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Paga en 4 cuotas sin intereses

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Possession and Attribution: with/without


En ingl茅s podemos decir que algo o alguien pertenece o est谩 con algo o alguien m谩s usando la palabra with.

With para expresar posesi贸n

Es una preposici贸n para expresar lo que tiene una persona u objeto. Su traducci贸n m谩s directa es 鈥con鈥. Por ejemplo:

  • She is next to the boy with tattoos / Ella est谩 junto al chico con tatuajes.
  • The red car with a sunroof is beautiful / El coche rojo con techo solar es precioso.

Sin embargo, tambi茅n hay casos en que se traduce como 鈥de鈥. Por ejemplo:

  • Andr茅s fell in love with Ana / Andr茅s se enamor贸 de Ana.

Without para expresar falta de posesi贸n

Es una preposici贸n para expresar que una persona u objeto no tiene algo. La traducci贸n m谩s habitual es sin, aunque tambi茅n lo encontramos como un simple 鈥渘o鈥.

  • I arrived without money / Llegu茅 sin dinero.
  • My notebook is the one without a cover / Mi cuaderno es el que no tiene tapa.

Algunas expresiones a tener en cuenta:

  • without a doubt (sin lugar a dudas)
  • without a word (sin decir una palabra)
  • without a break (sin parar)

隆Ten cuidado con las traducciones literales!

Aunque sabemos que with se traduce como con y without como sin, no siempre vamos a emplear estas expresiones como lo har铆amos en espa帽ol.

Por ejemplo:
Para la frase 鈫 鈥淗e estado todo el d铆a con dolor en la espalda鈥:
No traducimos: I have been all day long with pain in my back.
S铆 traducimos: I have had back pain all day long.

Ejercicio usando with y without

Ahora que ya conoces c贸mo usar with y without, es momento de crear tus propias oraciones. Te invito a basarte en los elementos que tienes a tu alrededor.

Aqu铆 tienes m谩s ejemplos que te pueden servir de gu铆a:

  • She is a girl with short hair.
  • My friend is calling me with a broken cellphone.
  • I love plain donuts, without glaze.
  • I鈥檓 here with my laptop.
  • She went shopping without me.
  • I like to run in the park with my airpods.
  • My father loves to sing with his best friend.
  • Elisa is working without her peers.

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With or without you!



That is contribution

  • My Examples:

She looks like a model with this outfit.
You should repair your phone with my friend.
I just eat snacks without sugar.

  • Five examples:

You will travel to different places and visit your favorite countries with your own effort.
I think, I improve my English skills with Platzi English Academy.
You cannot do competitive programming without data structures.
Sometimes is good watch animes with friends or family or maybe alone.
I waiting the next squid game season with emotion 馃榿馃槀

- She is wearing a necklaxe with a black dress. - I like donuts without chocolate.
  • she is wearing a black dress whith a chain
  • the screen of very cellphone is broke, because when ist was fall, the cellphone has whithout a case
  • i like the donuts with glazzed

Oh no!, I can鈥檛 find my cell phone charger, it鈥檒l without power very soon.
All photos will good with this filter for my social media.
I鈥檓 going to go to the cinema with my girlfriend

  • The woman with short hair Is happy

  • My cellpone Is the one with the broken screen

  • The better donuts are with sprinkles

I did win the race because i did it with enthusiasm

She is the women with black dress.
My phone is this one with the broken screen.
I like the donuts with glazed.

  • The woman with short hair is beautiful
  • The cellphone with the screen broken is mine
  • I want the donuts with multicolor sprinkles

Hello teacher, this is my activity:

  • The woman with a percing un the nose

  • This is a cell phone without fix

  • Donuts with a delicious glazed


I want a coffe with milk 馃槂
I`m without motorcycle 馃槮



  • She is next to the boy with brown hair.
  • The red car with a sunroof is beautiful.
  • My notebook is the one without a cover.
  • His sister is that one with short hair.
  • My phone broke because it was without a case.
  • Can I have the donuts with sprinkles, please?

The woman with the short hair is beautiful.
That phone with the broken screen is mine.
I love donuts with strawberry glaze.
Can i enter to your shop with my dog please?
Sir you can鈥檛 enter to this place without a permission!
I will travel to Europe with my family next month.

Please, Could give me the donuts withous sprinkles, please?

i have a cell phone with ios
i have a charger with usb port
there is a controller without batteries

  • The laptop is in front of book with yellow color
  • My pencil is the one with small tip
  • My studio is without two screens
  • The bucket is without a lid
  • The girl with short hair is wearing a black shirt.
  • That phone without a case is broken
  • Those donuts without chocolate are delicious.

鈥淐an I have鈥 shouldn鈥檛 translate as 鈥減uedo tener鈥. It鈥檚 a way to make a request to someone, for example, a waiter in a restaurant

路 The girl with short hair is wearing a nice necklace.
路 The phone with the broken screen is threw on he street.
路 Donuts with color sprinkles are more expensive than the others

I am with my mom in the supermaket beacuse we don鈥檛 have tomatoes, so yesterday the salad was without them.

  • She looks beautiful with that haircut.
  • The cell phone is broken because it was without a case.
* She is a girl with long hair. * I love donuts, with glaze. * I'm here with my computer. * I like to run in the park with my airpods. * I like to work without interruptions

With or without you - U2

Coffee tastes delicious with coconut oil.
  1. The girl with black hair is beautiful

  2. Cellphones with case are more expensive

  3. Donuts without chocolate are better

  4. The dog with brown hair is the oldest

  5. The mug with tea is mine

  6. The coffee without sugar is better

  7. There are some houses without gardens in my neighborhood

  8. I always breakfast cereal with milk

i am the sister of the boy without brain the page without a blank space the trash can with the bag my mom is the woman with the light brown hair my cellphone is the one without a case
1. I like to working with music 2. It's sad to spend Christmas without your family. 3. Sometimes it's good to go out with friends or alone. 4. we ran without helmet 5. you are with a lot of energy
  • The cellphone without a case is mine.
  • I don鈥檛 like a shirt with a big brand on it.
  • That girl without a hat has a gorgeous blonde hair.
  • I really love to sleep with warm socks.
  • She looks too tired because she has tired eyes with awful bags under them.
Sara has blouse with turtleneck. That phone is without an owner because is broke. I like the donuts with sprinkles.

* I like donuts with chocolate. * I like pasta with tomate sauce. * I would like a hamburguer without lettuce please. * Do you have any hat without a band? * I want to exercise without pain!

The girl is that one with a necklace and a black blouse
That phone is with a broken screen
We have donuts with a lot of sugar on top

I like the girl with the birth mak on her chick.
The phone with the broken screen is working.
Do you have a donut without a glace?
You can use my mug, which is the one with a Spanish girl on the side.
Can you pass my keys, they are the ones with a NY key ring.
Milton麓s office is down the hall, is the door without any name on it.

She is next to the boy with earrings
I love the ice cream with toppings
Her brother has a car without bluetooth
I like the milk with ice cubes
They are playing the soccer game without goalkeeper

  1. I鈥檓 with my friend here in the park.

  2. I want water without gas.

  3. I鈥檓 learning English with Platzi.

  4. you gave me the car without gas.

  5. I鈥檓 with my girlfriend on the bed.

His girlfriend is the one with the short hair.

My sister is with my mum
My boyfriend is playing videogames with his Friend
My coffe without milk, please

I am going to go with my laptop
I am here without my cellphone
The Tv is next to the table with brown color
The fan is without base
The PC is without mouse


Mi cousin is the one who wear coverall with a chain
My phone fallen because I鈥檓 not careful
I love donuts with cream

I stay with my girlfriend. She is my love.
I鈥檓 study english with my uncles
I can鈥檛 work without listen to music
I like eat pizza with spaghetti
My computer doesn鈥檛 work without internet

  1. The girl with pixie cut is young
  2. My cell phone fell down without a case.
  3. I don麓t like donuts with a lot of glaze

-Mike has a dating with Rachael.

-my glass is without water.

-My heart without love.

My contribution

  • My wife is sleeping with her friend.
  • I bought the piano without keyboard stand.
  • I like to play basketball with my friends.
  • I love burgers with cheese.
  • She likes to do exercise with earphones.
  • She is happy with her IPhone.
  • She always arrives without money.
  • Prepare my food without salt.
  1. My cat is with mother
  2. My brother is swimming with my aunt
  3. My dish is dirty Because is without wash
  • His siter is that one with short hair.

  • Can I have the donuts with sprinkles, please?

  • My phone broke because it was without a case.

My girlfriend has big eyes with equally big eyelashes
The ice cream is without its respective chocolate.
The rain went away without wetting anything here.
I like to ride a bike with a tool in case it breaks down.
My dog is alone without the company of his congeners.

What a beautiful woman, with small lips, is your sister!
I found a cell phone without protection
I can buy many donuts with different covers
Could I buy quite a few donuts, with different candy toppings?

  • I like girls with short hair.
  • you can repair your cel phone with my brother.
  • I like donuts without so much sugar.
  • I麓m here with my son.
  • I am studying without listening to music.
  1. The beautiful girl is walking on the street with her necklace
  2. my phone fell down to the floor and its screen broke, so I need to buy a new phone with a screen protector.
  3. I have six donuts and I want to eat them with a delicious soda.

my cat is without a collar for now鈥
Ana lives with her parents.
she likes ramen with cheese

1.-They are a group without laptop.
2.-She is happy with her pet.
3.-We go to the gym without water.
4.-He went to the party at night with his friends.

Could I have a car with sunroof?

My sister is that girl with blue pants

In the Gym I can do my exercises without dumbbells

  • She wears with sleeve shirt
  • She is without a sweater
  • She is with necklace

My cat is that one with black fur
My house is that one whith a tree in the yard
Last week i was working without a break
She likes drink coffe without sugar
My father left the house without a word

Jees is with that girl
can i get the pizza without onions please
I want meet that guy with blue hair
please bring me the soda without lemon
i love this teddy with dark eyes

she looks more beautiful with short hair
I want to order a hamburguer with extra cheease
my computer is more fast with 8gb of ram

I like to study without distractions.
I feel safe with you.
My day is productive with organization.

I play videogames with my friend.
My cellphone is the one without a case.
My laptop is fast with its new ram memory.
I cannot go to the cinema without my glasses.
I know her secret without a doubt.
I like the girl with the red skirt.

  • The girl with short hair is beautiful.
  • His cellphone is without the complete screen.
  • Their donuts are delicius even without the frosting.

  • The present with many ballowns is for her.
  • The book with puppy bites is mine.
  • The computer without stickers is for test the equipment.
  • The keys with blue cord has the car鈥檚 key.
  • Women with short hair are beautiful
  • My cell phone is the one with the broken screen
  • I prefer donuts without icing
  • I like my coffee with milk
  • She never goes out without her bag
  • I would like to travel with my cat

P1: Can I learn english without practice?
P2: No, you need to practice a lot with the platzi鈥檚 discord.

  1. My dogs always play with their toys.
  2. I often carry my Nintendo Switch with some games.
  3. I can鈥檛 take my calls without my headphones.
  4. It鈥檚 too dangerous to have a pc without a CPU cooler.
  5. is very comfortable to study with an air conditioner in my room.

-i will be happy with or without you
-I am spend time with my son
-I am eating soup with avocado

The pot with red flowers is beautiful.
The curtains with green details match the sofa.
The desk with the computer is inside the room.
Mom went travel without your phone.
My daughter study without to listen music


  1. The girl with brown hair is my teacher.
  2. My cellphone doesn鈥檛 work with your dactyllar print
  3. She want donuts without chocolat.
  4. I worked yesterday without a break

1.- Can I have some running shoes with light, please?
2.- I like coffee without sugar.
3.- My son looks handsome with glasses.
4.- I don鈥檛 want to go with him.
5.- Do you want orange juice with or without sugar?

I love get out with my friends
The cereal with milk is delicious
My brither is with his friends
The food without salt is healthy
She run without a break for the mornings

That phone with the broken screen and without cover belongs to Luis! 馃槮


  1. Would like a cup of coffee WITH a chocolate croissant.
  2. My dog has a ball WITH sound.
  3. I鈥檓 going to eat banana WITH cream.
  4. My boyfriend is WITH his friends.
  5. I went to the party WITH my friends.
  6. I am WITHOUT stress.
  7. My coffee WITHOUT sugar please.
  8. This window is WITHOUT a curtain.
  9. She has a nice wallet WITHOUT money.
  10. His phone is WITHOUT battery.


My Practice:

  1. I can see my husband; he is in front of the White house with the blue jacket.
  2. My dog is walking in the park without its leash.
  3. Cars with loud whistle affect people鈥檚 health.
  4. Bananas with black dots are very sweet.
  5. Walking without high heels is very comfortable.

I can鈥檛 win, I can鈥檛 reign
I will never win this game without you
Without you
I am lost, I am vain
I will never be the same without you
Without you
I won鈥檛 run, I won鈥檛 fly
I will never make it by without you
Without you
Uh, I can鈥檛 rest, I can鈥檛 fight
All I need is you and I, without you
Without you

I can鈥檛 win, I can鈥檛 reign
I will never win this game without you
Without you
I am lost, I am vain
I will never be the same without you
Without you
I won鈥檛 run, I won鈥檛 fly
I will never make it by without you
Without you
Uh, I can鈥檛 rest, I can鈥檛 fight
All I need is you and I, without you
Without you

David Guetta & Usher.

  1. She want a donuts without sugar, she is diet
  2. Those donut with pink glazed an sprinkles are delicious.
  3. A donut with coconut sprinkles and another one without it, please.
  1. That phone is without screen, because it fell out
  2. You can麓t use a phone without a screen saver.
  3. Now you must use a gorilla glass with your phone to protect it.
  1. The woman with the necklace is beautiful.
  2. I saw a woman with short hair.
  3. She can live without his black blouse.

Possession and attribution: with/without
Exercise: Sentences with and without.

  1. I鈥檓 here studying at platzi with my laptop.
  2. Hey look with this extension cord you can connect your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the floor.
  3. I鈥檇 like spaghettis with meat and tomato sauce.
  4. She is going out with her father.
  5. You can purchase and pay with your credit card.
  6. Is very easy to use the extinguisher fire without problem.
  7. He is the best without a doubt, he won the event in ten times .
  8. Please I鈥檇 like hamburger without frites .
  9. This book without a doubt i鈥檓 going to buy.
  10. The program works very well without bugs or freeze.

I like watch movies and series with my cats, they love it too haha
I can鈥檛 start my day without a Platzi class!

A.-she is beautiful with short hair.
B鈥- His phone broke because it was without a case.
c.- i like donuts with strawberry cream.


  1. The girl with the black blouse is very beautiful.
  2. His phone is broke because it was without a case.
  3. All donuts are vanilla with sparks.


  1. I love to play soccer with my neighbors in the land field.
  2. My sister goes to the cinema with her friends.
  3. My roommates are eating pizza with pineapple and anchovies, I don鈥檛 like it.
  4. I said to my girlfriend: This summer I will go to travel to Argentina, with or without you, jajajajajajajajajjjaa.
  5. Right now my mom needs help with your car, it is failing.

I can see better with my glasses on.
I cannot cook without a recipe.

With possession, the subject has a direct relationship with the object and can be attributed as the owner or controller of that object. For example, 鈥淛ohn鈥檚 car鈥 indicates that John possesses the car and can be attributed as the owner of the car.

Without possession, the subject does not have a direct relationship with the object, but may still be attributed as responsible or involved in some way. For example, 鈥淭he company鈥檚 profits鈥 indicates that the company has possession of the profits, but individual employees or managers may still be attributed as responsible for generating those profits.

  • I would like the Cesar salad without oil, please.
  • I鈥檓 out of time. You should go without me.
  • If you want you can go with me to the zoo.
  • My kid chooses the teddy bear with the brown eyes.

Good lecture

Coffee with milk, please.
I鈥檓 going for a walk with my dog in the park.
I have to go to the supermarket without you

I love running on street with my girlfriend.
He likes to ride bicycle without helmet.
We were playing Fornite with cell phones.
She looks beautiful with long hair.

Sister鈥檚 Cesar is wearing a black sleeveless shirt with a necklace of gold.

  1. The picture without color is more abstract and I like it more.
  2. My cellphone with a broken screen is mine.
  3. The donuts with sprinkles are more delicious than the ones that don鈥檛 have any.
    (examples corrected by chat gpt 3.5 on March 23rd, 2023)
  • She wears a sweater with a necklace.
  • That cell phone was without a case.
  • Donuts with cream and chocolate chips

I want my sandwich without onion.
Who do you live with at home?.
I was hanging out with my friends.
He walked in without even knocking at the door.
Don鈥檛 look at me with those eyes.

The women with the necklace is beautiful.
The phone with the broken screen is mine.
I want my donuts without coffee, please.
Where is my cup with soda?
Can you give me the bag with my books?

  • I usually eat without salt.
  • I can watch movies in English without subtittles.
  • I like the chocolate with bread and cheese.
  • I have a cell phone with four cameras.


  1. His sister is that one WITH short hair.
  2. My phone broke because it was WITHOUT a case.
  3. Can I have the donuts WITH sprinkles, please?.
  • She looks elegant with that cut

  • She broke her phone without realizing it

  • I want to eat donuts with chocolate

  • She looks very nice with short hair
  • My phone is broken, I need a new one with a better display
  • I love donuts, but only the ones without sugar

My Practice:
*He is without his cell.
*I go to the river with my friend.
*They went to the museum without me.
*Mary is with you for me.
*She left without breakfast.
*She has the box with chocolates.
*I like hair without dye.

  • Daniel is with his mom.

.She is WITH the cap boy.

.The child is WITH the teacher.

.The dog is WITHOUT food.

My sister is with my dog
This hamburger it鈥檚 without tomato
My dog is with me
I like drik tea with milk