Superlatives using most and est


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  • My daughter is the prettiest girl I know.
  • The elephant is the biggest animal in this zoo.
  • This lesson is the shortest class of this course.
  • My mother is the most generous person of this world.
  • Betty was the ugliest character of the novel “yo soy betty”.
  • I did draw the thiniest line in my book.
  • My friend Lili is the most humble of all my friends.
  • My team is the cooltest.
  • This is the heaviest job in this company.


    Pico de Orizaba is the largest mountain in Mexico.
    The pinky finger is the shortest finger on the hand.
    Petén is the biggest department of Guatemala.
  4. GOOD / BEST
    Today is the best day of my life.
  5. BAD / WORST
    I feel sick, today the worst than yesterday.
    My brother is the thinnest in my family.
    The English class is the most difficult than the Italian class.
    Medellín is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.
    Cepillin is the funniest of the clowns.
    Disney World is the most attractive place for children.


  • The + superlative
    adjective + noun

  • Adjectives

  • Adjectives

  • One syllable
    The biggest
    The nicest

  • Two syllables
    The happiest
    The most simple

  • Three or more syllables
    The most beautiful
    The most expensive

  • Irregular
    The best
    The worst

Maria is the shortest in the class.
Pizza is the most delicious fast food.
Snails are the slowest animals.
Apple is the most expensive brand.
She’s is the prettiest girl I know.
My mom is the most hardworking person I’ve ever seen.
80’s rock is the greatest music of all times.
Andy is the funniest guy.
John Mayer is the most talented and most handsome musician that has ever existed.

  • The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world
  • This is the most expensive ring I have
  • Sam is the happiest kid I know
  • This is the best book I have read

I’m the shortest person here

She is the tallest person i have seen

They are the fastest runners i have seen

Do you are the lowest person in your classroom?

Does she is the fatter person that i have seen?

Do they are the group of the skinnier persons?

I’m not the angrier person that she has seen ever

She isn’t the saddest person here

They are the happier person in my country

Soccer is the worst sport that i have seen

I´m the tallest person in my family
My PC is the most expensive one that I never have
These classes are the best that I have seen
My cousins are the shortest girls that I know jajaja
My stepbrother is the biggest man that I know

  • The Hyperion is the tallest tree in the world.
  • This is the darkest room in the house.
  • Cookie is the fattest cat that I’ve ever met.
  • Barry Allen is the fastest man alive.
  • Karen is the rudest client at our store.
  • It’s the weirdest feeling.
  • The French horn is may be the loudest instrument.
  • That’s the politest description I have for them.
  • Yesterday was the hottest day of the year.
  • Lena is the most intelligent kid in the class.
  • You’re the the most patient person I know.
  • The attention is the worst in that restaurant.
  • She is the best student of her class.
  • The Everest is the tallest mountain of the world.
  • My dog is the nicest of the world!
  • This exam is the hardest I have had this semester.
  • This ticket is the cheapest that I found.
  • My mother is the most humble person I know.
  • Platzi is the most interactive platform to study I know.
  • My best friend is the funniest person I know.

Hello teacher Cesar Cordero, is a pleasure see him again
I leave here my activity:

  • The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world

  • This is the most expensive ring I have

  • Sam is the happiest kid, I know

  • This is the best book I have read

And this is my activity with my adjetives

  • Beautiful -> She is the most beautiful in the world

  • Tall -> My brother is the tallest person in this house

  • Small -> The smallest lizard of this house is in my room

  • Large -> The largest pizza to buy is there

  • Short -> He is the shortest person in this room

  • Old -> My father is the oldest person I know

  • Young -> I am the youngest person in my office

  • Nice -> Your girlfriend is the nicest person of this building

  • Colorful -> The chamaleon can it be the most colorful animal in the parkl

  • Bright -> This lamp is the brightest of all houses

the tallest of the world
the thinnest of the class
the smallest of my toys
the biggest of my family
the most beautiful dog I see in my life
the nicest guy
bad: the worst
funniest game
sad: pls help 😃
angry: angriest

  • The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world.
  • This is the most expensive ring I have.
  • Sam is the happiest kid I know.
  • This is the best book I have read.

  • The whale is the biggest animal in the world.
  • The beach is the most beautiful landscape I’ve seen.
  • Pasta is the simplest food I’ve cooked.
  • The English teacher is the nicest teacher that I know.
  1. Your dog is the friendliest I know.
  2. She’s the smartest in the class.
  3. Python is the easiest language programming to learn.
  4. This sofa is the most comfortable in the store.
  5. Cola drink is currently the most harmful.
  6. Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world.
  7. These books are the best I’ve read.
  8. That movie is the worst I’ve ever seen.
  9. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen.
  10. This building is the most ancient in the town.
  • The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world.
  • This is the most expensive ring I have.
  • Sam is the happiest kid I know.
  • This is the best book I have read.

The Empire State is the tallest tower in the world.
Lionel Messi is the best football player of the World.
My cousin is the fattest person in my family.
I am the richest person of my family.
The war is the worst fact I know.

Sam is the happiest kid I know.
This is the best book I have read.

  • The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world.
  • This is the most expensive ring I have.
  1. He is the tallest man in the world
  2. PlayStation is the most popular videogame’s platform
  3. Anna is the smallest sister
  4. Google is the mos profitable band
  5. My girlfriend is the most beautiful person in this city
  6. A clip is the cheapest thing you can buy
  7. Pomodor is the most efficient tool to control your time
  8. Mexico City is the most populated city in the world
  9. Donald Trump is the most disguting politician in the USA
  10. Elon Musk is the craziest CEO around the World.
  • (blonde) I am the man blondest of my family
  • (small) This shoes are smallest
  • (funny) My brother is funniest
  • (Smiling) My friend Ana is the most smiling
  • (sad) Practice English so you don’t feel saddest
  • (crowded) Medellin is one the cities the most crowded of Colombia
  • (quiet) This place is quietest than the city
  • (clean) Everything is cleanest when I were organize it
  • (nice) My girlfrend is nicest in my world
  • (tourist) Paris is the most tourist city than I know
  • Tall
  • Big
  • Happy
  • Famous
  • Expensive
  • Beautifull
  • Confident
  • Difficult
  • Dangerous
  • Bad

Excersice adjectives:

  1. John is the Tallest person I know.
  2. The elephant is the biggest animal in this zoo.
  3. My brother is the happiest kid.
  4. Do you know who is the most famous girl in this class?
  5. I don’t have the most expensive laptop.
  6. I visited the most beautiful beach in Cancun.
  7. I am not the most confident person.
  8. This game is the most difficult I have play.
  9. Chernobyl is the most dangerous place in the world.
  10. In that restaurant make the worst tacos in Mexico.
  • My dog is the biggest dog on the street
  • Mom you’re the most beautiful mom in this world
  • I have the most simple clothes
  • My uncle has the most expensive house
  • When I drink wine I’m the happiest in the party
  • My dog is sick I feel the worst person right now
  • I feel the nicest student now
  • I’m going to married I’m the best man in the world
  • he’s the funniest today
  • I’m the smallest in the class

The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world
This is the most expensive ring I have
Sam is the happiest kid I know
This is the best book I have read

  • My dog is the craziest dog I know.
  • The Mount Everest is the biggest mount in the world.
  • She is the funniest comedian i have ever seen.
  • That country is the poorest in Latam.
  • The green apples are the most cheap at the market.
  • I’m the most young of my sisters.
  • I’m the oldest of my class.
    This laptop is the most expensive at the store.
  • The smallest kitten in the litter, now is the biggest cat in this house.
  • Tom is the tallest basketball player this season.

The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world
This is the most expensive ring I have
Sam is the happiest kid I know
This is the best book I have read

  • The Bugatti La Voiture Noire is the most expensive car in the world.
  • Justo y bueno is the market the cheapest in Colombia.
  • I believe that Albert Einstein is the person the most intellient in the world.
  • Diego’s keyboard is the keyboard the most noisy in the office.
  • Those shoes are the most simple shoes in the shop and the most expensive, I can’t believe it!
  • Crisitano is the best soccer player in the world 😜
  • Her house is the house the cleanest in the neigboorhood.
  • My girlfriend is the most beautiful girl in the world.
  • Wow! your bed is the most comfortable bed in your house.
  • Usain Bolt is the man the fastet in the world

pretty - the prettiest
beautiful - the most beautiful
tough - the toughest
long - the longest
nice - the nicest
thin - the thinest
big - the biggest
openminded - the most openminded
clever - the most clever/cleverest

The Mona Lisa is the most beautiful picture I see
This is the biggest TV in the house
The atom is the smallest thing in universe
This car is the slowest I’ve ever driven
This is the smallest dog in the dog pound
Today is the largest day of the year
The elephant is the heaviest land animal
The Pink Star is the mos expensive diamond in the world
my daughter is the most happy/happiest in the class

The elephant is the heaviest animal in the zoo.
She is the smartest person I know.
Zue is the tallest person in the family.
Ignacio is the happiest baby I have ever meet.
Ana is th best friend in the world.
Ludwin is the most intelligent man I know.
Diego is the funniest of my siblings.
Lucas is the most handsome in my family.
Nicolás is the youngest member of the family.
Esther is the most beautiful girl of the school.

Beautiful-Most beautiful
Intelligent-Most intelligent

These are my answers using the superlative form:

  • This is the longest book that I have read.
  • This is the best bicycle that I have.
  • Those are the most comfortable shoes that I have.
  • In my life, I have never been in the concert like as this. It is the most spectacular show in all the year.
  • You are the most beautiful woman that I saw in the capital.
  • The English Academy subscription at Platzi is the most brilliant idea that I have been.
  • She is the most Gossip in the group.
My brother is the best brother in the world My mom is the happiest woman in my house Roses are the most beautiful in the garden Bamboo is the tallest tree in the world
  1. Edwin is the best guy I have met.
  2. He has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.
  3. Josue is the nicest boy in the company.
  4. She is the most honest person I know.
  5. My puppy is the smartest dog in my neighborhood.
  6. Winter is the most beautiful season.
  7. The train ‘‘Aura’’ is the largest in this city.
  8. I can’t find my most comfortable jeans.
  9. This restaurant is the most popular here!.
  10. My little brother is the shortest in my family.
  • The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world.
  • This is the most expensive ring I have.
  • Sam is the happiest kid I know.
  • This is the best book I have read.
  1. The giraffe is the biggest animal that I know
  2. This is the roundest donut that I’ve seen
  3. Stephany is the most beautiful in the class
  4. these sheep have the softest wool on the planet
  5. For me, Oprah Winfrey is the most generous famous
  6. the Chinese are the most punctual on the planet
  7. I think SpaceX is going to be the richest company in a few years

ADJECTIVE -> A word that we use to describe a noun (person, place or something).
Example: tall people, beautiful girl, nice place.

ADVERBS -> A word that we use to describe a verb.
Example: He runs fast, she dance very well.

The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world.
This is the most expensive ring I have
Sam is the happiest kid I know
This is the best book I have read

the superlative of adjective with three or more your is the most + adjective.

is very important to know the adjective that have one,two syllables or more

tall thin fat expensive rich poor hot low short strong

the superlative is very nice for understand english a little bit , i will kepp learning , i never stop learning .

Excersice adjectives:

The + Superlative + adjective + noun

1. Talkative
2. Shy
3. Tall
4. Thin
5. Fat
6. Beautiful
7. Serious
8. Funny
9. Brilliant
  1. Sara is the most talkative person I know.

  2. The student at the corner of the classroom is the shiest.

  3. My brother isn’t the tallest person in the world.

  4. Ursula is the thinnest girl in her school.

  5. Max is the fatest dog in our city.

  6. Neighboor’s flowers are t**he most beautiful**.

  7. My grandfather is++** the most serious**++ person in my house.

  8. Comedians are the funniest in many countries.

  9. Alex is the most brilliant student in the university.

  10. Titanio is the strongest metal in the world.


I’m the tallest person here
She’s the most intelligent in her class
This view is the most beautiful I have seen
This video game is the funniest!
The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world
This is the smallest clock I have had
This cell phone is the most expensive in this store
The red T-Shirt is the cheapest here
My father is the oldest in my family
My daughter is the youngest in my house (1 year and a half old 😄 )

  1. My laptop is the more slowest I have use.
  2. My dog is the best friend I have it.

Platzi is the most remarkable learning platform in Latin America.
I’m the most persistent person in my family.
Caroline is the most mischievous student in the classroom.
He bought the shiniest diamond in the store.
Once they entered they found the most terrifying scene.
They are the most delightful people I’ve ever met.
America is the most bizarre country in the world.
That is the mistiest forest in my village.

I am the happiest person at this moment

I am the happiest person at this moment because she is the most beautiful woman in this world.

There ara my exerices

  • The loudest baby is my little brother, he was always crying

  • The quietest student is always studying at library wth his friends

  • The deepest hollow is this town

  • The weekest person in this room, he is my best friend



  1. Beautiful -------- The most beautiful
  2. Short ------------- The shortest
  3. Famous ----------The most famous
  4. Perfect -----------The most perfect
  5. Wonderful -------The most wonderful
  6. Cheap -----------The cheapest
  7. Expensive ------ The most expensive
  8. Tall ---------------The tallest
  9. Kind --------------The kindest
  10. Small -----------The smallest

A day ago I met a beautiful woman, She wore a wonderful dress, of course It seems The most expensive dress I’ve seen. She had the most perfect smile and She was talking with your boyfriend, who is the tallest person I’ve seen, so He wore the smallest jeans I’ve seen and I thought He is a little bit peculiar but He seems autentic.

I’ve done the activity in recording audio:
I’ll be waiting for your feedback 🤓👌

  • The fatest
  • The most skinny
  • The tallest
  • The richest
  • The most wanted
  • The most beatifule
  • The brightest
  • The cheapest

very good

What? This is the craziest thing you told me.
It is the easiest problem, but be careful, you can make the worst mistake.
…. and she gave me her most generous smile.
This is the closest to danger that I was in my life.
Ana is the most angry. Please: talk to her.
Yes, I gave you the hardest, but you are the most intelligent of the group.
The smallest turned out to be the strongest.
This is the most important interview. You must be the most polite.
Today is the coldest day of the year.
This cake is the most delicious that I ate.

  • This tower is the most tallest in the city.
  • There is the the smallest car I have see.
  • Your sister is the smartest in our course.
  • Frisby’s is the most Delicious chicken in Colombia.
  • The chairs of this cinema is the softest I used.
  • This Orange is the juiciest.
  • The train is the faster in our town. (I think word fast is irregual or the correct form is fastest?)
  • This break is the shortest.
  • The happiest days of our life.

my sister is the most cleverest in the family.
my doggy is the most beautiful animal i know.
I’m the tallest worker in my work.

My notes and my voice:

List Adjectives(there are more):

  1. I can’t find my most comfortable jeans.
  2. The runt of the litter is the smallest.
  3. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system.
  4. She is the smartest girl in our class.
  5. This is the most interesting book I have ever read.
  6. I am the shortest person in my family.

He is the tallest of my friends.
INTERESTING - the most interesting:
This book is the most interesting.
CLEAN - cleaner:
Your room is the cleanest.
ENTERTAINMENT - The most entertaining:
This video game is the most entertaining in the world.
GOOD - better:
They are the best cooks.

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