Expressing past intentions


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I was going to reach out you, but I don’t see your desire
I’ve been planning to chat you but I think you don’t want
I had planned to give up, because I won’t stay with you anymore

  • Last week I was trying to sleep more, but I couldn’t.
  • Last weekend I have been planning to go out with my friends, but I prefered to stay in my house watching series.
  • My friend was pretending being like me, but I’m better than him.

I have been meaning to study, but I got sick and I wasn’t on the mood.

  • I’ve been meaning to learn german but it’s really tough
  • I’ve been meaning to hang out with my girlfriend but I got covid 😦

He should have won the soccer play, but something went wrong. He must practice more for the next play.
I was going to give him a toy for the effort he made, I gave him any way, he is just a kid, and we need to form new generations couched and motived. Next week could be a good possibility for him, it is my wish.

I wanted to go to the beach last week, but I had to work.
I’ve been meaning to clean the house, but I had to bath my pet first.
I had planned to walk yesterday in the morning, but it was raining cat and dogs all the day.

I wanted to have the best grammar knowledge before starting this class.
I’ve been meaning wanted to start English courses in other entities without knowing that platzi’s courses are very good.

  • I had planned to take the new web3 courses in Platzi, but I couldn’t got the time.
  • I wanted to call my father, but he couldn’t take my call.
  • I wanted to take a bike ride on Sunday, but I was very tired.
  • I wanted to buy new earphones but I don’t have money
  • I’ve been meaning to change my lifestyle, but my work doesn’t allow me
  • I had planned to take a long vacation, but I was hired
  • I had planned to eat sushi, but my family didn’t want

I wanted to buy a bycicle but I bought a motorcycle because I earned an extra money
I’ve been meaning to move to another city because I hate NY
I had planned to organize a birthday party for you but I feel that is a bad moment for your family
I was going to guitar classes but I don’t have enough time

  • I was going to practice jiu jitsu, but I didn’t save money to pay the first month.

  • I’ve been meaning to buy a motorcycle, but I prefer to start a small business.

  • I had to planned to go to the beach, but I had a lot of work.

I should have organized my room last Saturday. I was going to practice German but I didn't find my notes I could have traveled last weekend