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  • I started to study at Platzi while I was stuck in another country because of the pandemic.
  • I learned English while my friend learned Spanish.
  • He was working while they were traveling for vacation.
  • I was writing while she was screaming.
  • I painted my room while he was traveling to Russia.
  • I went to the gym while she delivered a package.

Now some examples: 💁🏾‍♀️

  • In the last episode, Mike sharpened his knife while Miley was sleeping, then he killed her.
  • I remember how nervous I was when I ran away from school while my mom waited for me.
  • The worst moment of that man was when he was diving while his partners were being eaten by a shark.

I was studying on Platzy, while I was working.
She was cooking in the kitchen while I watched a OVNI.
I was fixing my car while my kids were playing on the ground.

  • I was doing Platzi Courses and learning while my family was on vacation

1.- I broke the computer while I was working at the office.
2.- I studied for my exam while my friend slept.
3.- I was reading while my daughter was watching TV series.

I’m studying English while listening to my family talk.
She was reading while her brother played outside.
I cleaned my room while my sister washed the bathrooms.

  • I fell in love while I was muddling through puberty
  • I trained arms while my girl trained legs
  • My brother was taking a shower while I cook.
  • I was watching this video while I was listening music in the background.

  • He went to Australia while he was an university student

I was practicing karate while my dog was waiting for me outside the gym.
I was working while he painted the walls
I ate my crackers while he was playing the most exciting video game.

  • I bought my phone while I was traveling in USA.
  • I managed to complete the exam while my friend cried about it.
  • I was cleaning the house while my sister was watching TV.

I was working in backend while my coworkers were working in frontend.
I met PHP while I was studying in high school.
I got my first job while I traveled for Mexico city.


Linda was writing my tags questions while I was eating a cake.
I met to Camilo while i was working in the Clothing store
I went to the park while I listened Morat´s music

  1. I ate salad while she was eating pasta.
  2. She played the video games while we studied.
  3. They were going to work I was working at home.

completed actions mixed with continuous actions:

  1. I drank water while I was studying
  2. She hugged me while I was sleeping
  3. Cat’s finished their food while I was already eating mine.

past simple form:

  1. He washed the dishes while I studied
  2. He went to work while I stayed here
  3. They visited grandma while she painted her room

past continuous form:

  1. I was writing while she was cooking
  2. They were drinking while he was sleeping
  3. Phone was ringing while I was in the bathroom.

i was studing english while i recived a phone call for a job

I listened to music while she danced the music.
I was sleeping in my room while my sister was doing her activities.

He was doing exercise when the door were opened.
I was in my car while my son was playing videogames.

  • I slept while my neighbors were having a party.
  • I thought about a poem while she looked at me.
  • she was laughing while he was telling another joke.
  • I listened a Platzi 's podcast while i was drinking a cooffe
  • In pandemic i started to work while i started study english
  • My nephew was playing video games while I was doing exercise.
  • My mom went shopping while I was working on a project.
  • I studied Computer Science while my friend studied Administration.
  1. I wrote a letter while I was listening to music.
  2. I did my homework while my dog fell asleep.
  3. I was studying while my dog was barking.
  1. I taked care of my grandmother while I was working
  2. I washed clothes while my girlfriend cooked launch
  3. I was watching videos on youtube while my girlfriend was cleaning up my house
  • I was watching a new series while my mother was working on her computer.
  • I injured myself when I was playing soccer.
  • She fall in love while she knew the new guy.
  • I was learning Frontend Dev while I was learning English as well.
  • My mom cocks while she’s cleaning the house.
  • He’s listening to music while I’m having classes at college.

I ran into her while I was working out in the gym.
I was playing basketball while my brother was doing at the school.
I talked with the policeman while my neighbor was walking in front of his house.

She was pregnant while her brother got married.
He was gratuading while he was working.
I was starting to learn English at Platzi while I was studying in the University.

  • I started to study at Platzi because while I lived with a friend he said is a good option por personal and profesional development.
  • I learned to cook chocolates while a work in a restaurant .
  • I work in a company as Staff Production while I learn be a Data Engineer.
  • I learned English while I was studying the university
  • I was taking Platzi courses while my family was watching the T.V.

I played tennis while i was at college
I usually prepare lunch while i talk to my girlfriend on the phone.
They were working really hard while i was sleeping deeply.

  1. I won my fist poetry award in 2018 while I was writing my second book.
  2. I read “Crime and punishment” while my sister read “Pride and prejudice”.
  3. My friends were drinking beer while I was studying english.
  • I was sleeping while my ex was talking with another man 😦 HAHAHA

  • My cat was running out the door while a big dog was trying to take him 😦

  • I was studying at Platzi while all my classmates were in a party (This is a lay, I was drinking as them)

I went to the gym while she was ridding her bike
Mario sang the song while Miguel played the guitar
Everybody were dancing while I was eating wedding cake

  • I washed the dishes while my girlfriend was cooking
  • I was studying on weekends while my friends were at parties
  • I met my girlfriend while I was in the zombie parade 🧟‍♂️♥🧟‍♀️.
  • I studied English while I was traveling in India
  • She wrote this letter while she suffered from your absence.
  • We were running while he dog was trying to chase us.

Let’s practice

  • I played soccer while I was going to high school.
  • I cleaned my room while my mother cooked the meal.
  • I was listening to music while my parents was sleeping.
  • I was working out while I was listening to a podcast.
  • My sister was taking her class while I was studying at Platzi.
  • My mom was watching TV while I was reading.

We use “While” to link two ideas or activities

I was at the gym while my brother was calling to me
Yesterday I made dinner while my mom came home
I was taking a shower when my brother was sleeping

  • I was in my room while my mom was cleaning the kitchen,
  • John played soccer while I studied Physics.
  • I was sleeping while my friend was doing his homework.
  • I was studied a lot while my brother was worked
  • My friends were still having class while I was in my thesis
  • The country was bad while all people still have been worked hard
  • I studied English while my husband made me breakfast, he support me every day.
  • My son was watching TV while It happened.
  • I was programming while listening to music.

I took a shower while listening to music
Juana bought a beautiful dress while Luana bought a pair of shoes
He was studying Software Engineering while working.

I met my boyfriend in 2020 while I was travelling on the bus.
I cleaned up while my sister washed the dishes
I was studying while my sister was sleeping in my bed

I understood python while I was learning English.
I was walking to my work while I was talking on my cellphone
She took the newspaper while she was running to the colleges

  1. I learned computer programming while I was about 16 years old.
  2. I studied algorithms while my friend studied chemistry.
  3. I was learning about stars while my brother was watching his favorite youtuber.
  4. You will be studying French while I will be studying quantum computing.
  1. I was doing exercises while my mom was watching tv.
  2. I cleaned my house while sister washed the dishes.
  3. I studied while I was listening to music.

i prepared the launch while i watched platzi’s videos

I went to sport club “Los Andes” while we were spending time together.

  • I prepared my bag while my mother was preparing the food
  • I cooked the lunch while I listened to the radio
  • My mother was driving while I was sending messages

I was working in a factory when I was playing soccer with that team.
I was checking my email when I saw her
I played a videogame when he started his project

I was taking a course while my mom burnt her hand.