Relative Sentences in Advanced English


Te damos la bienvenida al Curso de Ingl茅s Intermedio Alto B2: Oraciones de Relativo. Ya que es un curso avanzado, te recomendamos tener una buena base del idioma. Si desconoces tu nivel, puedes realizar la prueba de nivel que Platzi te ofrece.

Qu茅 aprender谩s en este curso

A lo largo de este curso, aprender谩s sobre:

  • C贸mo trabajar y utilizar los infinitivos
  • Mencionar reglas e instrucciones
  • Informar de lo que dicen los dem谩s
  • Enfatizar o resumir
  • Aclarar malentendidos
  • Describir y aclarar a帽adiendo informaci贸n
  • Preguntar amablemente
  • Expresar la raz贸n y la probabilidad
  • Contrastar y comparar informaci贸n

Sin m谩s. Let鈥檚 go!

Contribuci贸n creada por: Kevin Fiorentino (Platzi Contributor).

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wow鈥鈥檓 the first post!..welcome everybody and enjoy the course!

Hi professor Rene, I鈥檓 new to all these topics, excited to learn.

Hi, Ren茅.

Nice to meet you. I have experience summarizing, clarifying and clearing up misunderstandings.

I鈥檓 looking forward to learn more in the next class.
See ya!

Hello everybody, well I am familiarized with some concepts, with the gramatical structure and some examples, in the academy, but I feel that not in the real live, for example, working. I鈥檓 so excited to learn more about them.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey there!, I鈥檓 so excited to begin with the course, I just took the placement test and got B2, so here I am鈥

I鈥檝e had the opportunity of both studying a master鈥檚 degree and working in English abroad (I鈥檓 from Colombia), but it鈥檚 been long time since I came back and talked in English for the last time. So, my resolution for next month is to improve my English level and, who knows, finding a remote job and earning in USD鈥

I hope you all commit with the goal and reach your dreams!!

Let鈥檚 start!

This course seems amazing.

I don鈥檛 have much experience with the topics covered in this course. I hope this course can help me improve in this area.

Hello to every body, I have a bussiness , Vidamena, we sold and produce coconut oil and derivates, with our bussiness we ( i have partnerts) participate in bussiness fair, in this situations I have to explain my products and sell it!
This is the website:

I鈥檝e already learned some about working with infinitives and reporting what others say. I think those are the only topics I鈥檝e learned previously.

Hi Ren茅, well my experience with those concepts are mainly at work as expected, as a visual designer i have worked with many people mostly outside Colombia that are native english speakers, and right now i鈥檓 working with an english academy located in Miami, and my boss only speaks english too, however i have been using a certain level english since a very young age because my a lot of my family lives in the USA, included my oldest sister, so i need to improve my skills and vocabulary in those areas.

What is your experience with the mentioned concepts in different situations?

My experience with the mentioned concepts is in advanced English courses, using them in essays, workbooks, and exams. I haven鈥檛 had many opportunities to use these concepts in a professional setting because the conversations I had were for meeting people around the world and for some courses in English. For this reason, I want to apply these concepts in my professional and academic pursuits for increase my knowledge and undestanding.

Hi, Ren茅. I think I understand almost all concepts in different situations. However, I know I will learn a lot.

Hi! I鈥檓 a science teacher and I need to deliver instructions and explain rules to my students on a daily basis.

well about my experience with the course situations, I remember one embarrassing moment in a restaurant, I try to say 鈥渟auce鈥 to request BBQ sauce, and the waiter understands 鈥渟ausage鈥濃 was a little bit confused that situation

I understand the concepts however i need more practice in real life or more vocabulary to express myself better

For me infinitives are non conjugated verbs.
Reported speach is when you say or report what other people say.
Emphasize or summarize it is like when you recap or make a summary of an specific topic.

Hi everyone. I鈥檓 really excited to expand my vocabulary and the different tenses. Probably, the most common topic is ask politely鈥 could you help me please?.. sorry for bother you鈥

I am willing to learn as much as posible because I am an English teacher and I need to manage all these concepts. My experience with the mentioned concepts has been only at school situations.

The girl who visited me in the hospital was very affectionate.
The TV I bought is very big.
The man from the house next door is my neighbor.
The weather yesterday was so cool. 鉂わ笍

Hello! Within the four contexts mentioned, I only have experience in restaurants. I really like going out to eat, especially chicken, hamburgers or ice cream.

Thak you for this course, ,I have a O% experience in this context, only in hypotetic situatios but in real life I don麓t have the pleasure the ask for food or for information in english. But currently I think about is very necessary to have this knowledges for to choice my dreams

I believe my biggest challenge is my to keep my mind always thinking in English, but is difficult for me because of my work and in my house I need to communicate in English. But nothing is impossible, is just to practice

Great background!
Well I think we really need conflict resolution, vocabulary.

It麓s the first course I listen about those topics.
I haven麓t had any experience with unrelative sentences yet.
I hope this course allowed me to learn and increase my knowledge in this topic.

Wow, very interesting your achievements in life

Good luck to all of you with this course

Well, I would say that I only have real experience in the office situation, and the most of the time is writing experience. With the other situations I haven鈥檛 had the change to use my english in real situations but I hope to test them soon.

Hi, Actually I have loss experience in job, today the nearest concept is at the office, I am an internship in financial sector, but it is homeoffice

I don鈥檛 have any experience 馃槮

I have no much experience with the concepts mentioned, but they look useful, so let鈥檚 start the course

I have had experience summarizing. I am currently in the process of training in my work and I have had to summarize many texts, report my work, and give information about certain processes.

I don麓t have much experience, and i hope all topics i am going to learn will be great help.

  1. At the office
  • My experience here, basically was: Hey! How you鈥檙e doing? I鈥檓 doing great, Got it, I鈥檓 gonna improve my performance in this job, I will definitely assist you with that, I鈥檓 gonna get you an appointment for x date at x hour jaja. that鈥檚 all
  1. At a hotel
  • No one :c
  1. At the restaurant鈥檚 Kitchen
  • I wish I could
  1. At the hospital
  • :C

Hi Rene!!! Nice to meet you 馃

I have experience emphasizing and summarizing, mentioning rules and instructions, and a little bit reporting what others say.

Also, have knowledge in:
Clarifying misunderstandings.
Asking polite questions.
Expressing reasons and probabilities.

We use English as the main language in my job, so I feel comfortable but I want to improve. And I want to travel more, so I will have to learn more about how to communicate in public spaces.

Hi, for me it鈥檚 very common clarify and report what others say in Spanish, I try to remember how i must say what other say and it鈥檚 ridiculously strange in English, it will be great if this course help me to flow in that cases, all of different contexts are needed.

Hi! My experience in the mentioned contexts is not so long. I have lived and worked with native English speakers for a ahort. Now, I want to learn as much as I can. 馃槉馃槉馃槉

Hi Rene!

I have experience clarifiying details in English because of I work in a Call Center and sometimes I have calls with English native speakers and I have to ask for more information and check the details, also I have experience summarizing in reason of present the report made by the user on the platform.

Nice to meet Ren茅.
I have experience working in a Call Center taking calls English native so I have a good listening but I want to improve my vocabulary and pronuntiation to be fluent and have more oportunities in my professional career.

Hi, everyone! I used to work at museums and also I met a lot of people who came from different countries, so I used, in a basic way, a lot of those resources mencioned in the video.

Hope to improve my skills with all of you!
My name is Alejandro, btw, nice to meet you!

I hold that I have a simple idea about those topics, but I麓m eager to learn with you in the next class!!

I studied that concepts in previous classes but I didn鈥檛 use it in that kind of situations.

Hi Rene , you pronunciation is awesome I could understand every thing you said. I have some experience talking with canadian and australian clients in my last job, trying to clarify and explain some situations presented in the use of restaurant software. I would like to improve my pronunciation.

Hi, I have no experience with that concepts, but I really want to learn a lot, and I am so excited because improving my english level will help me to have a better job as a developer

  • Hi Rene, actually I don麓t have any memories of those situations, however, your way of explaining moves me to take this course.

I have experience in hotel and airport situations when I was younger, at age, I did not know as much English as I do now but it was an enriching experience.

Hi, Rene! I鈥檓 really excited to take this course. I count with limited experience talking about these concepts but I hope I will learn a lot from it! Thank you!

hi everyone, my experience whit relative senteces is low, but i have the energize to learn jejeje

Let鈥檚 do this!

Hi, I remember learning those concepts at school few years ago, although I haven鈥檛 had the opportunity to use them. I鈥檇 love to review them though

Usually, It鈥檚 difficult for me clear up misanderstandings in different situations, So I think I will learn a lot in this course.

Hello everyone, this is my first course in Platzi. Answering the teacher鈥檚 question, in my job, I need to describe and clarify some concepts or actions that I must do to perform a specific task and add information about that topics to the client. I hope we all enjoy this couse 馃槂

Hi everybody! So excited to start this new course! English is so important nowadays. Let鈥檚 start!

Hi Ren茅, nice to meet you, hope lear a lot from this course

Hi Ren茅, i麓m so glad to start this course, this is my first in Platzi! 馃槃

It will be great to learn with you!

where is the subtitle button?

My experience at the office is lower, because no one talk in english. However, my experience with the others departments are differnts. Such as in teachers lounge, everyone speaks in english. In spite of slower level, I try to increase my vocabulary only listening them. In case of restaurant's kitchen, I"ve not had the opportunity to express. At the hospital I haven't had any either.

I have experience with these topics in work environments, but I don鈥檛 feel comfortable with my skills, so I hope to learn a lot in this course.

Well, I studied English when I was in high school in Argentina, but I didn麓t practice enough. Now, three months ago, I麓m living in Norway and I don麓t speak Norwegian, so I have to improve my English and communicate through it.

Hey there! I hope everyone is doing great, to answer Professor Rene鈥檚 question. I鈥檓 familiar with the use of infinitives, mentioning rules and instructions, and reporting from others.

I think I鈥檝e seen all the concepts mentioned in the introduction, but I feel that I haven鈥檛 practiced them in real-life situations. I studied English many years ago and right now I want to improve my English level and the probability of obtaining opportunities of working abroad or getting a remote job.

I hope to learn a lot in this course.

I don麓t have many experience in to mention concepts in different situations

Hi! I鈥檓 just excited about start this course, 'cause i think that i have to improve my english for increase my chances of new employement opportunities. I鈥檓 a little bit shy, but i鈥檒l try my best.

My experrience for those situations makes me thing that sometimes you are more formal and other you can act more natural. Sometimes I have needed privide context or claryfing something to find an agreement or solving a problem.
At the end, all this tools can help me to be more clear in a conversation, whether it is talking, writing or chating.

Hi! Everyone! I麓m Melissa and I am here to practice and improve my english. I have had some experience with the topics, I had took courses before but since a long time I haven麓t practice and I need to advance more.

In English context I haven鈥檛 a lot of experience

Hi teacher, I鈥檓 happy to start this course, in this moment I don鈥檛 have any experience putting in practice my English in real life, actually only practice and learn for this metod, but in the future I鈥檒l work and put in practice.

Hello Teacher Rene, Im new in this enviroment and situations, I hope that this course will help me so much.

Hello Mr Lora, thanks for the warm welcome to the course!

Hey there, I鈥檓 Diego and I鈥檓 really looking forward to improve my english with this course, I鈥檓 relatively new to this concepts, but I got some knowledge of them, because I have already seen those before.

Hello! I studied English on my own when I was working in a Telecom Company. There was a private Teacher offering the course to the employees and I joined the class in 2016. Then I work for a call center and after that, I got a nice job in a Software Company because they have a project in Jamaica. I was hired and I produce technical documentation and also provide technical support and training for the employees in Jamaica. I do not consider that I鈥檝e finished in this area because I need to improve many things!

Hi Ren茅, a feu years ago i worked at a contact center, the clients spoke in spanish usually; but some of them do it at engl;ish, and i was the only one to can understand something

Hi Rene, I don鈥檛 have experience with these concepts. I want to learn with you. Thanks.

Hello everyone. I took English courses some years ago. My experience is describing situations and comparing sentences. I want to learn and improve my English skills with this course. 馃憤

Hi!!! I have some experience with rules and instructions, and I want to learn more about the other concepts. I want to improve my English in order to be able to apply for international jobs. I鈥檓 from Colombia too 馃槃

Hello everyone, I have had limited experience with the concepts of the course, Although I clarify misunderstandings with my colleagues at work, those conversations are conducted in Spanish, so I can鈥檛 practice my grammar, speaking, and other languages abilities. On the other hand, i frequently read, check and compare documentation in English, because I work on IT company. My objective is to enhance my English skills in order to work with a US-based company. I believe that improving my speaking ability is crucial, which is why I am here.

HI rene, I have worked some of these subjects in the past but just in the practice, right now im improving my technical english so Im excited about learning grammatical skills,

I haven鈥檛 heard of these concepts before. So, I鈥檓 excited about learning it!

Hello! I dont really have experience with this concepts. I think i knew english until i mved to another country xd

Hi, well i heard some of those things, i was learning outsite platzi like 2 years ago inB2 but i couldn鈥檛 learn to much, so i am very excited to learn more in this course and reach C1!

Hi everyone, I don鈥檛 have a lot of experience in these concepts, however I will learn them鈥

Hello everybody! I鈥檝e been studying English for about 7 years in an institute of the city I live (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and I鈥檓 still doing it. I think my English level is between B1 and B2. I hope in this Platzi Academy improving my English speaking and listening skills. I also study web development here at Platzi and I want to complement both habilities.

I have been in a hospital when my parets was there because they had an accident.

in fact, i have ever not work with this structures or formal expressions. The most close ever i鈥檝e been to this are the polite expressions, or asking politely. I鈥檝e been nearby to compare expressions whith Than鈥 but not at all knowledge.

Hello Ren茅!

I hope you are fine. I have experience reporting what others say, mentioning rules and instructions, and expressing reason and probability.

Hi Ren茅. My name is Andr茅s. I have a little experience in customer service, theaching and innovation. My experience is mostly in spanish, and I really want to be able to change that. I hope this is the rigth place to improve my english comunicsation habilities.

good day teacher, my experience in different situations is good, i麓m worked in a restaurant that i麓m talk in english with customers who do not know speak spanish. when i was young, i didn麓t like english because I didn麓t understand but I麓m here to learn.
Have a good day.

Encourage = Alentar/Animar.

Hi, Ren茅! I have done this kind of things 鈥渘aturally鈥, in English lessons. Sometime doing it specifically, sometime throughout the normal speaking with the teacher and my classmates. But I need to practice more to continue to improve my level.

i have an experiencie in the hotel, i dont listening to the cashier for the pay the room鈥

Maybe I can talk or write in english however I have problems to understand when someone speaks me, I need to improve my vocabulary and my listening

I麓m from Paraguay, I worked at a Law Firm that only represents International Companies, so I had to learn how to communicate in an office enviroment.

i work in a familiar business and i ve use the inglish there. I have travel to hotels in canc煤n for vacations and i have to practice my inglish there also i ve in hospitals for my profession(im a nutrition student) and have usually have to speak in inglish.

My experience with most of those concepts are mainly at work. I didn鈥檛 have the opportunity to use my English skills in another context apart from traveling abroad or consuming content from books, videos or podcast, I鈥檓 not producing and speaking actively in real life contexts besides work situations. However I鈥檓 looking forward to improve on those areas too.

Hi, well鈥 some of these topics aren鈥檛 that new to me, but actually I鈥檇 like to review and advance a lot through these courses.

I鈥檝e been working in a bilingual BPO for almost 1 year and have been using concepts like this but I want to go deeper. I know that I need

What is your experience with the mentioned concepts in different situations?

I actually learned English when I was 14 years old(about 1 year), since then I鈥檝e been practicing on my own, I get to practice randomly when I meet foreigners but that doesn鈥檛 happen very often, I would say that I feel comfortable with these concepts, but of course, I would love to live abroad and further improve my language skills. curiously, I currently work at a military hospital in Mexico City.

As many other classmates, I have experience in real life using the mentioned concepts, mostly at work.
But I think I need to practice more in order to improve my skills and be a better professional, there is always room to improve.

Hi everybody, I have some experience using this concepts in real life but I feel I need to improve my pronuciation so I麓m excited to begin this course