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Teacher Michelle should have more courses here in Platzi.
I couldn鈥檛 agree more, she is a great teacher and her classes are fun.

Pineapple should not be a pizza topping
I鈥檓 not convinced that this should be a general fact. From my point of view, pizza is a type of food that may gather a wide range of ingredients, for instance, ham, cheese, onion, olives, etc. So, why not just add something different? The way I see it, there shouldn鈥檛 be a general rule to mix ingredients in a pizza. In the end, you might find something that you like as a result of exploring different textures and flavors.

I like his classes because they are very fluid

  1. I completely agree with you on that. Animals can feel pain. I am not a expert but I am sure there are other ways to do that.
  2. I am afraid I cannot agree. The pineapple dulls the flavor of the rest of the ingredients such as tomato or cheese.
  3. I am not convinced that cellphones should not be allowed in schools. Technology is in our life. We must learn how to use it in a good way.

I believe same-sex marriage should be legal everywhere. All people should have the same rights, regardless of their gender, sex orientation or sex identification.

I'm convinced that abortions should be legalized and that people who menstruate should have the right to choose wether or not to have a baby.

Not only pizza but also tacos taste great with pineapple as key ingredient so I completely agree with you on that 馃槈

People in latam must learn to code since kids
I couldn麓t agree more, programming is fundamental to everyone

Opinion 1: My point of view about animal testing is that we need to investigate and explore ways to attack awfull sickness, testing new vaccines or treatments on some animals. I think that鈥檚 a good solution, but in the short term it is necessary to protect them from neglect. 馃惏馃┖

Opinion 2: Hum! That鈥檚 a controversial topic. The way I see it, I prefer traditional Italian pizza without pineapple due to the fact that the flavor changes a lot and I don鈥檛 really like bittersweet. 馃槚

Opinion 3: Absolutely! I completely agree with you on that, children have to use their cellphones with limits and schools should provide different tools to boost their creativity and concentration. They shouldn鈥檛 be distracted with electronic devices such as smartphones. I know, for kids my opinion sounds so boring! 馃し鈥嶁檪锔忦煒

Pineapple should not be a pizza topping, in my view, I believe that the Pineapple could be at a sweet dessert and even in a pizza both of them taste great.

Animal testing should be banned.

In my point of view, we are not superior to animals, so, we should not use them for our convenience. Therefore, they have suffered enough over time. Having been banished from their living place. They are required to be living their own way. I completely agree with you.

Pineapple should not be a pizza toping.

The way I see it, everyone has different taste. But for me, the pineapple sweetness combined with ketchup and cheese is a delicious flavor everyone should give a try. I鈥檓 afraid, I can鈥檛 agree with you.

School should not allow kids to use cell phones.

I have trouble in this. I absolutely think cell phones are useful for finding information. In addition, using them could make learning way more interesting, but, being honest, cell phones would be used in a good way but for kids using them just to have some fun. I can鈥檛 agree with you.

Let me know if something is wrong!

Mental health should be an important topic in education.

In my point of view mental health it is important and we do not take the sufficient value on that even in kids. If the head does not work nothing around it neither. Mental health should be taken more seriously for instance like dental care. I strongly believe that schools should add topics related or even add a related subjects in order to establish this habit.

I love this page

I鈥檓 not convinced that schools should not allow kids to use cell phones. It鈥檚 important to educate children in the responsible use of technology and take advantage of the learning tools that cell phones can offer. This would be possible taking into account the age and school grade of kids, that鈥檚 my view.

Schools should not allow kids to use cell phones
I couldn鈥檛 agree more with you, cell phones are mainly a distraction when children are studying and in case of emergency the teacher should have the contact information of the parents, that鈥檚 my point of view.

In my view, animal testing is better than human testing. I completely agree with that.

im so sorry, but whoever thinks pineapple should not be a pizza topping, i will wait it to have a fight.

schools should not allow kids to use cell phones

I think prohibition in general is never a suitable option, besides, separate kids from technology (in this case with cell phone banning) is an act contrary to the tendency of the world which could bring on more negative results. I would suggest a responsible use of phones and capacitation to kids in order to leverage all the potential that tech bring to us.
with that being said I strongly disagree wit the statement

I think the pineapple pizza is great you have to give it a try, but the Nutella pizza is something I can鈥檛 stand

Animals Testing Should Be Banned
I entirely agree with the fact that animals are living creatures, that they feel pain, and that they suffer as a human being would do it. Indeed, animals are also entitled to live and to be respected. However, at the same, I鈥檓 convinced that scientists need to be given all the tools they might need in order to conduct their investigations in pro of humanity, and even in pro of the same creatures which are being used to carry out discoveries in fields like medicine and health in general. And being that testing with humans isn鈥檛 feasible on account of the deep ethical, moral, political and social problems this idea might bring about, I鈥檓 afraid I would disagree with the opinion of banning animal testing. Even so, I think it鈥檚 not the best way, and of course, governments and companies should look for other basis of conducting these researches.

Animal testing should be banned.

In my view, software tools could replace this necessity in near future. I couldn鈥檛 agree more.

  • The way i see it, animals should not get killed on pointless purposes for instance cosmetic industry testing.
  • In my view, we should find other ways to test some products instead of animals, because they鈥檙e creatures that also can feel pain and can get sick with those testing.
  • I鈥檓 convinced that pineapple as a pizza topping it鈥檚 ok because this ingredient gives the pizza a sweet flavor, which I love, and with jam, it鈥檚 the perfect combination, so, I highly doubt that pineapple should not be a pizza topping.
  • That鈥檚 a good point because nowadays kids only want to spend time on their cellphones and using social media, and when they鈥檙e at school, they need to be concentrated on their subjects and not on their cellphones.
  • In my view, people in Colombia should be more informed about new electrical trends, because they don鈥檛 know all the advantages of using this kind of power source for the electrical system, and how they can contribute to the energetic matrix.

Pineapple should not be a pizza topping.

I鈥檓 afraid I can鈥檛 agree with that since pineapple flavor is delicious with all pizza麓s ingredients specially with ham and chess.

Schools should not allow kids to use cell phone
I couldn鈥檛 agree more. Even when we all know the benefits of having an unlimited source of information in our pockets, we can鈥檛 deny the fact that most of the times the phone is used in a recreational way, like games or social media. Besides in case of emergency I鈥檓 pretty sure the school has a phone. That鈥檚 the way I see it.

  1. I鈥檓 convinced that animals as sentient beings should have the right to live a fulfilled life either in nature or with a loving family, I completely agree on that.
  2. I鈥檓 afraid I can鈥檛 agree, the sweetness of the pineapple pairs perfectly with the the saltiness of other pizza ingredients such as ham, cheese, peppers, and others.
    3.The way I see it, phones are not just for communicating anymore and they are used to socialize and entertainment and can be a huge distraction for not only kids, but everyone. I鈥檓 not convinced,

About pineapple on pizza. I鈥檓 not a big fan of its flavor, but I鈥檓 convinced that gastronomy in every part of the world is constantly changing and, pineapple is used in a lot of meals, recipes, desserts, etc. The fact that it is not an Italian ingredient is not a good reason to desestimate it since Italian gastronomy has a lot of ingredients that do not come from their place of origin. For instance, tomatoes come from America, yes, the tomatoes that everyone loves on their pizza.

Animal testing should be banned
I completely agree on this. Animals suffer a lot and die in a painful way as a result of these practices. Humans should respect more the nature, especially the animals and look for other alternatives that are currently more achievable with all the advances we have in technology and science.

the way i see it the football soccer is to enjoy it not to fight against
another for being form another team. for this reason in my view both rangers and celtic should carry out a rivalry in a healthier way

In my opinion, pineapple pizza if you crave something sweet and filling. It si delicious, so I'm afraid I must disagree on this one.
The way I see it, animal testing is a cruel practice that we should have replaced a long time ago. Thus, I agree with that statement.

Animal testing should be banned

The way I see it, animal testing has led to many and many discoveries that enhanced our lives, and we are not aware of many of them. I am anything of an expert, but unless there is a same or better-quality alternative, I鈥檓 not convinced. For instance, Insulin was discovered through animal testing and millions of lives were saved. Regardless, I am an animal lover, but if a had to choose, I would prefer progress of science 馃槮 (if there were no better alternatives)

  • Animal testing should be banned

In my point of view, is imposible to ban the entire experiments on animals, due to the fact that the science require practice its experiments firts on animals instead of humans, so thanks to this method we麓ve discovered many cures for diseases.

  • Pineapple should not be a pizza toping.

I麓m convinced that every person has differents tastes, If the person likes it and is happy, why would we judge them? let each person be happy in their own way.

  • School should not allow kids to use cell phones.

Im not convinced on that, because cell pones can be usefull depending of the use of each person, but obviously depending on age, for instance , most kids have not yet improved their skills to use that technology, so teachers must train the kids how to use cell phones in the correct way.

In my opinion, we need to teach children about fundamental bases for everything, such as tolerance, equality, love, mutual support.
I am convinced that we need changes today

1 Yes indeed, animal testing is something with highly suffered for the animals. the science and the technology should be find new alternatives to proof the diferente medicals products.

2 In my view, honestly I don麓t like de pineapple on the pizza do to the fact that I don麓t like the fruit when it麓s warm so I could麓t agree with you more.

3 I麓m not convinced, the phones are a very useful tools that can help to the students search information effecently and faster.

In my view, abortion must be free and safe for all women. This would reduce the number of women who die from bad procedures in clandestine clinics, it would also reduce abandonment, abuse, and child maltreatment. I am convinced that motherhood should be desired.

I can鈥檛 to be more agree with that, there aren鈥檛 justification possible to that any animals is in closed.

I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT because is unique the flavor that the pineapple give to the pizza, definitively the pizza without the pineapple isn鈥檛 pizza.

Since my point of view, I believe that the cell phones is very important in case of any urgency, in the part that I can to be agree is in the way of control of its use into in the institutions.

in my view animal testing should continue but avoiding animal suffering and in the case that the experiment should be painful, it should be carried out in prisoners to reduce their sentence


Opinion 1. Animal testing should be banned
In my point of view, researchers will definitely need to try new products, pills, even vaccines before doing it with humans. So, I completely agree animal testing.

Opinion 2. Pineapple should not be a pizza topping
Since I love food, I do not have any inconvenient with pineapple pizza. Furthermore, I love sweet stuffs in my food such as hamburgers with pineapple marmalade, sweet and sour pork with, and more.

Opinion 3. Schools should not allow kids to use cell phones
I am afraid, I couldn鈥檛 agree with you, due to the fact that cell phones are helpful for humans in any activity. If you think about AI, it would help a lot kids to do their homework, so teachers must be more creative and challenging with homework.

I鈥檓 agree to forbid animal testing.
I couldn麓t more agree that pineaple should not be in any pizza. I completely agree with you on that.
Yes indeed, cell phones on the kids could distract or create bad habits on the childrens.

I鈥檓 not convinced that gentrication is a problem in Mexico City, as other topics like violence. Although, it鈥檚 true that gentrication can make this things worst.

Animal testing I couldn't agree more. Animals are individuals that can feel just like humans, have their own interests (live, live in liberty and not be seen as things as minimum). Animals are someone not something, they deserve respect just like as and their lives and rights deserved to be respected. There many other ways to test products that not implies using and exploiting someone. In fact, there's no need to use animals in nothing, not for food, not for entertainment, not for transport, not for services, not for clothes, not for experimentation and for nothing. Animals are not here for us. As is not a necessity to use them (like a millions of years ago) there is no justification to do it. The taste of a food doesn't justify exploit someone, the culture doesn't justify it, the social aspect doesn't either, *nothing justify use and exploit someone*.

Animal suffering should be avoid at anytime, that麓s why I became vegan.

Schools should not allow kids to use cell phones.

I鈥檓 convinced that kids should focus in their studies. However I can relate to the fact that they use it to search information in the internet, but only if they are over 13 years old. Otherwise, the teachers should provide the rest of the information needed for the students, like additional library books.

As for contacting their families, this should not be a problem for the school because they could call them if they think it鈥檚 necessary.

I believe cell phones must not be allowed at school becausee students get really distracte, I partially agree that they can be use to look for information but at home. Most Schools have computers and internet where students can look for information, on the other hand in case of emergency School must lend their phones.

ok I'm agree with you in everything except of the pineapple 馃崓

Her classes are the best in the English school, thanks Michelle