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Los intensificadores son aquellas palabras que denotan un nivel superior al adjetivo que lo acompa帽a. Los intensificadores m谩s comunes son: very, particularly, remarkably, unsually y really.

Cu谩les son los adjetivos d茅biles y fuertes

Los adjetivos d茅biles son aquellos que se relacionan con el intensificador 鈥渧ery鈥 para denotar un nivel superior al significado del adjetivo.

Los adjetivos fuertes son sin贸nimos de los adjetivos d茅biles con 鈥渧ery鈥, por lo tanto, es necesario un intensificador diferente para expresar un nivel m谩s a su significado.

Weak adjectives Strong adjectives
very big enormous, huge
very small tiny
very clever brilliant
very bad awful, terrible, disgusting, dreadful
very tasty delicious
very good excellent, ideal, wonderful, splendid
very sure certain

Ejemplos de intensificadores con adjetivos fuertes

  • The film was really awful!
  • That girl is exceptionally brilliant!
  • I am absolutely starving!

Ejercicio de writing

Escribe una oraci贸n con cada una de los siguientes intensificadores: completely, incredibly, exceptionally, totally y particularly.

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  • I am completely sure that I am going to learn English with Platzi

  • Learn English is incredibly useful.

  • The weather is exceptionally ideal.

  • I am totally certain that this course is one of the best.

  • Colombian people are totally brilliant.

  • I鈥檓 completely certain next year will be amazing

  • This is particularly delicious, you should taste it!

  • She is Incredibly wonderful! Can鈥檛 stop looking up at her (Talking about little ali)

  • My draws are totally awful, I can鈥檛 even draw a simple line

  • I鈥檓 completely sure that the keys are in the car.

  • Incredibly, She survived the accident.

  • This project is exceptionally good.

  • I **totally **forgot about our meeting yesterday

  • She enjoys working out every day **particularly **in the morning.

Intensifiers are words that are used to make an adjective stronger.

  • Two of the most common intensifiers in English are the words very and really.
    For instance:
    It鈥檚 a very interesting movie. It鈥檚 a really interesting story.

  • Some of the most common intensifiers: amazingly, exceptionally,incredibly, particularly, remarkably and unusually.
    For example:
    That painting is amazingly beautiful. It鈥檚 been exceptionally cold in September.

  • Then in English we have WEAK adjectives and STRONG adjectives. The differences between them are their different intensities.
    For example:
    So instead of saying VERY BIG (very + weak adjective), you could use ENORMOUS or HUGE (strong adjectives).

  • We can use INTENSIFIERS with STRONG ADJECTIVES like: absolutely, completely, exceptionally, particularly, really, quite, totally and utterly.
    For examples:
    To make the expressions 鈥渧ery awful鈥 more intense, we can use: 鈥渞eally awful鈥. In the same way, instead of 鈥渧ery clever鈥, we can use: 鈥渆xceptionally brilliant鈥. And finally,instead of 鈥渧ery hungry鈥, we can use: 鈥渁bsolutely starving鈥.


That day i was completely certain that she was totally brilliant.

  1. I鈥檓 ++totally+ disagree about the war in Ukraine
  2. Joe Rogan is an exceptional Podcatester
  3. Colombia it鈥檚 an incredibly country
  4. I鈥檓 like to workout every day particularly in the morning
  1. The concert was completely packed last night.
  2. She was incredibly elated by the surprise.
  3. They were exceptionally certain of the result.
  4. The Everest mountaintop is totally huge.
  5. This jacked is particularly ideal for me.
  • I鈥檓 completely capable of finishing this english course.

  • she told me that I smelled incredibly delicious.

  • she is exceptionally qualified for that position.

  • he is totally well-knowm for that gold medal.

  • I鈥檓 particularly interested in you.


  • He is completely certain to be graduating this year.
  • This is an incredibly useful course with a lot of English content.
  • My dog is an exceptionally polite dog with all people.
  • This code is totally bad.
  • This muffin is particularly delicious.
  • I鈥檓 completely sure that I鈥檓 going to find a jbo in 2 years

  • That woman is incredibly brilliant and beautiful

  • It鈥檚 exceptionally interesting to learn english

  • I鈥檓 totally agree with he

  • I鈥檓 particulary interested in IA

  • I am completely curious
  • She is incredibly wonderful
  • He is exceptionally huge
  • The particles are totally tiny
  • The bread is particularly delicious

This information is completly cartain
The price of this car is incredibly expensive
The rice is exceptionally delicious in this chinese restaurant
The way that he is eating is totally disgusting
The summer is particularly sof in this city

Mi task :

  • I am completely happy to Platzi
  • It鈥檚 incredible work in this country
  • She was exceptionally kind with me despite all
  • They were totally destroyed my country
  • She was particularly commiterd with me

thanks to read

in platzi there is a very excellent courses for continue my english learning

my friend is exceptionally good playing the piano

i totally sure that cook the dinner this night

Hello 馃憢
This is my practice:

  • I鈥檓 completely agree with you, David.
  • That is incredibly amazing! Now I can to travel to the US.
  • He鈥檚 exceptionally strong; he can lift a lot of weigh the gym.
  • Do you agree with us totally?
  1. I felt totally furious when I knew that he left the housse.
  2. After working the whole day she was completely exhausted.
  3. On saturday night the Mall was incredibly packed.
  4. His house was exceptionally spotless.
  5. He was particularly elated after receiving bad news.


  • That software is completely brilliant.
  • The news is incredibly positive.
  • She is just exceptionally good at studying.
  • We are totally perfect as we are.
  • He is particularly interesting.


  1. I鈥檓 completely sure of what I told you.
  2. His eyes are incredibly cute.
  3. Our history is exceptionally weird and funny.
  4. You are totally right.
  5. I am particularly careful with carbohydrates.

I am completely dreadful.
She is incredibly famous.
It is exceptionally delicious.
We are totally certnain
They are particularly splendid

I麓m completely certain that I麓ll learn english
That movie is incredibly awesome
My bicycle is exceptionally splendid
My mom麓s food is particularly delicius
Our trip was totally terrible

She is completely crazy for ski
I actually cook really tasty but my brother does it terribly.
The cat is vey brilliant catching the toy
You are the Ideal person to take this job.
I鈥檓 certain you are going to make it.
She has a huge ego.

  • The food is incredibly delicious.
  • My nephew is completely enormous.

This TransMilenio is completely packed.

The water is incredibly freezing, it just was here for a few minutes.

You presentation is exceptionally spotless.

That guy is totally hilarious.

The food is particularly terrible

i failed completely the math exam, i didn麓t study hard
the party was totally a success
the new car was incredibly faster
the fashion will be particulary different
Restaurant麓s food has been exceptionally delicious

  • I am completely tired.
  • It鈥檚 incredibly hot tonight
  • Ana is exceptionally good student
  • This task is totally finished
  • You are particulary anoying

Practicing 馃敟

  1. The dog is completely rapid.
  2. That table looks incredibly huge there.
  3. My son is exceptionally smart for school issues.
  4. She鈥檚 totally wonderful.
  5. The car is particulary cheaper than the other one.

he is completely crazy
That was an incredibly huge mountain
He was an exceptionally hilarious person
His job was totally awful
The house of my friend is particularly filthy

  • I鈥檓 completely sure who do that.

  • The movie was incredibly funny.

  • This course is exceptionally i鈥檓 learning a lot.

  • The fridge it鈥檚 totally full of food.

  • He鈥檚 dog is particularly strange.

  • The restaurant was completely packed last night.
  • My friend Julia has an incredibly huge house!
  • Last winter was exceptionally freezing.
  • My first stand-up show was a totally hilarious show.
  • The furniture I picked first was particularly hideous, so, I had to return it.

These courses are incredibly amazing, every day I learn a little bit more

  • I have the certain that will arrive to my life amazing things

My practice

She is completely crazy!
This is incredibly delicious!
He is exceptionally brilliant at his work!
That news is totally terrible!
That design is particularly beautiful.

-The time of test is completely over. -The game was incredibly exciting. -The girl is exceptionally intelligent. -We are totally ready. -I'm particularly curious about the business.
  1. My son was completely certain about that.
  • It looks like incredibly brilliant.
  • This homework is exceptionally ideal to practice english.
  • I am totally disgusting with the tradicional schools and with the clasical class.
  • You麓ve a particularly awful sense of humor.
  1. I鈥檓 completely delighted with the Platzi ways to teach English
  2. It鈥檚 incredibly privileged to be able to study online in many places of LATAM
  3. There are a lot of exceptionally talented people studying among us
  4. It鈥檚 totally fine to take days off sometimes to keep a healthy mentality
  5. Learning English is particularly one of many skills that can boost our career

The car is completely sure.
The entrance to the concert was incredibly organizad.
The project was exceptionally interesting
Driving car in Bogota is totally chaotic.
The bakery has some desserts partiularly delicious.

This holiday was completely relaxing.
I waked up late but incredibly, I arrived early.
Fidel whom is a pilot, is exceptionally skilled to drive car.
I totally misunderstand you, really sorry.
This chef cooks particularly delicious.

Brownies are exceptionally delicious
This month has been particularly cold
That鈥檚 a totally brillant idea
He is incredibly strong
You are completely wrong.

  • My cell phone fell from the fifth floor and was completely useless.
  • All the artists are exceptionally talented
  • Tardigrades are incredibly tiny animals
  • Mmm鈥 that pizza has an additive that makes it particularly delicious
  • i just saw a ghost + It isn鈥檛 true - Please, believe me! What I tell you is completely certain.
  • That car is completely amazing!
  • This city is incredibly!
  • My husband is exceptionally good in design.
  • I am totally agree with this meet.
  • I like all fruits, but the banana is particularly delicious.

I am totally starving.
My brother is exceptionally brilliant.
The sun is incredibly enormous.
The motorcycle is completely splendid.
The cake is particularly delicious.

  • The waiting time to receive Emergency care was particularly terrible.
  • She鈥檚 completely brilliant when she talks about her thesis.
  • Dinner was incredibly delicious.
  • Sells are exceptionally tiny this month.
  • That laboratory is particularly ideal to work.


  • That place is completely gorgeous
  • The terror house from Six flags is incredibly scary
  • Juan is exceptionally elated by the news
  • The cinema is totally packed by the avatar premiere
  • She is particularly excellent at speaking in public

鈥 This work is quite huge for me.
鈥 My waist is surprisingly tiny for a man.
鈥 Gottmik is exceptionally brilliant to be a dog.
鈥 I鈥檝e just received quite awful news.
鈥 They committed a particularly terrible crime.
鈥 I walked into the place and suddenly I felt an utterly disgusting glance behind me.
鈥 The monster visualised an absolutely dreadful rejection of his creator.
鈥 Christmas dinner was remarkably excellent last year.
鈥 The taste of the Ricanolli has amazingly ideal for my pleasure.
鈥 L鈥檃ntica Rome has some unexpected wonderful meals such as lasagne, some meats but the better part of it鈥檚 the desserts.
鈥 His fashion tastes are particularly splendid for a young guy.
鈥 I鈥檓 completely certain that I put my coat by the window.

  • I鈥檓 completly excited about learning english on Platzi.
  • You were incredibly agile during the game.
  • My friend Marco is exceptionally talented on the piano.
  • Lucy is totally confident about her exam tomorrow.
  • You seem particularly sad this evening.

Today is a incredibly day
I promise completely sure that i finish this course
I have a friend whom is exceptionally
I am totally certain that I will learn English this year

This lesson is completely useful.
I am increibly impress wiht these examples.
Learning other language is excceptionally necessary.
I am totally agree.with you.
This excercise is particuarly interesting.

I鈥檓 completely certain that he loves me
The moon was inclredibly shining
The beach is exceptionally splendid
The dinner was totally delicious
I like things particularly tiny

You are very exceptionally
This movie is very particularly.
You say completely the true.

  • I am completely certain that the final match is going to be a brilliant game
  • The movie was incredibly brilliant, that director never fail
  • The meal was exceptionally delicious
  • the weather is totally boiling
  • that mistake was particularly tiny.

the cat is completely tiny
the music is completelly splendid
the singer is exceptionally brilliant
the food was totally delicious
the child is particularly enormous

  • You鈥檙e completely wrong about this idea.

  • This course is incredibly good for us.

  • This guy is Exceptionally smart.

  • I totally agree with you

  • This car is particularly huge

I鈥檓 completely happy with my english classes.
The heat in the city is incredibly hot.
She is exceptionally good in dancing.
He is totally wrong.
That night was partiiclarly awesome.

According to what you said, you are completely fall in love on her
To become a Chistian is incredibly wonderful
My wife is exceptionally beautiful
That picture is totally terrible
This plate has a particularly delicious taste

  • I鈥檓 completely sure that this course will help me in my career path

  • reading a book every day has an incredibly impact on your mindset

  • The presentation was exceptionally fascinating

  • I am completely happy for your new car.
  • My husband is incredibly good in the kitchen.
  • the weather is exceptionally rainy today.
  • I am totally in love of my husband.
  • Learn English is particularly difficult for me.

she is completely hideous
we are incredibly starving
you are exceptionally gorgeous
they are particularly terrifying
I am totally Dirty

-I am completely busy.
-She is completely tired.
-What happened me was incredibly.
-That news it鈥檚 incredibly.
-Your performance is exeptionally.
-My soccer team won exceptionally.
-I am totally convinced of that is the best decision.
-To be successful is a decision totally personal.
-We are particularly awesomed for your grew it.
-we finish cold particularly then of heard that news.

  • I am completely exhausted.

  • The trip was incredibly awesome.

  • The exam was exceptionally difficult.

  • She is totally certain that tomorrow is going to rain.

  • My father is particularly worried about the situation.

Adverbs of degree

  1. It麓s a completely awful day, all day rained.
  2. Microprocessors are incredible tiny today.
  3. Practice my English every day is an exceptionally brilliant idea.
  4. Go to bed without your phone is a particularly excellent idea.
  5. Sunsets in my city are totally wonderful to appreciate.
1. I'm completely certain that I'm going to learn English this year. 2. This movie is incredibly ideal for everyone. 3. My husband is exceptionally wonderful. 4. I'm totally certain that I'll win this course. 5. This place is particularly splendid.
  1. that food is completely delicious.

  2. That house is incredibly huge.

  3. This kid is exceptionally brilliant.

  4. The film is totally terrifying.

  5. this place is particularly packed on holidays.

  • He is completely sure that the series is going to be brilliant.
  • That鈥檚 unbelievably old, man.
  • I鈥檓 exceptionally interested in this.
  • My mom will totally understand you.
  • This is particularly flawless
And then, he found that incredibly enormous toad. I am completely certain of your success. She is an exceptionally wonderful girl. It is a totally wonderful idea. The food is particularly delicious at this new restaurant.

I am completely sure that Jhon will come to the party.
The new car it麓s incredibly fast.
You are the most exceptionally girl that I麓ve ever knonw.
I麓m totally sure that Platzi it麓s excellent for learn English.
This course it麓s particulary good.

I am completely swamped.
I am incredibly exhausted.
This bug is exceptionally huge.
This dessert is totally delicious.
Breakfast is particularly essential.

  • That old house is completely terrifying

  • I cleaned my bedroom, it ends up incredible spotless

  • That girl is exceptionally gorgeous

  • The stadium was totally packed for the game

  • The streets near to downtown area were particularly filthy


  1. I am completely sure you will get this job
  2. Insecurity in Bogot谩 is incredible out of control
  3. This year was exceptionally rainy
  4. Her reaction was totally excessive
  5. This job is particulary weird

鈥 That was a very completely story.
鈥 That is a really incredibly music.
鈥 This is a wonderful view.
鈥 That麓s a totally unexpected.
鈥 The exam was particularly simple.

I am completely sure that I am going to learn English with Platzi

Learn English is incredibly useful.

The weather is exceptionally ideal.

I am totally certain that this course is one of the best.

  1. I鈥檓 completely proud of my self for being learn English despite if sometimes is difficult
  2. He is incredibly a gentleman man
  3. These days are exceptionally funny and with a lot of parties
  4. Platzi is totally a usefull web site, you can learn about many topics
1- This chocolate dessert is completely delicious. I'll order one more.
2- The last year I flew in first class although my experience was incredibly terrible.
3- I visited the Moma in New York four months ago. I'm thinking to go again because 
        it's exceptionally excellent.
4- Are you totally certain about doing that?
5- Her house is particularly filthy because she doesn't like to clean.


  • He is completely the course in Platzi.
  • Platzi is incredibly in learning.
  • I am totally sure that I heard to pass the exam.

He is completely brilliant
Shes is increibly wonderful
He passed excepcionally his test
He got totally huge

i am completly tired today.
She was totally dissapointed.
i鈥檒l make my life extraordinary
They was totally wrong.
I work particularly hard than them

  • I鈥檓 completely sure of my purpose in life.
  • The teacher is incredibly good at explaining the class.
  • She is exceptionally good at teaching Marketing classes.
  • I鈥檓 totally agree with Platzi鈥檚 teaching method.
  • I particularly like WWII movies.

Learn English is incredibly useful.

The weather is exceptionally ideal.



She is completely unique.
My mother is incredibly beautiful.
The Chinese food is exceptionally delicious.
My friends are totally nice.
My cat is particularly tiny.

Im completely sure that I want to learn more english.
Im totally sure that I want to eat seafood.

  • I麓m completely sure that when I finish the courses, I will be able to get a well-paid job.

  • Learning english is incredibly.

  • The building in Dubai is exceptionally luxurious.

  • Japan is particularly the country where more disasters are recorded

  • For many forengers, mexian people is exceptionally kind.

  • Back to the Future is for me, an incredibly good film.

  • I feel particulary strange when i stay alone at home.

  • If i say that there鈥檚 no left milk in the fridge, it鈥檚 because i鈥檓 completely sure of that.

  • We are totally agree in this new raise for our jobs.

  • My dog is completely cute
  • A toothache is incredibly strong
  • The japanese trains are exceptionally fast
  • I totally agree with my team mates
  • My brother is totally obsessed with driving cars
  • He was completely furious after learning what happened.
  • The restaurant I went yesterday was incredibly spotless.
  • The performance was exceptionally excellent.
  • I was totally exhausted after my training session.
  • I can tell that she was particularly elated at the party last night.

i am completely impressed with that course
colombians are incredibly peoplet
the weather is exceptionally weird this month
i have totally agredd this year i will learn english

Totally wasted! XD

He is completely sure that he will marry to her.
This car is incredibly fast.
Mexican food are exceptionally delicious.
Dogs are totally the best pets in the world.
Monterrey city is a particularly beautiful.

I鈥檓 completely disgusting about this meal
This new HBO show is quite incredibly
My parents are exceptionally brilliant
This course is totally wonderful
My cat is particularly huge

I麓m totally sure than this academy will be really excellent!
Internet is completely enormous!

This course is incredibly wonderful
Exceptionally cool is this platform!

The movie was completelly boiling.
The elephant is incredibly huge.


too good


Thanks, this is gonna be really useful

I m completely Sure the my opinion That movie was incredibly good. My teacher is exceptionally teaching. My refrigerator is totally full. This book is particularly interesting. My dog is very big. Sofia is very clever in her job.