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Computers are useful in many ways. For example, they are such a great tool for students, with a computer a student can write docs, design slides for a presentation and search information for a task. Nowadays, also the computers are a powerful tool for working, if you have internet connection it鈥檚 easy to connect with coworkers, chat with them througout different platforms and so on.

  1. Computers are useful in many ways, For instance, throughout computers people can have access to a lot of information, and their different ergonomic shapes allow us to even take them with us to our work-places or college. So, their utility and easy transportation make them a helpful support that we can have at hand every time we need it.

  2. There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel. Firstly, I need it to have good accommodation with an amazing overlook to the city. And secondly, I need the hotel to have a good staff, which is always prompt to offer a good service. So, in a nut-shell, a hotel that offers a spacious and cozy environment is vital for me.

  3. There are many ways to show respect to older people. The most important is to listen to what they have to say, this would make them feel that we鈥檙e taking them into account. On the other hand, speaking to them, asking them what they think or propose about decisions we鈥檙e making might help them believe that they are also valid and important. Thereby, letting older people know that we appreciate them and value that they are and their wisdom, we can respect them and make them feel regarded.

What is unity?
Unity means that a paragraph discusses only one main idea. The main idea is stated in the topic sentence, and every supporting sentence must directly explain or prove the main idea.

  • Hotels have different fees according with the service level that provide to the people
  • An important characteristics that you should alway looking for is where the hotel is located.
  • Eat is something that you are going to do everyday in your trip, so it is important that the hotel offers good dishes.

Computers are useful in many ways. For example researching, which help us finding helpful information when is needed. Another example is entertainment, there are many fun contents on the internet, which certainly make us have a great time. Computers also have taken industries and businesses to a whole new level. Science is another area that computers cover, which along with research, science develops too easily. I haven鈥檛 mentioned about learning purposes, which are easier and quicker than 40 years back. In conclusion, computers have been a essential resource in our lives.

Computers are useful in many ways. First, you can record all your expenses and savings in a worksheet. Second, they give you the posibility to enjoy with diferentes games. Third, you can comunicate with people arround the world making chats and videconferences. Finally, they give you the oportunity to work remotely. To sum up, we have to take adventage of all the posibilities that the computeres give to us.

**Unity.** Practice: \- It is easy to get a sports injury. Runners often have problems with their ankles and knees. \- My city is famous for its architecture. It has lavish tree-lined boulevards with beautiful buildings and monuments. We have antique blue-tiled buildings at downtown. Choose one of these topic sentences write as many supporting sentences as you can. \- Computers are useful in many ways. \- There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel. \- There are many ways to show respect to older people. "There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel." When choosing a hotel, there are several characteristics I always look for to ensure a pleasant stay. First, the main characteristic is the cleaning, above all in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas. Second, I always see that the Hotel has a good location, I prefer hotels that are conveniently located near attractions, shopping centers, supermarkets, and public transportation. Additionally, good customer service is important, friendly and helpful staff can greatly enhance the experience. Comfortable amenities, such as a cozy bed, high-quality toiletries, and reliable Wi-Fi, are also essential for a relaxing stay. I also appreciate hotels that offer complimentary breakfast, as it adds value and convenience to my stay. Lastly, safety features, like secure locks and well-lit hallways, give me peace of mind, I also always ask if the different services are active all night.
Computers are useful in many ways. They serve to process many information about everything. Also, we can use it to create things like a videos, music, or images. On the other hand, they are useful to study and learn new things. Each year appear news models with better characteristics, but not always is recomend buy it.
There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel. Firstly, it should have really clean bedrooms. That includes clean bedding and a comfortable mattress. In addition, a good hotel offers a fine-dining restaurant. It鈥檚 delicious to taste a variety of dishes while enjoying one's stay. No matter what, the hotel should have a large entertainment area. There must be a bar, coffee shop, gym, meeting areas, and terraces. Hence, a good hotel is always characterized by cleanliness and comfort, exquisite dining, and a large social area.
Here is my contribution, feel free to provide me feedback :D Computers are *<u>versatile</u>* technological device which offer a wide range of benefits. In this academic discussion, I will focus specifically on their utility in remoted job opportunities and online learning. Firstly, the global pandemic changed life for everyone and jobs are not exception in question. Jobs *<u>shifted</u>* to remote work, and more companies are embracing this abrupt change. Notwithstanding, computers have proven to be invaluable in facilitating remote work. Nowadays, workers can perform their *<u>duties</u>* remotely, allowing them to use their time more effectively and spend more time with their relatives. Furthermore, while some workers must endure long *<u>commutes</u>*, wasting time in traffic jam, other can simply work from the comfort of their own homes. Another significant benefit of computers is their role in facilitating online learning. In this technological era, professional careers, which are Computer Science, Data Science, Programing, so forth and so on, can be taught in distance learning. Students who wish to pursuer these opportunities only require three things: a computer, an internet connection, and a dedicated study place. Computers are versatile because they are all-at-one and can handle various types of media, including video, image, and sound. Thus, keeping track of online courses is likely to be easy. Therefore, computers are not only essential devices in our everyday lives, but they are also incredibly useful for enabling remote work and online learning.
To book a Room in a Hotel, it is very importat consider, how to near is it to the attractions that you want to visit, also always is good Idea that the breakfast is included by the prices, in this way you can save a little bit in your travel. And last but not least the size of the bedroom is something you have to consider according your reason travels.
Computers are useful in many ways, all modern companies take benefits of the computers and its efficency, helping workers to do their tasks easily, connecting them although the geographical distance facilitating the info circulation within the different parts of the company and making the business between companies from all over the world go faster.
Computers are useful in many ways, so as to use this device you should to take a course or learn through practicing, Computers will help you in many daily activities like search information, storage data, create some digital content.
There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel. The first is the availability for a parking spot. As a chopper traveler, getting covered and protected my motorcycle from thieves is key. The Second point is the Price. I usually travel alone and for me is important and a determinant factor because I just use the hotel for sleeping and getting a shower, therefore I prefer invest resources in gas for my motorcycle or food. Finally the location plays a relevant role. Being in a dangerous neighboor is not an option for me due to the probability for been stolen, I rather prefer pay a Little more but in a safe location.
computers are useful in many ways, yhis is the new way in where the people interact ans use differents tools, that help them to imporove and lean easier. for example the students debelop and do differents thins, make the homawork, descover other part around the word, talk with the other person on the other country, reserch, lean and work in a home. in conclusion the compputer is a useful because allow interact ans keep connection with the world.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel.
In such great hotels, they welcome you in a kind and warm way, something that makes me feel like I am home. Particularly, I enjoy hotels where I can find a pool and a gym where I can work out during my stay.

Computers are useful in many ways. First of all, computers belong to technology. Such(according to its etymology) is the study of crafts, which means its a <u>process</u> of <u>combining</u> existing things to make a new <u>invention</u>, and these are meant to sort out an existing problem; Therefore, it's useful. Because of this, we can compare this century with the previous centuries. Then, we have some examples of how we can apply computers in our daily lifes: Faster mathematic calculations, human assistence, etc... In conclusion: Computers are pretty much useful for many things.
There are some characteristics that i always look for in a good hotel. The first and the most important is that it has AC in the room, i hate to the heat, so for me it's a must have. The second thing i look for is that it has good food at its restaurant, in case i can't go out for something to eat, i can have some good options at the hotel.

Computers are useful in many ways. From work to shopping, computers have revolutionized the way we interact with the world. We can even improve ourselves by exercising with YouTube, by studying anything online, and by accessing various kinds of valuable information. We can bridge distances between people simply by turning on the camera and meeting via Zoom, Skype, etc. Computers have become our primary ally

Computers are useful in many ways.
For example the online education is possible thanks to your device. Also you have the oportunity to work to distance. But of course you can have entretainament. Computers really are useful.

There are many ways to show respect to older people.

In our daily life we can show respect to the older ones from our way to speak with them, there are so many ways to be respectful in a conversation, for example you can pay attention to what they are saying and listen carefully, also when is your turn to talk you can name by Mr. or Mrs. and by the last name.

In a conversation are many ways to show respect to older people.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel. One of them is location, that it is accessible to reach from public transportation and that it is close to places of convenience. Another characteristic is its prices, that they go according to what they offer from the rooms to the menu if there is a restaurant. And last but not least, I like to read the references of other users who have already stayed at the hotel.

There are many ways to show respect to older people. One of the most important thing we can do is treat them with sympathy and love. Resolving any difference or problem by talking properly and nicely. Another characteristic we must have to show them respect is being patient and carrying. Listening to them carefully because they鈥檙e wise and they need to be listened.

Computers are useful in many ways. For example, I work with my computer on writing notes for my interpretations. I can use it to search for something on the internet, learn something new, enjoy some shows, do some code, edit videos, play video games, listen to music, video calls, and more. Computers are like magic boxes that can do pretty much everything or at least, help you in doing it.

The computer

Computers are useful in many ways.

As can be expected, and it is also confirmed by each and every one of the uses, tools, administration processes and management of digital files, administrative, accounting, legal, financial and operational information, in relation to transactions, processes and procedures within a business organization in the conventional economic market environment of the productive sector in the country today. It is also relevant to mention each and every one of the support and assistance activities offered by the integral functionality of a computer, both as a fundamental work tool and in relation to its parallel communication and information management functions, related with the particular position within the organization.

Computers are useful in many ways. They are becoming more important in practically lots of applications. For instance, computers are employed in any job because they currently execute a wide variety of tasks boosting productivity. Also, for education purposes, there are a lot of online platforms that every student could use to develop any skill, and we only need a computer with internet connection. Entertainment is also an important feature, computers may be used to watch films, games, listen to music among other activities. To summarize computers nowadays are not only used to carry out difficult sequences of arithmetic or logical operations, but it can also be used in different industries such as enterprises, educational institutions, entertainment and so on, improving quality of life.

There are many ways to show respect to older people. First, reviewing his resume, you will find a lot of experience in some areas that he can learn from. Also, be attentive when they tell you about the mistakes they made before you have to make them. Finally, recognize their achievements to value your own

there are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel
The main element of the accommodation service is, of course, the hotel room (equipped for the client to rest, sleep, work). The main function of a room is to be able to rest. Depending on the purpose of the hotel and the needs of the guests, no less important may be functions such as the possibility of working in the room (it is characteristic of business class hotels, which have a desk in the room, telephone, fax, computer).

Computers are useful in many ways. First of all, they can support academic and work activities, enabling fast and easy document writing and creation. They also facilitate statistical analyses and the creation of appropriate graphs to present key information. Another important function of computers is their ability to allow research and learning about subjects of interest.

Computers are useful in many ways. Computers have many uses, it can help you to study, work and even play video games. It is a great tool that can help you according to your needs.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel.
First of all, it has to be in a strategic location in the city, where you can have easy access to public transport, groceries, restaurants and monuments
Second, I always look for hotels with a good breakfast, so you can have the energy to start the day.
And lastly, I look for hotels with a good staff service because it is always nice when you are treated well and also they can give you tips to have a good stay in the place where you are.

The respect
When we are children, all of our parents told us the same: 鈥渂e respectful of the older people鈥.
Actually, there are many ways to show respect to the older people around the word. One of the most common examples is Asia, will be more specific Japan; Here you can see that the younger people and even children doing a big reference in order to show respectful for his teachers, parents and in general with all the people. In others countries could be only told: Mr. and not answer rude. To finish this paragraph, there are many ways to show respect, but not only is important will be respectful with the older people, but it is also important to be with everyone, even with yourself.

Computers are such a useful 鈥榗ause its power and technology are so advance and, actually computers are need, humans need them for working and others activities therefore always they鈥檙e getting better to make easy our job.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel. The first and most important is the location, I always try to get a hotel in a good area, maybe not the main one because the hotels there tend to be very expensive, but it has to be not that far from the tourist zone neither in an insecure area. In case I do not get a hotel in a good area, I try to get one with easy accessibility to public transport such as rented bikes, bus, metro, or any transport that allows me to travel by the city. These two are the most important characteristics that I look for in a good hotel.
There are many ways to show respect to older people. One of them is always being kind and helpful to them, this is something that we should do with every person no matter the age, but with older people, we must do it, the world has changed incredibly fast and there are things or devices they are not used to. That is why we have to help them because just as there are things they do not know how to use, there are many others that we do not understand either. Also, at least in Spanish, there is another way to show respect to older people, it consists of the use of the word 鈥渦sted鈥 which unlike 鈥渢煤鈥 sounds more formal and respectful. It changes the talk because the structure and grammar of the verbs change. I think the most similar thing to this in English is using words such as 鈥渟ir鈥 and 鈥渕adam鈥.

Computers are useful in many ways. They are key for almost every profession nowadays. The connection between coworkers and friends is one of the main uses that computers offer us. At present, most part of the data is stored in computers, it includes both hard drive or solid-state drive and cloud storage. Not to mention the gigantic amount of tasks in which computers save us a lot of time such as calculating data in spreadsheets, editing videos and images, making presentations, and so on. I am only mentioning the basic ones but there are literally thousands of uses where computers are fundamental. Now more than ever, with the evolution of AI, it is mandatory to know how to use a computer and take advantage of this amazing tool.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel.
Well, you know, hotels have differents fees, related to services that can bring to the tourist.
I always look at the caracteristics of the room, the comfort is the most important thing, The located of the hotel is very important because you need to stay near to places you want to visit in that travel. WI FI service is one of the most important thing too, because if you麓re in a work travel you must need it a lot, although if your travel is only for pleassure, you can find shopping, places to visit, make any procedures, etc.

             Computers are useful in many ways

Computers have become an indispensable tool in today鈥檚 world, offering numerous benefits to people and organization alike, People can process large amount of data, communicate with others across the world, access a lot information, and automate repetitive task. Computers are used in various field, such as education, healthcare, finance and engineering to facilitate analysis. They are also a part of entertainment like play video games, watching movies, listening to music and connect with others through social media.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel. First of all, the view, it is important for me looking through the window in the mornings for recharge my energy, it helps me to stay calm and relaxed through the day. Also, I need that it has a space or room with wi-fi so I can work remotely from anywhere. In conclusion, those are the characteristics that I look for in a good hotel.

Computers are use in many ways. Nowadays you can鈥檛 imagine your life without computers, they are everywhere. We have the most common which could be either desktop or laptop. But also we have smartphones or tablets which are smaller versions of a computer. All these help us everyday in our tasks such homework, fitness porpuse and of course at work

Computers are useful in many ways. To begin, a computer can help you with basic tasks such as office automation, send and read emails, edit photos and videos, browse in the web. You can also use the computer for entertainment, for instance to play videogames, listen to music, watch videos and movies. Moreover, computers are important in harder tasks like ingeneer, science, education and so on. To conclude, computers are useful to basic tasks, professional tasks and entertainment.

*in the computer have documents very important of my job.
*service in the lobby is good to my family in a hotel.
*help my grandmother make the market.

鈥淲hen I am in a hotel, it is very important for me to have a clean bathroom with all the necessary amenities to ensure a good experience. Another important characteristic is the level of service and kindness that the workers have towards me.鈥

"Computers are useful in many ways and are becoming increasingly important each day. Education has started to change towards a 鈥渧irtual education鈥, where anyone can learn without the need to physically attend a university, and most jobs require computer skills. Now, artificial intelligence is accelerating the process in different areas, which is why people need to learn how computers work.

Computers are useful in many ways. You can solve a lot of problems with them. Computers have a lot of functionalities such as store data, make your homework, connect to internet, see and edit photos. Basically, no matter what is your profession, computer can facilitate your work and even improve it.

Computers are useful in many ways.
Nowadays, you can get a computer in any place where you visit, airports, offices, schools, and universities, among others. It鈥檚 very important that you have this knowledge about computers in a competitive world because they could ask you in a job interview, even in schools is required to have this kind of knowledge by reason you need to do some different worksheets from a computer in order to have a good presentation and more formal.

There are many ways to show respect to older people. For example you can help them to cross an avenue, give them the seat in the bus, help them to bring theirs bags in the supermarket, talk slowly if they dont understand you, etc. Also, whether they are nervous and you are patient, they will feel respected. You know, they need more attention. Be kind with them and dont forget that you will be old some day too.

  • Through computers, you can access the Internet

  • On a computer, you can store a lot of information

  • You can use a computer to access the streaming platforms

馃拋馃徑鈥嶁檧锔 Here is my paragraph:

馃枼锔 Computers are useful in many ways 馃柋锔

Computers have become an essential tool in our daily lives, due to a multitude of purposes. They are used for work, organizing schedules, searching for recipes, and more. The first and most obvious benefit of computers is their ability to store vast amounts of data, information, files, photos, and videos for future use. They are incredibly efficient in performing complex tasks and calculations, and this efficiency impacts our productivity. Additionally, computers provide us with the power of communication through the internet, enabling us to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. The speed at which we can perform tasks with computers is also remarkable, saving us time and effort. Another exciting aspect of computers is their ability to provide us with access to a vast amount of universal information through the internet. This opens up a world of knowledge that was previously difficult to obtain. Finally, the use of computers has also created more employment opportunities in various industries. In conclusion, computers are an indispensable tool for their ability to make our daily tasks more efficient, faster, and easier with just one click.

Computers are useful in many ways. Work has become easy; save and share data has improved the effectivity in the organizations. Education is more accessible; nowadays students have the facility to learn remotely and also investigate a certain topic . Parallel that, the process of communication is simple by means of digital platforms but this of course thanks to the internet which is linked to the use of a computer. In brief, a computer has several advantages that make our lives more comfortable.

Computers are useful in many ways. First of all, computers are useful to work remote, you can be in wherever place but if you have a computer, you can connect in real time with your clients, your boss or even your family. On the other hand, computers let you study, investigate and create beautiful and incredible things. For example, designs, developing web-sites, editing videos or even create pictures with IA. Only you need to decide how to going to use the computer that you have on your hands. I think computers are the best technology that the human could had invented in the world.

Teachers and learners require computers to develop their class or homeworks.
Many devices nowadays have a computer inside for example, wash machines, televisions, mobile phones, etc.
Big and small business need to stay in contact with customers in a fast way, manage files and work with a vast amount of data.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel. I always choose hotels where I can find security box and towels in my room. That makes me feel secure and in a hygienic place.

Computers are useful in many ways

  • Nowadays computers are the main tool to work for most of people.

  • A computer is a source of money.

  • Besides a computer can offer us entertainment services.

  • Because of computers we can study in Platzi.

Unity and Coherence | Essay Writing

Ver video

A paragraph with unity develops a single idea thoroughly and links it to the rest of the paper. Paragraph coherence is achieved when sentences are ordered in a logical manner and when clear transitions link sentences.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel. The first one that i look is the price because it is necesary for my economy. The second one is the comfort on my rooms. The third one are the beautiful and the cleaning on my room and on the hall. The fourth one is the location of my hotel because i need to be near to the main attractions of the place I visit. To summarize i always look the price, comfort, beautiful, cleaning, location.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel. First of all, when I鈥檓 searching for an accommodation, I tend to check the reviews and what people say about that place: the prices, benefits for the clients and the customer service in general. Second, it鈥檚 necessary to decide for a good location. For example, I prefer to stay in a hotel near to the landmarks and places that I have planned to visit. And finally, the cleaning service. With that, you could see how important the clients are for them. Overall, it鈥檚 magnificent to find a hotel with these characteristics.

This part of the people of the society have had for many years the responsibility of transmit the wisdom of generation to generation. All this knowledge that they had adquirid with the years always have had useful to continue with traditions of places, good habits, also they teach us to respect each of us. we can to respect them give them priority in many scenarios of the city, give them the seat in the bus, help them to pass across of the street, help them to hold their supermarket bag. They are part important of the our society and we should take care of them as they take care of us when we were child.

Computers are useful in many ways. Since the beginning of technology computer has been the main tool to process and work through everything. This multi-diverse equipment is present in all areas, simple and complex. But, how is it helpful? With an internet connection, you can be in touch with the whole world for many purposes such as meetings, business, global events, and education. Also according to your needs, you can choose the best one that fits with it. Computers have many different characteristics and capacities so a graphic designer or a software engineer will have a large number of options according to brands, budget, processor, and storage. Computers made tasks easier.

Topic sentence
There are may ways to show respect to older people.

Supporting sentence
For convince the older people that you deserve their respect is simple the first way is to look so well you need to seem someone that is worth a lot, the form that you behave is important. The second way or step is to have confidence if you have confidence the world is yours. So I have an extra step for you I recommend you read The 48 Laws of Power is an interesting book where you could learn a lot

Conclouding sentence
To show respect for older people you need confidence and look very well.

There are many ways to show respect to older people.
The older people are people who, due to their age, have diminished their physical capacity. They need our help and our patience to do the daily tasks that anyone needs: crossing the street, sitting down when traveling in public transport, waiting for a short time standing in line, communicating with another person more slowly, etc. The first way to show respect for older people is to help them and be patient with them.
On the other hand, they are people who surely live alone because their closest relatives have died or have health problems. Then another way to respect them , if a conversation is generated with any of them, try to make the talk extensive. It will make them very happy. In addition, the benefit that older people have is their life experience. They can give us good advice generally.
So there are many ways to respect older people and older people can help us with their advice if we respect them.

What is written without effort, is read without pressure (how to construct a cohesive and coherent paragraph, unity when writing paragraph).
Unity means that a paragraph discusses only one main idea (every sentence explains the main idea).
The supporting sentences must directly explain or prove the fact of the topic sentence. These sentences explain the topic sentence. The supporting sentences are examples and facts that proved the topic sentence.
Concluding sentences is where we are repeating or paraphrasing what was said before in the supporting sentences.
For instance: the paragraphs 鈥淕old鈥 and 鈥淢y mother鈥 seen in class are paragraphs with unity.

Computers 馃捇 are useful in many ways. It is a tool that allows you to carry out homework and school projects with ease. It is a computing device that is capable of receiving, storing, and processing information in a useful way. We can use it to play games, watch movies, surf the internet, or draw.

Computers are useful in many ways, because wee can see a lot of information in the internet, we can see a about diferent topics, we can seach in the computers wathever we want, we can learn new job in the computers. That show us a dieferents ways to make. we can post on internet our knowldge to share with other people around the world. All of people makes that, share his knowldge on internet.

- Computers are useful in many ways

  1. They has become one of the best tools for our modern era in which people can study, create, investigate and even work from any place of the world
  2. There are also laptops which are portable model of computers and are handy to carry them from place to place.

- There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel
Like a quality customer service, clean and tidy environments and good internet access

- There are many ways to show respect to older people

One of them could be to ask them for advice. Different people have lived different experiences this also come with knowledge gathered up in their life and a different perspective from their point of view

in a hotel is important that contains air-conditioning, to refresh my body, sleeping very well is important for a trip, so the bed should be soft and the customer service is the best of the requirements for a good experience

computer 谩re usifull Many ways You can use your computer when You need to write a document or you need to creat a slide when it is for a meeting for the other hand You can use for studying, or you need take courses online as platzy and You can do it the computer is easier than the cell phone for taking courses online because You can write easier than your computer than your cell phone for example when You need to write a document in your cell phone the paragrahp isn't the Best because You don't know is ok but for example it is a computer You can look up the document easier than your cell phone in conclusi贸n You need to use a computer If You need to write a document

There are so many characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel.
First of all, location is one of the most important feature in a good hotel because it makes easy to do sightseeing. Secondly, price is also important as I always look for an affordable place. Finally, the facilities inside the hotel such as a gym, restaurants, pool and green spaces are important as well.
In conclusion, there are a lot of characteristics to take in account in a hotel seleccion but there are mainly three of them that I usually look for.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel, firstly good review based on reservation sites, if it has 5 stars or good recommendations it means I鈥檒l be glad about the experience during that hotel. Second the location, because it depends what activities I鈥檒l have, I鈥檇 select the close hotel to the event, so to consider this feature is key to choose the nearest hotel. Last but not least the price, if some hotels were found with last mentioned required characteristics, I鈥檒l see the services that every hotel provides and select according to my trip鈥檚 budget. To summarize I always look for quality, location & price.

  1. It is easy to get a sports injury
    Runners often have problems with their ankles and knees.
  2. My city is famous for it麓s architecture.
    It has lavish tree-lined boulevards with beautiful buildings and monuments.

1, There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel.
2. there are different characteristics that a good hotel should have. For example is indespensable that the hotels are ver cleaned since is very impostant the people who visit the hotel feel the fresh and the confort to be in a good hotel. Another important thing is the locaction due to is neccesary for the tourist have near thing as shops, restaurant and easy access roads. Also you should see the reputation of the hotel in internet to see the experiences of the people who have already visited it. Look if the hotel delivers what it is promise, coments about the food, if is it good or not and take a conclusion if is what you are looking for or not.

Computers are useful in many ways. First, you can record all your expenses and savings in a worksheet. Second, they give you the posibility to enjoy with diferentes games. Third, you can comunicate with people arround the world making chats and videconferences. Finally, they give you the oportunity to work remotely. To sum up, we have to take adventage of all the posibilities that the computeres give to us.

Computers are useful in many ways, For example all the students use it, to do their homework is a such great tecnology because if we have internet its not necessary to go to the library You can find everything there. Other thing the big companies use computer to save important information to have better manage.

Computers are useful in many ways: the modern world is full of new technologies such as 3D printers, self-driving cars, space rockets, and many others, all thanks to computers; they are widely used in industry because,聽with the right knowledge, you can program them to do whatever you want, from robotic arms programmed to assemble cars to massive ovens with sensors measuring temperature, pressure, and humidity to bake all kinds of products. Computers are also available for domestic use, and can be found in the kitchen, living room, garage, home office, or even your pocket!
To summarize, computers are one of humanity鈥檚 best inventions because they have a wide range of industrial and domestic applications.

Computers are useful in many ways.

To begin with, they help us find any kind of information that we need thanks to internet. They also have many tools which allow us to do daily tasks faster such as taking notes, talking immediately to someone who is far from us and sending any kind of files like videos, photos, audio recordings, etc.

When it comes to entertainment, these machines offer a lot of options, from video games, series and movies in high quality, videos on YouTube and streams on Twitch to podcasts, e-books, and social media.

Not to mention the great advantages it gives us in terms of education, project development, e-commerce and personal branding.

Summarizing, computers can be used for different purposes and will be helpful for all of them.

Computers are useful in many ways. We can use computers either for fun or work. So, in terms of fun, they can be convenient when it comes to playing video games, watching movies or tv shows, and talking to our friends. On the other hand, when it comes to our work, we can also do many things with them. It鈥檒l depend on what type of job we have, as we can do things from sending emails to coding or developing software.

You can show respect to older people if you share their heavy duties you can also listen to their stories or anecdotes.
The other thing you can do for elder people is to assist them with their needs like buying their medicines.
The older people just need someone who spend time with them and we all have a beill to pay to them. we are all in debt.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel. Fist, I like to stay in a comfortable bedroom. It must have a big bed, clear bathroom and a sofa. Second, the customer service should be great. The staff has to be looking after its clients. Third, location is important if you do not want to spend time and cash in transport. Finally, the price is the most relevant due to usually tourists plan their vacations according to money. In conclusion, looking for a good hotel is one of the most important act when you plan your holidays.

The motherland is the most powerful force, even the man who makes wonderful structures just with the minimum effort can be able to destroy ever construction

Computer are useful in many ways:
1.- The people use the computer for to do their taks.
2.- Is easy to pay anything in the computer.
3.- The computers help to conect with different people
in the world.

Here is my try, if I have some mistakes, please, let me know to improve my writing

Computers are useful in many ways. From the work to the study, including governs and industries, the computers have made that people do their activities faster. At present we can search anything that you want to know or do with the help of google or any other searcher. You can program jobs, learn things, designee marketing projects or watch videos, the possibilities are infinite. The computers are very useful in our days due to they are in everywhere.

Computers are useful in many ways.
No matter where you go, every company or startup uses computers to do their work and achieve their goals.
Humanity can solve many problems since computers were invented. We use them to play games, to watch our favorite series, to work, to study鈥ell almost everything.
Nowadays each house has at least one computer.
How many do you have?

I usually look forward to finding a great hotel. in my book, it needs to be clean and smell good such as a fresh garden or nature space, then I look around the restaurant to see if the plates are nice and if the food tastes different and delicious.
In addition, it is essential how the cooks prepare the plates and how much cleaner and organized they are.

Computers are useful in many ways.

  1. Nowadays people use compute to do an infinity of tasks
  2. All important business migrate to IT solutions for the industry
  3. Computer does jobs with minus time than us

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel.

  1. I ever look for the room size, for me it鈥檚 important.
  2. I ever try to search hotels that have a beautiful views

There are many ways to show respect to older people

  1. You can help them in a crosswalk if they does not see properly
  2. You can hear them histories

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel cleaning is very important for me is necessary that beads and bathrooms are always clean and also smell good, but also important the extra benefits that the hotel provides, for example, a good breakfast or amenities such as a pool or restaurants, gym o green places

"What is written without effort is read without pleasure" Samuel Johnson

Computers are useful in many ways. We can get in touch with our relatives using famous apps without being in the same continent. Also get a job to work online without hesitating about the problems of the traffic to go to a specific place or building. Besides, you can learn new things like a new language or a new strategy to become an expert on you field of interest, just with the click of a botton. for all these reasons, I consider that computers are the greatest gadget of all time for human beings.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel.

  • Location of the Hotel.
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Comfortable and Well-Equipped Rooms
  • Clean and Tidy Environment
  • Free Internet Access
  • Hot water for showering

There are many ways to show respect to older people. First of all, you can show respect to elderly by respecting their beliefs and treating them nicely while arguing. Sharing a well-argumented discussion with an old man or woman and taking into account their opinions and arguments may show that you care about their says. For example, my grandmother loves traveling to Boyaca to visit and spend time with my niece because she is very curious about her stories and pay attention to all of her advices. Secondly, actions demonstrate your willingness to respect ancients. When a person allows to a third-age to pass ahead in the line of the supermarket or a bank, or let them seat in a crowded bus, or offer their help to cross the street in a busy road show that they are worthy. In conclusion, actions and treatments summarize some of the many ways to respect ancients.

What鈥檚 the thing that we all want when talking to other people? we want to be heard, so this is a great started point, also we need to accept the fact that may see things differently because we were born in different time periods, but we can build a comfortable environment for share our ideas, we need to try to understand what they want and be patience assertive i we can provide it or not, and if we can鈥檛 we need a proper way to say it out loud, and for me that鈥檚 the way you show respect not only to older people but to all people in general

  • Computers are useful in many ways. By my experience, my PC is one of the best adquisition that I鈥檝e ever done. It makes you able to do as many thinghs as you can imagine. You can get many different jobs, at manny different areas like Art, Tech, Journalism or Administration. Also you can develop your profesional carrer taking online courses. But it doesn鈥檛 finish here! If you want to take a rest and enjoy your free time, you can do it! There are many resources to have fun; video games , streaming platforms like Youtube, Twich, Netflix etc. Defintly there are many reasons to have one.
  • The hotel room must be clean daily. If the room is clean, you鈥檒l feel comfortable resting.

  • The food should be great or at least acceptable. A remarkable point here is that the breakfast could be included in the price or you can add it at a better price.

  • Last but not least, location is relevant especially if you want to visit several places in the city.

Computers are useful in many ways. Firstly, computers is a connector with a lot of information freely. Additionally, with the computers you can work and study remotely, and save time. Finally, if you have a laptop you will study in any place that you stay, just you will need a internet connection and power for your laptop.

  • With the computers, you can communicate with other person, also you can to learn new something, working from your house and more.
  • When I plan a journey, I check different hotel鈥檚 pages, and first I look at ratings and comments about hotel, also location and services additional services.
  • For example, when you listen to them, when you don鈥檛 shut to them, when you don鈥檛 make fun of them.

Computers at useful in many ways. The computer can be used to investigate, but it can be used to work, also it can be used to play video game, or it can be to study too.

There are many ways to show respect to older people
First, old people have a lot of experience taht we can learn.
Second, they are people very kind and pacient.
and finally old people have so many history and experience that is very usefull to learn.

It has lavish tree-lined boulevards with beautiful buildings and monuments.

There are some aspects that I always look for in a good hotel. In the first place, the place must be downtown which it鈥檚 where most of the tourist attractions are located. Also, if they include breakfast or discounts on trips around the city, after all, for me It is not important the luxuries of the hotel because It is only a place to sleep. To conclude, the hotel must be located in the center of the city and must offer benefits to the traveler.

Computers are useful in many ways. They could have a lot of applications that help us in our daiily tasks. As a human we have a processor much slower than computers, so we can delegate our heavy processing duty to these machines.
There are some characteristics that I alway look for in a good hotel. A good service and attention iis alwayls valuable, it makes the stay more pleasant. Also the care of their rooms, they need to be clean.
There are many ways to show respect to older people. One could be consider them, either in a conversation or in a decision. Also be preferent with them iin the different environment that allow us to do it.

Computers are useful in many ways, such as looking for information, keep contact with friends and collegues and last but not least, to play videogames.

There are some characteristics that I always look for in a good hotel.

Normally, my father is who pay the bills when we used to travel and for he is crucial the lower cost with quality to rest.

However, If I were the person in charge of this task, I would look is aesthetic with wonderful space to take photos and create content, comfortable to dissipate my mind.
Also, I rather depend on the location in well zone of the city to be safe and finally, the quality of client service.

Of course, the price is important, but always my preference will be the luxury hotels.