Forming verbs from adjectives and nouns



According to the Cambridge Dictionary:

“A suffix is a letter or group of letters added at the end of a word which makes a new word”.

Different from prefixes, which usually do not change the class of the base word, suffixes usually change the class of the word (e.g., from noun to verb). In this class, you will learn how to form verbs by adding suffixes to nouns and adjectives.

-en to become awaken, darken, widen, shorten, strengthen, soften
-ise/-ize* to make or become sympathise, empathise, symbolize, characterize
-ate to become activate, liquidate, collaborate, create, fabricate
-ify, -fy to make or become justify, purify, amplify, satisfy, specify, classify

*Both forms are correct. It is more common to use -ise in American English and -ize in British English.

Choose five words from the list and write in the comments section sentences using them.

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  • I got to shorten story a bit.
  • You need to empahatise with people that’s important for you.
  • I’ve heard our country is about to fabricate a new vaccine.
  • As a math student i have to justify every step i took in the process of solving an ecuation.
  • It’s quite important to get along with your colleagues in order to keep good communication when you collaborate with them in a project.
  • I need to amplify my circle of friends
  • It’s an excellent skill to empathize with the enemy
  • My learning power is awakening
  • I have to liquidate all my positions before I lose more money
  • I create a new software for my company
  • I wished to be able to widen my English vocabulary.
  • It’s difficult to sympathise with everyone, actually, this must not be the purpose of life.
  • Do not activate that botton or we’ll all blown away!
  • You cannot try to justify yourself for every single mistake you make. It’s important to accept our responsability.
  • Purify my soul with your speech. Your words shall make me free from my chains.
  • I create a new video in youtube
  • collaborate with us, we gonna give you 1,000,000
  • Normally, I awaken at 7:50 AM
  • the sky is darken
  1. Yo have to create some examples with suffixes
  2. Don’t justify his actions.
  3. You need to specify so that you understand you
  4. You should fabricate your own products because You can do it
  5. Can you collaborate with funds for the needy?
  • I have to create a better software to learn English.
  • You need to justify your answer.
  • He is specifying his choices.
  • It need to widen its range.
  • They have to fabricate their own ready-made food.
  • I need shorten this pant
  • We need sympathise to co-founder
  • Whether you activate that activity
  • They can create new features
  • You should justify your purchases

Is crucial, specify all the treats about what is your want in the life else whatever thing will be useful for you.
If you don’t have goals, you won’t awake with a clear-willing porpoise.
Would you love finishing this year, satisfy?
The marketing invited you to empathize with consumers and to be aware are humans not robots.

  • He awake from his dream
  • She sympathise with other people
  • I’m going to activate my new phone
  • I’m going to fabricate long boards
  • She is trying to satisfy to him

The movie has shortened its time
The skeleton in a lab symbolize DANGER
The button has activated the system
It function it is to purify the water