Prepositional vs phrasal verbs


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Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you.
I have said you rely on me whenever you need me.
She had suffered from profound depress with her broke up.
People scold others for selfish acts to avoid being tarred with same brush.
The Home Edit: Conquering the clutter with style: A Netflix Original Series.
Conquer Clutter With the 4-Container Method.
I will have been spelling with detail out all about that day, but when we are together.
I was settling on what province I would like to arrive, and I’m sure with Montreal.
They say, when I was a child, took after my mom to any quirks in her personality.
The willingness people are looking forward to their next accomplish.

  • Get on the bus and use your card
  • I usually lisent to music in the morning

Excersice No. 2:

  • The waiter filled glasses up.
  • This fish smells bad, throw it away.
  • Get on the bus and use your card.
  • I usually listen to music in the morning.
  • I decide select the pistons of diffente models, so I put it away in the correct box.
  • I really want this tennis, are awesome. Can I try it on?.
  • The staff of the project is in a meeting with a client, so** I is filling** in for at the meeting.

He bought an ice cream to cheer her up.
She chopped fruits up to make a delicious smothie.
They wrote down the Math exercises to practice.
I figured out was the main theme of the book.
We usually pick him up at 10:00 am.

They will participate in a competion tomorrow.
She arrived at 9:00 p.m. in Spain yesterday.
He’s waiting for Ana to make a cake.
We care about you! You are special for us!
It depends on what you want to do.

The waiter filled the glasses up.
This fish smells bad, throw it away.
Get on the bus and use your card.
I usually listen to music in the morning.

  • My son was sad because of the game so I cheer him up.
  • I am having problems resolving this bug. Can you help me figure it out?
  • I buy 100 cookies for all my partners. Could you give it out to the people?
  • This computer turns into a problem for me.
  • I’m looking into the possibility of taking another JS course

  • Could you ask for that pencil?
  • I worked for the company
  • I dream about my mother yesterday
  • I specialized in front end development
  • Could you ask about that topic?

Prepositional verbs: Must not be separated. The meaning is usally the same as the main verb. It depends on the point of view.
Phrasal verbs: Can be separated. The meaning is often different from the main verb. Try that jacket on before purchasing.

Separable and inseparable in phrasal verbs

  • Call of: Cancel (Separable).
  • Come across: Find accidentally (Inseparable).
    Tip to identify if it’s a separable or inseparable: When we separate a phrasal verb is because the object is usually direct affected by his main verb.
  1. I always go over read before any test.
  2. My sister have gone to Paris for work, so I look after her dog everyday.
  3. When I heard about the illuminati, I look into them.
  4. When I was in Quito last week, I ran into my ex professor, we talked for hours.
  5. At some point, Alfredo touch on the issue of legal abortion. They argued for hours.
  1. My father usually pick me up after the gym.
  2. I always have to remember: I must put my shoes away.
  3. I had to turn a bribe down: that was terrible.
  4. My brother always puts his tesis off. He is afraid of his tutor.
  5. Can’t believe it, I have to do the report over because I forgot save the document.
  1. The waiter fills the glasses up.
  2. This fish smells bad,** throw it away. **
  3. Get on the bus and use your card.
  4. I usually listen to music in the morning.
  5. I’d like to agree on my father once at least.
  6. We’ll have to look at the sky If we want to see the comet.
  7. My pet is so funny, that is why I use to laugh at its mischiefs.
  8. My grandpa is so old, each member of my family have to care about him.
  9. I’m going to talk to my sister about my niece’s education.
  10. I always hide from dogs of my neighborhood, they are so scaring.
  • The teacher has finally replied to the email i sent her 2 weeks ago.
  • I study really hard every day just to be prepare for the future.
  • Once i graduate from college next year i will be looking for job opportunities abroad.
  • You can count on me for that.
  • I succed in my goal of losing 10 pounds this month.

  • It’s great to have friend to cheer you up in those hard moments.
  • Apparently my homework wasn’t as good as i though. The teacher told me to do it over.
  • I had to help a friend with a complicate math problem he couldn’t figure it out by himself.
  • People can’t stop letting me down.
  • My headphones were not working good so i had to throw them away.

The joke was great, but she looked at me angry and told me: what are you laughing at?

A few months ago, I put my English class off because I didn’t understand that the knowledge is the best way to create the life that I want.

Prepositional verbs

  • I need you yo get out of my car
  • The pilot made us get off the plane as soon as this took land.
  • It’s bad manners not to listen to others when they are talking to you.
  • It depends on the purpose that you’re pursuing by wanting me to do that.
  • Wait for them. When you receive themoney, you will need get out the bank quietly.

Phrasal Verbs

  • He filled the glass with dirty water.
  • I need to get my money back from the fund.
  • I wouldn’t like to watch those terrifying videos so please, leave them out.
  • Remember to throw away the garbage tomorrow in the morning.
  • That strange man game away this candy. Can I eat it?

Prepositional vs phrasal verbs 🌟


  • The waiter filled up the glasses up.

  • The fish smells bad throw it away.

  • Get on the bus and use your card.

  • I usually listen to music in the morning.

I’m ready for the exercises. Bring it up!

Nice pages to practice about prepositional vs. Phrasal verbs. I understand them every example. Thanks

I’ll back out of this, it’s too dangerous.
I ran into my first love at the park.
I had to do it over, the first time was a deception.
Finally, I settled on Bahama as my destiny for my next travel.
My mom will pick me up at 12.
Call my meeting off - I have to cop some vegetables up.

Prepositional verbs:
What just happened to me was a lucky strike!
I was searching for job opportunities on internet.
On sunday I recovered from a really tired week.
I forgot about your recommendations.
I’m thinking about you everyday.

Please shout the stereo up, it is too loud.
Don’t let me down with your attitude.
Please, turn the lights on, I’m coming
I’m going to pick my sister up at the school
Try this new shirt on, it is going to fit you well.

I had promised to finish the School of English in January, but I think backed out, because there are new courses every month. Even though that’s good because I learn much.

  1. My sister was sad because she lost her dog, but I bought her an ice cream and chocolates to help cheer her up.
  2. When I was cleaning my bedroom, I came across a doll that my mom gave me.

My sister was in a conference when she touched on one of my favorite topics and his talk turned into an anecdote

I was walking on the Street when I ran into with my ex-boyfriend and He turned into a horrible person hahaha

The waiter leave the glassed up.(Fill up=filled up).
The fish smells bad, throw it away.
Get on the bus and use your card.
I usually listen to music in the morning.

  • You must pick Ana up and go to the supermarket
  • Write the answer down before the professor see
  • I’m counting on your help for my sister’s birthday
  • I’m looking after my dog, I can’t go to the party

When my friend failed the test I cheer him up with a beer!
The decision about eat hot dogs just let me down
Can I try the glasses on?
She told me she loves me and I turn her down because of my new job.
Could you write your phone nomber down?

I apologize for my project
Pray for Mexico
I escaped from the police when I was in high school
Look at the pictures and tell me what do you think
I’m worry about the soccer game

I Absorb in me all the nutrients of that spaghetti
I wll Confront with my boss tomorrow.
Dont Laugh about it. It is sad!
Look at that beautiful dress
He is Retiring from years of work