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Conclusion and project


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Proyecto final

Te invito a poner en pr谩ctica lo aprendido en todas las clases en un solo trabajo. Se trata de aplicar todos los contenidos de arriba en un v铆deo de 3 minutos hablando sobre lo que m谩s te guste. Te recomiendo hablar sobre tres lugares que hayas visitado, los que t煤 prefieras.


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Amazing course thanks Cesar!!

This is my job! 馃槈

Good course and Cesar is an extraordinary teacher.
The checklist is a great idea.
Thank you for that.

This is my final project:
I will be looking forward to your feedback 馃馃挌馃挭

I love taking courses with you Teacher Cesar! They are amazing! And you explain very well 馃Thank you,
And here is my project ^^

26. Conclusion and project

Thank you for this course Cesar.

Hey, this is my job!

Here鈥檚 my project鈥ls ignore the 鈥淚 did it鈥 at the end馃槄

thank you very much

This is my project!

Thanks, I learn lots new words, thank you very much, you are the most teacher, I love like you teach us.

Hi! This is my project

I talk about Xilitla, Cholula and Irapuato. All towns are in Mexico

<> my audiooo

Honestly, one of the best courses I鈥檝e ever had.

Amazing course thanks Cesar!!

Excellent course thanks teacher

one less, each time I get closer to my goal, at each step.

Thanks Cesar! Definitly you鈥檙e one of best

thank you very much for the course it was fun

Thank you Cesar!

Excellent course, thanks Cesar!

Thanks Cesar鈥 I learned a lot english 鈥 jajaja
Thanks Cesar鈥 I learned some english 鈥 jajaja

thanks Cesar!!

I like this course 馃槃


Here is my job 馃槂

Thanks for all. It was an incredible course.
See you next time dear teacher C茅sar!

-First Place
I went yesterday to the biggest mall on my city鈥 this mall is known for have a bigger variety of business than other on my state, such differents kinds of food from many different cultures as mexican and italian. it was such an amazing experience.

-Second place
When i was a child, i used to go to a kind of zoo very near from my house, that place was amazing, but it was created to show animals from the desert, you can see sort of animals as spiders and snakes 鈥ut lately i don鈥檛 know if it still working, but i would like to go again, it was the best thing to do near to my house.

-Third place
Some week ago i went with some of my friends to a new pizza restaurant in my city, many people was exited about this one beacuse the people from the restaurant were distributing flyers that they bring new kinds of flavors on their pizza, for example pizza with banana or chicken鈥 when we get the order, the ingredients of my pizza don鈥檛 looked as it was on the flyer and the taste doesn鈥檛 was very good, to be honest it was disappointing, at the end we realized that it was worse than other restaurants that we were other times and maybe it was the worst in the city, i wouldn鈥檛 like to go again鈥

-My recording 馃槂:

my score was 9.44 it was a very hard one, but paying attention and listening carefully helped me a lot.

Hello, heres is my proyect:

Well, here is my project.

Excellent course,
This is my recording:

Excellent course.

This course was incredible, thank you Professor Cesar. I loved this course

This is my project!!

Awesome course thanks Cesar 馃槂.

Good lecture

My story about my three favorite places in the world.
I have three favorite places, these are my bedroom, beaches (all of them), and ecological parks.
Ecological parks are better than beaches because they are the freshest place in my country, but, that doesn鈥檛 take off credit the beaches because these are the most beautiful places in the world, they are more beautiful than my bedroom but they are more expensive than the last one.
My bedroom doesn鈥檛 fall behind because this is cozier than beaches and ecological parks, over here, I can drink my favorite drink coffee, I prepare one or two coffees in the afternoon, and I can watch tv in it.
In my house, there are several kinds of cheeses and coffees, I love that.
One disadvantage of my room is that I have to clean up every week, I must hire someone to help with that, but I have to save money for vacations.
One advantage of my room is that I don鈥檛 have to pay money to live because this one is mine.
I must take care of the look of the bedroom, and I mustn鈥檛 have friends over because my parents have prohibited it.

My final project: audio

Thanks for the course.

Great course thanks Cesar and team Platzi鈥 see you later

<div><iframe width=鈥300鈥 height=鈥60鈥 src=鈥鈥 frameborder=鈥0鈥 allow=鈥渁utoplay鈥></iframe><br><a href=鈥鈥 title=鈥淕rabadora de voz Vocaroo鈥 target="_blank">Ver en Vocaroo >></a></div>


This course was amazing, thanks again Cesar!

Hi my name is mateo, good, i love the asian culture, in especial the india culture, also of your beautiful places as taj majal, also your food is very strange, taht麓s why it would be interesting i go to india and others citys of asia, as china, japon, corea, among others, it seems to me that europan countrys also are most interestings, i want go to all europe, but i feels that my favorite place for live i would be united states, i don麓t know him rigth now, but i want live there

This is my funny audio馃槀

Thank you very much for the course Cesar, there are still things that I cannot understand perfectly but the course was excellent.

Amazing course! Thank you so much Cesar!

Excellent course!!

Nice course

Thanks, great course.

Thank you for this course!

Amazing course thanks Cesar!!

Thank you so much for this course. It was amazing.
This is my project, I hope that is ok.

Thank you Cesar.

Good course and thank you

great course

other language points
countable uncountable

This is my English Project:

Thanks for the course

Good course and thank you for that teacher.

A lot information in this course !! OMG I have re take this course, thank you Cesar 鉂わ笍 You are the best 鉂わ笍


I love taking courses with you Teacher.

bye bye

I really liked this course.


Thank you teacher! 馃檪馃憤

Hello ticher

Thank you teacher!


This is my project: thank you Cesar for your job.

exelent class!
thank you


excellent teacher of the course, thank you!! 馃槂

thanks teacher!

excellent i learned a lot

Thank you!

Thanks teacher Cesar !!!

excellent class C茅sar

thank you




very good
excelente curso