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  • How to express regrets, wishes, and assumptions about the past.
  • How to use past continuous.
  • How to use parallel comparatives.
  • How to use “ever” in comparisons.
  • How to use “Despite” and “In spite of”.
  • How to express agreement using “So” and “Neither”.
  • How to talk about hypothetical situations.
  • How to express a preference.

Contribución creada con aportes de: Kevin Fiorentino.

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Thank you for this great course

What a course. Thanks Jhon for sharing your knowledge.

I look forward to learning more from you.
Thank you.

Thanks you for the explanation of this course Jhon.

thanks a lot for this classes but i have one questions why in this course don have exams

Excellent teacher, I really like all the resources and great explanations received from him!!

thanks for contributing it will work for my class

Beautiful course, thanks Jhon!

Great course, thank you so much !!!

Thanks for these wonderful explanations, I feel more confident in my vocabulary!

The best teacher. 😃

Thank you John and Platzi team for another wonderful and rewarding English course!

thanks for teaching us so much

Thanks Jhon, was a very good course 😃
See you in another courses Jhon.

Great course! thanks!

Thanks, Jhon, was an amazing and very useful course as always