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Role play: Spring break


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I’m sure If I keep listening to lots of English audio I’ll be able to understand much better.

That’s good advice, If you want to improve your listening skills you should listen to a podcast or watch tv series without subtitles.

I enjoyed it, and it’s useful to know when to use it.

It was as useful as entertaining. Thanks a lot for the awesome roleplay you performed with the good old Jess. I love the role plays because they show me how to use all what i learned in practical situations.

It was well written, it has expressionas like
I should go to Jacks party tonight…showing how we can use it.


The conversation is very fast but it´s easy to undestand…

I feel the clicks on my brain every time they said the new vocabulary, is like having a more rich view.

Gracias a ustedes aprendo mucho más de ello

1-I hope/ between/ come after/ won’t be able/ I hope

I hope that …
depend on
be able to
be allowed to

I honestly enjoyed the role play, It was amused and I think it's very useful to practice the listening and apply our learnings with casual conversations.

Could be…
I was going to stay at my mom’s doing nothing.
I depend on that.
Oh yeah, i hadn’t thought about it.
what time can you pick me up?
I heard this place is popular among college students.
We can split the gas between more people.