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Practice: tell your own story


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  • Prompt 1:

When I was a child I used to go to a popular fast food restaurant with my parents and it had a playground for kids. I was very shy so most of the time I would play on my own in the ball pit or swings.

One summer, my parents took me to the playground on a weekday and it was empty so you could imagine my excitement for having the whole place just for me. Minutes later, another girl entered into the area and even though it was the first time I saw her, we bonded really quickly and played for half an hour before my parents told me it was time to go. I wanted to say good bye to my new friend but I couldn鈥檛 return to the playground and I didn鈥檛 even know her name.

School started a few weeks later and to my surprise she was a new student that year. Her name was Natalie and she became my best friend at school.

Promt 1 A memory from when I was younger 馃槂

In the summer of 2012, it was the very first time my girlfriend and I took our first vacation abroad. We chose the city of Buzios in Brazil as it is globally known for being a great place to spend some time relaxing.
Unfortunately for us, the trip was full of problems.
Firstly, just once we arrived at the Rio de Janeiro airport we realized we did not have any cash. I thought my girlfriend would carry some money in cash but when I asked her she said she has forgotten and she became very sad. She thought she has ruined our vacations. As a result, I paid everything with my credit card.
Secondly, the shuttle which was supposed to pick us up from the airport to the hotel never came. Hence, we spend more than twelve hours at the airport till somebody picked us up. I remember both of us were really tired and just wanted to get to bed and get some sleep.
Finally, once we thought everything was fine, we were relaxing and swimming at a beautiful beach on a sunny afternoon when we saw a big cruise ship close to the beach. Somebody with many years living at Buzios warned us that many times the ship throws dangerous chemicals into the water so maybe we should have gone out from the water. The following night, all of a sudden, I woke up my girlfriend because I had woken up myself totally blind. I got a terrible conjunctivitis due to the chemicals from the cruise ship.
Long story short, that was the worst trip in our life.
Happily for us, even when we did not get the holiday we had planned, our love story moved forward anyway and we got married and now we have a gorgeous little boy.

I remember that when I was two or three years old, my father took me to a little park in our neighbourhood, and there were two girls swinging. I can鈥檛 remember how or why, but I stepped in the way of one of these girls, and she hit me with her back, shoving me violently towards somewhere in the ground. I fell backwards and hit the back of my head with the floor. It really hurt, and my father took up and pet my head as I was crying out loud. Thereafter, I learned to stay away from people who are swinging in the park, since I don鈥檛 want to be into that horrible experience again.

Once I was looking for an address in the downtown of the city where I live, around La Candelaria neighbourhood. It was my first time in that part of the city, and I had been looking for that address for about sixty minutes. So, there was a moment when I thought I had gotten lost. Suddenly, a little girl like about ten or twelve years old came up towards me and kindly asked if I were looking for something. She was a little girl, so I wasn鈥檛 taking her seriously, but somehow I told her about the address I was looking for, and to my surprise, she told me she knew the place that I was looking for. So, I followed her, kind of skeptical, and saying to myself 鈥渨hat am I doing?鈥. But she actually took me to that place, and meanwhile I was checking whether my direction overlapped with the place where I was, I turned back to say to the little girl 鈥渢hank you鈥, but unfortunately, she was no longer there. Yes, I was like John Travolta meme.

One day, when I was like nine years old, I was playing in the roof of our home with a child. There were some ironed-made roof tiles in storage at a low height, so, they were at the same height I was. My mother tried to warn me about the danger of falling down and cut me with those roof tiles, but of course, I didn鈥檛 pay attention to her. I was running crazily, and at a certain point, I didn鈥檛 pay attention to what was in front of me and I hit my head with the roof tiles. Then, I touched my face and looked at my hand, and I was bleeding. Indeed, I had cut my left eye-brow with the roof tiles, and thereafter I have a scar on my face.

The story of my scar:
When I was a child, I was 7 years old and I used to climb to a jocote tree, my grandma told me many times that it was dangerous, but I did not pay attention to the warnings. It was a common afternoon like others, I climbed to the tree, I played at the branches and suddenly I fell down over a barb wired fence, I got a wound in my stomach, and my mother had to carry me to the hospital. It was a very sad day and I got a big scar in my stomach. I never climbed a tree anymore. 馃槂

When I was a child, 8 or maybe 9 years old, I was learning to ride a bike. Great moment of your life to discover that coordination is not your thing. I hit parked cars, trees, dogs, neighbours鈥t wasn鈥檛 easy for me. It took me a bit longer than the average kid to learn how to ride a bike without ending my ride against a tree. I was determined to learn, so I spend every afternoon of that year riding around neighbourhood, until I made it 馃槃 . I finally learnt how to ride. This is the part of the story where I share an inspirational phrase about never giving up, but sadly once I stop hitting trees with my bike it seems I lost interest and I went back to play soccer with my friends.

When i was a child, i used to go out and play with my neighbour, who was a good friend of mine, as he was the same age as me; we also went to the same school, and used to play basketball on the same team. We used to hang out and play for hours, but, as time passed by, we somehow became distant, while still living next to each other, as we started hanging out separately with other friends, and stopped seeing each other. Ever since we moved out, we lost contact. I don鈥檛 remember having a personal conflict with him, besides the childish, inmature, and petty ones, that we simply left behind. I just hope he鈥檚 doing great.

I was always very curious about the origin of my name. My parents had told me a very magical realism story which i treasured so much I never asked for a 鈥渕ore realistic one鈥. Back in the 70麓s my father Freddy was a union leader in a airline company, so he and my mother, Mireya, could travel the world with discounted tickets. In 1978 they were in Paris, even thought my mom was already 9 months pregnant. So, when they were flying back to Caracas, I decided to be born, up in the air. The airplain麓s captain approach me, still in my mom麓s ne, to announce that if I decided to born between clouds I could travel for free all my life and choose any nationality by the time I turned 18. I didn麓t listen, sorry for my beforelife french, so when the plane landed an ambulance was waiting for us, and I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Then my parents said, he won麓t be a Freddy but Jeanfreddy, almost french but 100% Venezuelan.

This is a short history when I was younger

  • Every day on Sunday I had something to do, it was an important task that required a prepared person鈥 (not is real guys, I鈥檓 being dramatic)
    I had to buy the things for breakfast, usually my father said 鈥淒arling, come on鈥 and I was going with him. My favorite part is that he always allowed me to buy and eat a cookie on the way to the bakery until home.
    Sometimes I do the same, my father already isn鈥檛 with me, but this fact is something that get me happy and bring me good memories

Prompt 1: When I was a child, I used to visit my grandparents during vacations. They lived five hours away in a beautiful farm with animals and food crops. I particularly remember the orange trees all over the farm. While I was there, I received a lot of attention from everyone because I was the cute little girl from the city, and my cousins were always kind to me. They helped me get fruits from the trees and took care of me. One time, when I returned from a vacation there, I opened my bag and, to my surprise, there was a TOAD! I was terrified because I was afraid of this animal, but for my cousins, it was a great joke that they laugh of until now.

When I was younger, I went to my father鈥檚 office to visit him. He had a ping pong table there, and I started playing with my brother. However, at one point, my brother got bored and stopped playing with me. Feeling determined, I decided to continue playing by myself, standing under the table. Unfortunately, the table suddenly fell, resulting in a three-inch scar on my face. Personally, I find it really cool, but not everyone shares the same opinion.

When I was 12 years old I was going to my neigbours graduation, I was walking and the side walk and suddenly I saw a car crashed in from of me. In that moment I didnt see anything but when i woke up I was laying in the sidewalk with my legs bleeding and my head the people helped and called the ambulance. Now im 24 years old and I dont remember if I went to the hospital if the ambulance arrived but im fine and I have a scar on my head and my leg.

  1. Years ago I went to the amusement park with my friends it was kinda funny due to the fact that one of my friends cried on acount of the fear that he had with hights, we went up to the roller coaster I was feeling great but all of a sudden the things changed, the mechanism stop in the highest part and we were terrified especially my best friend, we all started crying but then a helicopter came to us and we were rescued

  2. Yesterday I went to the supermarket I talked to the cashier and she was very kind to me, I kept talking for a while and then we exchanged our phone numbers to have a date, it was unusual due to the fact that I am a shy person and I am not very good at flirting

3 When I was 8 I fell of from my bike and broke my arm, that hurt a lot and my mom helped me due to the fact that I was crying

Scar story
eight years ago I woke up with an annoying stomachache and fever, so i decided to stay in home but i didn鈥檛 see a doctor immediately. Throughout the day the pain never disappeared and the fever increased, I got appendicitis, however the first doctor that I saw told me that it was something i shouldn鈥檛 worry about, then I went back home and after that everything got worse.
my appendix burst and the pain that i felt was devastating. the fever increased even more and I thought I was going to die. When my parents took me to a hospital, the doctors made me a surgery to clean me inside as I suffered something called peritonitis.
I recovered and that unforgettable day let me a scar in my belly

One of my childhood memory is one of an afternoon me and one of my big brothers went to a river without asking my parents. We walked and walked till we arrived to the river. We were very afraid because our parents had told us many scary stories so we didn't do what we precisely were doing at that moment. We started to walk back to our house, when we saw our grandfather that was looking for us. I felt very happy and relieved but my brother got very angry.

-Prompt 2:
During the lockdown of the pandemic of covid, I participated in voluntary service and had to call some numbers in the area where I live. It isn鈥檛 always easy to talk with a stranger but I wanted to. One time I called an old lady, I was afraid of the result! However, I found a nice and intelligent woman to talk to, so I started to call her weekly and give her a bit of encouragement. Since that time we tried to maintain communication and we did it, then I decided to meet her through zoom. I was pretty nervous 'cause until that moment I knew that she was a University teacher and also a person who traveled a lot and I was just in my twenties. Eventually, the day arrived, I sent her the link to the meeting (I was going to meet the old lady I had called for months for the first time), and all of a sudden, she showed up on my screen with her camera open, and for my surprise, we share the same last name hahaha, -We are family- she said, what a coincidence. Then I met her husband and part of her family, now we have a nice friendship and my mother maintains communication with her weekly.
Hope you like it.

A Christmas time I spent alone was when I traveled to Canada as a student to learn English. Being on my own was not easy for me, i missed my family a lot and I didn鈥檛 speak English well. However, I tried to go out and live normally. Then, one night I decided to go to Mass and I saw a beautiful manger outside the church. So, I wanted to have a picture of me next to the nativity scene to send it in a letter to my family. I asked a few people to help me with my camara but they seemed not to understand me and they looked a little distrustful. At that moment, I started feeling very frustrated and sad but all of a sudden, a young couple approached me and asked me If I needed something. I explained to them what I wanted speaking very slowly. They saw each other and to my surprise they said: " We are from Colombia, hablas espa帽ol? and I said: S铆, gracias! They took the picture and we started talking. They invited me to go to their home and pray with them. They shared with me a lovely Christian dinner and I could feel a bit like at home.

  • I remember that one day I went with my family to the beach. By that time my little sister had a doll that I really liked so I asked her to lend it to me and she said yes; so that day when we went to the beach I was really excited and decided to take the doll with me. When we arrived I started playing with the doll on the sand but after a while my mom called me to go to eat so I went and forgot the doll on the sand; then we went to play in the sea and when we were at home I was looking for the doll but I couldn鈥檛 find it. You can imagine what happened :鈥)

I thought that all my life I鈥檝e loved playing soccer as I鈥檓 currently doing it now.

However when I was 7 years old my mother signed me up in a local soccer club called 鈥淒olphins鈥, she gladly paid for enrollment fee, uniforms, turf shoes and everything I required to practice it.

One day when I started with my first training to my mom鈥檚 surprise I didn鈥檛 show any interest in playing. I was static without running and kicking the ball.

For several days I sat up on the pitch to tore out grass while the other children were running for the ball.

My mother was disappointed and she obviously dropped me out of the 鈥淒olphins鈥.

After three years I was interested in going back to soccer again. My mom鈥檚 signed me up to another club called 鈥淐remonese鈥 and that was the moment when I began to discover my eternal love for this sport. 鈿解潳锔

Hi!! here is my story .

I am a person really apassionate of traveling, a couple years ago I take my motorbike with my boyfriend and take a real big desition.

At te begginig i do not realice that this desition will change my entire life and even how i get relationated with my envivorement, but i was really exited of that.

I live in a smalltown near from Bogot谩 Colombia with my mom, i was working to pay my study and i used not have time ore money for travel or even pay my normal bills; however, my dream of travel was continuisly growing even when i do not had any money to do it, so in spite of that my boyfriend and I leaves our jobs and postponed our university to make the dream of meeting south america on a motorbike come true.

Such as we where on the road saving all the money we could working and doing camping.

Unbelievably we did this for a whole year and as a result of that my live change and i do not realice my live whitout traveling.

When I was 18 years old I learned to drive, in fact, I learned to drive not only a regular car but also different zises of trucks, it was since I needed the knowledge for my family job, en point is, when I was driving one of that trucks, I had to drive uphill near to Monserrate in Bogota, it was a big fear episode for me because I thought the truck was going to roll downhill and I couldn鈥檛 stop it, but it was only de beginning, then when we needed to go to down, the experience was too overwhelming you already to imagine.

In prompt 2, she maybe was your doppelganger. Did she look like you?

Prompt 3
When I was young, my family used to take public transport. I had never complained with it. One day, my grandma and I went out to do some stuff. I was in her arms since I was only 5 years old, and as usual we were going to take the bus. When we got in, she stood next to the driver鈥檚 seat which had metalic bars next to it. She paid the driver and when she moved, I felt a horrible pain in the knee. I started to cry a lot. To my surprise, one of the metalic bars was broken and bent, and of course it had cut my knee. It left me a thin long scar in the knee. When I look it, I can just remember the pain I felt that day.

There was one time when I was a kid, when in my first year of elementary school I gave my mom a surprise, most of the time my mom would pick me up like very early or on time. There is one day that she couldn鈥檛 come on time, I was playing soccer with the other kids, whose moms didn鈥檛 come early: I don鈥檛 remember why I thought going on my own was a good idea. Then I walk out of school and start walking forward, obviously remembering all the streets I have to take. My mother, when she had just arrived at school, was surprised to find out that I was not there, she knew and thought that I had gone to my house, when I arrived at my house my mother was also arriving.
She didn鈥檛 get mad at me, she was happy to see me home.
Since then I know I have a good memory.

Prompt 1
In the nineties, my cousin (JC) and I lived together at my grandmother鈥檚 house. My grandfather (PC) used to visit us every weekend since he did not live with us. Each PC鈥檚 arrival was such a ceremony to us, for instance, we got ready all couches and their respective pillows. Strangely this procedure sometimes generated a conflict between my cousin and me, just to catch my grandpa鈥檚 attention. In 1998, my grandpa died, a short time before I had to leave grandma鈥檚 house and start new adventures with my parents. Nowadays, sharing this memorable story in family meetings makes us have happy times. We got to the conclusion: Anthony and JC鈥檚 childhood was amazing.

When I was a child around 8 years old, I often to ride a bike with my friends around the street where we lived. One day we went to another neighborhood to explore and we arrived to a street which had stairs to go to the next street and they said we had to cross the stairs with our bikes to return to house, I was very scared since I never had done that. However, I tried to do it but when I started to going down I lost the control of my bike and In the last of the stairs I crashed with a friend who destabilized me and I fell in the sidewalk, as soon as I got up I realized that I had blood in my knee and the bicycle was folded.

Today I remember that and I say I was very silly hahaha.

Pompt 1: When I was about 8 years old we used to live in an uphill street. My dad would park his incredibly ancient Volkswagen Beetle on the street and use to rocks to under the back tires to keep it in place. One day, he took me to the doctor but forgot his wallet at home so we got back there and I stayed in the car while he went to get it. I was trying to open the door when the car suddenly started moving downwards very fast. To say i screamed is an understatement, I shouted my guts out at the moment. My dad came running at yelled for me to press the breaks but I couldn't reach them. The car kept on going for two streets and I though I would die, but then it hit a curve and started slowly decelerate until it stopped. After that I never again stayed by myself in that car.
  • Prompt 2:

I was traveling through Chile when suddenly I met a few strangers who used to travel around the country. They were funny and kind people but they were 鈥渟treet guys鈥, so I was cautious. One day, I needed to sleep in the middle of the sand, on the beach, because I didn鈥檛 have where to live in that moment. I was worried because I didn鈥檛 know those people enough and now I would sleep with them, next to each other. The next day in the morning I opened just one eye and saw one of them, woke up, standing, close to me, and getting closer more and more鈥e just wanted to keep me warm, he just put a sheet over me and then left. After that, I was able to trust him. I was able to sleep with a smile on my face.

Wow you can telling a very good stories, the emotional elements and tools that you can use make me feel diferents and huge things when you tell your stories

StoryTelling 'Childhood memory鈥
Childhood memories are often held by great memories and happy situations, but this time, mine is gonna be quite different.
I used to study at a school far away from my city and home, surrounded by hills and mountains. I was just 7 years old when one time, while playing hide and seek outdoors with some friends, having fun. I was hidden near the crops because we had some due to the fact that it was a naturalist school, I was lured by certain strange shape of a blue small thing that looked like a ball so I got interest in to see what it was, well, when I got there and see鈥 lead by my childish curiosity, it turned out to be the head of a rat. So I screamed and raced off from there on my feet. Of course, I got a great trauma because of it, and I can鈥檛 still get over my fear with the rats 馃槉

When I was a kid, I was afraid of the dark. One night I woke up in the middle of the night I saw a man walking through the hall forward and back, I remember thinking that that man was a thief, and he was robbing us, I was so scared I thought if I did something he would notice, and this man would kidnap me. so, I didn鈥檛 do anything just watching him walking. Years later, I noticed that my big brother has this habit of brushing his teeth in the dark walking forward and back. So, this thief that I was afraid for many years result to be my brother.

when i was child in summer during vacations every year i liked riding on bike all over the neighborhood however one day i was riding faster than normal as a result of this i been fall in the floor suffering an injury on my right knee in account of this i had to rest all summer when i was 12 years old

I can help you rewrite your paragraph. Here is one possible way to correct it: "I remember how I tried to impress a girl in my classroom when I was a child. I wrote a card expressing all the love that I felt for her and put it on her desk during the break. I also included my phone number, hoping that she would call me. But she never did. That was the most embarrassing and funny moment of my life. 馃檲馃槃"
One time i was flyin鈥 to Texas forth worth and during the fly I was a little scared and I decided start a conversation with the person that was next to me and she says that she loves Mexico all of a sudden she say that visited my town and i was so surprised

A childhood memory

One time, when I was a child, I had the opportunity to go to Orlando, FL, and enjoy the theme parks in that city with my entire family; it was my parents, sister, uncles and cousins. Moving forward, on the last day of that trip, my entire family decided to go shopping early in the morning around 8:00AM, and I hadn鈥檛 even woken up. When I woke up, I was alone in the hotel room (well, there was just my father). It turned afternoon and they hadn鈥檛 arrived yet, I started getting worried about why they were taking so long, so I asked my father, and he told me 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, go play around鈥. All of a sudden, it started raining HARD, very loudly and I turned on the TV, and to my surprise, the News Channel was broadcasting an explosion in a mall parking lot in Orlando, and I there I was, a little boy lying down in the bed looking at the wet window, crying and imagining going back to my country alone with my dad because the other people never came up. It just turned 6:00PM when they arrived, and I acted like nothing had happened.

Prompt 1:

I wrote an essay about the description of the Joker personality, that was published by a University magazine, after that a University teacher called me and said: 鈥淚 just red your essay, its very interesting, i would like that you will present your essay in a conference鈥, so I responded him :鈥淥h is amazing , of course I would love to present it鈥

Then I made my slides to present my essay, but i thought I was to be presented in front of a little bit of people, but when the big day has finally arrived, surprisingly i found in the audit贸rium more than one thousand people, I felt very nervous, I never imagined that there would be so many people, the teacher realized that I was afraid and he invited me some wine to control my anxiety, even though I was anxious, I made my presentation. Fortunately all worked out, the teacher and the audience congratulated me, It was one of my best amazing experiences of my life.

When I was a child I remember that there was a party, I was just a little baby, my mother carried me and took me with my family at the party, the party was a little small in the kitchen of my current house, my mother gave me to my grandfather I couldn鈥檛 understand exactly what was happening, because despite hearing the voices I couldn鈥檛 understand. I told my story when I was teenage and it turns out that it was my grandfather鈥檚 birthday. I must have been about 10 months old.

Second: I hardly talk to strangers.
On one occasion I went to a shopping center very far from where I lived with a friend, we bought some sodas (coca cola obviously) and when I finished my soda a woman came out of nowhere, this woman told me that if I could give to her my can, I told her: yes (I thought I would recycle it for some money) when I gave it to her she told me that she could read the can, she said she could read cigarette butts or glasses, practically anything that you put in your mouth, because according to her we left or we put part of us when we come into contact with the object, the joke, she told me that if I accepted she could tell me something important about love, but that I had to accept first, jokingly and as a teenager I said yes, she told me about two girls, she described my girlfriend at that time, he also told me that there was a girl who really loved me and he described her to me physically, she told me that the second girl was really going to be very important in my life because she would be my big or biggest love, however, she told me that although I was very much in love with my ex-girlfriend, my relationship would not last because she was not for me. no way, I thought and I laughed, the lady seemed very convinced of what she was saying, my friend did not want to play his game and he said that he did not accept. Today I have a girlfriend who fits perfectly with what the lady told me that time, now my girl is my best relationship that i ever have, I did not know her name or where she came from, it was something very strange because her prediction came true.

finally: I have no scars, despite have had serious accidents, my skin heals quite well until now
sorry my bad english, i am b1 xd

One night in Oaxaca麓s center three years ago i was looking for a hostel because i just arrived to the city and i asked to a guy if he could help me, he said he knew a hostel and it was near and even to my sorprise he told me he was a friend of the owner and asked me a call for asking if there was avaiability, when he told me it was only one bed i accepted to go with him to the place in exange for a tip. then while we were walking i stoped in a drugstore to buy a bottle of water so the guy who was helping me asked for another call for tell the receptionist we were nearby and open the door. at last i was happy for arrive to the hostel but the door were closed so the guy got angry and asked me one last call to his friend and when his friend answered the first guy told: 鈥渨e are here you bitch鈥 and one guy came up from the corner of the street say hello to the firts guy and then told me 鈥渢hankyou for the cellphone鈥 and they ran away from there.

Prompt 3
on day when I was around 12 years old, I remember that I was playing with my school鈥檚 friends a game that called 鈥渃ops and thieves鈥,this game is about to catching thieves and put it them in the jail, so I remeber that I was a cop and I was chasing a thieve when all of a sudden I slip, I fell and hurt with a corner of a step. I made me wide scar, I couldn麓t stop to bleed so I had to go to the hospital for the doctor cure me. I always going to remember this scar since nowaday I still have.

Prompt 1
A memory that I remember from my childhood is from I was 10 years old, and I was with my childhood friends, I remember that we hang out every moment during the day together in the park near where we lived, we played different games such as 鈥測ermis鈥, 鈥渆scondidas鈥, a lot of games that to my surprise nowaday you can麓t see it in the new young generations. It was a really funny moments that I always remember due to the fact that we were one of the last generations that played this kind of games. even we didn麓t have cellphones, the only thing that was worth it in that moment was share time with your friends. It would be nice that the new generations would recover this kind of games.

Prompt 2:


When I was 9 years old, my mom gave me a pet. I remember that she was very small, she had black fur and a beautiful face, I called her Lolita. We slept together, we went to the park together and we spent the whole day together. I was so excited to come home after school because I knew Lolita was waiting for me. All of a sudden I started noticing she wasn鈥檛 eating and didn鈥檛 have the energy she used to have so we took her to the vet and the vet gave us some bad news, she had canine parvovirus as she missed some vaccinations that she should have received. That was quite sad for me and I had to take care of her, give her medication and serum and I had hopes of saving her life. Every day I was by her side, petting her, and feeding her. Unfortunately, I noticed her health was deteriorating so we took her to the vet again, they gave her an injection so we took her home and that night she didn鈥檛 even get out of her bed. Later that night I went to sleep and I dreamed that I was in a forest with Lolita and she was very happy, running all over the place, she told me that she loved me and would be with me forever, so I hugged and I woke up. My mom went into my room, hugged me, and said that Lolita had left us.

me siento muy bien al poder entender estas historias tan graciosas. i feel so good to understand these funny stories.

I remember that when I was children was soccer training to Monday to Friday in the night, one day I haven鈥檛 who could carry to my training and I was a bout of put me to cry due to that always I鈥檝e loved soccer player, and I was very, very sad, even I put on my team uniform and I was about to put off the uniform when My grandfather see all this situation left all what he was doing for carry me to my training, it鈥檚 one of the most beautiful souvenir that I have of he. In that moment understood that he left all for me, that the grandparents be forever, please.

Prompt 1
One time on Christmas, all of my four cousins and I were given water pistols. We were so excited that immediately went outside and started to shoot each other. After half an hour or so, my parents joined the game with buckets filled with water in order to help me in the uphill battle against my relatives. Since we were winning, my aunts and uncles decided to support their children as well, so one of them went to buy balloons, filled them with water and what initially was a battle between four 8-year-old kids became a family war. I remember going in and out of my house to fill my water pistol, my bucket or my balloons like every minute, I was exhausted, but nothing would stop me from fighting, I was a warrior, I was a soldier on the field, this was my mission, and I wouldn鈥檛 give up. My moment had come, 2 buckets filled, some balloons鈥 I think there were 8 or 10, and my water pistol was ready, it was now or never鈥 but I鈥檓 afraid destiny had other plans for me. To my surprise, while I was reloading my guns, the rest of the people had wet the floor enough to make anyone slip, so when I was running out of the house ready to unleash my fury, I ended up slipping and hurting myself a lot. It was at that moment that I knew my legendary story had come to an end. 10 years later, I remember that catastrophic/amazing event every time I see the scar on my arm.

Prompt 1
Talk about a memory you have from your childhood

When I was a little boy at age of 7. I used to have very busy parents, my mother used to be a nurse, working the whole night, and my father a civil engineer working far away from home.

Since I passed alone almost all the time, I used to have two amazing friends Kevin and Jean (yes, like the pants haha). We always went together everywhere in the little town.

One day we went together to the park, ten minutes walking, when we arrived it started to rain heavy. Once raining ended, we run into the park, everything was wet, however it didn鈥檛 care because we thought we were soldiers in a war. Fighting with our guns, and more children came to play together. I got so funny that day.

Time later, my friends had to travel to Spain with their parents. I have never known anything about them since that moment.

Last year, I was with my family at New Year鈥檚 eve, when my cousin started singing a beautiful melody. The way he sang the long vocals was amazing and even made my uncle cried. However, while he was giving this amazing performance, I couldn鈥檛 help to notice that he was also crying. This made me believe that he was in great pain. But I was wrong, he was just living the moment with great excitement.

How I got a scar
In 24 july 2004 I got on my horse. Surprisingly, my horse passed an obstacle on the way and I throw off the balance. I fell over the rock and my sister fell over me (I had forgotten to tell you this part of history). Inmediatly, I heard a unpleasant sound, was my arm breaking, exactly, radio and cubit. Rapidly, I was carried to the hospital by my parents. The doctors took me some bone scan and they concluded that I required a surgery. They carried on the surgery on mi arm and they put orthopedic material in mi arm. Since 2004 I get a scar in my arm.

  -Prompt 1: When I was like 8 years old, I used to enjoy going to the park with some family friends, there were kids about my age, and it was so much fun! One day we stayed at the park late than the usual, we noticed that the all the people were gone and the sun as well, the doors were closed, and we started to get scary, and I was crying a lot, after 30 minutes a person started to scream kind of to get our attention, we went to him, and he opened the doors since he was the watchman, I still get mad with that man because I thought that I would stay the night at the park. 

-Prompt 2: I try to go every day to an indoor cycling class; I really love to go it helps me to get rid of all the stress of work and of the day. Once at the middle of the class from all the sudden this old man came to me and asked me for someone called 鈥淪elene鈥 I did not stop my bike and he wanted to give me a chocolate I just said no with my head, and he stared at me for one moment and the left, that is it and it was weird.

-Prompt 3: Believe it or not I don鈥檛 have any scars, of course I鈥檝e scratched or something before, but I guess that my skin is really good healing.

My first memory

Today I woke up after knowing I was having a dream, but I couldn麓t remember anything. I tried hard to remember but It was useless. After a few hours while I was working, I ate some chocolate donuts which suddendly made me remember what I was dreaming. I dreamed I was on a coffeshop with my grandmother in Germany waiting for the rain to stop before we walked together home.
After I rememberd this I started thinking and philophizing to realized that during the dream I never knew how I got into that coffeshop in the first place, and that happens with all dreams, you just appear and you accept reality as It is, you don麓t ask further questions, you just appear you do what you have to do and then just stop existing exactly as you came, out of the sudden.
This reasoning opened a new question for me, because life, when we were borned, It is exactly the same concept. When did I got here?! 驴Do I actually remember how I got into the world? How I was born? So I started an introspecting process which led me to my first memory.
My very first childhood memory. This was in my grandparents garden. It was a sunny day and I was on my diapers running barefoot, I remember the grass was wet and I can recall the smell, after that I ran to a uchuva bush and I took one out of Its cocoons, (uchuvas grow in cocoons) I opened It, took the uchuva out and smelled It.
I will always associate uchuva麓s smell with that very special moment and also to remember that uchuvas such as life are nothing but a beautifull dream.

(I appreciate feedback in order to improve my writing, thank you very much)

A combination of prompt 1 and 3:
When I was a child I was in my grandfathers house and my grandmother was playing with her with a red ball, at one point she threw the ball and when I tried to catch her I hit the wall very hard. The next thing I remember was waking up in the emergency room of the hospital, apparently I open my head from the hit and fall unconscious, from that accident I got a scar in my head, a funny fact is that the scar is similar to the one that Harry Potter have.

It was afternoon. I was swinging in a swing that my father has made for me with a piece of rope and a piece of wook. I used to swing everyday and when it was in the highest point i used to jump, but that afternoon I just sit down in my swing and I fell down, The rope hurt me al lot. I still have the scar-

This week i was in the gym, and suddenly a girl came and say 鈥淗i, would you give me your number鈥 , i give her my number, but i never respond the message, we have never talk before she did that, i dont know her and it is weird jsjs

Prompt 2 Talk about an unusual interaction you had with a stranger

How I found Rodin鈥檚 house.
This story happened to me a long time ago.
My mom had told me it was not a good idea for me to go to Paris without speaking the language because the French were very jealous about their own language but anyway, I went!
I think I never had any communication trouble at all during that trip because to the French I was a very unusual creature: at that time, I was only 16, I was Mexican and I could speak Spanish, English and German but not French. Perhaps most of the people I met took pity of me and that was the reason why they tried to communicate with me in any way they could.
One day, near to the Eiffel Tower I wanted to visit a museum nearby, so I arrived there, I paid my entrance, went in and at some point, it seemed like I was the only visitor at that moment, so I found myself almost alone in one gallery and when I say 鈥渁lmost鈥 it is because one of the guards was also there with me. He was a very old man who could not speak any other language than French, of course, but he was insisting on having a conversation with me. With 16 I did not know how to handle that kind of situations.
Do you remember the song from the Mouling Rouge? You know, Lady Marmalade, Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? Well, I am pretty sure that was exactly what that creepy man would have loved to do to me.
After I had finished the tour inside the museum, I just wanted to go away from it as far and quick as possible, so I started walking to the opposite direction I came in. All of a sudden, I felt I was lost I could not place those streets on my map but,** to my surprise**, I was not the only tourist in that area. I let myself follow that crowd and so I had founded Rodin鈥檚 house!!! My favorite sculptor!!! Even though, it was not a part of my original visiting schedule!
Everything I saw there was so beautiful that I had to thank that creepy horny man for the previous experience, without it I would have missed that unforgettable place.

It was a sunny sunday afternoon, the sky was blue with three clouds in the distance, the blood was running along my legs and the smell of dirt and rust was all i could sense. From the distance I was able to distinguish my father, he had a worried look on his face. The result was as I expected, although I had fallen many times, at last I鈥檝e done it. I had just gained the ability to make a turns with my bike.
And that鈥檚 the story of how I got the scars on my knees when I was 10 years old, learning how to use my bike =)

One time when I was a child I start asking for a toy that I wanted so much for Christmas, it was a copy of an excavator, my parents always told me that since I was almost a toddler I was interested in construction things and that I keep told them that my dream was to become a constructor like Bob one day, so they can鈥檛 resist to my tears and they bought me one just to make me quiet, but they said they won鈥檛 allow me to have it till Christmas come, but I didn鈥檛 want to wait that long, so the next day I make a plan to stole it from the Christmas tree, I knowed my mom usually took a long time buying the weekly food for us, so I wait the moment she get out our house, so I could be alone for quite time, that was my opportunity so I stole the gift, I hide the whole package and expected to put it again a couple of hours before Christmas, so no one could notice my crime, after I opened it I start playing with it, but in my creative kid mind that thing didn鈥檛 was just a excavator it was an skateboard, so after I have that incredible idea I started to ride around the house like Tony Hawk all of a sudden I heard my mom open the principal door she was back earlier than expected so I try to run quickly to my room to hide it from her, but my nerves make me lose the balance and I fall, I hit hard my head but I try to stand up fast to search where the toy where and keep the plan going but I can鈥檛 found it, the next thing I remember is my mom screaming at me and some blood dropping form my forehead. The excavator were always inside my head literally so at last I was discovered with the toy in the mass, I still have that excavator and a little scar in my forehead.