of the rainbow do you like?
  • What鈥檚 your favorite part of the movie?
  • Check out the new car of the year.

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o inicia sesi贸n.

Then the principal difference between 鈥樷 's " and 鈥渙f鈥 is the next:

-Of is for unanimate object like : things(tools, clothes and etc)


  • 's , is for animate objects like people,animals or etc.

The color of my dress is blue

The fretboard of my bass guitar is made of rosewood
the height of my desk is adjustable

Great class, I鈥檝e been learning English for years and this difference has always been a trouble for me. 馃憤


It was really easy to understand with the animate and an inanimate being.


  • My dog鈥檚 eyes are brown.

  • The color of my computer is light blue.

  • My mom鈥檚 dress is beautiful.

  • The window of my bedroom is big.

My cat麓s eyes colour are green with yellow.
I麓ve ran hastly cuz I wanted found my ticket of my flight.
My brother鈥檚 brow furrowed, when he finded out my piercing. :0
She麓s a nasty girl so she threw garbage of their house on my garden.
My grandfather麓s kitchen was utterly mess.

The color of her eyes is green.
The material of the pants is linen.
The lenght of the train is almost a mile.

  • The computer of my mom is defective
  • The engine of the airplane is running smoothly
  • The party of my neighbor
  • The color of my mug is white
  • The tickets of concert

鈥 The color of my bed is brown.
鈥 The size of my shoes is 40.
鈥 The temperature of the roof is cold.
鈥 The water of the tank is clean.
鈥 The belt of my pants is old.

  1. I鈥檓 always looked at the sky, because that place are born all dreams of next generations.
  2. The coins are in bags of my brown pants.
  3. The Tickets of the train are cheaper than the plain.

The ventilators of my pc are very colorful
The size of my is big because I like coffee
The color of my hair right now is violet and black on the sides
The tires of my bike are very old, I really need new ones
The weight of my motorcycle is crazy

The color of my mouse is black.
The zipper of my bag is broken.
I love the box of my cookies.
The door of my house is decorated.

He put on the shirt of our team
Nature of South America is diverse
The streets of the city are full of traffic
There is danger of death in the war
The fourth floor of the building are offices

The roof structure is made of metal.
The material of my desk is wood.



the door of my house is big
the color of the kitchen is brown
my husband鈥檚 computer is a little small

  • The color of Cesar鈥檚 shirt is black and, the color of my t-shirt is blue.
  • The color of her eyes is green
  • What is the size of your pants?
  • You must be on time for the departure of the train
  • With this weather I can only think in a big cup of coffee
  • Could you give me the addres of the school?
  • The book of this movie it鈥檚 so much better
  • This is the artwork of Picasso
  • The color of her nails was beautiful

Her hair of my cat is green, and her eyes are green.

  • Dog麓s cookie
  • Mom`s shirt
  • The box of my glasses

The camera of the iphone is the best

The charge of your phone is damaged

The warranty of my phone is expired

The screen of TV is cracked

the light of the lamp is off

-The color of the bag is pink -The weather of my country is sunny - This course has 14 hours of practice

o Woeee
The fretboard of my bass guitar is made of rosewood
the height of my desk is adjustable

the color


Thank you


The color of My bottle Is purple. That dress belongs of My friends
  • Gabriel鈥檚 shirt is clean.

  • The dog鈥檚 ears are dirty.

  • Ecuador鈥檚 elections will be held next year.

The color of my eyeglasses is black with pink
the bathrooms of my school are there
the chair is brown
My eyes are black
The table of the kitchen is old

  • The color of my hair is pink.

  • The size of my blouse is small.

  • The case of my phone is black.

  • This is the house of my dog.

  • This is the crayon of my brother.

Then the principal difference between 鈥樷 's " and 鈥渙f鈥 is the next:

-Of is for unanimate object like : things(tools, clothes and etc)


's , is for animate objects like people,animals or etc.

  • The color of my bed is pink
  • I like the food of that restaurant
  • The work of my dad is hard
  • This is the bed of my dog, Max
  • The chairs of the cinema are comfortable

The size of my scissors is small
The color of that highlighter pen is pink
The ink of that pen overflowed
The glass of that desk is dirty
Why are the speakers of that computer playing at low volume?


  • The color of her eyes is green.

  • What kind of pants do you prefer to wear?

  • What is the name of this train station?

  • The color my glasses is black and brown.

  • The edges of my wallet are torn, I should buy a new one.

  • The walls of my house are white and have no ornaments.

  • The door of my house is of maximum security.

* The color of her eyes is beautiful. * What size shoe do you wear? * What color pencil do you like? * What is your favorite cake from the restaurant? * See the new innovation of the year

The color of my desk is brown.

  1. The eyelashes of her ayes are large

  2. The color of his pant is blue

  3. The struture of the train station is grey

  4. The color of my house is yellow

  5. What kind of shoes do you like to use?

  6. The glass of the windows are dirty

  7. The walls of my room are white

  8. What kind of job do you do?

* Have you heard the song of the moment? * The color of her eyes is pleasant * the end of the year is closer * the taste of the dessert is bittersweet * my cup of tea is hot
The color of this pencil is better than the color of this pants The size of this windows is large
  • The tip of my tablet pencil is too fragile and prone to breaking.
  • The size of the letters in the book I鈥檓 reading is tiny.
  • The lens of my glasses are too dusty.
  • I don鈥檛 like the shape of my desk.

The shape of eyes is cute. The color of pants is blue. The silence of station train. 1. The lamp of room is white. 2. The books of history are interesting. 3. The lamp of room is white. 4. The books of history are interesting. 5. The pencil of wood is black. 6. The door of room is big. 7. The picture of mountain is beautiful.
  • What size of shoes do you wear?
  • The public transportation of my city is very slow
  • My dress is of Falabella

The color of her eyes is interesting
The size of these pants is large
The train station is the property of the city

I like the lenght of her lashes-
The cut of this pants is straight.
What is the route of this train?
The case if this cell phone avoids damage if you drop it.
This jar of pils are glucosamine.
The point of this pen writes very well.
The door of the office doesn麓t close properly.
I like to open the window of that side of the office because lets the wind blow.

  1. The length of her eyelashes is long.
  2. What type of pants do you prefer?
    1.The color of train is yellow.
  3. The size of that train is large.

The color of that car is incredible.
The size of the bed is huge.
What flavor of ice cream do you like?
What is the name of the street?
How many layers of cream does the cake have?

  1. The notebook of his friend is red.

  2. The juice is of the flavor orange.

  3. The keyboard of my computer does not work.

  4. The control of the TV is on the sofa.

  5. The color of the desk is white.

These are my exercises
My chair is brown
The format of my watch is digital and analog
The mode of my screen is dark
The color of my laptop is black

The water of my shaker is cold.
The battery of my electronic cigarrete is low

the order of my notes

the architecture of the bellas artes in M茅xico is beautiful

The color of my bag is black
The tickets of concert
the screen of my cell phone is cracked

  1. My sister鈥檚 personality is very cool
  2. The eyes of my sister are brown
  3. My dog鈥檚 personality is very angry
  4. The job of my other sister is hard
  5. The duration of this module is long.

the color of your hair is black
the color of his cup is brown
the cellphone of color yellow is beautiful
the Monitor of her PC work very well
smart watches of their are cool.

  • The color of my car is black
  • The door of my house is big
  • The color of flower is pink
  1. The color of my eyes is green.
  2. The dress is of that store.
  3. The table is the property of the library.
  4. The color of my shoes is orange.
1. The color of headphones are black
2. Dynamics 365 is part of Microsoft 365
3. Security of my computer is very well
4. It's the belt of my jeans
5. Learn english is part of my life as a engineer

The color of sunflower is beautiful
The size of jeans is M

  • The color of my pencil is green
  • The cover of my book is hard.
  • The door of my bedroom is broken
  • Is dirty the keyboard of your computer?
  • The string of my guitar sounds well

My contribution

  1. The door of the room is closed.
  2. The number of sentences in this exercise are many.
  3. The size of my bottle is large.
  4. The pieces of my chessboard are beautiful.
  5. What鈥檚 the color of your cap?
  6. What鈥檚 the size of your T-shirt?
  • The color of my refrigerator is white.
  • The finish of the film is boring.
  • What鈥檚 your opinion of the economy?
    -Where鈥檚 the use of 鈥渁nd鈥 in the senetence?
  • what are 10 examples of senetences using of?
  • Gabriel鈥檚 mug is under the desk

  • The position of the sofa is between the desk and tv

  • The portatil is of the company.
  • This shoes are of the store.
  • This flowers are of nursery.
  • This perfum is of Dolce and Gabana.
  • The color of my pencil is blue.

The blue color of the pants looks good.
We see the yellow color of the train from afar

1.-The image of the showcase is dirty.
2.-The painting of the painting is faded.
3.-The dining chair is not the same as the others
4.-The door of the house is blue
5.-We could do cleaning of the house

  • The color of your green eyes.
  • Do you like the color of my pants?
  • The departure of my train is in 5 minutes.
  • The notebook is of my son.
  • The tablet is of my daughter.
  • This desk is of my brother

Which pair of jeans do you want?
i want the dark blues ones
this phone is of my company.
the computer is of my mom.

mi backpack of work is dirty
to training i use protction of my mouth

  1. The color of my pancil is black.
  2. The control of my tv is broke.
  3. Anybody of my neighborhood has a car.
  4. She has to get the better score of their classroom.
  5. Which color of those shoes do you prefer?
  • The color of my watch is gray
  • The chape of my mause is oval
  • The shape of my blanket is soft
  • The color of my phone is green
  • The size of my laptop is pretty big
  • The surface of my desk is dirty
  • The color of my sneakers is white
  • What size of t-shirt do you wear?

The door of my home is more big than mother麓s house
The ball of the school is blue
The water of the refrigetor is more sweet

Wich color of pants do you prefer?.

The fin of my surf board it鈥檚 make with carbon fiber.

The plate of this turntable is break.

1.- Sara鈥檚 dress is beautiful
2.-What size of shoes are this?
3.-Her shirt is the color of blue
4.-The mirror of my room is big
5.-The paint of my living room is elegant

The keyboard of your laptop is cool
The shape of your mirror is strange
Do you like this kind of pants?
I like the floor of the subway
Can I borrow the case of your phone?
Do you want to change the color of your walls?
Could you give me the cable of your computer?
Should I donate the chair of my bedroom?

  1. The color of my cat鈥檚 fur is black
  2. The year model of my car is 2011
  3. The flavor of my ice cream is vanilla
  4. The size of my shoes is 25 centimeters
  5. The favorite food of my dog is Dog Chow

the color of this candle is green
the size of this jacket is S
the case of this iphone is traslucent
the lamp of that room is beautifly
the pilow of that hotel it was extremely soft

the tikets office of the train station is close

The color of the pants, It鈥檚 black.
These two trains of the station are yellow.
My five examples:

  1. The new phone of the season is amazing.
  2. What type of bed is that?
  3. The material of the airports are plastic.
  4. The color of the floor combine the color of these walls.
  5. The doors of this house are brown

The formula 1 is the best sport of the world.
What kind of pizza do you like?
The monitor of my pc is not working.
I need to see the problem of my modem.

  • The color of his eyes is brown.
  • The size of those pants is large.
  • The trains of the Japanese stations are so fast.

  • The chair of my cowork is new.
  • Ricardo鈥檚 computer is so old.
  • This is the drawer of loss things.
  • That is the printer of her office.
  • Those books are of the library.
  1. The size of my desk is small.
  2. What is the color of that jacket?
  3. The tires of my car need to be changed.
  4. The strings of my guitar are new.
  5. The protector screen of my cellphone is break.

-Which is the damaged part of this sofa, the base or back
-You should help me moving those pictures that are on the table, yes the pictures of our jeweler麓s
-This is the faucet of the hose.
-oh, this isthe mouse of your laptop
-Help me please i can麓t find the charger of my cellhone

The color of the sofa in the living room is very beautiful.
The size of the desk is adequate for the space it will occupy.
The color of the car is bright.
The kitchen is of average size.
The color of the curtains matches the furniture

  • The color of my sneakers is black.
  • The window of my bedroom is big.
  • My brother鈥檚 bedroom is always messy.
  • Carla鈥檚 dog needs to eat healthy food, it is fat.

The wheels of the chair are damaged
The material of my pants is cotton
My mom鈥檚 dress is green

  • Cesar鈥檚 t-shirt is black (person).
  • The color of my hair is brown.
  • The start of the the lesson was hard.
  • This chair is the property of the school.
  • The color of her eyes is beautiful.
  • What size of pants do you wear?
  • The departure of the train is delayed.
  • The color of my cellphone is black.


  1. Julio鈥檚 T-shirt is blue.
  2. The color of my shows is black.
  3. My cat麓s hair is black.
  4. Alejandra鈥檚 house is next to my house.
  5. My mom鈥檚 food is delicious.

The light of the moon is amazing
The color of her jeans is wonderful
The rabit of the shoop is little
The cushions of the bed is more expensive
Which color of the shoes do you like?

  1. The style of that case is beautiful.
  2. The color of her eyes is amazing.
  3. The background of the picture is dark.
  4. The color of the rug is green
  5. The wallpaper of your phone is cool!

Possession and attribution.
Attribution, use of the word 鈥渙f鈥 to refer an attribution of an inanimate object.
Possession, as we know, to refer the possession of someone animate 馃槃

A thing this could help someone remember this easily this way.

Examples (using attribution, inanimate)

  1. The screen of the computer is black and white. It helps my vision.
  2. The water of the glass is hot.
  3. The cover of the notebook is green.
  4. The water of the lettuces is fresh.
  5. The leaves of the lettuces are healthy 馃槃

Example with 鈥渙f鈥 possessive.

  1. Ashly鈥檚 job is interesting.

The color of my glasses is black.
The kitchen of my house is clean.
What kind of colors do you need?
What size of jeans do you wear?
The light of the lamp is blinding me.


The chairs of Maria鈥檚 house are beautiful, they have metal designs.
The flowerpot of my house is on the table.
The paint of that building is gray with black designs.
The bottles of wine are very expensive. I like them.
The purse of leather has many uses, it鈥檚 multipurpose.

  1. The color of my eyes are brown.
  2. The size of my t-shirts is Medium.
  3. What鈥檚 your favorite part of the TV show?
  4. Which are the most expensive component of your computer?
  5. Starting the gym is one of the hardest things i鈥檝e ever made.

The color of my piano is white
The color of my eyes are brown
The size of my pants is XL.
The color of my clothes is black

The eyes of the photo are green

Exercises of Possession: (animate objects and inanimate objects)
Animate objects

  1. Saul鈥檚 car is beautiful-
  2. Pedro鈥檚 workout is very powerful.
  3. Maria鈥檚 haircut is lovely.
  4. Jocko鈥檚 podcast is totally recommend.
  5. My mother鈥檚 birthday is in August.
    Inanimate objects
  6. The size of its ladder its convenient.
  7. The spare part of the car is not arrived here.
  8. What are the measures of this baggage.
  9. What is the distance of that expressway?
  10. The taste of that almond butter is amazing.