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Supposed to / Meant to / Misunderstandings


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I was supposed to study english more early but I have been doing until now

I was supposed to have a good level of English because I studied in London ten years ago.

This class was a little bit confusing for me, I thought I had understood, but my responses were incorrect. I was supposed to understand but I didn’t get any right answer haha

In the past, I used to believe that ‚Äúactually‚ÄĚ translates as ‚Äúactualmente‚ÄĚ in spanish, so when I was supposed to say ‚Äúcurrently‚ÄĚ I tended to use ‚Äúactually‚ÄĚ by mistake.

I was meant to have the lunch ready before noon but these classes are very interesting.

I was supposed to buy something my mom asked for, but I didn’t have the time to do it

I have misunderstandings with orders or tasks,

I was supposed to understand the instructions of a task, but when I try to follow them, I didn’t do it well.

I was supossed to travel but because of covid I couldn’t.
I was meant to study but I waste my time on social media.

I was suppose to be the chosen one but I injured my knee

I was supposed to update the report today, but it was updated yesterday. I was meant to be more relaxed today.

I was supposed to film a podcast today with a friend, but we weren’t able to do it;(

One time, My mom told me that i should wear a jacket 'cause it was goingo to rain. I watched the weather channel and it was supposed to be sunny. Well…guess who was right jajaj.

I supposed to go to the university, but I preferred the institute, so I go there.

I was supposed to start studyng at 9PM, but I was late due to traffic.
I was meant to bring food to the dinner, but i completely forgot it.

I was meant to start this curse early this week.

I was supposed to graduate this year but classes were cancelled.

It is supposed I’d have a good english level if I passed my english diagnostic examen and I did, but I feel it’s not enough.

My boss told me that I needed to give a certain paper to one of the users. It was supposed to be something right, but then, my other boss told me that I shouldn't have done that.

you were meant to pass the admission exam
You were supposed to will be with her

i was supposed to study React more early but i lost a lot of time playing videogames

I was meant to study before play video games, but I usually played first and then I did not have enough time to prepare my exams.

I was supposed to be working from home, but our boss forced us to go the office ūüė¶

Our boss was meant to give us clear instructions, but she didn’t tell us anything.

i meant to be the first one in My class, but there √°re many intelligents students

I was supposed to go to my business to help but I have to learn English first

I was meant to be an architect but I am an engineer

I was supposed to eat healthier but it was christmas so I just ate desserts and wine. I was also meant to spend more time in family and that was exactly what happened.

i supposed to clean up my house but this couse is verry interesting.
i was mean to be an artist but i dont like drawing

I meant to know how to edit videos for my job but I didn’t pay attention to that class

I was supposed to get up early but I didn’t.

I was supposed to finish the college this year, but I had to pospone for lack of money.

I was supposed to do my CV but I haven’t done it yet

I was supposed to have a better English level because I have been doing courses of diferent topics in English for some years but I never practice my speaking much.

You were supposed to give 10 seconds in order to answer the questions, not just 3 ūüė¶

I was supposed to finish this video at 9 pm, but I had some issues with the internet connection.

It was suposed to rain, that is why I took my umbrella. The
weather report was wrong again.

Iit supposed that I¬īm going to graduate in one semester, but in reallity I will graduate in one year.
That was my answere for the last quiestion.

I was supposed to work with a client today, but he hasn¬īt comfirmed the appointment yet

I was supposed to save some money, but ended up buying a new laptop.

I was supposed to be a pro soccer player, but now I just play soccer matches with my friends at the neighborhood’s court :v

I was supposed to speak properly in a real conversation but until now I can barely give my status on the daily meeting with my boss

I was supposed to save money, but i spend it all in the shopping center

I was supposed to arrive early, but the bus never passed

i was supposed to learn English this year, but i didn’t, i hope i can do it next year.

I was supposed to finish my career in 4 years but It took me one more year.

In my teamwork, I was supposed to celebrate the birthdays and I was mean to remember her birthday.

I supposed to understand in what scenarios use ‚Äúsupposed to or meant to‚ÄĚ but i am confuse

I was supposed to practice more eratly my english

I was supposed to go to work but I woke up late

i was supposed to be her boyfrend, but she wnted me just as to be her best friend

I was supposed to be writing my thesis.

I was supposed to have a very high english level after finishing the university ūüė¶ ‚Ķ but I am leaning now, and it feels great!!!

I was supposed to complete this lesson a while ago…

I was supposed to cancel my gym’s suscription this month but i forgot to tell the receptionist.

Jenny was meant to bring her computer so we could watch a movie together, but her brother took it instead.

I supposed to use this seccion more often but sometimes I have some troubles thinking what to write.

I supposed to domain english since I work for an english company but I’m still failing in the grammar

I was supposed to learn how to program this month but I haven’t achieve it.

My flight was supposed to arrive at 10:00 but there was a storm.

I was supposed to be in the university but I took some time off.

This course is not supposed to increase my vocabulary, but I believe it’s doing it

The christmas is meant to start in December but the people in my country usually put the christmas tree since September

i was supposed to eat more vegetables but i have been eating candies all day

Like a weak ago, i had a very peculiar misunderstanding, i was thinking that i didn’t have any formal relationship with a classmate, but he was saying to me that was supposed to we have in the beggining of a formal relationship

I was supposed to work until 4:00 pm but I preferred to study at Platzi
She was meant to study with me, but she didn’t call me

I was supposed to call my mom yesterday, but since she was busy, I’ll call her today.

I was supposed to be a web developer however I could be a Data science instead.

I was not supposed to eat that amount of food yesterday, now I have stomachache

We as people that pay for this courses are supposed to get the best out of them

Supposed to:
Used to talk about things that are expected to happen, but finally do not
Meant to:

Can be used to discuss misunderstandings or point out mistakes
Jenny: Hey brian. What happened? You were supposed to take out the trash!

Brian: Me?! You said the tras was only one bag. It wasn’t meant to be stinking either.
The patient is supposed to take the pills according to the prescription.
C: The food was supposed to be delicious.

B: The printer is not supposed to crush the paper
William: This project was meant to be ready for tuesday!

Jenny: Relax will. The boss is not supposed to arrive until friday. We have time
What did he expect happened?

Anakin was supposed to be the chosen one, not join the dark side

Practice Excercise!

What are some mistakes or misunderstandings you have had before?

Many times, I get confused when someone tell me he ‚Äúcan‚Äôt do something‚ÄĚ because, sometimes I understand the opposite, he actually can :b

I think that I was meant to be a Kinder Garden teacher but I ended studying Industrial engineering.

As an auditor, I wasn’t supposed to be checking CV of candidates as I do not work in the HR office.

My girlfriend was never supposed to leave me ūüė¶
It was supposed I should have started saving money since the last year.
It is supposed I should speak English fluently after finishing the English Academy in Platzi.

well, if we talk abaut mistakes and misunderstandings I am the chosen one, because i have like 10 for hour.
I was supposed to put the water in the glass, not in the sugar cup.
My alarm wasn’t meant to be yelling at 5:00 am, but I forggot change it yesterday:
I was supposed to cook the dinner at 6:00 pm, but I started at 8:00 pm, because I fell in trance for playin Clash Royale.

I belived that the english lenguage has to be translated in order to express myself but in the end it's supossed to be confident and let thé New expressions came to your mind with no effort.
  • I were supposed to get up early yesterday but I didn‚Äôt.
  • I were not supposed to have class on Mondays but now we have.
  • What are you supposed to do to speak english? I am supposed to have to study every day.

One time I was walking to the school, so I was supposed to be to catch the bus that said ‚ÄúLa Nevada‚ÄĚ but I didn‚Äôt, I chose another one, and the bus take me somewhere I didn‚Äôt know it, I had walking back home on foot asking for directions

  • I supposed to be awaken up early today.
  • I was mean to send him an email at 05:30 P.M.

By unknown vocabulary, I was lost, but i repeat the class and i understand very good, lets go ahead ūüėÉ

I was supposed to finish my graphic design career at platzi 1 year ago, but I finished this year.
I was mean to prepare popcorn to watch the movie and I forgot it.
I was supposed to have my own income, but I quit of newtworkmarketing.
I was mean to accompany my grandmother to the appointment the other day.

The patient is mean to take the pills according to the prescription
This project was meant to be ready for Tuesday.
The boss is not supposed to arrive until Friday.
Anaking was meant to(suppose to) be the chosen one, not join the dark side.

I was ssupposed to finish my career last year, but I switch for digital marketing and economy and my live improve so much since then.

I was supposed to be on a different mayor, but I changed it so I could earn some more.
I was meant to be a graphic dessigner, buy I was to afraid.

The mistakes that I had before were with the different grammar times, also I was supposed for this date I was living in the USA ūüėē

i was supposed that I will have the interview today, but it was not like that

I meant to study english online would be harder but It doesn’t really!
I supposed to Messi plays for Barcelona all the time but It doesn’t happens

I was supposted to work now however none of costumers send me the files so i am studiying English

I was supposed to travel for an exam but I can do it online so I canceled my flight.

Well I as supossed to be with a great salary by now with my proffesion but that hasn¬īt happened, So I continue learning in Platzi.