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Telling a story


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o inicia sesi贸n.

"Until he cheated on me"
And I was like: nananana :鈥欌)

All this time looking for the perfect pick-up line! I gotta learn how to draw 馃槃

Three brothers, travelling along a lonely, winding road at twilight reached a deep treacherous river where anyone who attempted to swim or wade would drown. Learned in the magical arts, the brothers conjured a bridge with their wands and proceed to cross.

The Death in the bridge

Halfway through the bridge, a hooded figure stood before them. The figure was the enraged spirit of Death, cheated of his due. Death cunningly pretended to congratulate them and proceeds to award them with gifts of their own choosing.

The eldest brother, a combative man, asked for a wand more powerful than any in existence. Death granted his wish by fashioning the Elder Wand from a branch of a nearby elder tree standing on the banks of the river. The second brother, an arrogant man, chose to further humiliate death, and asked for the power to recall the deceased from the grave. Death granted his wish by crafting the Resurrection Stone from a stone picked from the riverbank. The third and youngest brother, who was the most humble and wise, did not trust Death and asked for something to enable him to go forth without Death being able to follow. A reluctant Death, most unwillingly, handed over his own invisibility cloak.

The three brothers took their prizes and soon went on their separate ways.

The eldest brother travelled to a village where a wizard whom he had quarrelled lived. He sought out a duel and fought the wizard using the wand, instantly killing the latter. Leaving his enemy dead upon the floor, the eldest brother walked to an inn not far from the duelling site and spent the night there. Taken by his conscience and lust of the Elder Wand鈥檚 power, the eldest brother boasted of this wand gifted by Death and his own invincibility. That very night, a murderous wizard killed the eldest brother. The unknown murderous wizard crept to the inn as the eldest brother slept, drunk from wine. The wizard slit the oldest brother鈥檚 throat for good measure and stole the wand. That was when Death took the first brother for his own.

鈥淕reeting Death as an old friend, they departed this life as equals.鈥

The second brother returned to his home where he lived alone. Turning the stone thrice in his hand the figure of the girl he had once hoped to marry, before her untimely death, appeared at once before him, much to his delight. Yet she was sad and cold, separated from him as by a veil. Though she had returned to the mortal world, she did not truly belong there and suffered. Finally, the second brother, driven mad with hopeless longing, committed suicide by hanging from his house鈥 balcony so as truly to join her. That was when Death took the second brother for his own.

Death searched for the youngest brother as years passed but never succeeded. It was only when the third brother reached a great age, he took off the Cloak of Invisibility and gave it to his son. Greeting Death as an old friend, they departed this life as equals.

Nice a strange story ajjaja

  • Who are the characters?
    Michelle and a guy
  • What is the setting?
    On a bus in Bogota City
  • What is the plot?
    She knows the guy on a bus drawing her, the second time they introduce and start to dating.
  • What is the conflict?
    She was confused about why the guy was drawing her
  • What is the resolution?
    They started to date after their second encounter at a bus stop.

interesting details to me.
鈥搉ice way to catch Michelle鈥檚 attention. ( drawing)
鈥損olite manner to give personal information (email)

A great love story and different

Very good topic,
I鈥檓 excited vey thanks Michelle

I was prepared for anything but that. I died with the 鈥渂ut that and that is another story鈥︹ 馃槀

Which details made this story interesting to me? The strange in the bus, the drawing, and the coincidence of seeing him again.

One time i was traveling by car with my boss and the driver, at the end of the road near of a vilage in Santander Colombia, sudden the traficc stop by military soldiers order to our suprise, the trafic was so slow and we where in the line for more than a 20 minutes, sudden, the driver get out of the line and start to drive on the free lane and when we arrived to the military comander, a big, tough with big teeth soldier, driver said "Hi raton, " and wave his hand and pass with no stops mean while the soldier doing the same with his hand. We where in silence for a few seconds and mi boss asked to the driver, did you know the soldier ? and he answered :no i don麓t, I just guess the nickname raton (mouse) for his bigest teeth鈥 We laghed for a long time.

I think your sample story may fit in a surprising story, not a dramatic one.

Elements to have in count on a story:

  • Characters

  • Setting

  • Plot

  • Conflict

  • Resolution

A very special romantic story at the beggining. I think he was lucky to meet you again however the final part was so sad.

Is it a real story or just for the course? It is a pretty love story. I mean, putting aside the cheating part

Great class! really interesting, I loved it

Wondering if that was a real story. Hope it wasn鈥檛.

the history is real ?!

this is a dragon ball story that i wrote:
Broly path to redemption
After being defeated by goku, gohan and goten, broly has been resurrected and rejuvenated on the planet Plant in universe 6. despite the change, broly retains some vague memories of his dark past, although he doesn鈥檛 understand the strange change so he decides to stay on an uninhabited island to adapt in that planet. One year after being isolated, Broly feels the presence of some strangers on his island. They are a unit of the galactic patrol that confronted a group of Blackstar soldiers, so the young Saiyan threatens to eliminate them all if they don鈥檛 get out of his property.

The leader of the galactic patrol Tristan appears to protect Broly and asks him: you have the life forward, don鈥檛 you have a dream, something to fight for? Although the Saiyan appears to be indifferent, he鈥檚 impressed that exist someone who doesn鈥檛 see him like a monster, Tristan realizes that Broly is a Saiyan so he proposes to be the traininng partner ofthe future saiyan king although Broly was skeptical, he eventually agrees to go with Tristan to the planet Sadala. in that planet, tristan introduces broly to his partner albar (the claimant for the saiyan throne) during training broly and albar become best friends at same he begins to see tristan like a father, four years later broly returns to plant he finds someone on his island, loyi who was hiding from Drekh, the emperor of U6, she asks Broly for help however, he refused, claiming that its not of his business, in this moment he receives a message from his teacher with the order to protect the princess tsufuru so broly reluctantly agreed protect her under the condition that she鈥檚 not bother him

although they were distanced, Broly worries about bringing food to Loyi, so the princess thanks him and invites him to dinner with her. Since then, both begin to know each other. Broly realizes that he is not the only one who has experienced loneliness and bitterness, answering: 鈥淚t was easy for me to say that life was unfair, to tell the truth, life is not perfect for anyone, now I understand that before I was a coward and stupid鈥. loyi responds:鈥淚鈥檇 say we鈥檙e both a cowards鈥 then both exchanged smiles. Suddenly, Drekh appears with the intention of kidnaps the young woman and making her his wife. At that moment, Tristan arrives to stops him and orders his disciple to take the princess to a safe place although broly wanted to help his teacher he was afraid he would lose control if he transformed into SsjL. unfotunately, Trist谩n is is badly injured by Drekh, this unleashes Broly鈥檚 wrath and lashes out violently against the tsufuru demon, leaving him beaten, but Trist谩n, with little strength, reassures him and tells him that his power isn鈥檛 only used to destroy, revenge it鈥檚 not the answer and sadly dies in the arms of broly.

After the funeral of his teacher, Broly became depressed, fortunately he had the company of Loyi who was suffering a similar crisis due to the rejection and repudiation she was received from the tsufurujin because of death of his hero. In that period of time both were mutual emotional support and thus overcoming that situation, before returning to his palace, Loyi gives the Saiyan a golden rose, then Broly understand what his teacher wanted to tell him with regarding the true purpose of a fight so he decides he will live to keep Tristan鈥檚 hopes and dreams alive

鈥淚t鈥檚 not too late to atone for the crimes i was committed, I will take this second chance that life gave me to protect this world鈥 not this universe. I will use this power, this curse to punish drekh and those who dare to follow the same path that him鈥


  • the characters: michelle and the guy
  • the seeting: the public bus of bogota city
  • the plot: the guy drwing michelle and gives her their drawing
  • the conflict: michelle doesn鈥檛 understand why the guy drawing her and be nice with her
  • the resolution: the have a date and after they fall in love

Teacher! We want another class telling the another story!!

This is an excellent class because, now I understand how to make a story.

i lliked where the story took place: in a bus in Bogot谩


  • Who are the characters?
    The teacher and the painter

  • What is the setting?
    The story starts when she goes in a public bus in Bogota

  • What is the plot?
    Someone sits near to the teacher and started to draw her on a notebook. At the end he gave her the picture of herself, and left.

  • What is the conflict?
    The teacher did not know why he was drawing her.
    Will she see him again?

  • What is the resolution?
    Time later, the painter found her on another place in the city. Then he gave to her his number and start dating for 3-years. Till he cheated on her.

How do you forget a fork in the microwave, Mrs easley That鈥檚 messed up.

I鈥檓 sorry for the bus guy story