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Reporting verbs


Puedes utilizar varios verbos para retransmitir el pensamiento de otra persona:

common reporting verbs

La estructura es sencilla: Subject + Verb + (that) + Clause. Donde (that) es opcional, puedes utilizarlo o no, el significado es el mismo.

  • She thinks that I don’t know how to do it.
  • We believe all are great!
  • He said that he never ate that.

También, puedes reportar acciones con un objeto que recibe la acción usando Subject + Verb + Object + (that) + Clause. Donde (that) es opcional también y el objeto es la persona o grupo de personas.

  • He told me that I should cut my hair.
  • They explain to us how we can do it.
  • She explained to me why she doesn’t want to go.

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  • My friend convinced me that i was wrong

  • I told her she looks nice

  • They were thinking i was wrong

  • Miguel explained to me how to do the inform

  • My mother told my sister that she has to stop crying since her ex-boyfriend
  • Cami convinced me to apply to another position
  • They said was a bad idea to buy that tickets

Some examples:

  • He reminded that i had to save more money for travel
  • she told me that this was a good trip
  • somebody convinced me that this course was the best
  • My wife told me that I am funny
  • Doctor said everyone need a balanced diet
  • Their parents warned that He could fall

1.- IT team informed us It was a bug.
2.- My girlfriend reminded me to pay my bills.
3.- My family supports me in my decisions.

1.- They decided to take a different way.
2.- I was thinking the doctor had a lot of experience.
3.- All of us agree we have to make a decision.

They though that Ukraine war take couple weeks.
My teacher explains me that the global warming is a fake.
Citizen believes that God will help them.
My boss tells me that we get an acquisition.

  • My mother convinced her father that he needed to come to the city and go to the doctor, due to an infection he got in his right foot.
  • She reminded him that she was the one who calls the shots in the company.
  • The president informed us that the enemy troops had crossed the border, starting thereby the war.
  • She told me that she was able to forgive him, but she also assured that their relationship wouldn’t be the same anymore.

My pastor told me that I had to pray every day.
He convinced me that I had to read English.
He warned me tha he was a bad person.

My boyfriend convinced me that I had to pay the bill.
My mother informs me that she needs a new house.


1.- He told me that for take a better decision.
2.- We convinced her that she was right.
3.- I informed you that information is correct acordding with the report indicates.
4.- You reminded everyone that did yours activities.

He told me it was the first time they are coming to this country
The engineer said that we are in a dangerous area
The politians conviced everyone to vote for themselves

  • Mom reminds me that being honest is one of the main keys to living in peace with oneself
  • She believes that your place is in hell because you’re not Christian
  • Dad discovers we have a cat under the bed
  • My friend thinks he should get a new job.
  • She said that she wanted to travel to Colombia.
  • He reminded me I didn’t take my medicine.
  • She informed me that I didn’t pass the examen
  • They reminded my brother that I showed his toys.
  • My mom conviced me that she’s not good company.
  • Our teacher informed us that there is free food.

The teacher has told us to do some examples here.
The newspaper shows that the president was wrong.

  • He thought you weren’t coming.
  • She convinced her to play.
  • We realized that they were wrong.
  • I remind her that today is my mother’s birthday.
  • Jhon explained what reporting verbs are.

My brother agreed I will buy a new car
He said the person need to study every day
A research proves information about how it work the brain
My mon inform me She needs a new bowl
Their parents told her I’m a bad guy

my girlfriend told me that she finished her work
I will convince my boss he will give a
Salary increase
I inform you that it is time to leave

  • My mother told me that Ecuador passed the eliminatories worldship.

My mother told us that we have to wash the dirty clothes.
Instagram explains that in some months will be allowed cryptos in the platform.
Vogue magazine, Mexico, informed that they were the firs create a runway in the metaverse.

  • He said that he never after ate that.
  • She thinks that I don’t know how to do it.
  • They explain to us how we can do it.
  • she convenced him of buying a new watch.
  • they told me not to smoke in their house.
  • we reminded her that have to realice the exercises at the back of the sheet.
  • jhon informed us that it´ll rain on the afternoon.

She doesn’t tell her nothing about me

Subject + verb + (that) + clause
She said (that) I had to see a doctor
Everyone agrees (that) we have to do it now
Recent research provees (that) global warming is a reality.

Subject + verb + object + (that) + clause
My dad told me (that) this was a bad idea
She convinced him (that) he was wrong.
They warmed everyone (that) the road was closed.

My friend told me that I have to go with her to the concert.
They convinced him to play baseball tomorrow.
We reminded her to study for the final test.

  1. He said that I had to take a break.
  2. My mom reminded me that I forgot something.
  3. I informed him it was been an accident.
  1. Mario thinks that you have to go now.
  2. Te teacher consider that it’s time for a partial test.
  3. Dana convince me that look for another job is the right decision.
  4. My wife remind me that I have to pay the rent tomorrow.
  • The Product Manager decided yesterday that we need postpone the launching.
  • The boss said us that he was disagree with this.
  • We explained him that the P.O. took the correct decision.
    Common reporting verbs:
  • Think
  • Inform
  • Agree
  • Say
  • Consider
  • Convince
  • Believe
  • Explain
  • Expect
  • Discover
  • Realize
  • Decide
  • Remind
  • Suggest

My father said me that I should work.
My mother convinced me that I don’t move to another house
My sister tells me that She wants to move to another house too

  1. My mom told me this book is very good.
  2. My husband convinced me we have to take a vacation.
  3. Ana’s boss inform her, he give to her a promotion.
  4. Andy remind me that possible anything idea.

My father explained me that I can’t stay watching anime until 5 am

- My father told me that i had to make lunch today.
  • She thinks pasta is more delicious than seafood.
  • My father suggests that we can go to Dominican Republic on vacacations.
  • She said me that I was too much drunk.
  • I conviced him to buy one more laptop.
He thought the exam was difficult They convinced him to go She will inform them the result He suggests that they can take a break
  • My boss just informed me that I have to take a flight to NY tomorrow!
  • My wife thought that my son was sick, but he wasn’t .
  • John told me that I had to improve my english pronunciation.