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  • I prefer the chocolate ice cream instead of hot chocolate.
  • I鈥檓 happy on sunny days, likewise the rainy days.
  • I love you,in other words, I don鈥檛 hate you at all.
  • Workout is good for you, in fact, It鈥檚 necessary!
  • As a result to study every day, you have to improve your English.
  • I love you, however, I have to go.

My goal is to improve my English skills. In addition, enhancing my soft skills along the way has been fantastic as well. With this, I would be able to understand other human beings around the world. Nevertheless, should not forget about our mother tongue. Moreover, people are so focus on the English language, that they are forgetting about the right usage of the Spanish rules and patterns. As a result, writers of the Spanish language will be dissapearing in our continents, if we focus only on learning and mastering a second language but not appreciating and loving the beauty of our mother tongue, which is Spanish in my case.

I was wondering for love instead of love myself.

If I say that I hate myself It will confusing if I say that I want to become better, in other words I鈥檓 trying to love myself and meanwhile work harder to reach my goals.

I have been thinking about myself for several months, I have been even thinking if all my time thinking is a waste of time. However, I decided stop my hesitations, create a plan and set one approach to succeed.

Besides be my Girlfriend, she is my friend I am working in a company however I found my company In most of cold countries it is possible to see diferent seasons in contrast the countries near the Ecuador. As a result of you effort it was possible to achive our goals Colombia is very cultural likewise Mexico The course was very interesting for the kids indeed old people
* I just want to lay down on my bed and do nothing. **Besides**, I'm so tired because of work! * According to the socialism ideology, every person is equal. **Nevertheless**, some totalitarian systems rose at the beginnings of the XX century and reinforced the opposite idea. * Well, well well... Hear me out family: I'll place two options over the table: First we have pizza, **on the other hand**, we have burgers. Which one shall we choose?!... * I didn't study for my exam. As a result, I failed it. * <<...**Afterward**, you add 2 tablespoons of sugar. **Then**, you mix everything...>> * A mindfact is the graphic representation of an intelectual process. **For example**, math is a mindfact. * <<...**likewise** we have <u>toads</u>, which are certain types of <u>frogs</u>>> * Don't use single-use plastics; **Rather** try reusable containers such as the thermos. * <<...Hmmm... You could use One Note. Or **alternatively** employ Notion...>> * It's illegal to touch that. **That is**, if you put your finger on it you'll go to jail. * Dolphins are very smart animals. **Indeed,** they are very quick-learners.

Tomorrow I have to go to work, indeed I need work but I am so nervous because I had little time to learn all the topic, besides I am going to do dramatizations and I鈥檓 noy good at all in that. Nonetheless I have to work and I鈥檒l give my best.

Learning English is a process. It has taken me time, I trust that the discipline will lead me to understand it and speak it fluently. It is important not to overload your brain; learning in manageable chunks is key. Study between 15 and 40 minutes a day 鈥 something that you can do without getting tired and that you can easily repeat. Only increase that time when you can study for 30 minutes with ease.

Add: Swimming is the most complete sport, furthermore, it麓s very funny and relax
Add an unexpected: Swimming is a very funny sport, however, it麓s very exhaustive
Add a complete contrast: Swimming has several forms very different from each other: the competition with velocity, on the other hand, the synchronized swimming

Most of the time, I drink coffee instead of soda.
I enjoy spending time with my friends nevertheless I also want to be alone.
I organize my house and do some cleaning meanwhile, I also listen to audiobooks.

_To add a similar idea:
*We are too young to be in a formal relationship. Besides, it demands a lot of time and money.
*Messi is the best player in Barcelona鈥檚 history, furthermore, he鈥檚 the best player in soccer history.
*In addition to the report, you have to send the files by email.
*They really should train, moreover because of the level of the rivals.

To add an unexpected continuation:
*I like CDMX, however, is an overpopulated city,
*The Office is a hilarious show; nevertheless, the last two seasons are not that funny.
*Mexican young soccer players are so talented; nonetheless, almost any of them get to the first division due to corruption.
*I was too tired and still playing due to the importance of the match.

To add a complete contrast:

  • I go to bed so late, in contrast, my mom is already asleep at 10 p.m.
    *She behaves very well in school: on the other hand, she is such a tantrum girl at home.

To add a result:
*He got promoted as a result of his performance.
*They have a very intense fight. consequently, both of them were suspended.
*She has changed her behavior. Therefore, she got a gift.
*Thus, neither her mother nor the girl got angry or upset.

To list ideas:
*I will be in charge of the programming meanwhile you take care of the electrical circuit.

  • We are going to read the problem; afterward, we are going to do brainstorming.
    *You can pick up Ximena and then, bring her home so I can take care of her.
    *She moved to his city; subsequently, she did not know anybody.

To give an example:

  • He has broken all the records; for example the record of more goals in a natural year.
    *There are a lot of industrial cities in Mexico where mechatronic engineering can develop; for instance, Guadalajara, Queretaro, Monterrey, Toluca, and so on.

To show similarities:
*Both of them cook similarly to their mother.
*Leo Dicaprio is a terrific actor; likewise, De Niro was.

To indicate 鈥渢he first statement is not true; the second statement is true鈥
*You think the universe is against you, instead, you should analyze the decisions you make.
*A lot of people think Sinaloa is full of narcos; on the contrary, it is full of friendly and hardworking people.
*Sometimes we are totally focused on superficial things rather, we should focus on the things that really matter such as health, family, and friends.

To give another possibility:
*This is our main plan; on the other hand, if it fails we can use plan B.
*He has to be here tomorrow for the opening; alternatively, the new guy can try.
*You should film it; otherwise, Esteban will do it.

To add an explanation:
*He is the GOAT, in other words, the best player in history.
*鈥淣orte帽o鈥, that is, a group performing music from the north of Mexico, is coming tonight.

To make a stronger statement:
*Indeed, there will not be any other player as good as him.
*In fact, they have lived their entire life here.

  • I was reading my favorite book, meanwhile my husband cooked the dinner. Afterward, we went to the bed together.
  • Sleep well is very important for our healthy. In fact, if you don鈥檛 sleep appropriate, you would feel very tired.
  • I like so much watch football on TV. In contrast to my brother, he hates any sport.
  • Besides the warm, today there is a lot of humidity in the city.
  • Still knowing he is his father, he didn鈥檛 answer him.
  • You can write every day. Thus, your speaking will improve.
  • You must put on sunscreen, otherwise you would regret it.

I love to eat 鈥渃ausa鈥 that is a typical peruvian dish. Also it is a great option for your menu of the day. However, this dish is difficoult to prepare in contrast, the 鈥渃eviche鈥 is other typical dish of the peruvian coast that is very simple and only you need onions, fresh fish, lemon juice, peruvian chili, peurvian corn, sweet potato, seaweeds to prepare it. Therefore, you get a rich dish to enjoy at family. Meanwhile i can mention more typical dishes for instance, 鈥減achamanca鈥, 鈥渏uane鈥, 鈥渓ocro鈥, 鈥渁guadito鈥, 鈥渃haufa鈥, 鈥渟ancochado鈥. The 鈥渟opa seca鈥 likewise 鈥渕ancharopa鈥 are very similar in appearance inclusive in taste.
The 鈥減eruvian food鈥 isn麓t complicated to prepare because only need a little ingredients. Instead, that is really difficoult to create because you need so much ingredients and so much time. On the other hand, you need to have a lot of skill to calculate cooking times and choose the freshest and most flavorful ingredients. In other words, you need to be very attentive to the kitchen fire, see how the ingredients are mixed and add the secret spices. Indeed, all that makes Peruvian food unique.

-I want to speak English, and, besides, write it.
-I need more money, moreover, i will get it.
-It was said that English is difficult, however, i will speak it.
-I am very tired, nonetheless, i going to continue studying English.
-There are many countries poors, on other hand, there are many countries rich.
-In many places there are many old people, in contrast, in other places there are many young people.
-He hard worked all her life as a result of this, he has many money saved.
-They had studied much, thus, they had learned much.
-The shop is open early, afterward, the shop is close.

  • I was talking to my mom and I tell her that I need to buy some things that I need for college, for example, paper, pencil, backpack, pencil case, pens, markers, etc.
  • For the uniform you need to wear trousers and formal black shoes, you also need a long-sleeve shirt and a vest and a coat.
  • People needs water to survive. Indeed, somebody cannot live without drinking it for more than 4 days.
  • USA remained quiet the first years of WWII. However, they decided to enter to the war for the event occurred in Pearl Harbor.

i know you like pizza. Also, I like pizza.
I want to travel. However, i do not like travel by bus.
On the other hand, you can visit by plane
Consequently, you will visit more countries by shorter time

Thank you!

  • Besides going to the movie theater, I read a lot of books too.
  • I love playing football, however, I got injured last month.
  • I hate exercising, and as a result, I get tired easily.
  • I went to the concert, then, I went to the after-party.
  • I love all kinds of music, such as salsa, merengue, rock, pop, and more.
  • My brother鈥檚 favorite is Liverpool and It鈥檚 my family鈥檚 likewise.
  • Instead of cooking a difficult dinner, We should go to a restaurant.
  • I love playing instruments, on the other hand, I hate learning everything related to music theory.
  • I usually sleep badly, in other words, I suffer from insomnia.
  • My cousin loves baseball, in fact, he has a tournament this weekend.

Exercise everyday its a really good habbit, also eat well.
My mom told me to buy a piece of bread, besides the hole list that I already had.
This is not my house, I rent here, and furthermore, I pretened to leave soon.

  • Brownies are delicious besides if you eat them with ice cream, that combination is absolutely fantastic.
  • If you don鈥檛 practice English every day indeed you can鈥檛 improve your skills.
  • If you eat candies you can get some fat, in contrast, if you eat natural food, you can get a better body condition.

my favorite food is the hamburger furthermore the pizza is delicious on the other hand I don鈥檛 like broccoli