Guía para formar tu empresa con Stripe Atlas



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Y como siempre, mi primer requisito para todo es huir de Venezuela primero.
Que alcances tiene el incorporador? y si este puede firmar contratos del personal?

Guide to create a business with Stipe Atlas:

  1. Create an account in Stripe.
  2. Go to and start the process to create your business. It is necessary to fill all the fields. It takes less than 15 minutes.
  3. In the Company section, it is necessary to select the kind of company that you want to create. For further information in order to know which is the best option for you, look at the Stripe’s Guide about C Corps and LLCs. The C corps are designed for startups that want to acquire Venture Capital.
  4. Continue fulfilling the information. It will ask you the next information:
    a) Name
    b) Address.
    c) Phone number.
    d) Number of shares of stock.
    e) If you are creating the company as a subsidiary of other will be necessary additional documents and information.
  5. Website and description.
  6. In founders section will be necessary to provide the personal information, and the percentage of stocks that each founder will have.
  7. After you assign one or more founders it is necessary to assign roles.
  8. Due regulatory issues it is not possible to make business or accept payments from Cuba, Venezuela, Crimea, Iran, North Corea and Siria.
  9. Provide the information about your payment method. The procedure has a cost of $500 dollars. If the procedure doesn’t continue or you cancel, the application, the money won’t charged.

El enlace de Employer Identification Number, está caído ¿pueden actualizarlo?