What will you learn about relatives sentences


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wow…I’m the first post!..welcome everybody and enjoy the course!

Hi professor Rene, I’m new to all these topics, excited to learn.

Hi, René.

Nice to meet you. I have experience summarizing, clarifying and clearing up misunderstandings.

I’m looking forward to learn more in the next class.
See ya!

This course seems amazing.

Let’s start!

I don’t have much experience with the topics covered in this course. I hope this course can help me improve in this area.

Great background!
Well I think we really need conflict resolution, vocabulary.

It´s the first course I listen about those topics.
I haven´t had any experience with unrelative sentences yet.
I hope this course allowed me to learn and increase my knowledge in this topic.

Wow, very interesting your achievements in life

Good luck to all of you with this course

I believe my biggest challenge is my to keep my mind always thinking in English, but is difficult for me because of my work and in my house I need to communicate in English. But nothing is impossible, is just to practice

Well, I would say that I only have real experience in the office situation, and the most of the time is writing experience. With the other situations I haven’t had the change to use my english in real situations but I hope to test them soon.

Hello to every body, I have a bussiness , Vidamena, we sold and produce coconut oil and derivates, with our bussiness we ( i have partnerts) participate in bussiness fair, in this situations I have to explain my products and sell it!
This is the website:

Hi, Actually I have loss experience in job, today the nearest concept is at the office, I am an internship in financial sector, but it is homeoffice

I don’t have any experience 😦

I have no much experience with the concepts mentioned, but they look useful, so let’s start the course

I have had experience summarizing. I am currently in the process of training in my work and I have had to summarize many texts, report my work, and give information about certain processes.

I don´t have much experience, and i hope all topics i am going to learn will be great help.

  1. At the office
  • My experience here, basically was: Hey! How you’re doing? I’m doing great, Got it, I’m gonna improve my performance in this job, I will definitely assist you with that, I’m gonna get you an appointment for x date at x hour jaja. that’s all
  1. At a hotel
  • No one :c
  1. At the restaurant’s Kitchen
  • I wish I could
  1. At the hospital
  • :C

Hi Rene!!! Nice to meet you 🤗

I have experience emphasizing and summarizing, mentioning rules and instructions, and a little bit reporting what others say.

Also, have knowledge in:
Clarifying misunderstandings.
Asking polite questions.
Expressing reasons and probabilities.

We use English as the main language in my job, so I feel comfortable but I want to improve. And I want to travel more, so I will have to learn more about how to communicate in public spaces.

Hi, for me it’s very common clarify and report what others say in Spanish, I try to remember how i must say what other say and it’s ridiculously strange in English, it will be great if this course help me to flow in that cases, all of different contexts are needed.

Thak you for this course, ,I have a O% experience in this context, only in hypotetic situatios but in real life I don´t have the pleasure the ask for food or for information in english. But currently I think about is very necessary to have this knowledges for to choice my dreams

Hi! My experience in the mentioned contexts is not so long. I have lived and worked with native English speakers for a ahort. Now, I want to learn as much as I can. 😊😊😊

Hi Rene!

I have experience clarifiying details in English because of I work in a Call Center and sometimes I have calls with English native speakers and I have to ask for more information and check the details, also I have experience summarizing in reason of present the report made by the user on the platform.

Nice to meet René.
I have experience working in a Call Center taking calls English native so I have a good listening but I want to improve my vocabulary and pronuntiation to be fluent and have more oportunities in my professional career.

Hi, everyone! I used to work at museums and also I met a lot of people who came from different countries, so I used, in a basic way, a lot of those resources mencioned in the video.

Hope to improve my skills with all of you!
My name is Alejandro, btw, nice to meet you!

I hold that I have a simple idea about those topics, but I´m eager to learn with you in the next class!!

I studied that concepts in previous classes but I didn’t use it in that kind of situations.

Hi Rene , you pronunciation is awesome I could understand every thing you said. I have some experience talking with canadian and australian clients in my last job, trying to clarify and explain some situations presented in the use of restaurant software. I would like to improve my pronunciation.

Hi, I have no experience with that concepts, but I really want to learn a lot, and I am so excited because improving my english level will help me to have a better job as a developer

  • Hi Rene, actually I don´t have any memories of those situations, however, your way of explaining moves me to take this course.

I have experience in hotel and airport situations when I was younger, at age, I did not know as much English as I do now but it was an enriching experience.

Hi, Rene! I’m really excited to take this course. I count with limited experience talking about these concepts but I hope I will learn a lot from it! Thank you!

hi everyone, my experience whit relative senteces is low, but i have the energize to learn jejeje

Let’s do this!

Hi, I remember learning those concepts at school few years ago, although I haven’t had the opportunity to use them. I’d love to review them though

Usually, It’s difficult for me clear up misanderstandings in different situations, So I think I will learn a lot in this course.

Hello everyone, this is my first course in Platzi. Answering the teacher’s question, in my job, I need to describe and clarify some concepts or actions that I must do to perform a specific task and add information about that topics to the client. I hope we all enjoy this couse 😃

Hi everybody! So excited to start this new course! English is so important nowadays. Let’s start!

Hi René, nice to meet you, hope lear a lot from this course

Hi René, i´m so glad to start this course, this is my first in Platzi! 😄

It will be great to learn with you!

Hello everybody i just took level test and it brought me here. I hope to improve my English. 😃

Hello René! Happy to stay in this course. I think I can talk in most situations but with a lack of confidence. Even if I am not sure if I am asking properly most of my colleagues can understand what I mean.

I am happy to learn new structures and improve my confidence!

Hi everyone, It[s been a while since the last time I practiced my english, but I do remember I have learned about this topics when I went to classes, so I think It´s going to be a bit easier for me learning again.

Hi teacher, Nice to meet you!.
If my memory serves me correctly, I don’t think I have ever heard of these topics before

Hi everyone!, my experience with this is 0, maybe, and probably i´ve use it, but unconsciously

I’m not familiarized with mentioning rules and instructions, so I’m really looking forward to see this topic!
Also, I think I will learn a lot of vocabulary from every single context here mentioned.

Hi Rene, i am so excited to learn how to describe in your introduction, I would like to improve my english skills.

I’m so excited to learn how to describe and clarify by adding information, I think it is one of the most important topics to explain correctly in any language.
Here we go partners !

Hi Rene, I have some knowledge in the concepts of the course cause I have had a lot of English classes throughout my life, even abroad. But the lack of practice have made me lost some practice especially in grammar. However with my new job and these classes I’m sure that I will be improving a lot.

Thank you for sharing you knowledge.

Hi, everyone!

I want to tell you that I have experience asking politely at restaurants and hotels, however, I need to improve in other contexts like at the office, and I also reinforce topics as Describe and clarify by adding information,

I hope to improve soon! Goodbye

hi teacher, im so excited because i will learn other level of english and i feel so that’s necesary for my person and record

I’m so excited to see what wonderful this course is

Hello Professor! I just started this course and I’m so excited to learn all the new concepts in those contexts. I’m really looking forward to learn more about how to express myself at the office and hospital.

Thank you for this introduction. I think all of us has experienced situations in which we need to use relative sentences. Hope to learn and have fun in this course!

I’m excited to learn more about English

I studied English until B1 level, it was in a fisic Institut, I think, I improved a lot. But now, I get some new laboral opportnities and I want to be prepared for this.

Hi teacher, hope you are fine
I experienced concepts like reooirts or instructions, in emphazys too

Hi! I have some experience with the mentioned concepts in situations such as trying to buy something and having misunderstandings about the price or the description of the product itself.
If we are speaking literally and only in English, I must say that not many times I have had the opportunity to study or apply formally the concepts mentioned during this lesson, but probably there are some times where I used something of these but didn’t notice it.
I hope I can formalize and learn a lot about all these topics, I’m excited about it!

I think I know how most of the topics of this course work, but I also know a little practice always comes handy. So let’s begin!

The most of my experience with the concepts is based on an office context, clarifying by adding info and expressing reason and probability. always in a formal scope

Hi teacher, I’m returning on practice my english skills, my goal is to achieve a C2 level like you.

Hi! most of my experiences are with the academy. I hope I can use these concepts in real situations.

Hi Mr. Rene Lora, nice to meet you. I’m not familiar with those subjects. But I am eager to learn new things.

Recently took the English placement test to find out my level of English, and what a surprise.

How excited I am to be here!

Hi, I'm Henry, and I got some experience within the fruits and vegetables processing technical course, and I'm about to start my practicing stage.

I’ve never taken any kind of course before so i’m really excited to be here and learn with this format.

In my experience, I’ve asked politely (I think) in forums on internet for help about games, programs or issues with my computer. And also I’ve helped other people in a clear way (I think)

To be honest I have some experiences in the mentioned situations as others have, also I hope to improve my level and keep the knowledge around the basics skills for communicate with others… please excuse my mistakes and be patient with me.

Hi everyone! And of course, hi René! Even though I have taken an English course in the past, I don´t remember these concepts at the moment.


I love latin american teachers because the accent is easy to understand compared to native speakers.

Hi, The videos are unavailable. How can I see them? 😔

Hello, I am pleased.

I’m really excited to return to school, this was one of my favorites subjects.
-Love from CR.