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I agree, since social networks have brought us closer to being protagonists and not just spectators

Su Excelencia by Mario Moreno Cantinflas is a comedy movie that describes accurately the big political problems related to the cold war. In this movie he presented the comunist countries as the "red ones" and the capitalist as the "blue ones". I personally think that this movie displays the best oratory of this actor and productor, who through comedy always told the entire world many facts and truths. I give it ten of ten stars.

By 2023, social media will be at the center of our cultural development, driving social change, enabling micro-entrepreneurs to reach wider audiences and raising awareness of a wide range of issues such as climate change, poverty and corruption. This positive force for humanity has brought a renewed balance to the global power board. However, there are some major concerns about how to keep social media as a useful and reliable tool. Disinformation, political bias of recommendation algorithms and interference from the states are among those threats of manipulation of these networks towards less honest interests, which calls for a very clear regulation framework and ethics of freedom of expression.

The last movie that I watched was 鈥淓lementos鈥 by Disney. It was so interesting because, since my view, this movie allows opening up the mind to the people sharing that all of us are different but at the same time, we are important. On the other hand, this movie share that you must follow your dreams and never give up for someone or something. In my opinion, this movie has a rating 9 over 10.

I love these kind of activities where you can analyze what you鈥檝e learnt so far!

Prompt 1:

I agree, since 10 years ago or a few more, social media has completely change the way human being interacts with each other. Starting from how they communicates, interacts and even buy the things they want or need. Social media has made our lives easier but not happier due to the exponential increase of mental diseases and loneliness between the young and senior population due to fact that we are more time stick to a screen instead of having real human interaction and we tend to prefer instant gratification instead of dealing with the real life world or work for want we actually need or want.

That is what we are going to expose in this essay鈥

In my view, most of the big tech companies related to IT like Twitter and youtube are powerful social media tools that serve humanity by avoiding government manipulation. However, there are some exceptions like Facebook that make bad practices such as selling people鈥檚 private information to certain companies.
To whom it may concern
Due to the fact that my luggage was lost in your bags movement process, I require you find my luggage as soon as possible. Here are some details: black color, incorporated wheels, and a sticker of Platzi on the cover.
Please, contact me if you demand additional information.
All the best, Anthony.
Dr. Strang in Madness Multivated was the last movie I鈥檝e seen. To be honest, my rating would be 8 out of 10. The positive aspects are the empowerment of scarlet witches, the moments of fun dialogue, and a mysterious ending through the introduction of a new hero. On the other hand, it would have been interesting to see additional Marvel hero鈥檚 appearances.
On January 1st - 2022, a ray fell on Lima鈥檚 capital city. It was seen in many of Lima鈥檚 populated neighborhoods such as Comas and Los Olivos. Scientists claim it was a natural phenomenon as a result of earth energy dissipation. Moreover, the recorded decibels of the thunder were between 20 and 30. Recommendations were to keep calm during these kinds of events and stay in secure places.

  • In my view, social media has been a great innovation for us on account of it provides a faster communication between our friends and families. However, it has some aspects that could be improved.

  • To whom it may concern,

Good Day. My name is Daniel Morales and in my last flight to Bogot谩 on July 17th I had an issue with my suitcase due to the fact that it disappeared. It is a small red bag with white. I have some very importants things inside that I really need to work. Let me know how I can get it back as soon as possible.

All the best,


  • El lado oscuro del coraz贸n is a movie about a man who always is looking for a real love and steadily is talking with his personalities even with his ex girlfriend who is dead. Due to fact that he is poet he is very romantic with each woman that he knows. I felt very identified with him on account of we always are trying to be a better person for another one without taking account that it could be a bad choose. I鈥檇 give it an 10 out of 10.

  • On Tuesday at about 6pm, arrived to my neighborhood someone who is very noise with his car. He parked his car across from my apartment and started listening to music extremely loud and suddenly appear a neighbor with a knife to stop the music. While they was arguing I had to call for the police before would have someone wounded.

Those prompts are great activities to work on what we have learnt

To whom it may concern My name is Nely Barrios and I flew from Quetzaltenango to Guatemala city in flight 608 of your airline on september 30th. I would like you to inform me where it is now. It is a black suitcase with my name written on the top. Thanks.
To whom it may concern Hi, my name is Nely Barrios and while flying from Quetzaltenango to Guatemala city in flight 608 of your airline, my luggage was lost. I hope the person on charge, can take care of this matter as soon as possible. Thanks.
Feom mt point of view social media is an excellent help for comunications, work or studies, on the other hand it has had bad results specially in young people.

Prompt 1:
Social media definitely is here to stay, now is part of day to day, comunicating peopple around the world and give us the oportunity to do busines or find our true love as well. but in the other hand, the most negative aspect is the way as we use it and the time we expend daily, due to the fact the productivity is lower thet the average when people uses just for fun every day with no time control as we can see in the younger population and Tiktok app.

Prompt 2:
To whom it may concern,
The present letter is a formal complain to your airline due to the fact you lost my baggage registrated in the fly No AV 3030 in the route Bogota Vancouver last 2 september in the present year. I apreciate your diligence to recover it as son as posible, because of with the bagage contain very importante documents. The bag is a black and orange one, with green wheals SAMSONITE brand, easy to identify.
My phone number is 255555555555 in Vancouver Canada.

Prompt 3:
The new release of House of Dragons is a very interesting series of HBO platform, reminding the succses of Game of Thrones, with better visual efects and excellent acting performances and solid history and dialogues.

Prompt 4:
The cost of the rent in Vancouver Island is the top of the most expensive in all Canada, follow by Ontario and Quebec provinces only. The price during the last year has grow twenty percent , the most higer in the last fourty years. The problem is a hig demand and the low ofert and how dificult for companys is to get acces to a labour people.

Prompt 1

  • These days, social media is used by almost everyone around the world. Thanks to it, many people have met their husband or wife, they have also found their dreaming job, etcetera. So, on one hand, it has given us the opportunity of communicating with more people that has changed positively our life but on the other hand, social media has caused depression to many people, for instance, when a teenager looks at other teenagers photos, she compares her situation with them and if they seem to be way better, she won鈥檛 feel good. Anyway, I agree with you since social media could more useful than dangerous.

Prompt 2

  • To whom it may concern,
    It is a pleasure to me having the opportunity of writing to you. My name is Sebastian, I traveled since Puerto Vallarta to Los Cabos at 10:00 a.m. this morning on the plane 407.
    When I arrived to my destination, I was told by the airline guys that my luggage had gotten lost. That is, exactly, why I am writing to you. I would like to have my luggage back and I would appreciate your help in this.
    Let me tell you how my luggage looks like: It is a big black backpack. It has a lot of pockets in the front. It also has a lot of pins from different places around the world. If you see the back of the backpack, you will see that it has a red stain. I hope you can find it since I need it for my work.
    Sincerely, Sebastian Silva

Prompt 2
Avianca Airlines
Dear Sirs,
Hi. My name is Patricia Ruiz. On August 15th of this year I took flight AV425 at 10:30 a.m. to Bogot谩, and it appears that my suitcase was lost by the airline.
I need you to help me recover it because apart from my personal belongings, I have valuable things for my job.
My suitcase is very big and dark blue. It has a pink ribbon around the handle. It heighs about 20 pounds.
Please contact me as soon as possible.
Patricia Ruiz

I really liked the Spanish comedy Padre no hay m谩s que uno. It鈥檚 a funny story about a family with a clueless father, his wife and 5 children. I could laugh a lot. The cast is perfect. I would give the movie a 9 out of 10.

Prompt 1
Nowadays technology, but in particular, social media has changed the way people live in a positive way. This can be noticed when having a quick access to a wide range of information that comes from multiple places around the world and makes you broaden your mind. Moreover, you can share your opinions, knowledge and life experiences with people from other cultures and backgrounds. Many aspects of daily life can be influenced or impacted positively to make a difference such as work, routines, likes,etc

  • It鈥檚 true that social media offers us a lot of advantages, such as the opportunity of finding information as soon as we need it or the fact that communication between people around the world is easier than ever but, on the other hand it is also one of the factors that cause more social aislation.

  • To whom it may concern
    My name is Emily and I want to know how are you doing with my recently lost laguage. Things that were there are really important to me so please do everything is possible to recover it. Remember, it is a blue bag with some purple flowers in the front.
    All the best,

  • The last movie I watched is named Civil War and I really loved it. The story is amazing and the characters are so cool. I鈥檇 give it an 9 out of 10.

  1. My point of view
  • Social media has changed very fast in time, at this point, most of the earth鈥檚 population has access to this technology, you who are reading this are using social media too, e.g. have your phone close to you? every 5-10 minutes you want to check what happened with your friends, companies, or celebrities you follow, so, as a result, the capacity to obtain information about anything we want is incredible, social media definitely has changed the way we all live very quickly, so can I say I agree.
  1. To whom it may concern
  • Hi, my name is Ronal, I would like to express my discontent about the issue with my luggage since it has a lot of important things and these are very expensive, I don鈥檛 know how it happened, and I need a soon response on account of avoid being fired from my job, thank you.

3 Review

  • The last movie I watched was Prey, it was the best performance of this creature called Predator since the last movie canon Predator 2, this movie is very different since it included Comanche indigenous Americans in their cast, something that was not expected, very different and remembering the native American roots. The only thing I disagree with was the name, it should have been called Predator 3
  1. Article
  • On August 8, at about 12:00 pm, something happened in The Orange County in Florida, some unusual it spread in the air, people say feeling a lot congestioned and clam for medical assistance and to investigate the situation that is happening since the last night, this is a big problem, as a result, people can鈥檛 go to their jobs since they can鈥檛 breathe well.

Prompt 1:

  • My point of view about social media is it has open opportunities for people around the globe. A different way to communicate us and even for winning new friends. On the other hand, this digital environment is also generating psychological problems related with our social interactions. 馃こ

Prompt 2:

  • To whom it may concern. I would like to express in these words that I feel so unhappy due to the fact your airline staff lost my luggage two days ago. I have important things in my package and I need to get it back. Please help me to solve this problem as soon as possible! *Alexis

Prompt 3:

  • I watched 鈥淭he Adam Project鈥 recently. It鈥檚 a funny movie with action scenes. I loved some of my favorite actors like Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo participated in this story about time traveling, but I have to say that some of the movie鈥檚 effects look poor and unrealistics. I give it an 7.5 out of 10. 馃帵

Prompt 4:

  • Traditional melon鈥檚 racing happened in our city yesterday at 5 pm. A crowd of people met at the steep incline street 鈥淟ucio Blanco鈥 for customizing their melons and launching them from the hill to the finish line. The great winner was Osvaldo Castillo who dressed up his melon like a Pacman video game. 馃崍

Prompt 1
The way I see it, even when social media has certainly helped people to get connected easily as a result of the increase of communication channels; I believe they can also foster violence, discrimination and xenofobia, among other uncivil facts.
Prompt 2
To whom it may concern,
Hello, my name is Augusto. I am writing to complain due to the fact that my backpack was lost when I took the flight 1234 las week from Miami to Atlanta.
It is a black backpack with red lines and a big yellow Nike logo. I have a Sony Vaio laptop among other valuable things inside, and I need them for work.
Please get back to me with indications about how should I proceed to get it back.
Looking forward to your reply.

Social Media has had a huge impact not only in our personal life, but it also has redefined the way how the different societies behave currently. To begin with, we all can admit that social media has given humanity the opportunity to keep in touch in an easier basis with the whole world from one single electronic device鈥

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing this letter in order to express, hereby, a big concern. You will see, while traveling on your airline to Medell铆n on flight 312 on May 22nd, part of my luggage was not returned to me, purportedly, owing to having gotten lost. It鈥檚 a blue, medium-sized bag, with some white trims along the front face, and a black, thick, short handle. I would really appreciate your prompt help, since it kept really valuable belongings, and I am needing them back as soon as possible.
Thank you very much for your attention.
Miguel Barajas

MOON-FALL by Roland Emmerich is an innovative proposal in regard with apocalyptic scenarios, the graphics contained tremendous and touching images that made me shiver at times. Unfortunately, the story telling was a little convoluted due to the numerous characters and backgrounds each of them came from. So, at the moment of bringing all together, the plot was a little confused. On top of that, the final outcome was a little too much unexpected as to go beyond the bounds of what people were waiting for, and what at the beginning seemed to be an appealing setting, it came to be a kind of strange-ridiculous explanation of what the audience was feeling. I would give it 5 out of 10.

Last night, around 10 p.m., the peaceful and happy community of La Brisas neighbourhood was astonished by the volcanic eruption in the Kilkram mountains, just 50 kilometers away from the first homes. The police officers, firemen, and the Civil Guard could keep the inhabitants calm and sound by evacuating them rapidly on buses. Allegedly, the eruption鈥檚 ashes have covered all the area in darkness, and unfortunately, the houses and other facilities won鈥檛 be able to be retrieved.

What other styles of writing can you think of?

  • Poetry
  • Biography
  • Scripts
  • Cartoons

i believe social media is now taking a very dangerous path cause it is aimed
at young people mainly so this young guys normally tend to take all posted information
on social media as the only truth, unfortunately social media does not encourage
critical thinking at all and from my point of view it is very dangerous for
society in the future

Prompt 1. Actually social media has changed society and the way that we interact with each other. On one hand, social media helps to people to stay in contact with friends and family, but on the other hand, social media makes main than the tenagers and children spend a lot of time with their gadgets and they aren鈥檛 physical activity.

Prompt 2.
To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Jose Vera. Last week on june 1st, while I was on flight 120 to Mexico city, my luggage was lost. That suitcase is very important to me. It contains devices with important information, it鈥檚 a gray bag with nasa鈥檚 logo, it weighs about five kilograms.

I hope your answer, if I have to pay money or travel to some city I can do it.

All the best
Jose Vera

Prompt 3.

Fight club was an amazing film for me. I personally think that it is one of the best movies of Brad Pritt, the story involves you all the time and the final is very interesting. Also, Edward Norton makes a great performance in this movie, The fight club is not a new film, but it is still valid today, I鈥檇 give it an 10 of 10

Prompt 1 .-
Social media has change our behavior for socializing and communicating, in my point of view, this corruption what we see, its also for our lack
of judgement to realize that using constantly social media is causing more anxious and depression, this is see it more in younger generation.

Prompt 2 .-
Dear SkyAirlines,

I wrote this letter to let you know my inconformity, about an a success that happened in my last fly returning from Cusco to Lima,
when the plane arrived to airport, i notice that my luggage wasnt there, i reach to Sky鈥檚 module, and they didnt had an response to me for my
lost luggage.

To conclude this letter i had to let you know the value of that luggage and the characteristic, it is an blue medium-sizzed,and
as you know working remontly its now more familiar that ever. so, in my luggage there was my laptop, the ChargeDevice for that, Clothes,

getting back the laptop its the most important thing because its my working tool.

best regards
Rodrigo Bejar

Prompt 1: Social media has contributed to how humans communicate with other people in a quick way, also to know and realize easily about the news. On the other hand, social media has been causing many psychological problems in young people, so I disagree because helps humans a lot, but also generates the worst social problems.
Prompt 2: Dear American Airlines. I鈥檓 writing to you because my luggage got lost during my trip from Colombia To Atlanta. The bag is middle with wheels, the color blue, it weighs 20th kilograms. I need a quick response because in that bag was essential equipment such as cameras, microphones, laptops, and more things, which are for recording a video about the city.

I鈥檓 looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Best regards
Santiago Tellez
Prompt 4: The past weekend, we had one of Colombia鈥檚 most controversial and surprising electoral results. Many people thought that Gustavo petro could get enough votes to reach Nari帽o鈥檚 house, but the results were unexpected, now the country is waiting for the second election and see who will be the new president.

Prompt 1: I just can鈥檛 agree. I won鈥檛 deny social media gave us the possibility to connect to each other, but it also replace some of the necessary human interaction.

Prompt 2: To whom it may concern. My name is Rub茅n. The purpose of this letter is to communicate that I lost my suitcase while travelling from the states. The incident happened on January 5th on the flight 217. The content is quite delicate and expensive, and I would love to get it back. It鈥檚 a brown suitcase, with a little sticker that says 鈥淎rgentina鈥est country in the world鈥. Please let me know if you find it.

Prompt 3: The new batman movie wasn鈥檛 what I was expecting. The story doesn鈥檛 match with the comic books, the whole movie looks unnecessary dark and the less I say about the acting the better. I don鈥檛 recommend you to watch it. 3 out of 10 is all I can give to the movie, and I think I鈥檓 been a generous.

Prompt 1
On one hand, Social Media has a lot of benefits in our daily life, on the other hand I believe that we must be careful of using it sometimes we are not aware about what we are sharing publicly.

Prompt 2
To whom it may concern,
I鈥檓 Felipe Reinoso and while travelling to Ecuador on flight 895 on May 21st of this year, my luggage appears that it was lost. I鈥檒l be grateful if you help me with any information of what happened to it.

Prompt 3
The Prestige directed by Christopher Nolan, was the story of 2 rival magicians, obsessed with creating the best illusion. It was a good film, I like the whole story, the actuation, and the scenarios.
I give it an 8 out of 10.

Prompt 4
On May 15th at about 6am, a motorcycle suddenly fell into a big hole that had suddenly formed in the road. Sadly, the accident resulted in several injuries for the driver. Finally, 2 hours later, the authorities came into the road to take procedure.

Prompt 1
Social media has given us the possibility to have the people we love closer than before. On one hand, I don鈥檛 agree with the idea of making this an important part of our lives, but on the other hand, it has a much needed impact on our daily work and personal lives.

Prompt 2
To Whom it may concern,

Hi. My name is Xavier Jim茅nez and while travelling to New Zeland on flight 888 on September 3rd of thes year, during disembarkation I lost one of my gloves. It麓s brwon and leather. It鈥檚 too expensive and I bought it during my trip. Let me know how I can get it back.

All the best,

Xavier Jim茅nez

Prompt 3
Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway鈥檚 performance in this AppleTv+ mini-series has been rescuable for what is expected of bringing these two iconic characters together through the interesting story of Adam Neumann and his wife. The format and colour palette contrasts nicely with the kind of story it tells. I鈥檇 give it an 8 out of 10.

Prompt 4
On September 9, 2001 at around 3:00 pm, one of the most shocking attacks in the world over the years occurred. Making it one of the most remembered attacks of the 21st century. It took the lives of 2,996 people.

Prompt 2: To whom it may concern; My name is Violeta Castillo and was part of the flight 1212 from Lima to Buenos Aires on September 12th. I was informed upon arrival that my luggage, a pink 32鈥 four wheeled suitcase, was lost and I would need to know what鈥檚 the procedure to get them back. Regards, Violeta Castillo Prompt 3: I鈥檓 convinced that The Nunn 2 was one of the weakest horror movies of the year. Not even the presence of the scream queen,Taissa Farmigan portraying of Sister Irene coul save this messy sequel.
Prompt 1: Social media has taken over the internet since the very firsts came lo live in the 90鈥檚. On one hand, It has permitted us to form communities based in out interests and life styles, in the other hand, it鈥檚 important to explore the negative impact too, such as how easy it has make to dehumanize people on the other side of the screen of our devices.

Here are my answers 馃槃

The way I see it, technology has influenced our lives at a great rate, regarding educational, working and useful purposes even changing the way with are used to do things in our daily life. I couldn鈥檛 agree with you more that it has forced people to change their lives. However, it brought some disavantages about the way we interact with other people, not only making us isolated from building strong conections in person but keeping people from showing their true colors in real life.

To whom may be concerned:
Hello! My name is David U and while traveling to United States on flight 2201 on july 10th. It happened that you lost my luggage. It is a big brown suitcase with a yellow pikachu sticker upon it, of course, it has my ID and personal information to make your duty easier.
Its weight is about 42 pounds and I鈥檝e got some valuable things inside. Let me know how I can get it back.
I鈥檒l be aware of the situation.
Sincerely, David.

I saw yesterday Hereditary, a film which had some flaws and details that were somehow misleading to me. However, it drove me up the wall at certain scenes as a result of lots of creepy and spooky parts of the movie which were related with the plot.
Although the movie was formulaic and cliche, it had an interesting bizarre ending. I鈥檇 give it an 3 out of 5.

Three cars were smashed by a giant rock at the Melgar highway due to the fact that an earthquake had been shaking the land.
This fatal event happened during this past morning on July 10th, fortunately, the victims survived but are severe injured.

PROMPTS is when you want to give a suggest as a result of your opinion

prompt 3
she鈥檚 out of my league is a romantic comedy we鈥檙e told the story of kirk a young security guard of pittsburgh airport who seeks recover his ex girlfriend but his friends steiner, devon and jack isn鈥檛 being agree and even advise him to find another woman. luckly fo him he has the opportunity to have a date with a beautiful woman named molly, however kirk continues skeptical due to the fact that he doesn鈥檛 understand why a beauty lady is sweet and nice with him, so his friends convince to Kirk in take a chance with Molly and maybe form a courtship with her. in my view this movie its interesting for the important message about self love, don鈥檛 judge others in base on appearances and stereotypes, be open to advice but beware of bad influences i鈥檇 give it an 7.8 of 10

At around noon 2010 the people of my town were suffering cause鈥 there was a war and a fight between carteles to win territory, the streets were a terror and people just go out to do important things.

Answer Prompt 4:

On December 21th of 2022 at about 2 am, a local factory exploded starting a huge fire, which lasted for about four days.
Unfortunately, a fire fighter was killed by a heavy structure which fell over him, the fire department needed to ask for help to other cities of the country as a result of this incident.

Answer Prompt 3:

鈥淐lose鈥, the second film written and directed by Lukas Dhont mixes, in a majestic way, several aching feelings and still tabu topics that every teenager, fortunately or unfortunately, must to live.
Getting through the gates to the 鈥渉ard but exciting鈥 adults world, running and flying throughout the childhood magic garden directly to crush to death against the coming-age inside conflicts and confusions, winning and losing things, thinking about new ideas, perspectives and feelings, starting to acknowledge themselves.
In this process, we know Leo and Remi, two young boys with a very close friendship, getting into high school, where their classmates start to gossip about their loving ways of treating between each other, they even without asking themselves about their sexuality yet . Leo, as a result of the rumors, begins to distance from Remi, then rejecting him and fighting with. Finally, their friendship get lost forever when Remi comes to suicide and Leo must face the guilt, pain, and other feelings that come with the grief of losing his bestfriend.
This film is a aching but sweetie masterpiece, I will give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

Prompt 1 answer:
Are you likely spending one hour a day in social media? For all of us, social media has been a lifestyle changer compared to the last decade. Some people give it a bad thought on account of its potential user addiction; however, we cannot disregard that we, the humanity, are more interconnected than ever in history. Our grandparents would never imagine the world that we live right now.

To whom it may concern

Dear Airline I want to let you know I did not get luggage back, it is really important to recover it, there are some work item I need, and they are essencial, the characteristics of the luggage are, height 22 inches, width 14 inches and depth 9 incles, which in this case is 45 total linear inches, color is black, only two main compartemens, no additional pockets, zippered opening, made of polyester, which is resistant to wear and tear, soft-shell, retractable handle and wheels, it has a combination lock.

Please contact me when you have my luggage, thanks.

鈥淪ocial media has changed the way we all live very quickly, it has been a positive force for humanity鈥

I am agree wit this depending on the perspective I see it, for instance the way we learn and do business are completely different and more effective, I am agree with that.

But the way how social media has been influencing the childhood and people in general related with their life style is disastrous, since childrem have access to adult content, naked people, ideas, points of view, freedom speeches, and even worst than that, no knowledge of how interprete all of this, making them rebels and taking really bad decisions about their lifes, e.g sexuality, relationships, because someone with a pretty huge problem in mind, is telling kids what is right, when kids don not even know the difference between good and evil, removing parental custody, I am really disagree with that.

Answers for Prompt 1:

Social media has given us almost unlimitated access to worldwide information. However, it could turns out into a drestruction machine gun for those whom are not capable of understand and manage all that information in a right way, taking into account its effects on a short and long-term basis.

Answers for Prompt 2:

To whom it may concern,
Hi, my name is Ximena Aguilar, i traveled from Paris to Barranquilla on flight 2614 on November 26th of the last year 2022. Once i arrived to Barranquilla, the staff from the airline told me that there were no luggage on my name, so my bags were lost.
They are two bags, one is a small black bag with thin red lines on the corners, and the other is a big navy blue bag.
The black one weighs ten pounds and the blue one about fifteen or twenty pounds. I really need what it鈥檚 inside, i鈥檓 a ilustrator and all my work tools are there, pencils, brushes, watercolors, etc.
Please let me know as soon as possible when i鈥檓 going to get it back. I will make a presentation the next week here in this city and i need flight to Germany before the end of this month.
All the best,


At around night on january 29, a thieves have been stolen a wide amount of money from the national bank in Bogota D.C. The cops are following their clues right now, but unfortunately they think that the thieves leave the city a few hour ago.

The last movie that I have seen was the wall street wolf, It鈥檚 a very funny movie that I really liked. I love comedy movies so I would give it a 9.5 or out of 10 since it鈥檚 a movie in which you are going to laugh a lot. Futhermore I know that this movie is not a good example to apply in you real life, but come on! who wouldnt like every things that the main actor has in the movie?.

Dear sirs of Avianca.

I write this letter to show you my worried about the lost of my luggages in my most recently flight with your company. Last night when I arrived to New york city I came to the place where the company put the passenger麓s baggage of our flight, I was waiting for a long time but my suitcase has never appears. I was very amazed and worried so imediatly I looked for a airline麓s employee to ask for mi baggage.
When I found an employee I conveyed my trouble to him, so he researched about what happened with my sutcase but none knew about that. It past a long time so the employee advised me write a email to resolve the trouble with the area in charge.
It麓s really important that I find my sutcase due to the fact I have a really important things inside, so I need back.

All the best, I will veru attentive to your asnwer.


I麓m completely agree with you, Since the social media exists the life of everyone changed, it麓s trully that nowaday thank to the social media the things are easier. on my point of view the social media allow us to connect with people from every part of the word which is something really heplfull , due to the fact that currently you can find a jobs or make a frindships in everyworld. Additionaly also there are negative things that should not be ignored.

  1. Social media has changed drastically the way that we communicate and interact with other people, besides it keeps us informed and connected to people that live in almost any part of the world. On one hand, the arise of social media has brought many positive aspects to our lives but on the other hand, there are other aspects that we need to consider.

  2. To whom it may concern

My name is Alejandra Cifuentes and while I was traveling to Bogota on Flight 1617 on February 3rd of this year, it appears that my suitcase was lost. It鈥檚 a big purple back with wheels and a pink ribbon tied around the handle.
It weighs about 40 pounds. I have some very valuable things inside that I really need. Let me know how I can get it back.

Kind regards.


  1. Gerard Johnstone鈥檚 M3gan was an intriguing sci-fi story that brings some of the actual ethical dilemmas about the reach of artificial intelligence and how people can have feelings for a machine and this machine can develop an uncontrollable behavior that could hurt other people to 鈥減rotect鈥 the person it is attached. This is the story of M3gan a toy that was created as a toy for children based on artificial intelligence and the creators couldn鈥檛 predict what was going to happen. It was an entertaining movie but the end was quite vague. I鈥檇 give it a 6 out of 10.

  2. On February 1st at around 6 pm there was an outage in the whole town in an apparent failure of the electrical system due to the heavy rain of the last days.
    Unfortunately, this problem hasn鈥檛 been solved and the citizens are very concerned about it, however, the electricity company is doing its biggest effort to restore electricity.

Prompt 1
On one hand I agree whith the statement, politically social media has revolutionized the way the news are transmitted and keeps the people informed although on the other hand social media has increased fake news.

Prompt 2
To whom it may concern
Good morning, my names is Alfredo Camacho I麓m a costumer and i just flew whith your airline this morning, I arrived and the employees told me that my bagage was lost.
I need to find it on account of i have my medicine inside, my bagage is a big black suitcase with little white skulls in front and big red wheels. please, write me back.

thank you for your attention, all the bests, Jos茅 Camacho.

Prompt 3
the las movie i watched was 鈥淗ercules鈥, i whatched it whith my girlfriend and it made us laugh a lot and we were exited about how good the tecnology was at that time because the characters were perfect and although the movie was from 90,s it had a fantastic visual quality. we gave it 8 of 10 due to the fact that we didn麓t like the love history.

Prompt 4
on January 02 about 6 oclock a great new sorprised us all due to the fact that a new big pyramid was discovered at the top of one of the bigest mountains from Chiapas, at the place arrived he secretary of archaeology Carlos Palomeda and declared it as a World Heritage site.

To whom it may concern I have recently flown in your airplane, everything was good until I arrived to my destination and realized my luggage was lost. It is a black and green suitcase and a bag. Since I am not in my city, I really need my luggage in order to have my clothes and hygienic stuff. Thanks for your attention.
I totally agree on the fact social media has changed the world, although not everything is good news, it has also brought some problems to society.

I Can鈥檛 to be more agree with this, for the fact that now, with the integration of social media in our lives all our movement are constanly exposed to a lot of people, even people that I don鈥檛 know really. However, the most important thing in this is that the social media is a showcase of high range for we, if you have many good things that give to world, more people going to able see it.

Dear company *****
I am very grateful for have had a good trip with you, But in this moment really there is something that I make me to be very worried and is the fact that I can鈥檛 find out my luggage and in this bag I have something really important to me. My bag is: a red big bag. I hope that it not take much time because it鈥檚 a urgency issue.
Thanks very much.
Cristian Gomez.

The last movie that I鈥檝e seen is 鈥淭hord, Thunder and lightning鈥. The true is that I hoped very much of this movie for the fact that had much publicity and the previous movie in that Thord seems it are very interesting movie as are: the marvels鈥 movie and others more. In general the movie is fine but it isn鈥檛 enough when the character鈥檚 name is 鈥淭hord鈥, to finish, to me, did can to be better I give it a 8.

It鈥檚 the 3pm in Cali-Colombia and we are in the place of the facts, in this corner, five minutes ago the driver of this vehicle cash your vehicle againts this light post in apparent state of drunkeness. In an accident that put your life in very risk for the state of your hurts, the driver was translated to hospital more close to here, we are attend to the evolve of this situation, we continue in study, good afternoon since here鈥

One could say that the appearance of social media has changed the way we all live very quickly and positively. I鈥檓 convinced that social media can be very useful, and it鈥檚 been positive at some degree. However, many studies and experts claim that sadly, this is not the case for the whole world, and based on this, I鈥檒l give you 5 reasons why social media has been mostly negative and harmful for humanity.
Hi, my name is Julian Cadena, and I鈥檓 a passenger on the 356 to Bogot谩, Colombia. Unfortunately, there was a problem with my luggage during the flight, and it ended up getting lost. I have some very important things that I need to recover. It鈥檚 a big red bag with some stickers on the left side. Let me know what I can do to get it back.

All the best,


Predestination is a 2014 film directed by Micheal and Peter Spierig in which the main plot is the predestination paradox. It can be confusing if you lose your attention during certain parts of the film, and even having paid all of your attention, you can also end up having some questions, but I think it鈥檚 an amazing movie with a great narrative and topic that will awaken your curiosity, I鈥檇 give it an 8 out of 10, I liked it a lot.
During daytime on January 17th, 2023, a 3-meter-long and heavy meteorite fell on the grass of a public park while some teenagers were playing soccer. Fortunately, no people were injured, but it left a shocking hole on the floor and lots of trees were affected by the impact. The neighborhood residents are terrified by the event due to the fact that someone could鈥檝e lost his or her life.

Prompt 1
"Social media has changed the way we all live very quickly, it has been a positive force for humanity"

Based on my experience using social media during the past 10-year, it has been an important tool uses to be in touch with my family who lives abroad, and many good friends who migrate to Europe and America. Furthermore, it is a link with people from work and new friends.

Prompt 2
"While flying to your home city to visit family, the airline lost your luggage and you have important things inside that you need to get back"

Dear Iberia,

I hope this letter finds you well, my name is Eduardo Herrera. I took the flight 452 on December 6th from Madrid to Quito, arriving at 11:00 am (Ecuador麓s time). Unfortunately, my luggage is lost and I would like to ask about its location.

My luggage is big and black around 45 inches with a red and blue bracelet on the top, on the right side I wrote my name and last name on a paper.

Inside it, I have several personal items but the most important ones are samples which I took for making my thesis. These samples are invaluable because I spent a whole month working on it on the laboratory.

I hope you can send my luggage back to my home at: 鈥

Best regards,
Eduardo H.

Prompt 3
Think about the last movie you watched, how you felt while watching it and what your true opinion of it was.

The last movie I watched on cinema was Avatar 2. It was such a great movie, with amazing visual effects, but what I liked the most is the imaginary stage of Pandora.

I meant it was a brain explosion how the director creates a complete new aquatic world. However, I can mention just one negative aspect about the movie: the time, it lasts around 3 to 4 hours. It is a lot!

My review of Avatar 2 is 9 out of 10.

Prompt 4
"Imagine that an unusual event has happened in your town and you are a journalist"

The avocado麓s trees are dying!

On Monday, January 9, just after starting the new year, Sanchez麓s family from Conocoto (a little town on the Valley of Chillos in Quito city) saw lots of avocado麓s trees lay out on the street.

The reason could be due to the fact that a little worm is eating their roots fast and killing it.

Sandra Bullock is the star of an old movie that I saw last night. This movie It calls 28.
It鈥檚 about how she can remove a bad habit she have in this case the Alcohol.
It has a litle drama, but the message is awesome.
I think in my opinion is a 4/5 movie.

Dear Airline 鈥淭res Chanchitos鈥,

I鈥檓 writing this requirement as a result in my last flight your airline lost my bags and I want to recover them as soon as possible.
I鈥檓 very angry and I鈥檓 totally disagree with your service. I attach my information about my last flight:
Name: Jorge
Flight: 800
Origin: BOG, Destination PUJ

Please, if you have any notice about it, please, let me know.


I鈥檓 disagree with that, It鈥檚 true social media changed all about marketing now, but also the social media brings us a lot of other problems related with privacy.

Review about of the movie
During the last year the movie 鈥淧ijao, a place with magic鈥 was tremendously publicise. The director vowed that the movie show the natural treasures and biodiversity. I saw the movie, its complexities, scarcity of resources such as scenography, staff and actors give me a bad impression of that. Due to the fact that, I wish the movie could get us more information about species, places or people who live there, hence, I麓m afraid, I cant agree with the director I give 6/10 points.

Social media has been the most important advance in different areas such as marketing and marketing digital. I麓 m convinced that the technology improve our life. On the other hand if we can麓t use correctly we will have many problems, for instance, misuse of the time. To sum up, we should use social media properly if we want to learn a new language e.g english or french. Thanks.

On account of my personal experience with social media I wouldn麓t say that it has been a positive force for humanity, my point of view is that social media is in the middle of a developing process and It will take some time before It becomes a truly 鈥減ositive force鈥. The way I see It, social media has the power of influencing people with content algorythms that are focused on propaganda and money making, not quality content. I am convinced that new social media alternatives will emerge and will replace those with poor content, creting new massive educational tools that will eventualy change economy and society.

Prompt 1
I agree that social media has changed our way of life, if we used it wisely, e.g marketing, personal brand, show the good things of life, etc. However, for some people it has become in some kind of drug, which is bad.

Prompt 2

To whom it may concern,
Hello, my name is Alejandro. On the last flight AA1121 from Miami, my luggage did not reach the final destination. It鈥檚 seem the suitcase was lost and i鈥檓 concern because inside i have my wedding dress which is going to take place tomorrow. Can you please inform it鈥檚 location and E.T.A?


Prompt 1: 鈥淪ocial media has changed the way we all live very quickly, it has been a positive force for humanity鈥.
In my opinion, I partially agree with this statement. It鈥檚 true that social media changed the way humanity lives really fast. On one hand, I agree that it has been a positive thing to connect with each other on the Internet, but on the other hand, it has the opposite effect in real life, since it makes us stick to it like there鈥檚 nothing else entertaining in our life, and if not properly controlled, it can be dangerous to our mental health and the way we relate to people.
Prompt 2: While flying to your home city to visit family, the airline lost your luggage and you have important things inside that you need to get back.
To whom it may concern,
Hi. My name is Diego Lescano and while travelling to Argentina on flight 201 on June 10th of this year, it appears that my suitcase was lost. It鈥檚 a red bag with wheels and a green sticker on the front. I have very valuable things inside that I care about. I鈥檒l wait for your response.
Prompt 3: Think about the las movie you watched, how you felt while watching it and what your true opinion of it was.
The Last Kingdom by was an exciting story with a lot of unexpected twists. Alexander Dreymon鈥檚 portrayal of the main character was amazing because of the emotional side of the character and his accountabilities. I also loved the colors in the series and how the battles were filmed. Is was a great series, I鈥檇 give it a 9 out of 10.
Prompt 4: Imagine that an unusual event has happened in your town and you are a journalist.
On March 6th at about 5pm, a service station exploded in an apparent accidental fire. Unfortunately, there was two people killed and three were injured in this fatal incident, the fire department and the police tried to arrive on time but it was too late for the two people since they were caught in the explosion. This is one of the most serious accidents in the city鈥檚 history.

Prompt 1:
Social media can be a powerful tool but likewise all tools it can be used for good, or it can be used for evil, so at the end I think that we should be careful of how we use this tool.

Prompt 2:
My name is Raul Parra and while traveling to Canc煤n on the trip 556 on January 4th my suitcase was lost. It was a big green bag with a lot of stickers on the front. With whom can I contact to help me retrieve my things.

Greetings and thanks
Raul Parra

Prompt 3:
Black panther 2 is one of the best films of the phase 4 of marvel. I like the way they show respect for the pass away of Chadwick Boseman and Shuri as the new black panther was pretty cool. Personally, I didn鈥檛 like the character of Riri Williams, but beyond that I like everything else specially Tenoch Huerta as Namor, I鈥檇 give the film a 7 out of 10.

Prompt 4:
On September 10 at Ciudad Ju谩rez a prison break occurred, a lot of the inmates get out the caused chaos in the city. Unfortunately 3 people died during the day, the police are still investigating the reasons of why this prison break occurred.

I agree, social media has let me to be in touched with people that I had lost contact-

In a platzi麓s video Freddy said that social media brought us closer to each other but at the same time we feel more alone than ever before, depression and loneliness is higher than before

The impact of social media on our daily lives brings to the table the following question: is it for good or bad? On one hand, thanks to social media we are able get closer to those living abroad. Families can still share laughs together while joining a Zoom or Teams session. Sadly, there is also a negative aspect we all should keep in mind: social media can be used to spread not only fake news but also hate speech. We are free to express ourselves. However, the moment our thoughts and words cause harm to others we lose our own free speech right. Respect is a very thin line that shall never be crossed.

The butterfly invasion

On December 21st, the Corrientes鈥 airport received 10 flights on that day, as usual. The difference was in the kind of passengers in those airplanes.
From the first flight in the very early morning to the last one at night, half-naked men arrived at Corrientes.
They looked like giant bears, wearing only underwear. Some of them were bold but all of them had a long beard on their face.
None of them spoke Spanish so we didnt really know why they are were here. They took taxis with tinted windows and they all wen different ways.
Where they are now and what is going on, is a mistery, but we hope that we know very soon.

P3 (It is a series, not a movie)

House of the Dragon takes place around 150 years before Game of Thrones鈥 events. It is the story of the Targaryen鈥檚 house. The critics from Game of Thrones were heard in every sense and the things that made it an epic series are intact.
I liked the cinematography and soundtrack, of course, they conserved the same crew, who not only are great, but they improved.
For people who never watched Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon is a very simple way to approach The Song of Ice and Fire. It is a political drama mixed with sexism, violence, and magic, but without the number of houses, so it is much easier to follow the story.
I also loved that they included queer actors and actresses and people who are very talented but not that famous.
I give 10/10 to HOTD and I greatly recommend it.

To whom it may concern.
My name is Rosario S谩nchez.
I鈥檝e lost my backpack on flight ABC123 from BA Argentina to Atlanta USA, on November 11th.
It is a hiking backpack with flags sewn on its fabric. It contains a lot of personal objects that are really important to me, such as my laptop, my kindle, and my folder full of music sheets.
I鈥檇 like to have my backpack with me again and I鈥檇 really appreciate it if someone could give me information about its location.

I look forward to receiving a response.

Rosario S谩nchez.

The advance of technology has been huge in the last years and all of its elements have modified people鈥檚 consumption and behavior.
Social media is the king of this technological era. On one hand, we can connect with people around the world, share information and discover content about our favorite topics. On the other hand, all this information, cannot always be true.
That鈥檚 the big problem with social media, this multitude of platforms gives us the possibility to change and modify anything we want in our content with editing tools. Additionally, we can share with the world only the moments that we consider beautiful, e.g. fancy food, trips, memorable activities, achievements, etc.
In conclusion, consuming edited information gives us a warped and incomplete point of view about how people really are and how they live their lives. This can鈥檛 be healthy for humankind鈥檚 mental health.

*Social media has had a great deal of impact in the way we communicate and interact with each other. Although I agree we can list several benefits, we can鈥檛 talk about the subject without taking a look on the problems they鈥檝e brought upon us.
*To whom it may concern. Greetings, my name is Gustavo and I took the flight 950 to NYC on november 10th. The intention of this letter is to let you know that my bags have been misplaced. It was a long brown bag with a green lock and a small red backpack with a purple lily stamp on it. They weigh around 40 pounds and 10 pounds respectively. Inside were my clothes and my working tooles. Please contact with me as soon as you find them so I can go get them back. All the best, Gustavo.
*Makoto Shinkai鈥檚 Weathering with you is a japanese animation, it was lovely a very moving love story. The colours and the technology used on it鈥檚 production definitely gave incredible results to it. The music was very appealing and just perfect for it. On the other hand the plot gets a bit slow at some points which is why i would rate it a 9/10.
*On octuber 12th at around 5pm the river in a town called Macuto overflowed and did some terrible damage to the houses in the area. Luckily enough the firemen got there just in time to prevent the lost of any lives at the site.