The notes from Professor Charles

  • Professor: /prəˈfɛsə/ a university academic of the highest rank; the holder of a university chair. “Professor Goodwin”

  • Endorsed: declare one’s public approval or support of. “the report was endorsed by the college”

  • Reliquary: /ˈrɛlɪkwəri/ a container for holy relics. Be careful with that reliquary.

  • Appropriate: /əˈprōprēət/ Suitable or proper in the circumstances.

  • Trouble: /ˈtrʌb(ə)l/ difficulty or problems. “I had trouble finding somewhere to park”

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Tremendous recording and excellent musical selection

Nice acting, especially Jess as the professor. Apparently he aged like 30 years for the role.

Alguien mas reconoce las voces de los profesores de platzi? XD

It Is a good help that in the resources they have the script with all the dialogue, Thanks for that, there are still many words i can not distinguish when hearing them, for now

This sounds like Prince of Persia

Wow, I really can’t wait to know what will happen!

Now my mind can’t get over the British accent 😅

“It’s Levi-O-sa. Not Levio-SA”

Nice sound production! This course is getting exciting.

That professor scares me haha

Thank you

Chapter 2: The notes from Professor Charles

Sara met Professor Charles, she was late.
Professor Charles doesn’t want Jake and Max to know about a reliquary that he gives to Sara.
Sara and Professor Charles had planned to keep the reliquary as a secret until they arrive to some place.
The documents of Professor Charles grant the access to the caves and ruins. Are formal signed document.
Sara is bad reading maps, they will let Jake handles that.
The mission is to put the reliquary where it belongs, the less people who know about it, the better.
It’s important that the reliquary doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

  • Sara and Professor Charles are keeping a reliquary as a secret from the boys, they have a plan with it.
  • Professor Charles seems to like the boys, but also he doesn’t trust them.
  • The trip will take a couple of weeks.
  • In case of having troubles, Professor Charles suggest Sara to contact Doctor Martin Shaw, who works on the Grand Egyptian Museum. He also seems to know the plan.
  • Professor Charles warned Sara to only contact Dr. Martin Shaw as a last resort.

Script module helps to understand some words that It’s difficult.

What an exciting story! I can’t wait to know what will happen in the next class! I feel like if I am watching a movie.

I had my suspects about Jake, but now the things get more interesting with the Sarah and professor’s conversation.

What do you think?

1️⃣ New word: Grant /ɡrant/

Definition: agree to give or allow (something requested) to.

Example: “Here is your degree that grants you have completed all the requirements for being a professional”.

2️⃣ New word: Belong /bəˈlôNG/

Definition: to be in the right place or a suitable place

**Example: “**I belong to this country”.

3️⃣ New word: Sign /sīn/

Definition: to write your name, usually on a written or printed document, to show that you agree with its contents or have written or created it yourself

Example: “If you agree with the contract, sign your name below”.

A few examples using the new words of this class:

  • I hardly pay attention to what the professor says.
  • Not everything what i wrote in my book is endorsed by my editor.
  • This is the antique reliquary that I inherited from my grandmother.
  • In my opinion the punishment wasn’t appropiate to the crime.
  • I had some troubles finding the best route to get there.

Good performance


  • I get along very well with my anatomy professor, his name is Alejandro.

  • My brother saw on youtube, a channel about urban exploration whose owner exploring caves in different locations.

  • My brother-in-law has endorsed his loan with a property.

  • In the Harry Potter universe there is the Rasputin Reliquary was a magical object that granted immortality to its owner.

  • If you don’t take these pills, we’ll have a trouble.

This is amazing course!

I only want to say, What a mazing recording… thanks a lot…

I think I’m watching a movie

My examples:

  1. Jhon is my favorite English professor.
  2. Maybe we should talk at a more appropriate time.
  3. This professor is endorsed by Platzi.
  4. Inside this reliquary, there is a huge diamond.
  5. We are in trouble, we need help

I´m so exited for this course, it´s amazing, I didn’t know these innovative courses existed


  • The professor is talking about a mystery and reliquaries.
  • Appropriate time to do this work.
  • They are endorsed by the enterprise to do the investigation.
  • The reliquaries are hidden in the mystery town.
  • She is in trouble because her friends discovers the secret.

This sounds like Uncharted 😄

Proffesor Charles recomended that if they have troubles they shouls contact Dr. Martin Shaw who works in the Grand Egypcian museum

Amazing!!! We need the Platzi team to make us a play.

Very good sound effects.
When Sarah says: 'It’s me, professor. Sarah.'
She sounds like she’s outside

The notes from Professor Charles


  • Professor - Profesor: a university academic of the highest rank; the holder of a university chair. “Professor Goodwin”
  • Endorsed - Aprobado: declare one’s public approval or support of. “the report was endorsed by the college”
  • Reliquary - Relicario: a container for holy relics. Be careful with that reliquary.
  • Appropriate - Adecuado Suitable or proper in the circumstances.
  • Trouble - Problema: difficulty or problems. “I had trouble finding somewhere to park”

Music remembers me to Hades, its fantastic

Here ir goes my own examples with the words:
This ruins are really old
I am going abroad nex year! I am travelling to Brazil
The campus is though the park and passing that street
Please tel me the safe’s password, I need my wallet.
The professor speaks so slowly that I am starting to feel sleepy

il ike the play role is amazing

My examples:

  1. He is an excellent professor, he can explain you perfectly the topic.
  2. There is a lot of stranger caves near to her house.
  3. The investigation and experiments are endorsed by the OMS.
  4. My grandmother had an ancient reliquary.
  5. She didn´t know she would be in trouble.

This is my first time taking any class and I’m really excited about how it is going!

Here are my sentences about the extra vocabulary! 🔥


  • Professor: I used to confuse a professor with the teacher, but now I know the differences.
  • Caves: I wonder how is the experience of exploring the caves of ancient caves in Egypt.
  • Endorsed: My brother’s paper was endorsed by the Ecuadorian Government.
  • Reliquary: I won’t touch any reliquary I don’t want to have a curse!
  • Trouble: If you don’t want to have financial troubles pay your counts on time.

amazing courseee

I can imagine all the scene like an act of theatre; is amazing. Great job everybody

Grant = agree to give or allow (something requested) to
suitable = Right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose, or situation

With earphones sounds better, I love it.

Tremendous recording and excelente musical selection

(Hmmm…) Professor and Sarah have a mistery between them. Why Jake and Max cant only know about the reliquary when they get there? not be ready not are reasonable.
Why Professor wants to return the reliquary? and why did he entrust the mistery with Sarah? Why Dr . Martin know about the rreliquary and the guys not?

Nice to meet you Inspector, call me Professor. 💰
Did you know the bears hibernates in the caves? 🐻
Each religion has its own reliquary. 🛐
My investigation is endorsed by the University National. 👩‍🎓
I am in trouble with my parents, so I can’t go to your party, sorry my friend. 😱